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siserv2001 46 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 20, 2016 4:36 PM Member since: Jun 5, 2003
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    FREE BURGER. Check your email

    by theivjackal Mar 10, 2016 1:39 PM
    siserv2001 siserv2001 Apr 2, 2016 11:30 AM Flag

    I know it's very competative in Texas with Burger and Chicken restaurants but with some CA corporate headquarters moving to the Lone Star State, I know they are building in Virginia but I think they could make it in Houston, DFW, San Antonio, and Austin! A great burger is always welcome!

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    Nice News - 1.7 Million shares @ 2.85

    by skidders_in_my_shorts Mar 22, 2016 10:48 AM
    siserv2001 siserv2001 Apr 4, 2016 9:38 AM Flag

    Amazin9999, Looks like they were positioning to acquire Magnum and change their name at a cost of @$55M and that was using $35M in cash and adding 7.1M more shares. Now it's supposed to be accretive and that's all good but will it get the stock price over $5. Avi will likely pay himself another big bonus and the shareholders will be hoping! Anyhow GigPeak will be luring investors telling us the stock is a TSLA! Be careful with your investing dollars! You will be paying more for fastfood in CA since the Governor thinks workers deserve $15 to flip them! Let's see the Dust Bowl grandkiddies move back East! Take it easy and learn to make more money!

  • siserv2001 siserv2001 Apr 5, 2016 10:32 PM Flag

    They didn't cover AVNR and Adam Fernstein lost not only his butt shorting the stock buthis credibility! AVNR was at $5 and did a private placement for Baker Brothers in all liklihood and the stock was bought by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals for $17! The shorts owned alot simply because they failed to cover. I'm not so sure CERS needs to do a private placement since they have well over $100M in cash and their Intercept kits are used once and are covered by insurance as of January this year. All the large blood centers are on board and their is plenty of more news that is less then two years away! One great news item generally will run it up $1 and this stock should be over $10 unless a takeover is being set up and this would likely get $20 on the low end and at present $30 on the high end but as get closer to other events that generate revenues that price goes higher!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 Apr 12, 2016 5:07 PM Flag

    All depends on the merger agreement but Otsuka which bought AVNR paid the shareholders $17 in cash! I actually had some Jan calls at $17 and at the time they expired and I got to keep the shares and then they paid for all my shares $17! Was thinking before the merger AVNR would fetch $25 but I was happy since I had been accumulating at various times and Keith Katkin the CEO had sold some back in 2010 what was then a 52 week high and many were bitter since they needed cash and they had two drugs, Neudexta which they wanted to name Zenvia but the FDA disallowed that name and the other was Abreva which is on all the drug stores items for cold sore! They also partner with Merck and many thought that was the European connection for Neudexta but in the end once AVNR received FDA approval for it the Japanese pharma stepped up and made the all cash offer! I've only owned one better unless you want to compare some of my value stocks which have kept me very happy. Will be interesting to see if Cerus can generate lots on the European deal and with all the American blood center deals I would have thought this stock would climb to over $8 but guess they burned too many bridges before approval for the Intercept kits and while the Big Boys own 70% of all shares outstanding, someone knows what it will take to get to Great's numbers! Just because they have it the margins and revenues have to show CERS is for real this time and some Big Pharma will likely offer high $20's to $30's and we likely want see Great's optimistic $100+! I could definitely retire if it were to happen but will be realistic! Rome wasn't built in a day and I have have to quote Shakespeare, Patience is a virtue!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 Apr 12, 2016 10:16 PM Flag

    Today a new case involving a Denton County woman who was diagnoised with Zika and that County borders Dallas County and while they may be talking about the mosquito, the blood supply is what has to be the nation's priority with a transfusion taking place in the US every two seconds whether it's an emergency from a hail storm in bordering Collin County or accidents that make it a priority. If you don't understand it then it's not a priority with you and hope you stay well and never have the need for it! But there are other concerns besides Zika that could affect the blood supply! If there is a company that protects us from the pathogens and other blood contaminates then CERS has the kit that allows you nto feel like the concerns have been screened and you don't have to worry that somehow the blood center didn't take the necessary steps of preventing it! Enjoy and be safe out there!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 Apr 22, 2016 5:43 AM Flag

    Unless his drugs were laced with mosquitos! She knows better and I'm sure they were laughing at TMZ!

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    They lost $6M on a bad equity investment in Q1??

    by 123ecb May 3, 2016 5:22 PM
    siserv2001 siserv2001 May 3, 2016 10:08 PM Flag

    The strong dollar versus the Euro hurt their outcome! I expect even while they had insurance covering the kits for three months it takes awhile for the cash to funnel in from the companies that reimburse CERS! In another quarter I expect to see a trend where revenues will start spiking upward and let's see if they can get close to $10M in the 2Q That would drive the stock price into the $8-$10 range unless the dollar continues on it's strong path versus the Euro and then you need to see if they get closer to the path where the CEO said he could give better guidence asto where CERS is headed. The CE mark is also getting closer and the stock could double if all outcomes are positive. Still strong with $96M in cash and would like to see it get back over $100M although the margins would have to be much higher then the 44% margin in this past quarter. Close to 50 and that's hard to accomplish in this type of volatile market. I don't think they will be targeted this early for an buyout but once the CE mark and the EU RBC get's closer they will have the large pharmas pressuring them to sell. Alot of unknowns at present which cause the shorts to exploit and scare newbie investors to sell their shares to them. Will be interested to see how the institutions disclose how much they own and wait for the expected news. I will be a buyer of more if it falls below $6!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 4, 2016 4:31 PM Flag

    Stephan Curry of the Golden State Warriors just had platelet enriched plasma for his knee injury! Do you think if he had known he could contract a pathogen during the procedure he would have done it? Nice to know CERS keeps the blood supply free from pathogens and any other contaminates to make sure that the procedures have one less worry to be concerned about! Hate May and wish it to go away! I understand with taxes and elections that folks are looking for capital to invest wisely and not sqander! Easier said then done!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 10, 2016 9:41 PM Flag

    What time table are you hearing when Brig will receive an CE Mark and final approval from the FDA? I know it is outperforming in test results the drug from that the Big Pharma's already have approved. Guess they are trying to get the best results fromthe MG levels and the side effects it could or may cause. Looks like they are doing some similar things that AVNR did in not going all in on Europe but using the case from Incyte to get the Brig to approval and while you likely have current buyout snippets, I think Dr Denner is taking that as his lowest bid and he has a caveat just in case someone offers him more then he thinks the company could generate with two top tier drugs! A price plus a prestigious seat on the Big Pharma board and he may just get his quill sharpened to sign it away! I'm sure a half dozen have their sights on it and let's see who is serious to step up and WOW Dr. Denner! Great numbers today and ust on this news could push the stock to the resistance level of double digits! Keep your eyes on the options and if someone is adding significantly after Brig is approved. No brainer in my estimation!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 10, 2016 10:37 PM Flag

    I love CERS but ARIA numbers today blew away the estimates with 41% growth YOY and BRIG is getting closer to FDA approval! Dr Alex Denner has taken over as Chairman and remember he was in GILD early and made his mark to impress Carl Icahn and he could really make waves. He just sold the EU rights to Iclusig to Incyte which fetched him over $240M in cash and alsoused a caveat that if ARIA was bought out could get the EU rights back! No need to raise cash now to dilute current shareholders and BRIG could be a Billion plus revenue drug that has the Big pharmas drooling! I could have my Quadfecta and could retire like you Great! Did you sell all of your ARIA and place it on CERS? I know when it had hit $9 last year many sold and it fell to $6 when Harvey Berger was ousted and AD took over! I'm sure Harvey kept shares just on the potential of BRIG and did you set up Trust after the AVNR buyout or did you already have them in place? Glad we have better then potential winners and will get in touch with you if I hit 7 figure numbers on my favorite bios! Hard to believe my big pharmas are boring although they do provide a comfort level with divy's!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 10, 2016 11:27 PM Flag

    That late secondary was the stock sell to Baker Brothers who likely served as the fund negotiating the Otsuka buyout of AVNR! Keith did not have anything other then Abreva and Neudexta! ARIA has larger top tier drugs with Iclusig and BRIG on it's way! Six months is a short time and this ARIA is in way bettter shape then AVNR was with cash being addressed and I suspect before the next earnings report we hear progress about BRIG and the shorts will cover or lose their everything! Traders will be doing some short calls to get small fast profits but Longs will get LTCG appreciation and a lower tax rate not counting what folks own in their qualified plans! Will be interested to see who or what new institutions bought in this quarter and it won't surprize me if we see a similar pattern as to what plays out! GLTA and as Buzz Lightyear says to infinity and beyond!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 11, 2016 12:35 PM Flag

    Slow day bad news with large values disappointed with Micky Mouse stock and so I venture and buy more CERS! Like AVNR I picked up some at this same price and voila, gets bought out at $17 and get over a 200% return on those. Gotta plant the seeds in the spring and reap the profits in the Fall! Know the MM's love September to March and they build up cash during the summer while lounging in the Hamptons. Well they like to make 8-10% where I like to make the HR percentages with oversold and undervalued stocks and I just bait my hooks and see what I catch!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 11, 2016 5:56 PM Flag

    Not that our shares have a real effect on the MM's but we both have been in here to be called longs now and if BakerBrothers is not selling then I have no reason to panic! We likely do take shares from some TUTES and they have to go in and sell puts or some option ploy to try and squeeze someone out of their shares! I still say they did this with AVNR to scare retail investors and unless their is some catastrophic news like a 9-11 event, their is no reason for CERS to slide and I still expect we are closer to real guidence from the CEO and the CE Mark for RBC! The overall market sold off because the Nifty Fifty didn't meet their numbers and when they sold off the MM's took advantage of CERS and they know what is coming! Good luck to you and I can also sell puts if the price is attractive for me to do so. I have dry powder and have some positions that have offers that will add cash to my account!
    Wonder what I will be doing with my cash? Adding to MM woes along with the shortminded shorts!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 11, 2016 9:25 PM Flag

    04/19/2007! Eight years but well worth it and made out very well! Owned in Qualified accounts as well so got to defer all that tax til a later day! LOL! Keith certainly had his moment with us but obviously I'm happy with the great return on my initial investment and yeah I did some covered calls to pay some cash and never had to sell any although I did sell some in between just because they say to never be that greedy! Help with the experience of some of my losers that we don't like to talk about but AVNR was my largest share total but not my largest position and also AAPL gave me a 7-1 stock split so thats the largest I have ever received although I've had four or five reverse splits! AVNR sure help me forget those! Overall I have had some stocks that have split positively four or five times from KO to MSFT! So I have been investing for quite awhile and still haven't totally figured it out but like that I've learned the art of selling is just as important as the art of buying! Haven't sold any CERS yet but feel like during 2018 we will remind each other of how we bought this below double digits!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 12, 2016 8:37 PM Flag

    Part of it is The Fed's saying that some of the biotechs were way overbought, Janet Yellen's words. The ETF's for biotechs are selling off like the overall market and my magic ball was fuzzy also when I bought more yesterday! I agree that the stock is oversold with a strong RSI and the fact that they have released lots of good news except for the disappointing Revenues that I expected more but insurance companies are slow and the Receivables would be great to see now that the kits are covered under insurance. Don't think they need to expand and buy a company but I'm sure we'll see as we get closer to the CE Mark and the ultimate approval of the RBC. Patience is a virtue and this selloff will be shortlived in my opinion although the overall market is still volatile and will continue to be until new policies are implemented and we have a clearer picture on who will be making those policies with the election less then six months away as well!

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    When CERS was in the 5.80's I called bottom at 5.47

    by gpolzot May 9, 2016 11:17 AM
    siserv2001 siserv2001 May 12, 2016 8:44 PM Flag

    I can never tell about those falling knives and it always seems to happen when I plow in and buy more! I'll be patient and while I will keep my hooks baited I'm going to see what happens and will now kick myself when it heads back up and I didn't buy at the bottom of the barrel! Some institution had to sell some when looking at the volume and may be looking to buy as we get closer to the CE Mark!

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    Notes on the Qtr 1 Conference Call

    by justmeinvesting222 May 10, 2016 1:25 PM
    siserv2001 siserv2001 May 16, 2016 7:04 PM Flag

    FEDEX is building a big distribution center in a Dallas suburb! Wouldn't be surprized if Plug is used to move the forklifts and drive their revenues higher!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 17, 2016 6:49 PM Flag

    The market is bipolar for sure and has uncontrollable outburst that only Neudexta could control but the news is out and the market is jittery and volatile! You know the ole saying, Sell in May and go away and yes this is May which no one can explain in an election year except their is no true transparency or a way that says the price is way oversold. While it may be true, folks have tax bills they had to pay for past sucesses and sometimes you have to learn to be patient and evaluate where the company is and where is it going. Today is not a true reflection except we did see the news and it was not overly optimistic with record revenues reported. Now once investors think they will most will pay a higher price to jump on the band wagon. In the meantime collect your dividends and build up your capital and understand that while we all think when we are buying we are buying LOW the price goes lower. It's the uniqueness of this market. A Big pharma buys another company instead of the one we think should be given a great price. Well we learn another lesson in patience and tomorrow is another day! Even the company that beat expectations sold off badly today. Buy the rumor and sell the news seems to be pretty reliable in a jittery market!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 17, 2016 7:19 PM Flag

    They relied on controlling the price and Adam was just playing both sides with options call and puts and remember Congo was likely one of his protege who got sold out at $6 and while that's great if you paid $2.50 on a put that was put to you they didn't see Otsuka paying $17 in December and finalized in February! Each buyer and seller has a different goal while all hope to be sucessful with their strategy! Saving a few cents doesn't help when overall you are trying to make seven figures or even a good six figures that seems obscure today! 20,000 shares today cost a little over $100,000! A stock price that hits $50 times 20,000 shares is a cool million! A Ten bagger as we like to say that some know how to achieve and some who try and pay the monthly bills! Take that in and melted butter and lobster sounds pretty good!

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  • siserv2001 siserv2001 May 17, 2016 11:12 PM Flag

    She is a thief! Jail is too good for her and she should be placed next to Bernie Madoff! What is wrong with the Chinese government allowing this to happen? Is she just a puppet of their government?

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