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  • They hate Saudis because Saudis want American weapons, American bases, American ally. Saudis also drilling way too much oil and bringing price down. Now Russia laying revenge on Saudi Arabia and at same time giving middle finger to USA and Middle east Allies.

  • shivering_gums by shivering_gums Sep 30, 2015 12:50 PM Flag

    if the .04 cents divvy is in place and this stock is trading below $2, can you imagine what it will be if divvy is gone? below 1$, then delisting procedure / reverse split/ who knows what happens after that! The best option may be to buy time and that is keeping divvy alive or share will dive!

  • First, WMB stock price should not necessarily correlate with oil prices, since it's mainly a toll (pipes) operator.
    Second, reason ETE wants to buy WMB is to be a large(st) oligopoly in pipes toll operator.
    Third, soon Liquified Natural Gas will be allowed for export outside of the USA, Cheniere Energy will be first company allowed to export. Later other companies will follow, which means they need pipes to ship it from different areas to the Louisiana terminal for Chenire
    Fourth, ETE is taking advantage of a terrible stock market to buyout a superior company like WMB for a lot less.
    Finally, WMB would be a lot better off to merge with WPZ and let LNG exports play out, the prices for nat gas are much cheaper in USA, so we can export a lot!! Don't give away your pipes, use them to make more revenues!!!

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    Is the Dividend really still $1.50 per year ?

    by ahotride Sep 25, 2015 1:13 PM
    shivering_gums shivering_gums Sep 25, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    its still 1.50, next up in November!
    this is the best of the drillers imho!

  • I say buy buy buy, strong buy! just buy, they are STEALING ur shares!

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    Newbie here with a question for the board...

    by grabbngo Sep 18, 2015 9:44 AM
    shivering_gums shivering_gums Sep 18, 2015 5:13 PM Flag

    Dear grabbngo
    you asked about BBEP tangible book value and where are you getting that number from?
    I dont think you can read statistics on Yahoo MB's and get that answer. Rightfully so, BBEP has to survive this crisis of low oil prices...even if the book value was $16-17 based on the oil and gas in the ground, there are certain costs associated in retrieving these assets. Drilling, employing ppl, insurance, etc. Currently BBEP loses money to retrieve assets, hence BBEP's assets are useless to BBEP at this point in time. It may cost them $20 to drill to get $17 value out there per share.. BBEP has a higher cost than LINN energy in retrieving oil n gas, one of the lowest is UPL (gas) and WLL (oil) not BBEP. Maybe if Oil were trading at 75, BBEP could then get about 25$ value per share and pay $20 for drilling and then they would be worth double atleast of where they are now..
    Two reasons BBEP stock price is low:
    Debt to Equity
    Cash needed to survive 1-2 years before oil reaches $70 (break even point as of last year for BBEP) maybe with cost cutting and technology of oil well drilling, it may have come down to 64-66$.

    Also what are investors expectations after knowing these facts:
    1. If oil goes up atleast $20 more than current price, BBEP doubles maybe
    2. If oil stays at where it is in the 40's, stock will very slowly drift lower as the stock has already been pummeled.
    3. if oil heads lower for a few months in to the 30's, and then prolongs to 40's for a year or more, say goodbye to divvy in 2016 and perhaps the company itself by 2017

    I am a BBEP long, have a big losing position but I sincerely wish that oil would go up sooner than later.

    I am not adding here as I already hold a large position and I have been accumulating these three shares:
    MEMP, EVEP, NE all for divvy play.

    BOL to you in your investment, feel free to write back about your thoughts!

  • quad withcing, what is it you think?

  • shivering_gums by shivering_gums Sep 17, 2015 1:35 PM Flag

    IF WMB gets the buyout you win pretty big
    IF WMB does not get the buyout, you will WIN with WPZ
    This is what I am doing!
    BOL! I love it that its down today, wow! both are down!

  • Remember stocks react 6-9 months before expectations, so if OIL recovery is expected for next year MARCH or APRIL, this is the time to buy buy buy! NE is a fabulous company, sure the OFF shore drillers are in a bad phase (oil rigs day rates coming down) + (future contracts to be negotiated for lower rates) = bad phase for now. If recovery is sooner than later in OIL, this ones a winner, much less debt than other offshore drillers, no debt servicing near future (up to 5 years out), this one is a KEEPER! NE STRONG BUY! under $12.50, this is a STRONG BUY! Great Divvy and unlike ESV, SDRL, RIG, NE did not cut divvy,

  • shivering_gums by shivering_gums Sep 9, 2015 2:08 PM Flag

    how many times are they going to knock her down??
    buy for divvy play of near 18.7%
    this is getting very safe here...

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    by slumdawg2011 Aug 28, 2015 2:36 PM
    shivering_gums shivering_gums Aug 28, 2015 2:38 PM Flag

    CNBC mentioned the same...

  • why the 2nd hand treatment to the chinese?? if they have money, sell it to them!

  • Playing KETCHUP with the Americans!
    This will do that for them.
    They want to be major players in the TECH world, (Chinese)
    Right now, youve got 10 nations that are tech savvy

    In no particular order except the USA which is #1,

    CHINA is 11th, they would like to be 5th or better, CANADA, AUSTRALLIA & DENMARK, ITALY, SPAIN & PORTUGAL with LITHUANIA,LATVIA,ESTONIA,SERBIA,CZEC REPUBLIC also have great ppl with great minds. SINGAPORE, HONGKONG, too small to list but they are mostly resellers of Technologies.

  • pay atleast $22/share
    why is this sub $16??
    want to buy big but have to give a second thought as to why this is not moving higher!
    I have some shares, just not large quantity.

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    Buy, Buy, Buy - NOT!

    by dr_robinhoood Aug 26, 2015 5:17 PM
    shivering_gums shivering_gums Aug 27, 2015 5:06 PM Flag

    Heres what happened today, Oil went up because US FED Reserve decided not to raise rates in September, this was at best a 50-50 scenario few weeks ago and it became a 75 not raise - 25 will raise in september, last few days. Today reality set in, now, with Oil expected to be lower during winter time vs interest rate hike delay, this may wash itself out and thus create a new wave of oil buying, heres why, first, the dollar will drift lower (next few days and weeks) so Oil will naturally go higher and if OIL is going higher during slower off peak times, what will happen when demand sets back in ?? Today, a Divergence took place, many shorts realizing that this is the EVENT to get off the short horse, ie not necessarily go long but just abandon short position, now the momentum crowd will wait and see, if you get a good solid oil/energy rally, the momentum players aka the "momo" crowd will join in going long, thus you have the recipe for stocks in this battered sector jumping 10-15% a day, they are so beat up, it only takes a whisper to get them moving higher. TIME TO BUY BUY BUY, STRONG BUY!

  • poor execution with CFO, poor judgement on total divvy cancellation. Just overall poor execution, Lost the most I have ever lost on this stock/company. Have loaded up on MEMP & NE & EVEP to double down on LINE LOSS. I also stayed away from adding to BBEP, although I find BBEP a better buy than LINE. Finally, I am buying BAC stock to diversify from Energy/Oils.

  • Today I noticed that both are up, LRE up more in % terms.
    I own LRE but not VNR

  • shivering_gums by shivering_gums Aug 26, 2015 11:46 AM Flag

    LINE no divvy vs BBEP 4+cents/
    LINE redermination due with banks borrowing base, BBEP no October review, & until April 2016
    LINE debt levels vs worse than BBEP
    LINE stock lower than BBEP when 2 months ago it was double. CFO of LINE gone, bad or good,
    Right Now, BBEP is the winner

  • shivering_gums by shivering_gums Aug 26, 2015 11:07 AM Flag

    NE has newer rigs
    less debt due over next 5-7 years
    Has better earnings
    NE pays huge divvy, RIG 0
    what do you think?? RIG at 11.50 or NE at 10.50
    I say NE wins big time!

  • shivering_gums by shivering_gums Aug 25, 2015 7:43 PM Flag

    No divvy cut
    Debt due is long ways away
    debt levels are ok
    SDRL no divvy, now RIG no divvy, ESV cut divvy
    Go with NE

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