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  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 15 minutes ago Flag

    I'd think that even if apdn doesn't make it to the big time, the pps would rise over time above where it currently stands, making breakeven a worst case scenario for most investors and profit a more likely one.

    gl with your daughter!

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 28 minutes ago Flag

    allam - wow! it was all expected yet the pumpers were mum on the details? could you cite ONE just ONE pumper post that actually put some numbers to the "expected dilution"?!? (insert silence here)

    so how much of the $25mm you think they'll issue in 2015? (insert silence here)

    and could you clarify with supporting analysis how you come up with a "beginning of third quarter or end of second quarter" time frame? (insert silence here or some type of ad hominem attack).....


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    Path is cleared to get money

    by allamginger 1 hour 24 minutes ago
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 34 minutes ago Flag

    my money's on this baby being pressed into action this!

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 36 minutes ago Flag

    mike - the shelf just gives them the opportunity to issue up to $25 in the referenced securities from time to time without having to keep getting some type of sec approval for each and every issuance. on another level it signifies that apdn will likely be going to the market to raise a significant amount of capital over the course of 2015, and from a s-t perspective i'm sure they'll activate this shelf sooner rather than later.

    it doesn't mean that apdn intends to issue the entire $25mm in one shot so at least that's not an issue of concern.

    i'm sure they're hoping that the pps can hold up or move up over the next 12 months as they periodically raise capital to cover their operating deficit.


  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 58 minutes ago Flag

    mike - i've been the only one who was not only willing to discuss the scope and timing of a follow-on, but also provided numbers - including the fact that maxim had telegraphed another 5mm shares to be issued in 2015. i provided my calculations and invited posters to check them. if you notice, the $25mm shelf comes awful close to the 5mm common/warrant figure i threw out for discussion.

    as for the 13g's - that's all Old news and was already detailed in the last 10k. allam and others misinterpreted it as something new, when it fact the filings were just catching up to hayward and bitzer's change in ownership interests base on their participation in the secondary and hayward's conversion of the promissory note/interest into a boatload of common and warrants.


  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 1 hour 8 minutes ago Flag

    mike - all this has been telegraphed but allam and the rest chose to ignore or blithely downplay the significance of apdn's precarious financial situation and its implications for the amt/timing/pricing of the follow-on. i made numerous attempts to prompt a discussion on this topic, but in vain. pity because there will likely be significant ramifications for the pps. many posters on this board can't get past their personal animosities and emotional involvement in apdn to discuss anything that isn't a "rah rah" comment. gl

  • NOT ONE pumper made ANY attempt to discuss the Amt/Timing/Pricing of further dilution...or the implications thereof...despite characterizing themselves as "investors"...

    $25mm shelf announced

    ...Now That's Entertainment!

    gl! Shang

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 1 hour 30 minutes ago Flag

    Amount / Timing / Pricing of Next Cap Raise
    by shanghaishark • Feb 2, 2015 3:35 PM Remove
    as this is probably the Next Big Event on the Horizon it's baffling how the board is avoiding any discussion of this topic.

    i don't know how apdn can avoid offering another significant discount to induce investors to take a flyer as it's currently continuing to burn cash - while only having perhaps $3mm on hand at year-end - and generating paltry revs.

    i suppose they must've thought they could raise the initially structured amt of $17mm or so and allocate $4mm to "cleaning up the balance sheet" by purchasing the warrants, leaving plenty of cash for operations, etc. on that assumption they probably locked themselves into the latter transaction only to realize subsequently that they would need to pare back the secondary due to lack of investor appetite.

    consequently, they'll need to raise capital sooner rather than later and once again have to go the markets in a position of weakness rather than strength. also, i've got to imagine that mgt wants to get as far ahead of the curve as possible in replenishing its cash position instead of waiting until the 11th hour as has been their custom in the past.

    my guess is they'll announce a common/warrant follow-on this month or next for $8mm at $3 give or take 50 cents with the risk to the downside. Less
    Maxim Signaling Another 5mm Share Dilution?
    by shanghaishark • Feb 6, 2015 6:53 PM Remove
    based on their target price derivation it appears maxim is telegraphing another 5mm shares to be issued. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. gl!

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark 2 hours 35 minutes ago Flag

    Hellooooooooooooooo dilution. remember i said that maxim's tp implied another 5mm shares of common/warrants to be issued in 2015? OUCH!

    gl! Shang

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    APDN is on Motel fool now

    by allamginger 11 hours ago
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 4 hours ago Flag

    hi allam - i think you might be confusing it with the motel where the pumpers took up residence over the last couple of years. gl!

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    13 G Definition

    by allamginger 12 hours ago
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 4 hours ago Flag

    allam - when you say..."Good news for new investors because they are not aware of this information before."... you are aware that this data is clearly stated in the last 10k? it's odd that you're posting this type of comment since over the weekend i suggested to you on the ihub board that you consider updating your information by simply reading apdn's last 10k and not relying on third party sources like yahoo, etc.

    the 13g's in question are a reflection of Old news going back to last November's secondary...

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    Dr Hayward salary reduced

    by allamginger 12 hours ago
    shanghaishark shanghaishark 4 hours ago Flag

    are you guys for real?!? look at the 10k under compensation (salary + stock comp and options)... they've been living large while you poor souls have stood by and watched Painfully as the pps tanked 50-60-70% plus...Gray herself was pulling in over $500,000 p.a. as she oversaw the Epic pps Plunge. haha

    and oh, btw, the dr's salary wasn't really "reduced" but rather effectively deferred as it continues to accrue and will be paid out by way of the company meeting a laughably achievable revenue levels.

    this is like when they characterized the 500,000,000 authorized shares as a "reduction"

    also, if i'm not mistaken the "cash bonus" conditions were established a couple of years ago, at least.

    to think this mgt has been "shareholder friendly" goes beyond simple denial and Deep, and i mean Really Deep, into the Realm of Sheer Unmitigated Lunacy... gl!

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    Here's another question

    by cottagedesigner Feb 28, 2015 10:14 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark Feb 28, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    obviously no expert here, but i'm assuming they encode information by rearranging the nucleotides in different 0,1 sequences - encrypted in the case of apdn - which can then be decoded via specially equipped devices or by way of processes carried out in a lab.

    i seriously doubt anyone on the board, except maybe monadsense, has a deep technical understanding of the nuts and bolts of the process. you'll probably have to dig deeper in the internet or reach out to a university for a more detailed explanation.

    having said that, does apdn have any presentations which include the info you're seeking? i'm too lazy to go any further than!

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    by cottagedesigner Feb 28, 2015 8:24 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark Feb 28, 2015 10:51 AM Flag

    ..... "Our IT roadmap is now paralleling the content-service capacity of DNA.”....

    wow, this line has orwell spinning in his grave! perhaps they consulted with apoc on the wording of this comment? he demonstrates rare talent for cobbling together hyperbolic!

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    Here's another question

    by cottagedesigner Feb 28, 2015 10:14 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark Feb 28, 2015 10:29 AM Flag

    here's something from an article "DNA used to encode a book and other digital information"

    ...."DNA is made up of nucleotides, and in theory at least each nucleotide can be used to encode two bits of data. This means that the density is a massive 1 million gigabits per cubic millimeter, and only four grams of DNA could theoretically store all the digital data created annually. This is much denser than digital storage media such as flash drives, and more stable, since the DNA sequences could be read thousands of years after they were encoded."

  • Bitzer owns more than 14% including warrants (when you aggregate personal/delabarta/abarta holdings).... and hayward's stake is over 20% (3.9mm shares) not including options and warrants.

    just go to the 10k and 13g filings....

    all this info is simply a reflection of past/recent private placements, including the nov secondary...

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark Feb 28, 2015 7:48 AM Flag

    you might want to get your eyes checked, travelingman, if you think delabarta/abarta "looks like" an outside!

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    WOW-some of you suckas are

    by lillydogagent4 Feb 26, 2015 10:32 AM
    shanghaishark shanghaishark Feb 28, 2015 7:45 AM Flag

    actually, fletch, the "truth" in this case wasn't "elusive"... you guys were simply Blinded not by the "light" but rather by Greed, Arrogance and Animosity toward those who were REPEATEDLY pointing out for 2 years the conclusions at which you FINALLY arrived.

    try some self-honesty instead of doing a "greenspan" who said no one could've predicted the financial crisis even though for a loooooooooooong stretch before it happened there were analysts continuously calling for action and raising alarm regarding the obvious housing bubble, ballooning and mispriced sup-prime derivative instruments and other distortions that had been emerging for quite some time.

    can you guys ever just admit that you Willfully Ignored the Multitude of Red Flags - despite them being brought to your attention on a regular basis?

    gl! Shang

  • shanghaishark shanghaishark Feb 27, 2015 10:53 PM Flag

    same goes for hayward's 13g filing...simply to reflect the changed ownership status stemming from his investment in the secondary + conversion of the $1mm promissory note/interest into shares + warrants.

  • the most recent 13G filing appears to stem from bitzer's past direct investments in apdn (going back to 2012, i believe) via private placements, including the most recent secondary offering, which probably triggered the need for this filing....

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