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shulman_knows 9 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 5, 2015 10:57 AM Member since: Aug 28, 2012
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  • shulman_knows by shulman_knows Jun 5, 2015 10:57 AM Flag

    what if by this time next year CDs will be paying up to 4% interest. All liquidity from stawks, gold, real estate will get sucked in into banking system. Everything will get sold to the pennies.
    Cash only - the massive bear market in everything is coming.

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  • shulman_knows shulman_knows Jun 4, 2015 6:22 PM Flag

    @drawn: there can not be inflation without rising wages. Folks don't have any money to spend - thus no inflation - broadly speaking.
    We will have prices rising in medicare, food, housing - which will such in any extra income. But it will cause other items fall in price. So net effect will be: lower standards of living but no inflation.
    As that econ said: inflation is always a result of monetary policy. And for forseeable future Fed is in control and won't let run away inflation happen.
    In fact looks like Yellen wants stronger dollar for right now - thus raising rates no matter how bad the economic date is.

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  • Everything will get sold down to pennies. Stawks, gold, silver even HL stock. Mark Faber, Harry Dent and Sulman warned you about it many times - cash only, cash only.
    Even Rick Rule admitted recently he is 40% in cash and looking forward to buy some real cheap shares when everything collapses.

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  • shulman_knows by shulman_knows Jun 2, 2015 2:58 PM Flag

    Harry Dent published pretty much the same what shul was warning about since 8 months ago:
    - sell everything and run. Because when marked crashes every thing will get sold down to the pennies: stawks, gold, silver, real estate; even infallible HL stock will fall to the pennies.
    Cash and only cash. Cash is king.

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  • shulman_knows by shulman_knows May 26, 2015 7:24 PM Flag

    HL share controlled by Phil Baker Jr who is about to blow the company into bankruptcy though excessive acquisitions mania.

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  • shulman_knows by shulman_knows May 26, 2015 3:41 PM Flag

    But tomorrow they might be even cheaper so better hold on and stay in cash

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    Cash - only portfilios

    by shulman_knows May 26, 2015 10:52 AM
    shulman_knows shulman_knows May 26, 2015 12:55 PM Flag

    Tuna fish is not what it used to be: the cans are 30% smaller and cost 50% more. the ingredient inside is also 50% soy protein and only 50% fish, most likely tainted with mercury etc. (pregnant women are not recommended to consume tuna fish).
    Look into canned beans, store brands - it is still cheap.

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  • shulman_knows by shulman_knows May 26, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    Mark Faber warned you 8 months ago - sell everything you can and run from the markets. When global sell off starts everything will be sold out down to the pennies: Everything - stocks, bonds, gold - even undistructible HL shares will be dumped to pennies.
    Cash only and only cash will help you survive the next Greater Depression. Talk to your grand-ma and grad-pa for details of how cash is always king in any times.
    I've been warned.

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  • shulman_knows by shulman_knows May 12, 2015 1:59 PM Flag

    In light of recent production increases which HL achieved by wasting shareholder cash to buy overpriced mines Shulman upgrades HL share price from below $3 to now the fair market value for HL stock is somewhere between $3.10-3.15.
    So buying when it deeps below $3.10 might be not a bad idea.

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