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  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 17, 2014 12:33 PM Flag

    Perhaps what I'm speculating should be another topic, but can anyone find or link the dots on this idea?
    Tim Taylor handles a lot of GSAT strategic planning - and short notice we hear he is now involved with this meeting/conference with bankers. What could spark this seemingly expedited engagement? Lots of things no doubt, but always ask what are the outside limits?

    Tim, not alone, often talks of South America, and GSAT does have 3 Gateways in Brazil - true?

    Next Dot: (pun not intended) Nextel filed for bankruptcy just recently.

    Today's reported news out of Brazil:
    ""The company's operating subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are not part of the US bankruptcy proceedings and will continue to operate on a 'business as usual' basis."

    In a statement, Nextel Brazil, the company's largest subsidiary, stressed that the decision of NII Holdings "to initiate a formal process in the United States to restructure its debt will not affect routine business operations of Nextel Brazil or the quality and reliability of its services to customers in the country".

    Those are the dots - anyone want to work on this? I have other things that demand my time today, so hope some here can have at this perhaps.

  • "The company's operating subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are not part of the US bankruptcy proceedings and will continue to operate on a 'business as usual' basis."

    In a statement, Nextel Brasil, the company's largest subsidiary, stressed that the decision of NII Holdings "to initiate a formal process in the United States to restructure its debt will not affect routine business operations of Nextel Brazil or the quality and reliability of its services to customers in the country".

    Search and you will find.

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    Mr. Shah received his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, and graduated summa cum laude

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    Part 25 comparison

    by deepmt2 Sep 12, 2014 10:17 PM
    sandpaints sandpaints Sep 14, 2014 6:21 PM Flag

    I'm 100% sure that Oct 4th puts expire on Oct 4th. Some things are more certain than others.

    If you want to really evaluate your worst case scenario, be our guest and wait for 6-9 months (but you will have to negate any credibility of the FCC public statements by Wheeler since he took office saying they would streamline approval processes, improve competition, and promote innovation.)

    Draw your attention to a recent footnote added to the upcoming meetings (roundtables) marked for the 16th and 19th. next week. Newly appointed (highly informed and ready to go) Scott Jordan, who was probably hand picked for his balanced and permissive views on FCC regulation, will be displaying a leadership role in the discussions.

    "FOOTNOTE 1:"
    "These roundtables were previously announced in a Public Notice."
    "See FCC Announces Series of Open Internet Roundtable Discussions, GN Docket No. 14-28, Public Notice, DA 14-1152 (rel. Aug. 8, 2014)."

    "At that time, it was unclear whether the roundtables would be a “meeting” of the Commission."

    "47 C.F.R. § 0.601(b)."
    "As such, that public notice was not published in the Federal Register. See id. § 0.605(b). This Public Notice shall serve as notice that a quorum of Commissioners may be present at one or more roundtables, in compliance with Part 0, Subpart F of the Commission’s rules. This notice does not, however, change the “permit-but-disclose” status of the Open Internet proceeding under the Commission’s ex parte rules."

    END FOOTNOTE. Why might a quorum of the Commissioners be contemplated? What difference? Something to do with decision powers perhaps? Crossword puzzle clue - four letter word that starts with a "V".

    IMO, don't expect endless or prolonged delays as a reliable choice on your shares position.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 12, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    And the space based link is Globalstar (GSAT) all the way. Cheers for Alaska, The Last Frontier now reaching into space. (They can see it from there.)

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 12, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    Yes, well you could say that, but then the strong meat is in the information of what the specific job duties were for this position, that we can determine are not flimsy. Given the need for filling the position to serve Oceus needs, there could be an point that this position would not stay open for long. How to account for the information that there is a contract to supply those needs, etc. You are welcome to stick to your doubts, if you think 'one' word in the overall website post outweighs the other information exposed and gained.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 12, 2014 3:54 AM Flag

    Now I see on search that LTE band 14 is in 700 Mhz range, but there is still the mention of 'Wi-Fi' in the story and device software upgrades, and a managed system and commercially available devices. I still think this relates to the other relationships with Globalstar / Hughes in this network/story. Both from a California geographical standpoint and technical basis, testing, and FCC support, even in spite of the fact that the writer did not include Globalstar among the company names mentioned or people quoted (perhaps on background information only, or the writer was unaware of these relationships and history related to GSAT.) More than a W. A. hunch.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 12, 2014 3:36 AM Flag

    Notice in the referenced story I came across today that definitely mentions 'Wi-Fi' and other particulars such as software upgrades, so it raises some questions on Band vs Channel 14 not clearly outlined by the writer? That information taken with the job description in my other post, plus the clear indication of a contract between Oceus and Globalstar, what have we? Backed up by Oceus submission of their comment supportive of reasons to grant the GSAT NPRM, there is something out in the open here. The job posting with the mention of Oceus, Hughes, and Globalstar listed greater details out of a California job seeker website than any job posted on the Globalstar website. (Job: Network Architecture Manager-Milpitas, CA JobingDOTcom)
    It contains the following notice near the top of the job posting:
    "This posting has expired and is no longer available." (Which I take to mean Job Filled.)

    Browse Similar Jobs: IT - ALL CATEGORIES IT - Hardware/Networking
    Jobing Description

    Job Description:

    Globalstar is hiring a Network Architecture Manager to join our team in Milpitas, CA.

    This individual will have a minimum 10 years of experience in telecommunication network architecture, with an emphasis on modern communication systems with a BS and MS or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Will be the focal technical point-of-contact/manager for all network engineering activities associated with the Globalstar ground infrastructure. Will be the technical point-of-contact/manager for the Oceus (previously Ericsson) CN contract. Will be principle contributor to all the networking aspects of the next generation voice and data consumer products (CCE) which are to operate over the Gen 2 infrastructure (item 2 above). Ability to multi-task is essential. Ability to effectively manage time and prioritize tasks is a must. This individual will have excellent communication and interpersonal skills." Later therein comes the mention of Oceus, Hughes, and duties etc. These pieces fit together, IMO

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 11, 2014 11:06 PM Flag

    Thanks, shows what a monkey can do with a keyboard! Will be fun hearing what some of the baboons have to say next.

  • Following was included in job description of FILLED POSITION: (Is the cat out of the bag?)

    "2) Gen 2 Core Network (CN) Program Management: Serve as the technical point-of-contact/manager for the Oceus (previously Ericsson) CN contract.

    a. Responsible for CN day-to-day activities and weekly meetings with both Oceus and Hughes Network Systems for all aspects of integrating the RAN and CN

    b. Managing and procuring all the requisite Customer Furnished Equipment (CFE) that Globalstar is required to provide to Oceus as part of the CN contract

    c. Support providing the required links for the operational connectivity between Milpitas/El Dorado Hills and the gateways as well as the requisite links for the connectivity between Hughes, Oceus, and Milpitas during the development/test phases."

    I think we have confirmation of ignition on the launch pad, certainly see some smoke on this rocket.

    Last chance to buy GSAT at bargain basement prices? Pile on anyone?

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 11, 2014 10:36 PM Flag

    MORE further into Oceus comments upon NPRM -

    "Commercial Standards-based Terrestrial Low Power Service Can Meet Unique
    Specialized User Market Requirements Oceus Network has concluded that this current
    NPRM offers the opportunity to leverage an existing commercial technology standard, WiFi, and
    extend its functionality to meet specialized market needs, such as higher degrees of availabi
    lity, security, and Quality of Service (QoS).

    Globalstar’s proposed service offers the best of both worlds. It can provide a specialized network
    service based on widely used commercial standards that offer users a far greater degree of
    control as a licensed service. Highly specialized, mission-focused users such as military, public
    safety, critical infrastructure, or federal agency security would benefit from enhanced services.
    They require solutions that provide a greater degree of control. Globalstar’s proposed terrestrial
    service in the 2.4 GHz band offers a unique opportunity to do so.

    As Globalstar stated in its Petition for Rule making, existing WiFi enabled devices can be
    upgraded through software based modification. Thus, end users of the new proposed service
    have a wide selection of equipment such as smartphones, tablets, and sensor devices they could
    use. This dramatically decreases an end-user’s costs and accelerates the time-to-market of this
    new service, helping users realize this new service’s benefits more rapidly than with a
    completely greenfield service."

    Oceus went on to conclude that the FCC should approve the changes requested by Globalstar.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Sep 11, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    Excerpt from preamble of Oceus comments on GSAT NPRM submitted as supporting comment:

    "Oceus Networks Inc. (“Oceus Networks”)
    respectfully submits these comments in response to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) issued by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”or “Commission”) on proposing modified rules for the operation of the Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) of the single Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) system operating in the Big LEO S band.

    The NPRM sought comment on the benefits of the proposed approach by Globalstar to provide a low-power ATC service in a portion of its licensed spectrum at 2483.5-2495 MHz and in the adjacent 2473-2483.5 MHz band under the FCC’s unlicensed rules. Oceus Networks files comments supporting modified rules that would allow Globalstar to offer this new service. It would meet communication needs of specialized markets and allow users to leverage commercial economies of scale for devices, equipment and chipsets which offer state-of-the-art capabilities and features. "

    End of excerpt

  • "FirstNet-related Tactical LTE Communications System at Urban Shield Exercise" Search Headline, Space Daily website.
    OCEUS - tested GSAT spectrum earlier this year with positive results. Oceus also made positive comments supporting GSAT NPRM during the comment period.

    Quote First paragraph:

    "At Urban Shield 2014, Mutualink, Sonim and Oceus will participate in a FirstNet-related deployment of an Enhanced System on Wheels (ESOW). The exercise will give public safety officials in northern California the opportunity to prepare for a coordinated, multi-agency, emergency response using advanced collaboration across LTE Band 14."

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    ADS-B Test Flight starts tomorrow

    by gullywasher920 Aug 18, 2014 1:42 PM
    sandpaints sandpaints Sep 11, 2014 9:07 PM Flag

    That's performance in the range of 2+X current airline tracking it appears. I wonder what current expenditures are in the aviation world for tracking? Assuming this would NOT be an expensive retrofit, there would be an easy step into market share with the delivery price equal to or less than current costs to the airlines. The best inventions always deliver either better performance, lower costs, or both when they are spectacular. A major factor for me is that this product is already in the FAA approval process, so with approval it will be bucket ready to generate GSAT income. (side note) these results read like a product that could become the new "industry standard."

    Question: Does anyone know if this system has a fall back mode, ie bypassing the satellites and going direct to ground stations? Also, if a pilot or other boarded entity turned off the system, could ground control override and turn it back on? GSAT has a nice line up of product depth going.

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    Fresh buying

    by vicvoldish Sep 11, 2014 10:16 AM
    sandpaints sandpaints Sep 11, 2014 12:30 PM Flag

    That would probably be one of the team members for starters.

  • Reply to

    Fresh buying

    by vicvoldish Sep 11, 2014 10:16 AM
    sandpaints sandpaints Sep 11, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    And someone might be positioning, so they can say they were right first and more often than anyone including themselves, while working on a wireless device that enables the user to talk out of both sides of their mouth and their rear end at the same time. Just speculating now without any new facts to present. It's also sort of like building a new house of cards, so later someone can try to blow it over again. SOMEONE wants to be somebody somewhere somehow something bad.

  • Some interesting Ivory Tower discussions continue, but not for those who want simple answers... or faint of heart.
    But better and more informative than what is being posted here otherwise.

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    This needs to be addressed ......

    by crossfacecradle Sep 8, 2014 9:22 AM
    sandpaints sandpaints Sep 8, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    I've been relying on #3 now for quite a while here, with sometimes limited success. There is a lot of wisdom in older works of literature (ought to be part of our due diligence, eh? !) Thanks for the reference, I think it's time for me to cut back posting some here for a while and go do some soul refreshing reading.

    Vic is starting to get me and a few others "all wound up" or "all stirred up" again, when we know " सब कुछ ठीक है " is true.

  • Excerpt (not a liar, Vic tells the truth,-always sometimes)
    "From my view, the commission made its decision to grant TLPS when it approved the NPRM. There is no measurable opposition to this rule; Compare it to the public outcry over net-neutraility to put this in perspective. In regards to the permissive changes, there has not been much, if any, opposition to granting that request. The FCC mentions in the NPRM that it wants to relax the equipment certification process anyway; They appear willing to let GSAT go early. Granting the permissive changes on this limited basis serves the FCC just as much as it does GSAT; it helps the FCC see how such a process will play out and gives them data for furture rulemaking.
    I put the probability of approval at 99%. I think the investing public is more optimistic on TLPS then the folks on this MB. It is viewed as a done deal. That raises the question as to how much of a bump we get from the R&O. IMHO we get a bump, then back off to a level somewhat above where we are now. Chardan's price point at 6 or somewhat above makes sense."

    He's even better than Cramer in some ways.

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    HOW LONG BEFORE 1.0000000

    by sgl5612000 Sep 5, 2014 4:41 PM
    sandpaints sandpaints Sep 5, 2014 5:04 PM Flag

    " My goal is not to criticize, but to recognize that meaningful competition for high-speed wired broadband is lacking and Americans need more competitive choices for faster and better Internet connections, both to take advantage of today’s new services, and to incentivize the development of tomorrow’s innovations." FCC Chairman Wheeler - recent public policy speech.

    As soon as the GSAT approval for TLPS is completed to improve market competition sgl may only have one $1 dollar left in his account or will he have to borrow to cover? How long before he gets fired from his job? How short is the time until logic prevails over defeatism?

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