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  • These guys are trying hard along with TXCN and couple of other jerk offs!

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    by neilgerber2 10 hours ago
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 9 hours ago Flag

    I have bids below 80 cents. Sell your shares to me! lol Do us all a favor and hit market on your little block and be gone. Good luck to your other investments!

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    Herein lies the problem....

    by jtinformed 11 hours ago
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 10 hours ago Flag

    LOL..yet another ID birdy. Who said VS is not making money fool? It has increases from 10M transaction from last year to 25M now and growing. Like an idiot who is ignorant about this industry you have no understanding in what it takes to bring "deals" in lead time to signing a contract. Its minimum 9 months if everything goes on fast paste. Its take many meetings and pilot programs to make such a fundamental change in a core network of your services. This is not a change of server genius...its a change of an entire platform!! Have you seen a telecom data center before? Google one and see what amount of equipment needs to be engineered and change ALLLLLL with out an outage or hitch in the running services. The problem with idiots like here are that you are ignorant as to the inner working of such migrations. If you understood the sleeps night that engineers and operations manager have to endure when some a even is happening that you can understand the delays and feet dragging. Think of it from a grunt's perspective...if things go wrong its their #$%$!!

  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 10 hours ago Flag

    What difference that makes right now birdy? In stocks you make and lose money based on when you buy and sell. The reset of gyration is based in your timeline. For example early in 2000 I bought MSTR when if was 50 cents on average pre reverse split of 10:1. Than with patience the market recognized its value again and it shot up when I sold it 3 to 4 years later around $80 average (what a mistake that was now). The point I invested in the fundamentals which took time to pay off. Same here. I am not selling at 80 cent. I will be selling in double digit years later for something that someone like you would never understand. With Billions in market niche opportunity I am sure that in coming years ETAK will be a big player in it. The current customers and partners like HP will make this company a big player and recognizable worldwide. Its matter of time.

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    Money flow indicators

    by ja8713 22 hours ago
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 21 hours ago Flag

    oh oh..another spencer! lol. quality TA there Ja. Yahoo special technical?? Or did you also know that these are "trailing" indicators?

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    wow another buying opportunity

    by neilgerber2 Dec 16, 2014 11:50 AM
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 16, 2014 6:21 PM Flag

    You are either a lier (most likely) or pure stupid. You say you've been here 5 years which means your cost should be around $1-1.50. During this time stock had gone up from $1 to $4 for a period of 2011 and yet you didn't sell anything to get your own cost out of it but decided to stay. It again went over $1.75 this year and yet you didn't sell again!! But now that the actual fundamental of this company has been better that ever before you are coming out and whining like a big fat b1tsh! Boy you are very irritating at best and don't offer any insight to our discussions on this board. At least basher's agenda is obvious but you are lost man. I suggest you stop looking at this stock or your account for another 6 months and next time the opportunity arises than sell an be gone. I am sure your local bank can give you a mouth watering 0.2% interest on your money without any worries.

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    Back to $1 soon and never looking back...

    by golferstock1980 Dec 15, 2014 4:16 PM
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 15, 2014 6:46 PM Flag

    If you knew how to invest in stock market you would be so bitter or sound less like a little school girl that had her lunch taken. Maybe if you stop listening to the fool that keeps tell you to play the stock market to become rich over night you be a bit wiser for it.

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    Watch for MARA

    by sirius_yomama_2 Dec 8, 2014 10:47 AM
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 15, 2014 1:40 PM Flag

    lol I know man. Its much needed break given our bad luck in hipp and velt. So Velti has taking care of my loss in the other 2. Velti was a pure gamble but HIPP was a freaking stupid management that screwed up a very promising company. Oh well! That is why I diversify my investments....MARA and ETAK just to name a couple will be huge winners and I need is just 1. GLTU

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    going lower today siriusly

    by neilgerber2 Dec 12, 2014 8:38 AM
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 12, 2014 6:31 PM Flag

    Golf...Its sad that these guys like neil don't understand how the stock market works to be able to hedge their bets and don't get burn so much. I feel sorry for them really. They are playing an ocean with big sharks and are getting screwed consistently. Their only out is to get on YMB and talk garbage about what used to be their investment. If this guy is still invested here and is just blowing steam than he is even a bigger idiot than if he has sold and taken his losses because that way he is just working with the paid bashers to scare new investors. They like to call me a "paid" pumper but yet which paid pumper do you know, such as ones you see here that advertise for their news letter or trend traders that come on board for a few days as the stock is showing upward momentum and "pump" and disappear (spenser??) after it starts to fizzle, stays here consistently for couple of years through ups and downs? The shorts like to attack me and weak #$%$ like this guy join after they lose money because misery likes company. Regardless I know how the mechanics of the market works and I will always make money in my "portfolio" regardless of a bad call or 2. When I make money like recent MARA I make all my losses and plus profit. You have to know how to play this game. these small fries don't and unfortunately they get burned bad because they are ignorant and scared. Recent market weakness and admittedly lack of street confidence in SVV has provided yet another great opportunity. Those who are LONG and have time horizon of 5 years will make a killing in ETAK. Just need patience.

  • sirius_yomama_2 by sirius_yomama_2 Dec 12, 2014 8:07 AM Flag

    it's sure growing. Take a look at the recent slides on page 18. Notice that they are processing 25M transaction from last reported 10M. Many other catalyst as work as well that will come into play in 2015. At these fire sale prices it's foolish not to take advantage.

  • sirius_yomama_2 by sirius_yomama_2 Dec 12, 2014 7:48 AM Flag

    some here like to bring up ATT as a unknown black cloud. Although it might be an emotional fear that some are associating with this the reality is far from it. The fact is that the Iusacell/ATT merger was a relationship that started a year ago in due diligence of both party and ETAK was involved in some of those talks. ATT knew of ETAK and planned migration before their final announcement of this deal publicly and as such Iusacell knowingly and without any reservation from ATT went ahead with the migrations throughout 2014. If there was an issue from ATT with regards to ETAK, this contract and the subsequent migration all the way up to the deal announcement would not have happened. From a professional that work this field nearly 20 years I can tell you that there are many DD that has to be completed both technically and financial assessment of the business before a deal is struck. Many meetings with operations, finance, and management have to take place to see if there is any skeleton in the closet before an offer is put forth. So from a this factual perspective one has to believe that ETAK and their capabilities including where rubber meets the road would have been obvious to ATT during this DD. If there was an issue that they didn't like or approve of it would have resulted in two scenarios...1) ATT requesting freezing of this migration on the onset before any migration would have taken place or 2) Iusacell not executing on the contract in first placing knowing full well ATT's interest in acquiring the company. As such and professional opinion this contract was vetted and approved as well by ATT way before their announcement of the deal was announced. And to think why would ATT approve and improvement to operations, capabilities of features, and financials of a company that they are about to procure without going through the headache of such task themselves??? Which acquiring company wouldn't like to see an up to 80% improvement in operational cost?

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    Strange Brew

    by signal_up1 Dec 11, 2014 12:40 PM
    sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 10:17 PM Flag

    These shares are restricted shares (you can't sell them) to help finance the company. Most of these shares are sold to big investors who are putting cash into this company and have received discounted restricted shares which can not be sold until the company files S1 to SEC removing the restriction. Its very legit

  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 9:22 PM Flag

    hard choice common huh!? lol. I choose SVV as well. I rather see these cockroaches see the daylight soon enough ;) Meanwhile I hope they keep lying and scare some more fools out of their shares. I am buying now and will be in this range.

  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 7:47 PM Flag

    Neilger....CEO not going anywhere so why don't you go instead. Sell you idiot!

  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 3:15 PM Flag

    lol....See...there you go. The big ones are coming out now! Or is birdy has mom posting from the kitchen now! lololololooooolol

  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 12:35 PM Flag

    You really need to stop talking to your own IDs. It's not really that fun! lol. I never try to convince anyone to do anything on these stupid boards. Just trying to help those who might fall into your trap and sell because of the garbage you spewing here birdy. But thank you for proving yet again that cockroaches do come out when price declines a bit.

  • lol...wonder where they are today? Oh year forgot. The sunshine is out!

  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    And what does the truth tell you today??

  • sirius_yomama_2 by sirius_yomama_2 Dec 11, 2014 8:17 AM Flag

    I missed it yesterday....I will be watching today. I think it will test the low again.

  • So the entire market takes a dump by more 300 point at one point near the end and these idiot or idiots believe ETAK would be immune?! As I said earlier we have a paid basher, an ex employee, and ex lover out for SVV in full force as soon as the stock sells off right along with the market. lol. So let's take right turn and head down the facts avenue. Look at the graph of the entire day on ETAK and compare it to the DOW/market. It was holding strong with no sellers until the sell off in the market intensified towards last 40 minutes of the day where a couple of larger sell orders were sold in 100 blocks walking the price down from 82!!! Than near the low of the day major buys came in and push it back up to 79. But at last second a 300 block market sell took it down to 77. Point being that with only 60% of daily average volume and 300 points decline in the over all market sell off spooks some investors to sell their holdings at market and push the stock down with low to no volume day like this. Personally I just saw this and was #$%$ I missed the low of the day. I will be ready tomorrow and will be backing up the truck more. Days like this will have follow through. This has nothing to do with the fundamental of this company. Remember, they most likely be CFP this Q. We are very over sold and look for a spring board bounce back after January to over $1 area.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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