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smittensday 487 posts  |  Last Activity: 37 minutes ago Member since: Feb 1, 2000
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  • It is apparent there are several sides to FITX - some are Good , some are Bad - and the Bashers / Pumpers and Angry Residents try their best to make points for their own AGENDA

    Message boards are just that "Opinions & Agendas" for poster particular position -
    I truly believe that some Pumpers are company employees & Pd. posters and influenced by their job and future just as the local Angry Residents want to stop FITX or hope they can get a better payday for their property.
    Then you have the Competitor and their employees , Pd Posters and agendas - wanting FITX to fail in fear of becoming a very large competitor in the MMJ world.
    and finally we have Article & Reporters Agenda - They get Pd. by clicks on the story or from placement of their story in news outlets - They too have and Agenda here or you would not be wasting time writing these articles.
    PS - My agenda - I own FITX and plain and simple want the stock to go up to make money when I sell.

    AGENDAS and a Public Message Board have changed investing dramatically IMO , and the ability to read those Agendas is key to what you read on them , but Facts / Q-Reports / PR's / News has become far and few in between with May or May Not Spin - Off / No License problem and somehow a released inspection report hits the street but all minor repairs are done and still No license / A statement of No Problem with Zoning - but there is / Take you pick as to the Truths and Facts in todays investment world.
    (or should I say Markets Agendas)?
    To conclude: You and Yours - Have a Safe and Happy Holiday - All Posters / GL on You Agendas LOL
    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season in Celebrating Your Own Agenda..

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    NNLX future

    by coalpilejohnny Dec 19, 2014 5:09 PM
    smittensday smittensday 1 hour 20 minutes ago Flag

    He knows the only value now left in co. is the patents so he is moving ownership to himself so he can late sell them to Big Pharma. and skirt the present shareholders.
    You dummies here holding all this time can't see what is in front of you.

    I sold most I held here back at .60's and only hold a sm. position and that was because I wanted to see when this co. goes under what big pharma. may or may not pay for those Patents -( I even posted several times about why I'm still holding these shares) - Now Bret has taken it upon himself to skirt the shareholders - He is CEO Pd. for by investors - He says he developed those Pat. on his own is BS - he represents the company in all that is developed and initiated by NNLX and trying to cheap those that have invested is a total violation IMO. Sue his butt till the sun quits coming up............ The only money left will at least not go to him but lawyer cost - IMO.

  • You and Yours have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season - GL on FITX Investment.

    This board is full of Co. Pd. Pumpers Competitor Pd. Bashers and Angry Residents. Impossible to get reliable info and facts / truths - even Co. PR's are Questionable with conflicting stories like -
    Resent interview - says a Quiet Period is in place then goes on to tout Expansion and Foreign connection plans and growth?
    Bill - there is no problem with zoning - but there is?
    No HC license - but Inspection release says minor fixes and they are done?
    Spin - Off - May or May Not Happen and No Ratio announcement?
    Some Realtor from Vegas gets a whisper and post land bought and further Ag. lic. applied for - ? Co. Insider?
    Bashers trying to get more for their property or want FITX to all out fail?
    Competitor Bashers tout their Co. and trash FITX?
    Competitor employees / Pd. what ever? here so FITX fails and doesn't dominate their business?

    and a whole lot of BS - Facts are far and few Between IMO.

    Weirdest Co. I ever invested in....Conflicting info. at best all out lies at worst......... still LOL though

  • This cal. company to make those demands could be big enough to buy EAPH out and getting their ducks in a row to obtain control of EAPH / Ampil and use them for their growing and distribution network.

    or the story could be written to interpret it that way - never know in these times of investing remember Enron / Madoff - and this is a mostly unregulated otc pink new sector new business model - MMJ+ MJ ?

    Waiting on more facts before I'm buying more shares. Have enough for now / at a sm. lose but expected .012 in at / was in at .015 but averaged down a little . Now Wait to see what happens.

    Go look at FITX if you want a laugh - Competitor Pd. Basher / Company Pd. Pumpers / and Mad Residents all fighting for post on Yahoo Board - Wild West over there. but real funny for entertainment and laughs.

    GLTA - EAPH investors -

  • Does this company have a plan or are they grabbing at straws and throwing shyt against a wall to see what sticks.
    Doing this type business leaves the wide open to get sucked into a real problem and expenses - IMO

  • Why companies paint them self into corners knowingly like this is beyond me.

    They should never of made these type statements if they didn't have a president of facts and paper in hand - Wild West Investing isn't my cup of tea.
    No fact checkable and lousy q-reports but pumped up PR make for losing money and that is not why we are here unless you shorting a .009 stock and good luck with that.

  • These posters are in some way connected to the companies they are posting for / about and it is not just stock investors or stock $ losers either.

    This guy that out of the clear blue sky finds property associated in some connection to Bill did just fall out of a tree and then find this Ag. connection / He is Planted here or was whispered too about what "May" or "May Not Happen" - just like the Spin-Off - and supposed quiet period that goes on to talk about future company plans. Teh Blind Pumpers never ask questions at all. This company is at the edge of SEC intervention IMO.

    And the Bashers - that are just here for the protection of the present holders of stock telling you to sell and run away - IMO are here to short although then is stupid at this price - but are competition Plants from other companies that want FITX to fail cause they are afraid that FITX MMJ side will squeeze them out of business / coupled with Basher Residents trying to get more money for their property or shut FITX down.

    Then you have the company playing games with No zoning Problems and there is - No HC license , yet the co. says all has been fixed - "Possible" Spin-Off but No Ratio - Quiet Period , yet tout future developments about expansion and foreign connections.

    Take your pick of Bull Shyt on this Poster Board -
    Strangest company I've ever held shares in - should of sold months ago and left this confusing mess.
    Still can with migit profit - hold buy sell - spin the wheel of FITX

  • smittensday smittensday 21 hours ago Flag

    If this is not forward looking statement I don't know what is:

    CEN - we have to run a company.....plain and simple. Our shareholders have invested in us and expect licensing and operational income for years to come. We don't see any issue with being licensed. The report that was leaked clearly showed we had very few deficiencies, if you can even call them that. Our facility was built in compliance with the program and in most cases we believe with the team we have, were built above specification of the MMPR program. We believe in placing our best foot forward and once Health Canada issues their license to our facility in Lakeshore, it's just the beginning.

    Addison - just the beginning?

    CEN - I'd be lying if expansion isn't already in the works in Canada and in other parts of the world. Canada only represents a mere portion of our overall corporate global strategy.

    Addison - global?

    CEN - correct. There are so many opportunities for us that we have been working on across the globe that will be released once completed. We don't want to upset the bashers out there or give them a reason to pounce all over us.

    Forward comments about the company - something not aloud by SEC in a Quiet Period - and they took the interview already off FB too. Total Smoke & Mirrors planted comments - Sub - Penny coming - I'm afraid when FITX open its mouth they stick more then their foot in it - Maybe it was best they stayed quiet - LOL

    - - - "I'd be lying if expansion isn't already in the works in Canada and in other parts of the world Canada only represents a mere portion of our overall corporate global strategy" - - -
    - - - Global?
    - - - "CEN correct. There are so many opportunities for us that we have been working on across the globe that will be released once completed" - - -

  • Addison made forward looking statements about the companies future - the expansion and then ask about "Global" - "from Reporter" and he said Yes that they are working on some foreign expansion plans and will be announcing soon - Read that part over and you'll see ; they were/are forward looking statement about their working on expansion plans / foreign contacts etc. - So how can they say they are not aloud to comment further on Quiet Period then a Q's later from Reporter blurt out those statements -
    Anyone saying there is a Quiet Period is full of it and just BS and carrying water for Bill and Co.
    If they are in a QP then they made a very big violation by the interview and the statements and the SEC will take notice - So I'm calling them out on it - "liars" & BS ; company can not have it both ways and any idiot here is lying if they are saying it is a QP and Addison was lying also - This company is getting worse by the day.

  • smittensday smittensday Dec 21, 2014 3:05 PM Flag

    I say it touch sub-penny .009 then settles at .012 / .013 no higher - being Tx season to sell and take write down. All the negative reports and company still playing the guessing game? I hope not but with all going on and zoning / HC lic. / spin-off ratio? , Bill has destroyed any investor creditability as of late.
    Even that article interview with Big A - first he mentions a quiet period then shussses it away , then goes on to say that the future for FITX is a plan in the works for global expansion and then the report says - "Global" - and he (Co. Rep) again answers in the positive about foreign , etc. - So much for forward looking statements and Quiet Period that isn't suppose to be discussed - Who's Lying?.
    Too many unanswered Q's and unexplained issues and there are mounting not regressing. Bill moving to MMJ / BOD resigning yet the spin-off isn't finalized - so who is paying them? and The lower the PPS the more it benefits Bill / BOD to lower the Ratio if a Spin-Off happens (that is another thing Spinning the spin-off to May or May Not Happen?). Lot of BS statements with nothing tangible to act on.
    Haven't heard Nothing on Insurance Co. and Hemp ? Where is the Q - Report or financials on Nutrition and the rest?
    I'm fed up with the Bashers as they have and undeclared Agenda (guess - shorts / competitor Hacks - mad residents) - but these Pumpers - they can't be that blind and not wanting answers if truly investors , so they have got to be Company Plants or Pd. to say what they say (Allan / Helm and a few more) Nothing would surprises me from here on anyone or anything - IMO

  • smittensday smittensday Dec 2, 2014 2:55 PM Flag

    Your a basher if you ask questions - I am sure glad you guys don't want to know anything - Have you even read the latest Q - Report - Oh No Bill hasn't filed it or a Late Notice - Why?
    Now is that bashing asking for Q - Report or what's up with Lic. / Zoning / Ratio on Spin-Off or is it even going to happen , where is the $Millions investors placed in Bills hands and the fact the build and expenses (most) were paid by issuing shares at between .005 and .0001 cent a share and those millions of shares are now un-restricted and being un-loaded at profits even at .02 dragging the street investors money down with it? wow Blind leading the Blind - Those are Facts if you care to do your DD / Research -

  • smittensday smittensday Dec 2, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

    Management does not want you to know what is going on - just follow Bill on Face Book and keep your Thumbs Up and Blinders on - LOL
    No one here want answers just foolish want-a-be think they are wall street gurus and gon-a-be-" $millionaires " What boobs these people are - I at least took profits when I could and play these pennies with house money.....

  • Our shares are stuck in this range till some accountability from Bill on Zoning / HC license / Spin-Off.

    Logic should finally set in on some of you longs - The HC Inspections was done some time ago - Town had all three readings and the new zoning rules are in affect and the announcement of May / May Not Spin-Off was announced last months so what is it that is stopping FITX from moving into the normal stream of progression like other MMJ companies are doing????

    This company is being passed over now - Millions invested and services and work paid for via stocks at a reduced rate - PR's announced only blurt out maybes - yet nothing happens from week to week to month to month -
    All you Pumpers can tout and praise this company / Bill / BOD and it doesn't matter you will soon see the Volume drop off and a slow bleed till substantial news is released and resolution of issues are done.
    I use to think this company was up / up with their initial plans - pictures and build - openness or appearance of openness - then Bill started his face book nonsense and thumbs up photos with no explanations - and now he continues to not release anything that has a outcome or tangible in action -
    What is the Problem with information - then you have Bashers and Pumpers here all have and agenda - are the Pumpers just as bad as the Bashers and are they insiders or company reps just as some of the Bashers here are for the competition - I wonder what the real truth is on this company.
    Not Bashing - Not Pumping - just holding my remaining house shares till I get answers - Not Losing and Presently Not making very much so I'm in but concerned , concerned (word) doesn't do justice to the situation.

  • smittensday smittensday Nov 27, 2014 12:40 AM Flag

    You can always jump out a basement window looking for sympathy or tell her and have her go buy you another bottle so she can crown you for losing all her xmas shopping cash.....

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    Meeting Boring So far

    by dogbone14 Nov 25, 2014 6:35 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2014 6:44 PM Flag

    Dog - Linda council women on far right brought up about explaining B about zoning changes for MMJ to Industrial and Hemp to Ag. is that passed or voted on and did it carry or are they going to vote on it ?

  • Reply to

    Meeting Boring So far

    by dogbone14 Nov 25, 2014 6:35 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2014 6:41 PM Flag

    They are already past the MMJ issue - Lindaaaa (want-a-be-mayor) brought up something about it but they just rushed it through and "I Think" AG is for Hemp and MMJ is for Industrial side as was explained - but did it carry or did they vote on it ? Up / down ? - I think that is the out come so FITX will have to apply for Industrial zoning change or go to next level to lawsuit? but didn't hear the exact wording so it is up in the air for me at this time?
    Any one else hear the exact wording on the zoning of MMJ???? What was passed or Not?

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    a question on the spinoff

    by r.chaisty Nov 25, 2014 2:39 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2014 5:21 PM Flag

    Chaisty - I am holding house share so I'll wait till bump if zoning resolves - then evaluate - If I think lic. is coming from HC I'll still hold but the minute a new problem comes up or this spin-off BS comes up I'm selling and let the dust settle - better to have some profit then lose money waiting on and inept CEO on Face Book with Thumbs Up taking the BOD to MMJ side and we haven't a clue what is the ratio or how they plan on separating the money pile - remember Bill paid many contractors / financials services and Millions of charges to giving out shares - I'm betting he paid the leases with cash from investors and will use the money on MMJ side but issue split at 75 shares for 1 New share of MMJ side and keep all your Nutrition shares which will be .009 or less - That is my Best Guess - But please do your own Research and Opinions and evaluate your particular situation - You and the rest are here to make money all you can just as FB Bill and the BOD are. Good Luck in what ever you do.....

  • Reply to

    a question on the spinoff

    by r.chaisty Nov 25, 2014 2:39 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2014 3:11 PM Flag

    after spin off not now since your going to get BS on split as far as divided shares from Nutrition side IMO - Be careful on buying now - I'm just hold what I have left to see the out come or bump from some of what happens tonight and HC / etc. PR then I'm gone - Bill played way to many games for me to continue to trust him running the company - Attorneys - always Attorneys , just look at how many are running the USA and you'll see the problems.

  • Reply to

    a question on the spinoff

    by r.chaisty Nov 25, 2014 2:39 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    Depends on how it is broke up - right now the MMJ side value is zilch and the nutrition side holds the purse strings / Bill has to have company audited on value and split up the shares - do you think for one moment he is going to divide it equally 50/50 No way right now MMJ side has no income no assets to speak of there fore the value as a whole is way less then nutrition side at this moment so bill will split it accordingly - why do you think the bOD and Bill all went to MMJ side... Money will be there eventually if it makes it to growing and sales but now if he splits it up he get the MMJ side at a great discount - That is why he is proposing spin-off now even before town resolved issue and HC lic. and the PPS jump up - smart att. at manipulation (IMO) but the present investor will get the shaft again (IMO) watch closely and learn for the next time to see it coming so you don't get caught again....I think I am right but who know it is your money so do as you like I just form my opinion and presented it you decide for your self what to do -but at least review my post and check into what I bring up for your own piece of mind. OR Don't -
    We are all here for MMJ side of course and so is Bill and BOD (?) follow them and follow the money?

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    OPEC will cut production by 1 million

    by cajunlady123 Nov 24, 2014 11:35 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2014 12:58 AM Flag

    I heard they had continued to keep the valves open , but cutting now , I think they are head faking and will try to sneak a lot of oil on market to hurt the drillers poking holes and exploration by keeping the PPB low for the time being - maybe in the spring when consumption goes up they may cut for more PPB revenues but hold for now the valves open. They don't want USA to be exporting and Canada oil sands / fracking etc. they want to keep everyone depending on them for oil. Just my opinion on the cartels.
    Putin is learning Chinese for a second language - LOL

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