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Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc Message Board

scappy25 180 posts  |  Last Activity: 4 hours ago Member since: Jul 11, 2013
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  • lol..? .002? Really?

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    I am long MNKD......

    by ramthajzk 6 hours ago

    Walking away at a loss from a company you don't believe in is part of trading, isn't it?

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    partnership = pipe dream

    by the_investment_god 19 hours ago
    scappy25 scappy25 18 hours ago Flag

    Judging by your hilarious predictions in your history I can't take you as anything other than a clown. Let me know when TSLA hits $300 in 2014 donkey boy. I thought MNKD would go bankrupt before FDA approval? I can predict TSLA wont hit $100 again because I am not an aardvark with special needs. Congratulations, you are not an aardvark with special needs. That is just about the nicest thing I can say about you.

  • scappy25 scappy25 21 hours ago Flag

    I've been in this stock for long enough to know it has a good chance of plummeting tomorrow. I'm long but realistic. Stops me from getting disappointed and angry when I see a red day.

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    Bought 5k shares and I'm nervous.

    by jonday_99 22 hours ago
    scappy25 scappy25 21 hours ago Flag

    The stock may go down. We have all been in the red here at some point or another. Some impressive folks here bought in when the stock was under a penny! Even they (especially them?) have had moments of sheer panic when they were in the red, no doubt.

    You can't invest in a penny stock without a lot of risk tolerance. You just can't! That being said if you're willing to hold this stock for more than a year and preferably 5+, then you will benefit from its long term trend and the value of LymPro and MANF (in 5+ years) being more fully realized.

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    Bought some $20 Jan 2016 calls

    by scappy25 23 hours ago
    scappy25 scappy25 21 hours ago Flag

    You don't understand how stocks work, do you? Certainly not how options work. The RSI is at 20. The stock may well drop down further but the fundamentals and the chart scream that this could double in 12-18 months. I am not a chartist nor am I particularly good at reading charts, but you'd have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see it.

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    Bought some $20 Jan 2016 calls

    by scappy25 23 hours ago
    scappy25 scappy25 21 hours ago Flag

    $.95. Only purchased 5 but that's quite enough for options for me.

  • Probably one of the more no brainer options buys I have ever made. GLTA

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    Thinking of testing the water here...

    by scappy25 Jul 29, 2014 7:33 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 29, 2014 7:55 PM Flag

    While I really hope you're right I'm not factoring that into my investment strategy. That would imply, what, that would be $20 billion market cap, implying $2 billion a year in profits. It feels farfetched. But I am going to be investing based on my price target, and obviously if it hits yours I will be delighted. GLTY.

  • My DD suggests $10 billion market cap in 12 months. Not accounting for dilution or anything. $20-24 PPS seems within the realm of possibility. Been a shareholder at AMBS for a while and heard a lot about MNKD due to a lot of folks joining up over there. Serious comments welcome. I don't buy the $25 bln remark. It seems like the math is based more on working backwards from what someone wants to see rather than what is realistic. Maybe in five years! What are your takes folks?

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    after hours explained for me?

    by bighouseofi Jul 29, 2014 7:12 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 29, 2014 7:23 PM Flag

    Someone is just exchanging shares.. To put things in perspective that's $866k on a $3.6 billion company. That's .024% of outstanding shares. While a significant block, it is not staggering.

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    I'm in but I need to buy a lot more!!!

    by durlandpw Jul 29, 2014 6:15 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 29, 2014 7:11 PM Flag

    I don't care what your price target or hope is. Keep 15-20k shares invested in this stock for 30-50 years. It may become worthless or remain steady. Or, it may be worth a near-fortune. MANF was created by Pheno Guard. All it takes is one more discovery by Pheno Guard to more than double AMBS' market potential. MANF is not fully realized and Pheno Guard would find some new proteins that could revolutionize their own segment of medicine.

    If you had 12,000 shares in Amgen thirty years ago, you'd be have over $1 million today. Take the opportunity to spread your money around a bit but don't duck out because long term any number of shares could be massive for you.

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    Be Careful of Conventional Wisdom!

    by riskreturn168 Jul 29, 2014 6:46 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 29, 2014 7:05 PM Flag

    If it were easy to buy low and sell high everyone would do it. Instead most buy high and sell low and then some buy low and fail to sell high. The selling high part is the hardest. I wouldn't fault anyone for selling at .40 or even here at .20. But I would always recommend people keep some skin in the game. This is not a stock you want to be completely out of.

  • $5 open tomorrow!

    Come on people, there is REAL news happening. Enough with the nonsense.

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    ganja4umoney4me is an internet thug

    by gonfrevr Jul 28, 2014 8:29 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 28, 2014 9:00 PM Flag

    Agreed. It is a rare type of person who has never invested a single penny but likes to go on the boards and pretend he is a big man. To him I'd say that's what those little fake stock investing platforms are for!

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    Been fun and profitable

    by ganja4umoney4me Jul 28, 2014 7:00 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 28, 2014 8:59 PM Flag

    I'm not actually, even though you're the second person to suggest as much. I gotta tell you judging by your definition of bagholder you are making me tempted to take a look.

    Bagholder != Someone who invests in a good stock and stops it from swinging wildly to the negative for no reason by not panic selling because some random starts running their mouth.

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    Been fun and profitable

    by ganja4umoney4me Jul 28, 2014 7:00 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 28, 2014 7:11 PM Flag

    Bet you made a killing today. When you waited for it to go lower than.16. What a loser.

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    If this is considered a tank...LOL

    by ndorf66 Jul 28, 2014 2:25 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 28, 2014 2:47 PM Flag

    I promise, if it goes no lower someone will nevertheless claim to have made $15k on a flip today by buying at the absolute high and selling at the absolute low. It's amusing how reliable that is on these boards.

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    I am up 120%

    by scappy25 Jul 26, 2014 5:59 PM
    scappy25 scappy25 Jul 27, 2014 11:28 AM Flag

    I bought as high as 10 on the way up. My average is between 7 and 8c. Didn't calculate perfectly but it is a good approximation.

  • scappy25 by scappy25 Jul 26, 2014 5:59 PM Flag

    I don't care who you listen to or who you don't. I could be lying right now! But I'm not. There were bashers telling people not to buy this thing at .04, .06, .08, .09, .10, .11, .12, .14, etc. If I had listened to them I would not be up where I am on gains.

    If you spread out your buys and purchase more on dips to average down, you will be in good shape. This is not going to go straight up - that doesn't happen in stocks. There will be dashed hopes and moments of extreme fear. And then there will be these moments of extreme over-confidence. That is the cycle of the stock market. Keep your emotions out of things, do your DD, don't ever take advice from an MB (at least not without HEAVILY vetting it first). Know how to read 8-K's, 10-Q's, 10-Ks, et. al. Do your research.

    I have next to nothing in savings. I am in my twenties and eager to not have that be the case when I am in my thirties. It was just this year that I became networth positive. Thanks to AMBS I have advanced to having five figures in my non-retirement savings. Soon enough I'll be able to pay off my student loans with AMBS alone and take a few months off of work to start my business. The most important key to investing is not when you invest but where you invest and for how long. Doing your homework on an investment is more important than any other investment related decision you are going to make.

    This is NOT a get rich quick stock. This is a "make substantial gains and then lose a lot of them only to see even more gains" kind of stock.

    Every run is a hint at what is to come. I bought in at .04 cents first. And I never sold once. I'm about to put 10% of my retirement portfolio into AMBS on the next clearly marked dip, regardless of where it falls. Currently it's at about 2%. Even that has the potential to leave me retiring comfortably in 40 years.

    Do not listen to me, or ANYONE, without doing substantial DD first. I cannot tell you whether to buy now because I am NOT buying now. Be safe and smart.

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