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sean.rico 15 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 9, 2013 9:18 PM Member since: May 30, 2013
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  • I'm long in both DROP and MSLP and I think this is a great matchup. It seems like Fuse has been doing "okay" with getting their name out there but with the channels of distribution available now with MSLP I think it'll take off even more.

    For those not familiar with Fuse, check out some of the conference calls on the site. I'm not as excited about the supplements as I am the potential to revolutionize medicine. They were able to deliver insulin through a roll-on applicator in trials meaning no needles. Think about how many people are diabetic who wouldn't need to use syringes any longer to deliver meds. The same can be said for meds in pill form that children can't take - if they could take asprin through a dropper it could be revolutionary.

    The sports nutrition angle was just a way to get the product to market to show it worked. I'm in it for the long haul with both. The other thing to mention is that Fuse has a lot more athletes signed such as Andy Murray, David Ortiz and Tiger Woods. If MSLP can leverage those athletes to sponsor their products too it's a win-win for both companies.

    Just trying to keep an open mind but if MSLP went from really nothing upto 10 bucks in a year it's not hard to imagine that Fuse could go from .04 to at least a buck or two in another year. Earnings have been very positive and the last round didn't include revenue from Golf Galaxy (Tiger Woods partnership) or Walgreens distribution.

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  • Both times it was for Electrofuse and it was on an FM affiliate of WTAM 1100. Good commercial about 20 seconds - talked about not having enough energy to compete during sports and keeping electro levels high. I think promoting the Powerfuse would have been better but probably because most people listening are baseball fans. I was nervous because I hadn't heard the ads and I saw the negative postings here but the FM station is the same one in Cleveland that carries ESPN in the morning too so I wonder if they'll have ads on ESPN radio soon? That'll help a ton!

  • Everyone is worried about the retail products or someone buying up the technology - what about Tiger? You have to assume that if someone acquires the company, they acquire the Tiger brand for licensing. Can you imagine - Tiger Woods - official PGA sponsor for Pfizer or J&J?

    There has to be a ton of value in just having him for endorsements and you have to think that a big Pharma company would look a ton better on the side of his bag that everyone knows vs Fuse Science. Everyone would win there because he would be the face of a large sponsor that he's locked into for the next 3 years - even if someone paid a premium for the shares, it would probably cost less than whatever Nike or Gatorade is paying for the name and you get the other sports stars along with him.

    I would think that someone would acquire the brand sooner rather than later just for the marketing aspect of Tiger Woods, David Ortiz, Adrian Beltre, etc.

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  • sean.rico sean.rico Jun 10, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    I don't think you're going to see another big jump until they either announce another partnership or a distribution agreement with another retail store. The statements on the call were too general. They basically said they have a few new people signing on to endorse the product, they had another major retail partner and a pharma partner that they've been talking to since the end of 2012 but they weren't able to comment on any of it at the time. I'm not really concerned and I think they're sitting on a lot of this info but I wish they had announced a time table. On the plus side, they said they were going to release the trial study in the next few weeks and they've already done that so just to speculate they will probably be releasing more info sometime this week and then others to follow the next few weeks. I am willing to bet like a lot of people, myself included that they positive news from the drug trial would have generated a larger buzz but until they state what they are going to do with it, it's going to hang around .09 to maybe .12 on a surge. I wouldn't be surprised if it jumped back up to .15 or .16 at some point but doubtful FUSE will see the .20's before Sept/Oct unless something major happens. One can hope though - I'm just hanging in there because if nothing else, I think a lot of people have bought in towards the bottom and there's nowhere to go from here but up!

  • sean.rico sean.rico Jun 10, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    It was on the conference call from the end of May - if you go back and read it they said Tiger would have a new bag soon. I thought it may have been for the Memorial but the US Open would make more sense if they are going to be there doing promos.

  • sean.rico sean.rico Jun 10, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

    It's in a Walgreens here and Drug Mart - I'm in Columbus, OH. It was just in the Drug Mart circular last week - PowerFuse and ThermoFuse on sale - I posted the add but I think it was deleted b/c I included the link. I Tweeted the ad to Daymond John on Twitter and he retweeted it and replied: "Just the beginning"

  • This is a real post and so far this site has been pretty accurate. When they've said to sell DROP it went down, when they've said to BUY it went up if you go back and read the posts. The last time they predicted a huge jump was last year when it went up to the mid .20's and the "shorts" were forced to buy in at any price. Looks promising for sure - especially with the US Open this week and Tiger's NEW bag with the PowerFuse logo instead of FUSE Science. I think more people will recognize the products versus the company itself. I hope it opens at .10 on Monday so I can buy more!

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  • I keep reading these posts and it's easy to get pumped up but also disappointed with some things people are posting. I have a friend who does research at the university level with a PhD and I had him look at the studies and he said that this looks really solid. The only concern was no mention of side effects and also the potential for overdose and abuse with the delivery through the drops or gel. The research and results though he said were right on and there is a lot of potential. It's just not going to happen overnight. The ideal situation is partnering with a large pharm company like Merck or Lily who already have the funds to put more into research. Best case scenario for a quick jump is Fuse splits the company and stays on course with the distribution of retail products and sells the licensing rights to their proprietary delivery technology to someone who can spend the money to perfect it. It wouldn't surprise me if it went down again but of people would just hold into their shares it would go back up again. It's the volume traded daily that's screwing everything up. On the plus side when people panic and sell like today when it went to .09 you saw a quick jump back upto .11 and then your screwed from buying back into it at a loss. I really hope people unload shares at this point so it jumps. If you look at the volume history it seems like it always jumps up after a quick sell off.

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  • If you go back to October they announced then that it was when they were doing the trial and they just published the findings. They have to disclose the start date and it wouldn't make sense to post a report dated June 4th because that would show that the they completed the research in one business day. 2% absorption is actually good because it was formulated for a small amount to see how low they could get. You don't often have people taking 100% of a dose and if you have any adolescence in your household taking topical acne medication it will state that it's formulated for 4% dosage of the active ingredient right on the tube. They want you to apply as needed so you don't burn your skin off. The same would be true for any drugs. You don't want to give someone a 100% dose of roll-on Vicodin. You'd more than likely overdose lol. Just my opinion but you are correct in identifying the dates and the absorption percentage. I just don't think it's a cause for concern.

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  • Sold out at our local stores in Columbus around the Memorial Tournament!

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  • Fuse is hot and heavy in the local stores already and if they are in Drug Mart they are certainly going to be in larger stores like Walgreen's very soon!

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    Products out in Ohio - selling out at Drug Mart

    by sean.rico May 30, 2013 9:52 PM
    sean.rico sean.rico May 31, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    Roughly 15 minutes but they've had this stuff here for awhile now. I can't say anything about Walgreens because I don't have one near me and haven't gone out of the way to check but Drug Mart was selling it immediately after they announced them as a distribution channel.

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  • I'm in Columbus and have seen the placement at Golf Galaxy and Drug Mart. I stop in a local drug mart every few days and they sold out in about 2 weeks. Granted I bought power fuse to give it a try and it's a good product. The other positive thing ill mention is I was talking about the stock with some friends at work and one of our younger employees chimed in and mentioned that she and her friends at Crossfit all use Fuse products. I was shocked a 22 yr old woman was familiar with and used Fuse. I don't have a ton in DROP but I did buy some and I really can't see a downside. They've been here before with NO products and NO pro sponsors and jumped back to .28 from .10. It's easy to freak out at low prices but just wait until they announce they joined with a pharmaceutical company who wants to use their tech to distribute meds. Forget a dollar - stock will go up to $20 a share.

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