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  • simp08801 by simp08801 Apr 17, 2015 8:23 AM Flag

    z is now just .65 from its all-time high of $4.75 (so say the latest mullet newsletter)

    on behalf of all mullets swimming in the zixsea, I ask, no beg, that you whisper just one positive word about zix to your followers

    I am certain the stock would leap to $4.75 if you would find it in your heart to do so

    to induce you, pleez know the mullet executive committee is willing to blame richard for it being cloudy today

    pleez do not miss this opportunity to immortalize yourself

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    BMRN action

    by blankwillie Apr 16, 2015 5:26 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 16, 2015 6:24 PM Flag

    it is obvious what you are missing

    you are missing the chip that allows your brain to ignore things like you just mentioned

    that chip is readily available on this message board if you need it

  • you see just one large options buy and then you disappear from the trading the next day?!!

    come on, BE BRAVE

    sell some more stock!

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    the crazy thing

    by johnny87778 Apr 15, 2015 10:24 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 16, 2015 11:31 AM Flag

    cg your post is very disappointing

    I have worked hard to be that person

    please tell me I have a chance at the prize

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    the crazy thing

    by johnny87778 Apr 15, 2015 10:24 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 16, 2015 11:12 AM Flag


    I actually think after all the delays, announced and informally massaged away, that the market is fixated on the nda filing

    its not about whether srpt or bmrn will be "first" to market just yet

    for srpt, I thinks its more basic

    the market wants to see that the company can actually get things done and hit a guided target

    once srpt can prove that, next up up comes the issue of who's in the lead

    I am comforted that kaye stuck his neck out, cuz there was nothing in it for him to do so

    I assign high credibility to his statement on the filing timeline not slipping

    but I do not think the market does

    the market is in show me mode

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    the crazy thing

    by johnny87778 Apr 15, 2015 10:24 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 16, 2015 8:47 AM Flag

    the market tires of broken promises and materially missed reads, coupled with poor corporate behavior

    srpt had its moment of fame and followed it with a world of mistakes

    but the company is still standing and the impending pre-nda meeting with the fda is a humongous inflection point

    bigger than d reread

    bigger than b4 results

    bigger than patent testimony

    and bigger by a country music mile

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    Summary of Current Srpt leaks

    by np32817 Apr 15, 2015 6:52 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 15, 2015 7:49 PM Flag


    the largest holders were just as surprised as the holders with 50 shares

    nobody knew

    the trading in the week before the pr proved that irrefutably in my view

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    Summary of Current Srpt leaks

    by np32817 Apr 15, 2015 6:52 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 15, 2015 7:46 PM Flag


    see the very recent nept patent uphold announcement by USPTO

    that patent was so broad you could drive an earth mover through it

    I do not know who is telling you the USPTO does not approve broad patents, but they are not telling you the truth

    as for 48 weeks, this is a common, and erroneous comparison, to the current nonsense being posted on this board lately

    I was here for 48 weeks, watching second by second

    nobody knew, and everybody was surprised, some happily some sadly, but all surprised

    this could all work out just fine for srpt and its long shareholders

    but all the risk points that are suggested as being wiped away, still completely exist at the moment

    imo, it is known by some what real story behind CG's exist really was, and BioMarin had an indirect role in it

    but as for D recount, b4 and patent situation, I shall list the following leaks as follows:

    1. BLANK

    2. BLANK

    3. BLANK

    that alota blanks, vs. what is being posted on this board lately

  • simp08801 simp08801 Apr 15, 2015 11:48 AM Flag


    I have assigned various tasks across my plethora of board aliases

    My simp alias no longer answers any questions and is limited to making conclusory statements

    My star alias has has been empowered at her discretion, to answer questions as and if she sees fit

    And in conclusory, I mean conclusion:

    1. the impending fda meeting is currently the entire chicken supreme enchilada, with all else being a distant second

    2. there are investors who consult with and even retain intellectual property rights experts when such issues are key in their investments

    this post has been approved by johnny8777777778

  • simp08801 simp08801 Apr 15, 2015 10:27 AM Flag


    the message board interpretation of the recent patent events is frankly, wrong, in terms of the assignment of importance in the ultimate outcome

    my wallet hopes srpt prevails in that matter, but the events of the last few days are NOT even moderately informative of the outcome

    now if we may dip into reality for a brief millisecond, the impending fda pre-nda meeting looms

    IMO, the stock WILL talk to us all after that meeting occurs, regardless of any formal pr


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    For those who missed the Saturn post...

    by jrrt1 Apr 15, 2015 8:48 AM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 15, 2015 9:00 AM Flag


    I am hurt by these accusations

    I have repeated stated that I am from Pluto, so how could I possibly be stareynight, who is from Saturn?

    Regarding star, I admitted to being him repeatedly over the last nine years

    And np is a luzer, nuff said there

    There is nothing left to say other than I found starey's posts on the actual facts relating to CG's exit, and the real world check on the patent proceedings, to be most informative

  • he has zix encryption installed into his mg dashboard

    if ghuzz objectively thinks about this, he will love richard too

  • simp08801 by simp08801 Apr 14, 2015 8:49 AM Flag

    yes, that is what i am hoping for

    screaming silence

    from when to when?

    from now til around june 5


    I think the srpt/fda pre-nda meeting will occur by end of may, and if we hit june 5thish without any public word on that meeting, then we will know that the meeting results were consistent with srpt's standing "nda filing by mid 2015" srpt guide

    again, no public disclosure on the meeting will be a megla positive

    this post has been approved by anybody who actually understands public company disclosure responsibilities under applicable laws, regulations and policy guidelines

    the myth: public companies are required to publicly disclose material good news within x days of knowing such news (the x is usually stated to be somewhere between 3 and 5 days)

    the reality: not always, especially if the news is consistent with prior standing guidance and other material public company comments

    the confusion: general gross misunderstanding of reg FD, which requires fair and open public disclosure to all, IF you are going to disclosure (as opposed to requiring you to disclose)

    the devilish detail: the fact that a company is not required to publicly disclose does not mean it will not want to so disclose, and perhaps srpt will want to publicly disclose the results of the fda meeting, but my guess is that it will choose to avoid anything that might rock the fda boat, and will rather, let the screaming silence, pre nda submission, speak quite loudly, for itself

    listen to the silence, from early may to early june

    if we get that, then BOOM

  • simp08801 by simp08801 Apr 10, 2015 4:58 PM Flag

    the most recent publication of "Srpt Cult News" contains the following headline:

    "4th Biopsy Results are Complete and Have Been Leaked to Select Sources!"

    given the trading in srpt since the publication was posted, should we assume (1) the results are actually not complete and not leaked, or (2) the results are complete and leaked, AND they sucked?

    we need to figure this out

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    I know what we need

    by simp08801 Apr 9, 2015 2:19 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 9, 2015 3:44 PM Flag

    technically speaking, "aging hipster turned stock monkey"

  • simp08801 by simp08801 Apr 9, 2015 2:19 PM Flag


    and some 714s

    any pharmacists in the house?

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    by thigrlsrk Apr 8, 2015 7:50 PM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 9, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    dear Johnny87778

    srpt is a cult stock, as we know

    in my experience, the vast majority of cult stock message boards I have frequently ultimately drown out any objective thoughts that are not 150% koolaidish

    the time honored disconnect in these cult situations is that when we retreat in to reality for a brief moment, the reality is that those who own the larger blocks of stock are usually the investors who have a more even handed view of facts and circumstances

    I believe such to be the case here

    the 4th biop issue is a perfect case in point

    the new mantra now is that the fda did not even require the 4th biops

    that is irrelevant in reality

    whether the fda required it, OR NOT, if srpt wants to give the results to fda and have the fda attribute ANY value to them, the results better have been generated in a manner the fda finds acceptable

    (we already learned what happens here when the fda decides the results were not done in a manner acceptable to it ...)

    I think srpt just found out what is acceptable to the fda

    so there is no way there are results now available that meet fda criteria (simply because not enough time has gone by since the protocol was provided)

    this is not a negative

    this is reality

    but on Srpt Cult Avenue, you could get run over by a car for saying so

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    Part II

    by georgecantstansya Apr 8, 2015 10:37 AM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 8, 2015 7:01 PM Flag

    dear johnny87778

    Please do not increase your blood pressure, BUT I ACTUALLY DO NOT KNOW THAT

    If the fda meeting confirms the guide, and kaye errors on the side of doing all he can to avoid having the fda feel like he is gaming them like CG sometimes tried to do (which a disclosure of the meeting could be perceived as), I strongly believe he can convince his lawyers that the fda meeting added nothing new and does not require a separate disclosure

    IMO, first you will know the meeting went well is when the company announcing the nda submission for fda filing

    opposite if meeting causes further delay, as then you will know immediately

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    Part II

    by georgecantstansya Apr 8, 2015 10:37 AM
    simp08801 simp08801 Apr 8, 2015 6:46 PM Flag

    um, gris

    that is approximately 100% false

    the company has guided just days ago that it is on target for a mid 2015 nda submission


    assuming you want to delve into reality for just a minute ...

    every srpt long should be hoping that they never hear a single word about the fda meeting, because silence means the standing mid year filing guide still stands!

    silence in this instance will be golden

    and one more little thing

    the 4th biops are nowhere near done and nobody on earth knows the results because there are no results yet

    other than the above, you have been nailing it lately

  • heads up

    there are large investors in nept who are always looking for signals as to who the sellers are

    what excites them most is when they see something that makes them realize that there is a 1.5 bit (that is below 2-bit) bucket shop involved in the trading on low volume, suffering from a delusion that they control the stock trading

    your 1.61 trade the other day caught their attention and has them most excited!

    Thank you for your participation in a stock that I assure you that you know nothing about

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