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  • salpleasego by salpleasego Nov 13, 2015 4:22 PM Flag

    Hello does anybody hear me?

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    Leaders vs Managers

    by tandcgots2go Nov 13, 2015 9:00 AM
    salpleasego salpleasego Nov 16, 2015 9:21 AM Flag

    I would agree here - I think you are right on. The management team had a revenue and bookings goal for many years that they missed but still got rewarded for. I still think that is a better goal than what the current team has which is stock price and EBITDA margin. The stock was very low and the EBITDA margins are easy to get even if it hollows out the company. We know there are 1500 - 2000 more people than needed in the company so you just cut some of those and you got your number. The stock price is based on 30 days and we know this stock can be pushed up and down for periods of time especially when the management team lies about how future quarters are looking.

    I would agree on the 5% number as well although I'm not sure they ever had 50% of the market but it's possible. The strategy is the same since the days of Sal, we hope that things will improve in the future and we have so much extra overhead that 50% or more of the increase in revenue will drop to the bottom line.

    You have the horrible incidents in Paris and the US planning on increasing interest rates. In the best of times Monster has continued to shrink so if the economy and world slip a bit I would expect Monster to do even worse. As their % of the market is so small now they are really at the mercy of the market pricing which is trending down. With 250K jobs you need $200+ average revenue to keep going but the market is closer to $25 so expected continued declining revenue.

    This is why internet companies find that getting rid of the founders is a bad idea and why the bring them back to save the company. As long as the company lets Jeff DJ a couple of times a week I'm sure he would come back and lead the company. He wasn't a great manager but he surrounded himself with people that could manage. Of course Sal got rid of all of them because he thought his bar code reader friends could professionally manage this thing.

    It's OVER.

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Nov 19, 2015 9:00 PM Flag


    At least Tim is keeping the illusion the rest are selling. The management team reminds me of Ben Carson how did someone so dumb and out of touch with reality end up rich, a brain surgeon, and in charge (or at least running for president.)

    6 month low and still dropping. Management team not telling the truth and selling stock as fast as they can without 'retiring.' Why not pay a dividend that would have returned at least $400M+ AFTER taxes to the shareholders - instead you have bought stock above the current price. How can a group of managers make the wrong decision for nearly a decade now and still get paid big bucks.

    Mark how do you live with yourself you have been an key player in the demise of two companies now? America is great isn't you've made a ton of money and ruined to industry leaders - bravo - bravo.

    Oh I know we are lowering the stock price so when we decide on next years bonus plan we know we'll make it just like last year.

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Nov 23, 2015 9:43 AM Flag

    Europe is likely not to be the bright spot that Monster was hoping for. The US also seems down so I would expect closer to $160M in revenue - real revenue not unicorn constant currency and other stuff.

    I think the team is starting to realize that when you have only 5% or less of market share you are really at the mercy of the market and job postings are a commodity.

    The only real hail mary that they have left is to duplicate or clone Linkedin. Start on that now - capture the passive seeker and you might have a chance at survival. You can do what they do but cheaper and maybe you stay alive. Otherwise I think the symbol people are finally out of the picture come the end of 2016.

    Happy turkey week people.

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Nov 24, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    So before the reign of Sal, his henchman, and Mark E Mark - Monster was a once profitable company.

    Q4 2007 - Revenue $354M EBITDA $84M or 24%.

    Q4 2015 - Revenue $167M EBITDA $25M or 15%.

    They want to pat themselves on the back and claim that they are 'managing' the business effectively but they aren't even close to what the company used to do. Plus they are using Adjusted EBITDA (you know without the stock compensation expense that the team hasn't earned) and still they are only at 18.1% - with Korea!!! Without they are 16.8%.

    Tick Tock - time to end the Symbol mafia and Mark E Mark.

    They wasted $600M in the bank when they took over and over $200M a year in cash - you know net income - generated by the business. Now they might generate $30M in net income for 2015. Bravo - Bravo - time to start figuring out what stock bonuses you need to keep the professional management team in place.

    Sal took $11M for some yet to work long term strategic plan - What the crapola people?

  • Buying traffic from Yahoo again - does that count as organic?

    Alexa shows US numbers down hard - EU down but as hard - but with recent turmoil in the EU I wouldn't expect a miracle.

    Monster is a land line in a wireless world.

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    Thoughts for the quarter?

    by salpleasego Nov 23, 2015 9:43 AM
    salpleasego salpleasego Dec 2, 2015 12:58 PM Flag

    $138M for this quarter would be an end of days scenario. This is more death by a thousand cuts - you already have a steep decline now that Korea will be out of the numbers. They did $167M without Korea - I would think $164 is more likely with $160 at the low end. The number to watch is deferred revenue - even though they have talked about changing the way it's recognized. If it follows the declining cyclical trend that it's been doing for a few years now you are looking at 5-10% decrease in revenue YoY versus the reduced 5% increase they are forecasting for next year - which they have been doing forever. I think next year could be close to $600M in total revenue unless they can get things turned around.

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Dec 7, 2015 11:05 AM Flag

    Really the company is better off?

    $6M at stake for Timinator and $1.2M for Mark e Mark.

    12.5% for stock price at $5.75, $6.75, $7.75, $8.75. for 30 days.

    Check got 25% of this one already because the price was above $6.75 for 30 days.

    12.5% for EBITDA at or above 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%.

    Check 1 - although it says EBITDA not adjusted EBITDA which has been below 15%.

    $2M for Timinator to spend more time with the CFO and $400K for Mark e Mark.

    Even though revenue is down nearly $20M a quarter since these guys took over!

    Adjusted EBITDA they don't take the $2.4M into account or anybody else's stock nor do they count some other fees that really they should.

    Mark e Mark and the Timinator getting paid for....

    The Compensation Committee views the awards to Messrs. Yates and Stoever as entirely performance based and in the best interests of the Company’s stockholders as they are designed to only compensate Messrs. Yates and Stoever in the event of significant stock price appreciation and/or long-term improvement in the financial results of the Company. The terms of the Stock Price RSUs and the EBITDA Margin RSUs were determined after discussion with Aon Hewitt, taking into consideration the results of the Company’s “say-on-pay” proposal in 2014 and ongoing discussions with respect to compensation issues with a variety of the Company’s stockholders.

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Dec 8, 2015 5:03 PM Flag

    How is nobody in jail yet? Did they lie about 8% bookings growth in the US in Q4 of 14? Sure seems like it....and then this...

    Munson also served as Vice President, Business Development at Symbol Technologies from 2003 to 2007.

    Given the track record I would never hire anyone that was VP or higher at Symbol to ever, ever, ever, ever, work at Monster.

    Tim and Mark will not be with the company this time next year.

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    Facebook doing a linkedin

    by tandcgots2go Dec 10, 2015 8:31 AM
    salpleasego salpleasego Dec 10, 2015 8:36 AM Flag

    They just don't listen - I told them the Indeed route was the wrong turn years ago. But no it's going to be a game changer and it has the competition worried. That was about the 10th time they've tried to use that and it didn't work.

    It's going to be curious what the hype machine spins up here for Q4, that's when the board decides on bonuses and comp plans for the following year and the team somehow always snows them that things are about to turn the corner.

    I think this is the year of 1,000 layoffs, another huge good will write down and the retirement of the Symbol Mafia and Mark e Mark. The long term outlook continues to get worse,

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Dec 11, 2015 8:28 AM Flag

    Hook my brotha and sista by another mother up - yo!

    McGuinnes with the big $600K in stock - why because he worked at Symbol and is part of the Mafia, it would have been more but you know Tim's taking care of the books now - plus we already paid out many millions in stock compensation this year.

    I do give him credit though for having some of his 401K in Monster stock - big props for that!

    And let's give Gillian a $180K to be on the board and help us out in these difficult macro/micro marble times. Why because she was part of the Symbol Mafia as well.

    In related news Monster continues to tank and it's OVER.

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Dec 11, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    So we are back below the long term bonus level of the management team - so much for long term bonuses. Remember they also got the $6.75 bonus as well because the stock was above that price for like 32 days which is long term when the goal is 30 days.

    The company was at $4.50 before the management team spun up the 'things are looking great' lie and said they were sure revenue grow in the high single to low double digit range by Q4 of 15. They kept that going by saying bookings increased for 4 quarters in a row even though revenue continued to decline. The reality is we are down low double digits and it's not even the end of the year - we are down $19.1M or 10.3% compared to 3 quarters ago. That wipes out the reallocate to accelerate plan by 2x. It was supposed to save about $40M a year and at this pace we will be about $80M behind.

    Now the team is back at it but with 5% revenue growth over a much lower number by this time next year. If you believe that, you along with the board are idiots. You should just write a blank check and send it co (care of) Symbol Mafia with the address of Sal's farm.

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    Below $5.75

    by salpleasego Dec 11, 2015 2:32 PM
    salpleasego salpleasego Dec 13, 2015 8:16 PM Flag

    I think Sal and all his Mafia people are nice. I don't think they are bad people or evil, heck if someone offered me millions of dollars a year, for a job I wasn't qualified for, with little chance of being fired - I would take it - who wouldn't? The stuff Sal does for he kids on his farm in Vermont is awesome. The fact that we paid him 10's of millions of dollars for ruining a company isn't so awesome.

    The problem is almost every executive and every board member is a CFO and/or banker for most of their career. You don't need this many accountants ever, especially when a company is tanking.

    This company needs a marketing/advertising leader like it use to have. This is not a technology company, it was advertising and marketing that put it on top. You need good sales people and other 'types' of people to create a well rounded team. Not accountants and a President that is most known for a company that was once an Internet darling and became a nobody/has been - just like Monster?
    You need fresh blood and experience not people that worked together and got lucky once because the company got bought. If you look at the old Monster or TMP it was made up a variety of people that were taken from various acquisitions and straight outside hires.

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    JunkieOption value this company

    by salpleasego Nov 10, 2015 10:43 AM
    salpleasego salpleasego Dec 14, 2015 5:29 PM Flag

    I think you are right on the money. On the Q4 earnings call the 'new' team laid it - this is 2015.

    Langrock -we're forecasting in 2015 high single-digits bookings growth. And with the lag, that would translate in 2015 to low- to mid-single-digit revenue growth at a constant-currency basis. As you enter 2016 and if bookings stay on that 10% to 15% trajectory, the revenue at that point catches up. So the revenue growth in the -- you would expect revenue growth to then be in the high single digits or even over 10%.

    Tim -I would also add that we will be unhappy if that's where the bookings come in.

    Reality check - Revenue declined 10% and it's not even Q4 yet - and looking at the metrics Q4 is going to be bad. Somehow I don't think Tim is unhappy since he got a $2M bonus for all his hard work in 2015.

    We are in the same spot as we were this time last year and the years before that. The team says no, things are looking up, and it doesn't pan out. Revenue is lower, there are some lay offs, there is another plan to make things right, there is vague talk about turning the corner, and so on.

    At this time last year they were worried about Europe - now Europe was a bright spot in Q3. This team has no idea why things are bad but they figure eventually it's got to turn around.....nope it's over - you have to leave for the good of the company- it's OVER!

  • Indeed reported that they grew revenue 71% YoY in 2014 and did $434M in revenue.

    In the first half of 2015 Indeed grew 57% to $300.3M - so they are going to be close to Monster revenue in 2015 and beat it by a lot in 2016. They added 300 people to do that - that's about $500K - $1M in revenue per employee.....Monster is like $186K with 10% YoY declining revenue.

    Think about that the next time you talk to a board member or someone on the executive team at Monster. Think about how they haven't got a clue about what they are doing or what the business is. Think about their copy of Indeed was supposed to be a game changer. Think about how good the job market is because when unemployment is low job sites have lots of growth. Think about all the start ups out there that are doing well.
    Think about how they don't think there is pricing pressure, think about how they are just about to turn a corner and grow 5% or $35M YoY. Think about all those lies they have told and continue to tell. Then think about ways to replace them in the long shot hope (at this point) of saving the company.

    Don't believe me - do your own search for Indeed and weep. It's not just Linkedin they are getting squeezed from the top (linkedin), the bottom (indeed), and the sides (careerbuilder stil growing, dice still growing)........

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Dec 16, 2015 4:03 PM Flag

    Company - 2013 - 2014 - diff - % diff in millions total revenue

    Lnkd - 1,529 - 2,219 - 690M - 45%
    MWW - 808 - 770 - (38M) (5%)
    CB/NA - 684 - 713 - 29 - 4%
    Indeed - 245 - 434 - 189 - 77%
    Dice - 214 - 264 - 23 - 11%

    Total - 3,480 - 4,400 - 920 - 26%

    The Market grew more than an entire Monster in 2014 or an average of 26% and Monster was negative 5%.

    2015 isn't done but it shows the same trends the traditional job boards struggle with single digit growth or reduction except Monster which will be double digit negative. The big boards continue to grow but at slow percentages but still the market in 2015 grew close to $1B in revenue again of which Monster got nada.

    This isn't the first time I've shared data like this and it's not going to be the last. Monster is continues to struggle.

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    Comparison growth

    by salpleasego Dec 16, 2015 4:03 PM
    salpleasego salpleasego Dec 16, 2015 7:58 PM Flag

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that cares or is in touch with reality. If you are a shareholder or you work for the company you should care.

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    Would you fire the symbol mafia and mark?

    by tandcgots2go Dec 18, 2015 8:29 AM
    salpleasego salpleasego Dec 22, 2015 1:49 PM Flag

    I would not but be careful of what you wish for. Sal is technically gone but the 'team' is not. It's obvious that Mark has been groomed/knighted/tasked with covering the tail as the Symbol team makes an exit over the next 6-24 months. He's been with them a long time, Tim never really wanted to be there, let alone CEO and the others aren't qualified. As things continue to unravel others will 'retire' and Mark will take it into the twilight.

    Lycos sold for 12B years ago but sold $36M just a few years ago. Monster is likely to go that same route - likely selling off the domain name for $100M or more and the rest of the business for pennies on the dollar (including all that debt.)

  • salpleasego by salpleasego Dec 30, 2015 9:25 AM Flag

    Can some people in sales tell us how it's going this quarter? Is 2016 shaping up to be a great year or another continued disappointment?

    If it's good pump you chest and tell us the best!

    Happy holidays y'all!

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    Now I know 2016 will be rough....

    by spgwillrise Jan 2, 2016 9:55 PM
    salpleasego salpleasego Jan 5, 2016 10:12 AM Flag

    We are below the most recent stock purchases that Tim bragged about on the last call. The only people that believe the stock is undervalued is the ones that were given free shares but aren't free to sell them.

    That's why the last CFO quit, he didn't have another job, he had $3M in stock that wasn't going to be worth anything soon, so he punched out. Now you have 6 years worth of salary locked up in stock and you are good with numbers, what do you do - you take the money - that should be the biggest sign of where things are headed.

    We are also below the long term incentive plan for the senior management even though they already 'earned' it and will receive nearly $4M in bonus money because of it with $2M going to Tim.

    The stock is at a 48 week low and will soon be at a 52 week low. The only reason it popped was because the management team said we will grow 10% next year, things are looking up, etc. The reality has now set in and the stock will return to it's right value of less than $4. The rest of the industry grew 25% and Monster was down over 10%.

    Now the plan is to hockey stick next year with 5% YoY growth by Q4. This is the same story they have told since 2008. This is the same story that has gotten them bonus money most years even when they haven't performed. This is the reason they are big shareholders. This is their conflict since they can't sell really until they leave the company. This is why every quarter or two another Symbol Mafia person leaves.

    They spend $5M give or take a month on keywords like Monster. The competition is only bidding on 1st place in order to force Monster to waste money on it. That's why the CMO left, in 2008 they spent 30% of the budget on marketing now it's less than 15% and over half of that is keywords. That's not really a resume building stat. It's also why they haven't replaced that person.


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