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  • Cocky locky, goosey loosey, foxy loxy and the gang here are screaming crash which means only one thing, a rocket north. The contrarian validity of Yahoo message boards has retirees losing their savings at an astonishing rate. Remember Tech? A recluse in his padded room. Remember 400 before 280. GO to $CMG for the early bird special.

  • We see 400 before 290. Glad I don't listen to the Yahoo message boards. Biggest collective group of pills I have read online. More negative outlook than any place I have seen. Great contrarian indicator though.

    If you're smart enough, turn to Twitter-verse and filter information. Success is determined by the speed of which you adapt to change. The markets are like the potato patch outside the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Long term shorts and naysayers have missed (are missing) the power of trading here (wrong direction, trading instruments, timeframes, etc.). Just checking in to see how the amatures are doing - last I saw AMZN was 295 and going to Glad I didn't listen to that. Hey, is that gap filled yet? LOL Made good money here but better companies to play. Always keep your money moving, remove your emotion and follow the trends. Nice little descending triangle forming. How would you trade that?

  • Not sure but glad I stuck with my gut and not the rantings of some metals freak on Yahoo boards. Good things come to those that wait, eh? Nothing like an itch you cannot scratch. Seeing how the doom and gloom is going. Tech Strat, you'll be right, eventually, like a broken clock is twice a day. Those that listen to you will go broke, see their equity devalue and wonder why they hold on to metal when this is clearly an equity bull market. Follow the QE: first Japan, then US, now ECB. The sky is the limit until it isn't. Ride the wave or stay on the beach.

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    Twitter and Amazon

    by clearsighted1 May 5, 2014 9:55 AM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 May 5, 2014 12:18 PM Flag

    with the 'web' of social media tearing down privacy, 'transparency' isn't elective anymore and connections are automated. you opt in through ignorance; no one is reading the TSAs on software, cloud or apps today. everything is online, in the cloud, a part of 'your permanent record'. cc records, credit, mortgage, county tax, cell phone and smart phone apps, etc. little pieces, 'breadcrumbs', add up to your profile.

    and don't forget yahoo posts/ip addresses can be traced, tracked, subpoenaed. google, big brother, irs, fbi, cia, interpol, ad nauseam have been doing this for years, In fact, google knows more about you than anyone.
    worried about the man and finance....worry about your persona and life.

  • savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 May 5, 2014 10:04 AM Flag

    Tech, your version of America is separate and unequal. Content as it conforms to your insanity - if I am not screaming about THE MAN/THE FINANCIAL MACHINE or the failed economic policies of beerkey and osama's. What a wishy-washy make money on the way up, sell out and continue to bash to get in lower for another ride b/c you missed the 'dip'. #$%$. That in my book is #$%$ and yahoo does a great job attracting it. Old men, with random thoughts, posting aimlessly, their brokers recom as their own. Have you no shame?

    The only content I care trading account. Amazon Prime commercials are in heavy rotation, beta testing is great out here in SF, expect more rollout soon, the brand name is a top choice for people looking for items (why don't you have a conversation with a person and ask). The Walmart/Costcoin business model is operating in Fear. No one goes to 'stores' anymore; there's more volume in sales online any given day of the week, and vertical integration of the transport a bigger pie....hum FedEx is now increasing their fees, wonder why.

    These conversations with east of the mississippi are so circular. You guys didn't understand Apple, Silicone Valley, Google, etc. but use these companies as examples today. Pathetic. It's ok not to know, tomorrow you'll know what we do today.

    I'm not the one posting 24/7 skippy; I have a life; you - well it's Monday which means pudding at 2p, meatloaf at 5p - the red pills are morning and blue pills before lights out. Is that sky still falling or is it the wall paper.

  • savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 May 2, 2014 1:27 PM Flag

    Bulb, unlike cash and tech, I like your posts: coherent, cogent, readable. I may not agree with all but you can do two things that grade school taught us and most have forgotten (in fact the only lessons needed in life):

    4th grade: a sentence is a group of words that contains a complete thought. (english/grammar)
    7th grade: the most difficult thing to do is complete a thought from one individual to another. (psychology)

    tech is a character (or is that missing characters) afraid of his shadow; cash - zombies? you missed Open and the AMZN move, probably missed AA, CAT and BRK

  • If you can get past the 'gangsta' talk or mental deficiencies you'll realize "tech's" work-fare programs are for mental patients to post on message boards. Yahoo is the short to take; inferior product, absurd 'stock boards' - slightly above the Weekly World News but below the Sun. Douche bag is an insult to douche bags. If anyone trades based on these boards, you got your free advise - "how'd that work for ya?'

    Unlike any here, I'll tell you I am in 290 long "yes I picked a likely bottom". I'll tell you my out but they didn;'t fill the gap yet - find it on a chart. Maybe tomorrow. Shorts or sky is falling commentary is so easy for non-market players to spout. It is actually natural to be 'positive' about something - appreciation, doing well, hoping better; it is not to think negatively, hope for loss.

    Unfortunately you're here, reading this lousy board, leave to find real info. Your DD is done - here; there are many better places to be in cyberspace

  • Cocky locky, goosey loosey, foxy loxy and tech....they're all here. Remember there is a gap to fill folks. Plenty of room north before it's touched. Then and only then will the possibility of your prognostications have a chance. "I guess you have to wonder, and in all the excitement I kinda lost count" does a gap need to be completely filled or will a partial do or will it create a yo-yo effect back up until filled? 310 and counting. "Lollipops. Get your lollipops, and all free today."

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    Time to buy?

    by stevedboom Apr 30, 2014 12:47 AM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 May 1, 2014 10:10 AM Flag

    Bubbles, nose bleed PEs, resistance (what 290, 300 now 306 - price now 307 to 308). Keep sliding it up pundits; you'll be right, eventually. Then you can claim clarevoyant, market supreme 'Grand Poobah' for the Yahoo empire, 'see, see, I told you'). Careful pundits, you'll be eatting animal crackers with Tech in some 'clean room' with no door #$%$. The conspiracy of 'the man' theories, and men in raincoats with briefcases meeting on street corners will be the topics of the day.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the markets are peaking. (should have seen that before QE1 started) Entertaining, reading the insights of psychopaths. Read Yahoo for just that; there is no 'insight'. Use it to see take market temperature and how many sheepeople have been led off a cliff, what cliff it was and how long they kept going. Right now it is 'shorts, the 288 bottom missed and a 20 run to 308 on the reversal. Tomorrow who knows. "Had your chance, missed it." eh, Caracticus Potts.

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    History Repeating Itself

    by savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 12:56 PM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 Apr 30, 2014 3:02 PM Flag

    tech, you're extremely confusing. you're a capitalist and ok with people making billions; it just has to be the right people? they have to create value. like facebook and twitter? and real tax? try QE1, 2, 3, ? that baked in our demise.

    the 'social net' you so value does far more repression of the 'classes' and does not move them off the teet. the unemployment is structural and evidence our educational system a failure, most Americans are lazy and weaning them into 'workfare' programs a pipe dream. Why go somewhere to make the same amount staying at home doing nothing provides?

    303 now pierced and your prognostications are off. government does not provide answers. Just ask the Ukraine.

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    History Repeating Itself

    by savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 12:56 PM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 Apr 30, 2014 11:49 AM Flag

    Thankfully the market has people like Tech. I am glad. You add volatility, liquidity and stupidity to the mix which is sorely needed to function optimally.

    Superflous. That's what your posts are. You drone on and on about 'the man' and evil do-er traders but gleefully pay your taxes to the government. This is ironic as it blinds you to the reality: we're all on the same side; it is the government which provides nothing yet takes everything: taxes - cap gains, property, sales, inheritance, gas, business license, etc. Rights, liberties, freedoms. They give nothing to the 'people'. "Business" was so good they expanded to state and local entities appearing to provide and all the while on the take. The parade of cheaters, wife beaters, criminals, sex degenerate psychopaths that 'vertical' attracts would lasts months in anytown USA..

    The 'real change' you seek isn't incarcerating Wall St. or sticking it to 'the man'; it is reducing governments role in our lives; the very arms sought for regulation and protection are playing the strings along with those you distrust.

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    History Repeating Itself

    by savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 12:56 PM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 4:04 PM Flag

    Bull - what you say is true of every stock: BKR, GOOG, HP, ad nauseam. Don't fool yourself thinking AMZN is different. Point is Buffett, Bezos, Page, Brin made "IT". You get to trade "IT". Follow or sit on the sideline. At the end of the day, someone's account is heavier; another's lighter. Did you cash in, hold and wait or hold and cry?

    Tech - More 99%er dribble. Truth? Justice? Ponzi? Really? Care to throw in 'the man'? Why are you even in the markets? Wake up! The sheepeople keep drinking the kool-aid they're serving; second helpings are free; the bar is open daily,

    The last generation polluted us with Studio 54, cocaine and the me-generation sowing the seeds for their silicone kids to flex 'power'. With such a foundation to grow from, you get what we have now. Use your 'old school' stock assessments. There is a reason many are 'old', history, obsolete. It's a different world. Learn, adapt, grow, trade or go broke.

    You're welcome to join or get out but stop the piety. That's reserved for the Pope alone.

  • savoir_fare2003 by savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 12:56 PM Flag

    Doom and gloom, no profit model, business lagging, 30%+ stock slip, Bezos net worth drop, expanding markets into questionable verticals, etc. etc. etc. That was 1998-2001 Amazon.

    Amazon has always been focused on an investment strategy: short-term losses are necessary for long-term growth, growth over profits, shareholder value created over the long term. Then, stock price ~$16, today - ~$300; then Bezos was worth ~$166 million, today - ~$25 Billion. Then analysts and pundits slammed business model, today the same. Bezos succeeded in his goals; losers here aren't and panicking.

    What does today's Amazon have going: expanding video offerings, Amazon Web Services price reduction, cloud computing expansion, SF pilot of delivery, revenue UP 23% YOY, earnings UP 23 cents YOY - both above or met estimates. What we have here is a failure to comprehend the tea leaves and profit taking. In the words of Porky Pig 'That's all folks'.

    I'll invest with Billionaires before I listen to anonymous yahoo message board dolts professing ignorance. You can say anything long enough and eventually it will be true.

  • savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 9:25 AM Flag

    Or better yet, sell calls and buy puts into this. That takes balls. I'd rather stick with a billionaire than some yahoo putz posting on a message board. The discount sale price is almost over. Get it or get hit.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Market Commentary Contra-Indictors

    by savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 12:12 AM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 2:12 AM Flag

    Commenting on who you know, eh? Parasite shorts, nervous nellies, trolling message boards in the midnight hours. Scared? I bet.. A smart short would close out now. Margin calls are a #$%$. Good quick bank; now lock in profits or be balls out and reverse for a quick bounce. Watching technicals, tech. You're knocking to load up. Nice 'strategy' there.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • savoir_fare2003 by savoir_fare2003 Apr 29, 2014 12:12 AM Flag

    Cramer - public joke, what he says do oppposite and reap an 85%+ success ratio, shill is an insult to shills.
    Message Boards commentary - the lower your 'projections' the better base set. look at charts and the trend ain't your friend. Flags are raised and lowered on poles. I see two.
    Markets - blame it on russia, recession 2, over-reaction to a smart business change: lowering consumer prices and expanding markets. Short term insight to 'shake the tree'. Play the yo-yo here.

    When amateur financial analysts here pick a data point to 'focus' on and say that is why AMZN is going down, we see an ignorant mind expressing itself. Real balls in an anonymous forum. Fundamentals + technical work together. The base was set, today.

    You want to make money in the markets? Listen to what the headlines say and where the herd is then go opposite. Thanks for making the work so easy. A quick scan of the board is all that is needed.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    MA down more then V on percentage basis -

    by k1ltnow Apr 25, 2014 2:32 PM
    savoir_fare2003 savoir_fare2003 Apr 25, 2014 6:51 PM Flag

    Good short near term. Just pierced a 7 month channel support point at 70.88. 16-17% correction since January high 84.66. Next stop 65. With any bad news this could be fast, but I like the swing trade in the 60s. MA would be a steal. Look as an opportunity to load up long term. I have a large position in retirement and just sold calls against ;)

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