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sandpaints 12 posts  |  Last Activity: 4 hours ago Member since: Jan 19, 2015
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  • sandpaints sandpaints 4 hours ago Flag

    Yes, cut the tip off and you get a short every time. Once we are done with them here they will be heading your way to complete their gender change. Please, have WANDA set up extra cots and roll away beds for them. As for the stock play, after the operations have had time to heal, it would be best to start them playing with the stock donkeys first then working their way up to Mules. No doubt Arkansas has an ample supply of those.

  • sandpaints sandpaints 5 hours ago Flag

    I give you a speculation on what's happening that amounts to a great sucking whirlpool into which the retail shorts are being washed. Yes the number of shorts is going up, not only by numbers but we see it here more and more with their pathetic posts and charades such as pretending to be long while constantly trying to promote sympathy that they are losing so much money etc. "My children's education funds and so forth, Oh maybe we should start to question the honesty - so on.

    So how could the retail shorts be getting buried by their own blarney? Here's a scenario - part based on observation: I've been noticing that one of the largest high speed computer trading systems named Tradebot from Kansas City, MO is trading here at GSAT. Why would that raise a thought?

    Suppose out of every so many trades (where Tradebot can see information of the Ask and Bid before human traders can react) that Tradebot computers buy shares from any real investor willing to sell them, Tradebot adds those to its growing position in GSAT, and before you can blink an eye they lend those share to the hopelessly misinformed shorts. Tradebot doesn't want to see the price go up while they are doing this magic trick, so they flatline the share price (you can see the flat lines in the charts as the day progresses.) Some days the Tradebot (or their Client) cleans up some shares from those selling other days less so - but over time they build a nice set of shares and will cream the shorts for a gigantic profit in due time.

    Thus, how hard is it to imagine the retail shorts are being suckered big time - largely because they are just taking the distortions of Seeking Alpha and others who have published their legal disclaimers on the way to the bank. When all the pots and kettles fall there's going to be such a big noise, it will be the historic NEW game on Wallstreet. Won't that be sweet.

    One other indication this might be happening- some report their buy orders are filled very strangely recently.

  • marcus-spectrumDOTcom/Blog/files/tag-fcc-reformDOThtml

    The above is:
    Well informed, chock full of searchable insights as to who is doing what at or regarding the FCC.

    Just to highlight some of the content:
    "Sen. Fischer Introduces S. 2817 to Urge FCC Compliance with Section 7" - a bill to require the FCC act within ONE year after starting a decision process by requiring a decision.

    Another full fledged blog:
    "So When are the Comments on this NPRM Due?"

    Want to know more - go there. (Too much reading for Shorts, will cause your head to ache.)

    What I gained so far from reading at the above site - a new and clearer expectation of how the process is bogged down and near dysfunctional - but that there are solutions and pressures on hand to FIX this. AMEN.
    And the fire should rightly be blazing hot under the bottom of Chairman Wheeler to get things done - NOW.

    Time to rumble.

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    by leoschindelheim 12 hours ago
    sandpaints sandpaints 12 hours ago Flag

    Permanent Ignore.

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    FCC Globalstar or EIBASS

    by greg.place29 15 hours ago
    sandpaints sandpaints 13 hours ago Flag

    Until Wheeler produces the R&O, which nobody can force him to produce, the other commissioners sit in their leather chairs and wait. There is no mechanism at the FCC by which the collective commissioners can force a matter to come to a vote. The Chairman has all the prerogatives in that regard, as I understand it - which probably is why O'Reilly is calling for answers and suggesting new congressional review of the process may be required. IMO, O'Reilly is documenting the situation as it stands now and will be forwarding (if not already) that information to congress.

    True, there could be other matters standing in the way of an R&O, but time is running out for that excuse to sustain Chairman Wheeler's lack of action. My take is also that former acting Chairman Mignon Clyburn is probably not happy with the time that has expired since she was moving decisions along and getting things done during her time of leadership. The delays may feel like a slap in the face, but she is mighty good a controlling herself. The day could be near when things are going to boil over.

    Feb 4th or 5th seems to be the deadline for Chairman Wheeler to hand over his Net Neutrality first draft. One mistake on his part and I think the congress is going go after his hide. Great he can take credit for a successful auction, but in other ways his in not getting the job done and being a wily old fox can only carry him just so far - he does know the wolves in congress can eat his lunch.

  • sandpaints sandpaints 14 hours ago Flag

    Worth saying that again for those who like to dig up old dog bones and start chewing on them.

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    FCC Globalstar or EIBASS

    by greg.place29 15 hours ago
    sandpaints sandpaints 14 hours ago Flag

    Good summary of EIBASS not making marks that influenced the NPRM.

    Was it 4 or 5 commissioners unanimously approved the start of the NPRM? What changed since then -
    Chairman Wheeler arrived on the scene and has from time to time been ignoring other commissioners and making his own private decisions effectively behind closed doors - sometime only giving commissioners hours or minutes notice prior to their being asked to vote. Recently, I believe, Chairman Wheeler made some rule changes without even asking the other commissioners - allowing certain offices to make their own decisions. At least two of the commissioners have publicly objected to the way Chairman Wheeler is behaving in these ways, and I get the impression that the other two are repressing their own comments while endorsing 'openness' and other such code language for their struggle against containment.

    IMO, all is not happy in the halls of the FCC.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Jan 28, 2015 12:02 AM Flag

    There's an interesting video up on the Fibertower website also, including a panel interview with Sandri, also Dragon Wave.

    They discuss their spectrum future plans. I got a sense Fibertower may have an expectation of a buyout. See what you think. Go to fibertower website, click on the NEWS tab, it's a January 8th video.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Jan 20, 2015 7:30 PM Flag

    Observations: The FCC lawyer talked over some of the judges who tried to get a word in edgewise and the FCC lawyer sounded a bit shrill at times. The FCC lawyer said they made mistakes, but then tried to put the cause of those mistakes onto Fibertower.

    I am biased, but I thought the Fibertower lawyer made some very strong points regarding the rules that the FCC had established and the case that those rules called for flexibility at the time they were written - that the rules were meant to cover innovations and things that would be developed over time that could not be anticipated as the rules were written. Then the FCC comes along now and wants to ignore that flexibility holding Fibertower to conventional build out tower construction methods etc.

    The judges said they would now take the case under advisement - meaning they will come back with a decision at some time. There were three judges - I think at least 2 of them understood very well the points made by Fibertower, based on the questions they asked and remarks they made on the answers they received.

    Odds on Fibertower, it was amusing to hear the FCC lawyer suggest that the court throw the decisions back to the FCC to do another review and to correct their mistakes, as the FCC lawyer would prefer that the court not decide in favor of Fibertower. LOL, IMO.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Jan 20, 2015 6:05 PM Flag

    Some difficulty finding the place mentioned by codesilver, I am now listening to an audio stream of about little over an hour in length, the judges so far at the start are being very firm:


    Will continue to listen and check back here as others say what they think.

  • sandpaints sandpaints Jan 19, 2015 12:53 AM Flag

    14-1039 FiberTower Spectrum Holdings, v. FCC ( 20 minutes per side )

    Looks like they won't be talking this out for days - rather only minutes... Judges will probably already have a good idea how they are going to rule. There hardly seems time for more than Q&A by the judges to the lawyers.

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    All About The Green $$$

    by maple2543e Jan 18, 2015 8:46 AM
    sandpaints sandpaints Jan 19, 2015 12:41 AM Flag

    True, but those guys are not our friends in many ways. Just came across an aging court document that's about one year old and was submitted with some spelling errors - also no idea how it worked out concerning and also with mention of other bankruptcy cases. Search "Evidence of Contrructive Fraud of the Swarts Claimants In" (include wrong spelling) and you read how corruption operates to devalue spectrum and wipe out common shares. All sorts of references in this court document brought in by some group named Swarts representing common shareholders for Terra Star. Includes spectrum value charts drawn up by John Dooley for that case. Mentions Fibertower several times in the context of showing how corruption is done - including tricks on the Cayman Islands to evade taxes. Pucillo and Subin won't be mentioning this document in their case against the FCC, I'm pretty sure about that since the document portrays them as some of the bad guys.

    So, if Fibertower wins against the FCC - it still looks like common shareholders may have to fight somehow. Although I suppose they could just decide to make some settlement with us to move forward - again if they win against the FCC. I think they will win, my best guess - but that doesn't answer the question of corruption.

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