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    Added at $10.08

    by smaycs4 Jan 13, 2016 3:04 PM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 17, 2016 7:11 PM Flag

    I forgot it was combined into Military PR.

    I watched it.

    Interesting regarding the leverage but they didn't even bring up book value, their historical profitability & so forth.

    There are a lot of reasons to like this stock.

    Perhaps #1 on the list is Director Curtis Loveland.

    You can make a lot of money just buying near the prices he buys at and selling near the prices he sells at.

    Ive done it many times over the years over 2+ decades.

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    The future looks bright for blgo

    by cyriel.desender Jan 16, 2016 11:28 AM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 17, 2016 3:02 AM Flag

    There is no doubt you are a criminal.

    RCKY does something BLGO has never done and very likely never will. They MAKE MONEY and they PAY DIVIDENDS.

    And I have a 25 year track record of trading it profitably.

    This wasn't for you. You are a paid tout. I know why you are here. It was in case there are any real retail investors that think this stock has a chance of going up in the long term.

    Better chance at winning the lottery.

  • Boy. What an experienced paid tout.

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    Becker is back on the bandwagon

    by smaycs4 Jan 13, 2016 7:29 PM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 16, 2016 1:17 AM Flag

    I just went looking for it and didn't find anything recent.

    His last 13d where he went under 5% references some deals he had with market makers. I wonder if a prior disclosed plan could still be in effect ?

    It would probably be worth a call over there to find out.

    I know BH put out a 13d and disclosed it on the 18th that they would begin their buying on Jan 4th. (Because I front-ran them and bought prior to year end thinking their buying would take It up. Little did I know the market was going to tank.)

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    CRMT is way down

    by smaycs4 Jan 14, 2016 2:20 PM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 16, 2016 12:58 AM Flag

    Theres no way its going back to the old lows. The last recession proved this company has staying power.

    And we aren't in a recession, low gas prices mean people can make their car payments.

    Competition is a bigger concern than the market.

    I only lowered my buy price to $10.50 so I got filled today.

    I will buy more if it continues lower.

    But this company has a $12.58 book value and a PE of #$%$ ridiculously cheap right now.

    We just need them to stick to their knitting and don't buy too risky paper. Leave the stupidity to the others.

    And I still think it could eventually be bought out.

    Going back over my past sales. 14.94,16.99,12.28 and 13.49.

    And my broker doesnt go back past 2012.

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    Added at $10.08

    by smaycs4 Jan 13, 2016 3:04 PM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 15, 2016 7:43 PM Flag

    Was this from sept ?

  • You don't know what you are doing. You are very likely going to lose money here.

    What do I like ? RCKY.

    Been buying & selling it for about 25 years now.

    It has limited downside and lots of upside. And a nice dividend while we wait.

    I bought more a few days ago.

  • I would suggest any of them except this one.
    This company has been, for over 14 years, spending heavily to pump its stock to get you to buy shares.

    I would suggest stocks that don't spend heavily to pump themselves.

    Also, as a general rule, stocks under $1 are the most risky and should be avoided by 99% of the population.

    I am sincere In my beliefs and Calverts 14 year track record backs me up.

  • It could affect FUR by how much their assets eventually sell for.

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    Becker is back on the bandwagon

    by smaycs4 Jan 13, 2016 7:29 PM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 15, 2016 12:29 AM Flag

    The SEC says:

    Rule 10b5-1 addresses the issue of when insider trading liability arises in connection with a trader's "use" or "knowing possession" of material nonpublic information. This rule provides that a person trades "on the basis of" material nonpublic information when the person purchases or sells securities while aware of the information. However, the rule also sets forth several affirmative defenses, which we have modified in response to comments, to permit persons to trade in certain circumstances where it is clear that the information was not a factor in the decision to trade.

    Biglari is doing the same thing with BH and the same plan. He preannounced it in advance but he appears to be buying smaller daily amounts.He buys what appears to be a certain % of avg trading volume per day. Beckers large buys would seem to suggest prearranged trades or something.

    I think the only thing the SEC really cares about is DISCLOSURE. Like the former LACI, has been losing huge amounts money for 14 years straight but apparently its ok because they fully disclose their massive losses & private placements & so forth.

    Apparently, Becker disclosed he was going to buy via the plan so we could & maybe should have known. It works the same way on the sell side I believe.

    For all we know, Becker could have placed his order to buy at under 5.25 and that he did. We just don't get that detailed of information until after the fact.

  • 2016 financial results on Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 8:00 am Central Time. A press release detailing the Company's financial results will be issued before the market opens and prior to the conference call.

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    Becker is back on the bandwagon

    by smaycs4 Jan 13, 2016 7:29 PM
    smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 14, 2016 5:06 PM Flag

    It appears they got around the blackout with a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan.

    I wasn't fully aware which is why I thought it might test $4-4.50 before earnings.

  • smaycs4 by smaycs4 Jan 14, 2016 4:37 PM Flag

    As you know, I have formally reported a number of the BLGO paid touts. I believe they are causing real harm with their failure to properly disclose they are being paid to tout.

    Please sanction them. If you need to call me, feel free. I worked hand in hand 2 decades ago in going after paid touts working for the Great White Marine stock scam. Where the president went to prison for stock fraud.
    from 1998

    SEC Targets Promoters For Online Stock Fraud

    Rebecca Buckman Staff Reporters of The Wall Street Journal

  • Wouldn't most companies want to cleanse themselves of people related to convicted felons ?

    Joseph Provenzano has been a director since June 2002, assumed the role of Corporate Secretary in March 2003 and was appointed Executive Vice President of Operations in January 2008. Mr. Provenzano began his corporate career in April 1988 as a Personnel Manager and Recruiter for First American Travel, a marketing company in Southern California. From June 1991 to September 1995 he worked as a technician within the Commercial and Residential security industry. From September 1995 to September 1996 he was employed by two major Southern California moving and storage companies as head of marketing. From September 1996 to April 2001 he owned a marketing company called Pre-Move Marketing Services (PMSA), offering advertising and direct marketing products for the moving and storage industry. From April 2001 to March 2003 he worked with an investment holding company to manage their mergers and acquisitions department, participating in more than 50 corporate mergers and acquisitions.

  • Dennis Calvert was a principal with BEEP FOR FREE.

    SCAMMED CUSTOMERS started a website...

    Beep for Free really is a SCAM!
    Thu Dec 19 12:34:31 2002

    First post says "Beep For Free is a SCAM! Do not buy one of these pagers! It will never be activated, and there is NO customer service. All phones are forwarded to a voice mail system, and calls are NEVER returned! The Better Business Bureau has them listed as "UNSATISFACTORY" due to their poor customer service and their questionable business practices. Heartland America, CompUSA and the D.A.R.E. organization needs to stop promoting this SCAM!"

    The fact that Calvert hooked up with convicted felon Mark Anderson is no real surprise.

  • NuWay Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq: NMED), announced that Think Tank Systems, LLC has
    agreed to be a technology partner with NuWay Sports, LLC, a joint venture
    between NuWay Medical and Rasheed and Associates. With Think Tank, NuWay can
    now offer a sports team a complete range of IBM(R) products to manage its
    medical records and its trainer to manage his workflow process.
    Dennis Calvert, President of NuWay Medical stated, "Our proprietary
    software package for the user interface and Think Tank's technical expertise
    and access to all IBM products enables a team to track, monitor and process
    all the medical records in a digital format. It also enables the team's
    trainer to manage his workflow processing."

  • NuWay Sports' Medical Records Technology Chosen by 18 NFL Teams at Combine.

    NuWay Medical, Inc. , announced that 18 NFL teams have contracted to use a component of NuWay's Player Record Library System for the medical records from the recent NFL Combine, where the NFL teams evaluate the top 330 plus potential draft picks.

    The System will help teams to better evaluate a potential draft pick's health status before the April draft. Trainers, team doctors, and front office personnel will be able to access all health related data in one place, making their evaluation more efficient and complying with HIPAA, a federal law set to take effect in April.

  • NuWay Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq: NMED), announced today that the company's new
    ticker symbol NMED was made effective on November 20, 2002 from the old symbol
    which is no longer being used; NWAY.
    Dennis Calvert, President and CEO of NuWay, noted, "The recent change in
    the core business, our commitment to focus the business on Healthcare is the
    primary reason for changing the ticker symbol. This goes directly in
    conjunction with the name change, and planned liquidation of the gaming and
    Cigar related assets."

    At NuWay Medical, Inc., a healthcare company in the medical products and
    devices business, the main focus is bringing real world solutions to
    healthcare providers. The company prides itself on its technological
    innovations and applications. The company also acquires healthcare services
    companies to take advantage of economies of scale and vertical market

  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Jan 14, 2016 2:26 PM Flag

    Another option is a take private at a lowball price. With Miller & Higgins joining forces to force the rest of us to accept a lowball offer. It happened with BAMM.

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