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  • Usa is is for sure hijacked by home grown financial terrorists led by banksters on wall street casino

    all high treason criminal senators and congress are in pockets of banksters and global corporate thugs

    biggest fraud attorney general eric holder ever in history of usa and bankster puppet fraud president obama the real osama has full filled teh mission of osama bin laden to bust usa & 99% working middle class by transferring entire blood sweat pensions of usa 9(% working middle class

    americans are indeed history without revolution: dr. Paul craig roberts is right on

    netflix fraud ponzi scheme and fraud bubble mania creation and manipualtion of fraud trading pit proves it all

    to free usa from home grown financial al qaeda led by bankster terrorists: these actions are must:

    shut sec/finra tora bora caves and hang the criminals live on cnbc media shill network asap

    arrest fraud ag eci holder at doj and obama the real osama in white house......

    hang banksters and seize the fraud loot stolen from usa 99%

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 11:42 AM Flag

    Who can not see the fraud manipulation in netflix fraud trading pit?

    zero liquidity fraud tarding pit with full fraud cover up protection provided by biggest fraud attorney general eric holder/director of fbi

    and we know proven traitor to usa criminals at sec/finra work for fraud street casino banksters and global corporate thugs

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 11:29 AM Flag

    No liquidity

    only fraud gang playing among themselves to loot all time premiums in fraud derivatives

    hang criminals at sec/finra asap

    arrest fraud ag eric holder at doj along with obama the real osama to save usa from home grown financial terrorists

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 11:17 AM Flag

    Only hanging of fraud criminals at sec/finra live on national tv broadcast will stop fraud loot in wall street casino from usa 995 working middle class pensions and savings

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 11:09 AM Flag

    Live tv broadcast hanging of fraud criminal gang at 'sec' led by mary jo white required asap............only way to stop fraud loot on pure fraud street casino in usa

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Conman thug greed hastings scam $ss insolvent poop wipe paper and stink gas explosions in fraud mutual funds is the future to turn usa 99% pensions into stink ash

    hang proven criminals traitor to usa at sec/finra tora bora caves

    arrest fraud ag eric holder asap

    biggest fraud manipulated trading pit ever and all fraud loot records shattered in history of wall street casino now pure fraud street casino under fraud obama the real osama and his fraud ag eric holder

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 10:45 AM Flag

    Enjoying free loot partnership and celebrating with porn acts at "sec' tora bora caves

    bang bang party led by mary joe white scam gang celebration

    fearless fraud manipualtion every day a brian dead and almost blind can see it

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    Beyonf crystal clear fraud manipualtion every day

    arrest fraud ag eric holder and diretcor of fbi
    hang criminals at sec/finra asap

    interrogate mary jo white/mary schapiro/robert khuzamu/joe ozag scam gangs at sec/finra

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 9:41 AM Flag

    Look at fraud manipulated trading pit

    zero liquidity fraud playing out by nexus scam gang

    hang criminals at sec/finra asap

    arrest fraud age ric holder asap

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 9:37 AM Flag

    Scamflix vs apple/amazon/hbo and rest powerful content gorillas

    look at fraud manipulation scam

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 19, 2015 9:07 AM Flag

    fraud manipulation gang and premarket 300 fraud volume??????????????

    watch fraud HFT machine high drama at the open.

    Every day the fraud script repeats


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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 3:58 PM Flag

    Same fraud loot script

    massive free time premium derivative loot with fraud manipulation

    price/volume manipulation scam gang

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 3:39 PM Flag

    U.S. Treasury Drops a Bombshell Yesterday: “Quicksilver Markets”
    By Pam Martens: March 18, 2015

    CAPEYesterday, an agency of the Federal government, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (OFR), released a study warning that by three separate measures the U.S. stock market is approaching dangerous “two-sigma thresholds” which can lead to “quicksilver markets.” Translation: we could be heading for a big crash.

    A two-sigma threshold is when market valuation metrics move at least two standard deviations above the historical mean. The study notes that “valuations approached or surpassed two-sigma in each major stock market bubble of the past century.” Think 1929, 2000 and 2007. A quicksilver market, as defined by the study, is when stable markets turn on a dime and “change rapidly and unpredictably
    The study was authored by Theodore (Ted) Berg and notes that it may not necessarily reflect the official position or policy of the OFR or Treasury. Berg is a Chartered Financial Analyst with the OFR, an agency created under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

    The three measures that are flashing warning signals are the CAPE ratio, the Q-ratio, and the Buffett Indicator. Berg is looking at these measures because of the potential for today’s historically high profit margins to be distorting the outlook of other analysts who are predicting that trend to continue, when, in reality, profit margins “revert toward a longer-term average over a business cycle.”

    The CAPE ratio was devised by economist Robert Shiller. It’s the ratio of the S&P 500 index to trailing 10-year average earnings, capturing a more realistic trend over one or two business cycles and thus eliminating the bias of one year of aberrational profits.

    Looking at the market through the eyes of CAPE, Berg has this to say:

    “The historical CAPE average based on a 133-year data series is approximately 17 times, and its two-standard-deviation upper band is 30 times. The highest market peaks (1929, 1999, and 2007) either surpassed or approached this two-sigma level (1999 exceeded four sigma). Each of these peaks was followed by a sharp decline in stock prices and adverse consequences for the real economy. At the end of 2014, the CAPE ratio (27 times) was in the 94th percentile of historical observations and was approaching its two-sigma threshold.”

    The Q-Ratio removes financial corporations from the measurement because these contributed to excessive valuations in the mid-2000s. The study defines the measurement as “the market value of non-financial corporate equities outstanding divided by net worth.” Under this measurement, equity valuations are “approaching critical levels,” according to the study.

    The Buffett Indicator has been said to be a measure used by Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett to gauge market valuation. It’s the ratio of corporate market value to the U.S. Gross National Product (GNP). It is now at its highest level since the tech bubble crash in 2000.

    The study is quick to note that none of these three gauges predict “the timing of inflection points,” and the market could remain overvalued for a long period. Berg references the fact that in December 1999 the stock market was at a CAPE of 28, flashing red, but the “S&P 500 more than doubled over the next three years, with valuations reaching all-time highs in March 2000.”

    It might be relevant today to recall just why those valuations became so stretched in the three-year lead up to the 2000 crash. There were Wall Street hucksters like Jack Grubman of Citigroup issuing fraudulent reports on tech companies to pump their market valuations and garner investment banking business for Citigroup. (Read the SEC complaint here.)

    When the bubble finally burst, the S&P 500 index lost almost 50 percent while the Nasdaq, home to Grubman’s tech picks, lost almost 80 percent. As investors learned then, and again in 2008, there is a hefty price to pay for ignoring flashing alarm bells. And yet, according to the study, “today’s high stock valuations imply that investors underestimate the potential for uncertain events to occur.” To put it in layman’s terms, investors are ignoring that this market can make unpredictable, large gyrations at warp speed, potentially wiping out trillions of dollars of life savings.

    The study next looked at the ramifications to financial stability in the U.S. should another major bubble burst. It found that today’s vulnerabilities that could amplify a market shock include “leverage, compressed pricing of risk, interconnectedness, and complexity.” On the subject of leverage, Berg noted the following:

    “Leverage can magnify the impact of asset price movements. Leverage achieved through stock margin borrowing played an important role in inflating stock prices in the 1929 stock market bubble and to a lesser extent in the late 1990s technology stock bubble. Margin debt, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, reached a record $500 billion at the end of the third quarter of 2014, representing just over 2 percent of overall market capitalization. Although this percentage is below the peak in 2008, it is higher than historical levels. The percentage does not appear alarmingly high, but forced sales of equities by large leveraged investors at the margin could be a catalyst that sparks a larger selloff.

    “Other forms of leverage, such as securities lending and synthetic leverage achieved through derivatives, may also present risks. Another component of leverage in the system is the financing activities of corporations. Today, high profits have made corporate balance sheets generally quite healthy. As of the third quarter of 2014, U.S. nonfinancial corporations held a near-record $1.8 trillion in liquid assets (cash and financial assets readily convertible to cash). However, corporations also have racked up a record amount of debt since the last crisis. U.S. nonfinancial corporate debt outstanding has risen to $7.4 trillion, up from $5.7 trillion in 2006. Proceeds from debt offerings have largely been used for stock buybacks, dividend increases, and mergers and acquisitions.

    “Although this financial engineering has contributed to higher stock prices in the short run, it detracts from opportunities to invest capital to support longer-term organic growth. Credit conditions remain favorable today because of the positive trend in earnings, but once the cycle turns from expansion to downturn, the buildup of past excesses will eventually lead to future defaults and losses. If interest rates suddenly increase, then financial engineering activities will subside, removing a key catalyst of higher stock prices.”

    The full report can be read here.

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 3:33 PM Flag

    Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) wants to move quickly on its over-the-top pay-TV service, and it's willing to make major concessions to programmers to make it happen.

    This is the upshot of a New York Post follow-up report on Wednesday, which says the Silicon Valley giant is willing to share audience data with programmers in order to get them to sign on to its prospective OTT service.

    "They're allowing a lot more decision-making by the content owner," an anonymous source told the Post. Apple, the source added, has told programmers, "It's up to you, whatever you guys want to do."

    Access to viewer data has been a concern for content companies, with early leaders in the streaming-video market, notably SVOD services Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), refusing to share basic metrics on programming.

    On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is talking to 21st Century Fox, the Walt Disney Company and CBS Corp., among others, about launching a new streaming service in the fall.

    It was only the latest big WSJ scoop about a potential Apple TV service. However, Apple's intent seems to be quite a bit more focused now.

    Beyond adding the angle of audience concessions, the Post also reported that Apple is aiming for a price point of around $20 a month. The New York Times, meanwhile, quoted various sources that said the service would be positioned in the $30-a-month range.

    Meanwhile, the tech blog Apple Insider reported that the company is also in talks with Discovery Networks and Viacom about the new service.

    Apple appears to be talking to everyone except Comcast/NBCUniversal (NASDAQ: CMCSA). One of the more interesting tidbits in the WSJ report was that Apple is holding a grudge against the conglomerate, after the two sides talked last year about teaming up on a streaming service. Apple executives reportedly felt "strung along" by Comcast, which is focused on developing its X1 platform these days.

    Said one Post anonymous source: "Apple just realized, it's never happening and they can't ever do a deal with them."

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 3:29 PM Flag

    Mary jo white scam gang at "sec' and fraud ag eric holder must be arrested asap to save usa form home grown financial terrorists

    no other choice for usa 99% zombie working class muppet's

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  • Apple tv domination with $100's of bilion cash vs conman thug reed hasting debt bomb insolvent poop wipe paper in billions

    netflix streaming fraud ponzi scheme plan was to create fraud bubble and loot $10's of billions by an organized nexus scam gang

    fraud ponzi scheme master minds: goldman sachs/jay hoag/barry mccarthy/ and executed by extended manipulation morgan stanley/jp morgan and fidelity back in 2010.

    netflix was officially bankrupt as of july 2011 and fraud loot by nexus scam gang in billions

    july bust bailed by jay hoag and new fraud mutual fund (trowe price) invited for round two fraud loot and world capital markets fraud mutual fund gang and they still were failing to create new fraud bubble and than whitney tilson was sent to bring fraud financial terrorist carl icahn to create biggest fraud bubble with fraud short squeeze and in teh process new fasted free loot record was set by carl icahn and his son to loot $2.5 billion in netflxi ponzi scheme in one year

    shocking part is that fraud loot covered up at "sec' "finra' despite whistle blower lion proved and unmasked the entire free loot ponzi scheme and as i did not stop demanding action on proven fraud loot scam...fraud director of fbi and fraud ag eric holder got involved in the scat to provide fraud loot protection to netflix entire nexus scam gang at command of mary jo white and robert khuzami and i was arrested and put on differed prosecution ponzi scheme so that free loot can continue and what a fraud loot job done by nexus manipualtion scam gang

    under fraud loot cover up and ongoing loot protection provided by mary jo white scma gang at "sec'
    fraud gang led by joe ozag at finra

    fraud director of fbi
    fraud ag eric holder

    the fraud loot record is ten times bigger than round one loot in 2010/2011 and still continues without any fear, why?

    mary jo white screamed the fraud loot will and must continue without disruption and whistle blowers will be silenced and killed with help of fraud director of fbi & fraud ag eric holder

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 2:43 PM Flag

    NETFLIX(NFLX) fraud loot in billions
    Exposed Insider Enrich Scam by Netflix Insiders and their Wall Street Partners
    All Watch Dog Agencies in USA have been tested and they are Protecting Massive loot by Netflix Insiders and Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley led scam Gang since 2010/11/12 & now 2013. All Fraud facts proven but S.E.C criminals provide full protection and Blocking my caller ID and harassing me instead.


    Scam Update 2013
    Accounting Smoking
    No Banker in Jail?

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 2:02 PM Flag

    See all the fraud bankster terrorists already know what yellen will yell today?lol

    hft fraud programmed for next led of loot on fraud street casino in usa

    hang criminals at sec/finra tora bora caves asap

    look at cnbc crooks barking what?lol

    arrest fraud ag eric holder asap

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  • What a fraud street casino in usa; yellen will yell fo its bankster financial terrorists for planned pump/dump hft machine gun rapid fire loot very soon

    watch the fraud loot drama action next

    hang criminal at sec/finra

    arrest fraud ag eric holder asap along with obama the real osama

    end the scam "fed' asap

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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 18, 2015 1:27 PM Flag

    Enron/worldcom/madoff ponzi fraud loot records put to shame by netflix nexus scam gang led by goldman sachs
    proven fraud loot crime scene since july 2011 and covered up at sec/finra/fbi/doj/white house

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