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shybasthnd 32 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 10, 1999 1:56 PM Member since: Jan 31, 1998
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    by shybasthnd Dec 9, 1999 4:40 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Dec 10, 1999 1:56 PM Flag

    As has it has done in the past, AGN is a quality
    integral pharm company that NEEDS a POSITIVE news press
    release to correct this stock. Even though the "insiders"
    have sold their stock, there are still PHYSICIANS who
    are the biggest factor in keeping this company
    "alive" with earnings through the rx's they write for
    patients---the DOCS are the "losers" BIG TIME. With the many
    years of med school expenses and dedication, the docs
    should consider writing competitor's products (Elan,
    Bausch&Lomb, Schering, Merck products). It's truly SAD when
    AGN doesn't support it shareholders---other drug
    stocks have started a turnaround. Isn't it possible for
    a positive, honest press release from AGN?!!!

  • shybasthnd by shybasthnd Dec 9, 1999 4:40 PM Flag

    In all my trading years since 1976, this is the
    FIRST time I have ever seen a stock go DOWN
    (significantly) the last week AND the last day BEFORE an
    announced 2:1 split AND an upgrade from PW. I know about
    sector rotation, but in view of y2k "scares", wouldn't
    institutions want to be in "defensive" drug stocks at this
    time of year?!!!Oh well, maybe this is a message to
    the "gredy" from the Lord. Let's all pray for mercy.

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    by Deucewood Nov 30, 1999 4:38 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Dec 6, 1999 12:24 PM Flag

    Thanks for your reply, but I failed to read any
    ELN news stories that would affect AGN negatively (I
    also own ELN stock)---is Eln's "botox" competitor have
    any "edge" over Agn's Botox? Is that the problem?

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    by Deucewood Nov 30, 1999 4:38 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Dec 3, 1999 12:41 PM Flag

    Would someone be able to offer a comment about
    why---with Agn split less than a week away with no
    negative(?) fundamentals---this stock is droping hard? Don't
    blame it on relationship to JNJ drop in price, because
    AGN started down move 4 days before JNJ did. Yet look
    at how KING goes way up on similar
    fundamentals....what is REALLY wrong with AGN?

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    Novartis Agribus & Zeneca Agchem Merge

    by Urgio Dec 2, 1999 3:38 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Dec 2, 1999 11:53 AM Flag

    Will the newly formed ag merger spinoff include a "spinpoff" of any shares to EXISTING stockholders of AZN? Thanks

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    look at

    by srmoore57 Dec 1, 1999 11:54 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Dec 1, 1999 12:38 PM Flag

    If anyone has "possession" of their own RP stock
    certificate (not in broker "street name"), WHEN will we
    receive a letter of transmittle to send back with the RP
    stock cert. so it can be exchanged into NEW Aventis
    stock certificate??? Also, is there a "deadline" to
    surrender the shares for the exchange. I know the vote
    isn't until Dec.15, but the NEW Aventis shares start
    trading on NYSE on Dec.20---not long from now..Appreciate
    your comments......

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    done with pk30, he should go away soon

    by MatteKu02 Nov 24, 1999 9:00 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 25, 1999 5:16 PM Flag

    (p.s.Yes, Dave, picked up 1000@22 3/4 to offset
    the 1000 bought few months ago at 31 1/16)=2000) Can
    someone tell me anything about what ever happened to the
    REID portion of the CARNRICK company that was called
    REID-CARNRICK "years" prior to the Elan aquisition of
    "Carnrick". Didn't the Reid-Carnrick company market as part
    of their products a line of DENTAL products
    (toothbrushes,etc)? Only those who were familiar with the "former"
    company for many years would probably be able to give
    some history about the REID portion.
    Thanks------llllloooonnngggggg ELN "forever"

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    done with pk30, he should go away soon

    by MatteKu02 Nov 24, 1999 9:00 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 24, 1999 1:17 PM Flag

    Brother Dave--always cherish the relationship you
    have with your dog---they are the world's "best"
    tranquilizer" when you have a bad day---my three bassethounds
    are "in" my personal will! Thanks for your continued
    "positive" comments on this board.

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    Agreed Dr...

    by gpalcus Nov 19, 1999 8:15 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 19, 1999 3:01 PM Flag

    This is my last post to those weary of hearing
    daily technicals on the "soap opera" life of MM
    Fahnstock. Today at 3:00 so far over 52,000 total shares
    traded today. With the excetion of a brief drop to 9
    15/16, there have been at least two MM supporting bid
    price of 10. Are you rrrreeeeeaadddyyyy.....Fahnstock
    has sold by himself more than 38,000 of the total
    shares and he STILL only "shows" 100 shares available to
    sell!!!!!!People are buying today, but Fahnstock is
    "shorting"---he's been at it for 5 consecutibe days now. Also, the
    shorts can't get hurt if they decide to cover, which
    some did today, because they can buy it back
    cheap---10 1/16 ALL DAY LONG. Bet the other MM who have
    clients to sell at higher orices are burned up---they are
    losing trading commissions. I haven't seen a MM dominate
    a stock so much in the 3 1/2 years of daily active
    stock trading. Good luck to longs...

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    Will amgn buy Ergo?

    by engulfandevour Nov 18, 1999 6:24 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 19, 1999 11:01 AM Flag

    What is the name of the dental co. you work for? Just curious--thanks.

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    Can we just clear up what FACTS exist!

    by gpalcus Nov 18, 1999 1:33 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 18, 1999 2:12 PM Flag

    Fahnstock MM and the doc who left HEPH must be in
    collusion with each other---this is the 4th straight day in
    a row since bad news that Fahnstock has HELD the
    market "top" price at max of 10 1/8 on offer showing
    AGAIN only 100 shares available and has sold over 4500.
    Last 6000 shares have been 4 trades at 10 1/16,
    because the other MM's "know" that the world's biggest
    "shorter" is holding a ton of stock to sell short for his
    client (Dr P????). So to all "longs", Fahnstock for 4
    days has kept a LID on HEPH going higher.

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    There is only one thing left to say....

    by DJD74 Nov 17, 1999 9:59 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 17, 1999 12:13 PM Flag

    Fahnstock---the most popular stock "shorter" is
    doing his thing again todat. Just when there is some
    strength in uptick around 11:45am, they show 100 shares at
    1/8 and then penny-and-nickel the offer to 1/32 ---4
    trades latter go off at his offer,(amounting to 8,500
    shares and he REMAINS there at 1/32. Picket Fahn's
    corporate office and complain to NASD and SEC. I monitor
    HEPH all day long on Level11

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    Update on Dr. P

    by nvesta Nov 10, 1999 8:35 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 12, 1999 4:27 PM Flag

    To ALL "longs"....I've monitored HEPH for the
    last 2 days ALL DAY LONG on Level 11 , and yesterday
    market maker Fahnstock "sat" on a TON of shares to sell
    at 10 15/16. BBBUTT...he was only showing 100 shares
    to sell----which means he sold WELL OVER 18,000
    shares yesterday at his offer price. TODAY' Fahnstock
    "lowered " his offer to 10 3/4 and sold over 23,000 shares
    at that price---BUT he was "showing" only 100 shares
    to sell again today. It is an MM trait to do this,
    but for such a thinly traded stock, it is
    MANIPULATION by the MM to "show" only 100 shares available and
    turn around and sell over 40,000 in 2 days. Fahnstock
    is "shorting" the stock big time wirh a ton of
    shares!!!!MM manipulation!! If Fahnstock is a public company,
    let's all SHORT their shares on Monday!!

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    Reason for weakness

    by FELTEMP Nov 5, 1999 12:16 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Nov 5, 1999 1:14 PM Flag

    Could someone who knows phone# of Inv . Rel. please call to get info. on what problem is? Greatly appreciated! Just bought another 1000@22 3/4 earlier today. WE NEED A PRESS RELEASE FROM COMPANY!!!!!

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    Great news!

    by lisacor Oct 20, 1999 1:52 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Oct 20, 1999 5:14 PM Flag that is ALL positive includes 2:1 split--stock will trade UP tomorrow---NOT down.......Gordon Binder on CNBC in A.M.

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    by johntriconn Sep 17, 1999 11:02 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Sep 28, 1999 4:45 PM Flag

    Significant press release about botox on Allergan's news site ("AGN") concerning ...(go to site---it's WORTH the read!!)dated 9-28-99

  • Yes, datraders CAN,DO, and WILL have a noticeable
    affect on this stock when (as you put it) it starts to
    "roll" . It's all about MOMEMTUM, my man, and since heph
    is not yet widely followed and trades are fairly
    thin due to small number os shares outstanding,
    SIGNIFICANT moves can be made by daytraderts---and not
    dependent on "news" that would normally move the stock. the
    GOOD thing is that not many daytraders trade heph

  • you heard it here first.....I'm a daytrader who
    follows the markrt makers time, sales, and size of each
    trade in heph as they go off---all day long. At about
    3:20pm today marketmaker known as MASH showed 9000
    shares to sell---this action panicked the longs and made
    potential shorts GREEDY. SSSSOOOOO, that drove the price
    down. Nine minutes later, he removed the 9000 shares,
    but by then the damage had been done. The previous
    buy trade before MASH screwed us went off at 12 7/8
    with buyers lined up with up-tick momentum. I tell all
    of you this to let you know how maeket makers can
    and do MANIPULATE your stock (i.e. "prostituting" the
    stock) knowing full well that in a normal markrt with
    the average size of trades going off that NO ONE will
    be interested in buying 9000 shares. It also wrongly
    puts the idea in the heads of long holders that
    "something" must be wrong with the company when someone tries
    to sell 9000 shares with the average size trade in
    heph being 200-1000 shares. oh well---just a lesson in
    old fashioned reality---AND what it's like to
    prostitute an otherwise formidable company. (by the way,
    this all happened after the guy posted his complaints
    about the company stopping future options for him to
    buy. may or may not be any relation to that situation)

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    Option Strategies

    by allenvestor Mar 5, 1999 12:32 AM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Mar 9, 1999 5:17 PM Flag

    of their fine timeshares in Gatlinburg, Tenn. (two
    bedroom "lockout unit) with two "floating" weeks
    available per year for "exchange" use or for vacation at
    the resort. Personal circumstances force me to have
    to sell the unit at about 50% off the current "new"
    unit price. reply to this message with contact info.
    if interested. Go BXG!

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    ITGR actually up today!!

    by NetBastage Mar 4, 1999 4:09 PM
    shybasthnd shybasthnd Mar 5, 1999 4:47 PM Flag

    cnbc will interview another online music distributor ceo on monday morning--momentum should carry over to itgr--shorts might be wise to cover!

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