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  • 5 Year Return: S&P 97% vs APDN = Minus 27%

    an investor in the S&P was ahead by 63% in the 2 year scenario and a whopping 124% in the 5 year scenario by sticking to the basics ...

    investor 1 invests $100 2 years ago in the S&P now has $142k vs $79k for the apdn s/h
    investor 1 invests $100k 5 years ago in the S&P now has $197k vs $73 for the apdn s/h

    so even for the few investors who are in the black right now with apdn, they would've done as well or probably better by having just plunked their money down in a a plain old low-cost index fund and gone fishin'....

    as it stands now, the r/s, uplisting and upcoming recapitalization should push the pps down even further...making the above comparison even more dramatic....

    at some point apdn's stock may begin to perform well....but still to date ... why have no top-tier investors sought to take a stake in the company??!!?? and i mean NO TOP-TIER investors... the last equity raise transpired only because management was able to kick in the funds... why were there no other 3rd party investors last june to fill that role??!!?

    i go back to the fact that the pumpers perceive the ineffable "potential" as a sure thing...and overlook the abundance of risks facing an undercapitalized tech company...not the least of which is that if and when the possibility of significant profit arises that will just bring out more competition - and probably from deeper pocketed competitors...

    it's highly likely imo that the r/s, ongoing dilution and competitive landscape will result in a sub-$10 stock for years to come...

    the company will be surviving in a niche, mgt will be pulling in big salaries and bonuses while current shareholders will still be hoping for bigger and better things to other well-capitalized, established and successful firms continue to richly reward their s/h's by comparison...

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    FSG vs FSC

    by therealgman007 Aug 28, 2014 5:33 PM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 8 hours ago Flag

    gman - i saw a post of yours on another board...thought you might like this quote by steven weinberg, the american theoretical physicist and nobel laureate...

    "'Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

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    by shanghaishark 16 hours ago
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 8 hours ago Flag

    i'm napping...the excitement over the last couple of days has me knackered...i don't know if i wasn't doing "it" right, but the pps sure went

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 9 hours ago Flag

    no shorting just extensive dilution...there was a reason mgt sought approval for 500,000,000 authorized shares and it wasn't to keep them on ice...

    pumpers were shocked by 1) the reverse split; 2) uplising; 3) the massive amount of post-rs authorized shares....

    they're going to be similarly stunned at what happens to the pps once apdn initiates its recapitalization plan...

    currently pumpers are cheering others on to buy, but if you notice they're not doing so they are rightly anxious about what the future holds in store for the pps as apdn's financial strategy unfolds...

    so, i think better entry points lie

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 12 hours ago Flag

    Just to clarify...if VNET's results were a dud and the analysts were panning it, then i'd be concerned...however, it's the for me, any weakness represents an opportunity to add...not a short-term investor here in VNET so daily, weekly and even monthly fluctuations are of little concern so long as the company's fundamentals remain intact...

    lately i've been doing well with a spec stock RIBT since $4.80, which has been on a run...still holding a core position as there appear to be substantial catalysts on the horizon...was also in RIBT a while back but in general i'm not a trader...

    have a great weekend!

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    FSG and FSC categories

    by cottagedesigner Aug 28, 2014 4:57 PM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 12 hours ago Flag

    sorry apoc - you're 100% correct about those particular comments being out of bounds...and you'll see i removed the offending post.

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 13 hours ago Flag

    transvestitTran's on ignore and she's still posting? what a loser! she reads our posts but we don't read hers....hey transvestitetran - go out and get those new pumps you've had your eyes on! lol

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 13 hours ago Flag

    Not for me. At worst VNET closes the month flat! Take a look at the 1- or 2-yr chart ... this is a volatile stock but continually rewards longs...this pps could go below 20 and i'm still in the black...and would be adding like crazy...have good weekend...

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    Secretary of Defense...

    by run_4_3 Aug 28, 2014 11:23 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 13 hours ago Flag

    bmw - you might be new to this board. you'll find out that everyone here is a millionaire and they all "got in" on apdn at

    now, i started posting over two years ago here before the first runnup to about 30 or so and except for ghritz all the other "got in at .06" posters showed up after that epic pump and dump...and you'll see from the archived posts they've been buying enthusiastically in the mid-teens to mid-20's since then... :D

  • looks like all the analysts were pleased with VNET's results...

    "In a report published Friday, Morgan Stanley analyst Gary Yu reiterated an Overweight rating and $35.00 price target on 21Vianet Group (NASDAQ: VNET).

    In the report, Morgan Stanley noted, “Retain OW on VNET after the release of in-line 2Q14 revenue and EBITDA. Organic growth remained solid and VNET is on track to meet IDC and cloud targets. Recent M&A led to increase in 2014 guidance and prompted us to raise our 2014-15 revenue and EBITDA estimates.”

  • shanghaishark by shanghaishark 16 hours ago Flag

    nice run while it lasted....looks like it's time to light up that cigarette....wake me up after the r/s...zzzzzzzz

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    Secretary of Defense...

    by run_4_3 Aug 28, 2014 11:23 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 16 hours ago Flag

    bl.downey aka Mitt Romney2016??!!?? lol

    "The lower socio-economic classes find it rude to discuss money because its always a sore subject with them, because they dont have any."

  • on low volume though...probably trade sideways for awhile until next set of catalysts emerge...

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    Secretary of Defense...

    by run_4_3 Aug 28, 2014 11:23 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 16 hours ago Flag

    oh no, not another one of those " and i now hold a gazillion shares and am soon to be master of the penny stock universe!"...

    add another peeny weeny stock baron to the board..lmao

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 17 hours ago Flag

    are you referring to "TransvestiteTran"? i just responded and then put him on ignore...along with the legions of other weirdos who come up from the slime on yahoo

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    Added VNET today...

    by shanghaishark Aug 28, 2014 4:13 PM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 18 hours ago Flag

    TransvestiteTran - i'm sorry you've missed out on vnet's 180% runnup the last two years...but go out and treat yourself with another women's wig, makeup and under garments.. and then prance around in front of that mirror like a real girly-man instead of lamenting what could have been... but for heaven's sake - stay out of the market for your own good! :D

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    Added VNET today...

    by shanghaishark Aug 28, 2014 4:13 PM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 19 hours ago Flag

    added a few more just now...vnet's fundamentals are better than ever..i'll take a flyer here...and if it drops further..!

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    Added VNET today...

    by shanghaishark Aug 28, 2014 4:13 PM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark Aug 28, 2014 8:36 PM Flag

    after reading some more analyst comments regarding vnet's ongoing progress, i'm definitely going to be looking to add more, especially on any further pullback...everything about the cc was extremely upbeat and it appears as though the analysts also came away with the impression that the pieces are quickly falling into place for the company...vnet's pps has a history of dropping for inexplicable reasons and on those occasions it's always proven to be a gift for those who've capitalized on the temporary weakness...

    given the fact that vnet's fundamentals are clearly stronger than ever i believe this is another one of those rare chances to enlarge a position at a very favorable price...i've been building my position in vnet since it was under $10, starting small and then accumulating in larger chunks over time and it hasn't let me down

  • shanghaishark by shanghaishark Aug 28, 2014 4:13 PM Flag

    My timing's been dreadful of late ...started adding QIHU at the 96 level down to 90) ...but i decided to pick up some more vnet at 28.7...will continue to add if it drops based on the company's advantaged positioning in a fast growing space and mgt's continued ability to deliver superior operating results while growing the business organically and via strategic looks like they're starting to hit on all cylinders...

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    Secretary of Defense...

    by run_4_3 Aug 28, 2014 11:23 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark Aug 28, 2014 3:57 PM Flag

    sorry to distrust you, but i seriously doubt there's much "day trading' going on by the "longs" as they're fearful of missing a run...also, except for one poster, NO ONE ELSE was saying they were buying recently...and i doubt that person, if he really did buy, sold his, from what's been posted there's Nothing to suggest that anyone's been "day trading" with anything but

    about $175,000 in trading volume when all's said and done? window dressing for r/s...

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