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simple_pleasures_miami 2 posts  |  Last Activity: May 1, 2015 10:52 PM Member since: Jan 15, 2010
  • Any stock can go up or down no matter how crooked management is and how poor the company's long term prospects are. What is amazing is that the predatory ethics of Angie's List are of no concern to adherents of its stock. It is no secret that Angie's List preys on home owners and business owners alike.
    My point is that while the Chinese are gradually taking over the world and politicans on both sides of the aisle are ignorant and for sale, Angie's List marches on like Nero playing the Fiddle as Rome burns. Forget about the stockmarket for a moment, and take a hard look at Angie's list. With the Angie's lists of the world taking over the country, it wont be long before all fiat money in what was Fort Knox will not keep the Barbarians at bay.

  • simple_pleasures_miami by simple_pleasures_miami Feb 13, 2015 11:27 PM Flag

    This post reflecting on the degenerate AMEX is not anonymous,and is from a good paying longtime platinum card holder. AMEX can check my zip code 33243 and member since 79 with their sneaky little software. Amex has the unamerican practice of hiring offshore workers. The company is arrogant and can not be trusted to protect card holder's interest if it can screw the cardholder. I am a careful shopper and have little issues but when I got screwed on a car rental in Costa Rica Amex screwed me.
    The real solution to the AMEX problem and the problem to a lesser degree with other financial institutions is
    to have the government, possibly thru the US postal service, offer a 3% card on a limited basis and expand its use with success. The 3 percent would go as 1 percent credit to the cardrholder and 1 percent to the merchant on their income tax with the government keeping 1 percent. This would deter crooked retailers, particulary Pakistani 7-11 operators from cheating on their tax and encourage vendors and the american public to use the US government card. Instead of predators like American Express and its brethren profiteering, transaction fees could help fund our government. Obviously this idea would never catch on as every politician in Washington on either side of the aisle, who is for sale would oppose the necessary legislation.

    Platinum Card Holder in zip 33243 since 79

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