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    The White Album (re-visited)

    by gigantorthespaceagerobot Apr 26, 2016 6:41 PM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 29, 2016 2:53 PM Flag

    FIRM - Now your playing like your M. Douglas in Wall St. - Greed is Good , What a toon - giganticspacecase is / FIRM like he just got out of 101 Investment Night Class and placed on the desk to shore up the NLY / HTS deal.

    What are they scared someone will come along and out bid the deal since they know how cheap it is?

    Did you get you $200. a day working the desk loser / hell I made $20K last month alone from the RMR REITS in Div. and Appreciation / GOV alone went up 25% from buy in Got it at 13.94 now almost 19. and the same for SIR / SNH up 16 and 20% from buy in / sold off half after div. still hold several K in different Acc. and they are My Acc. not working for some clown that barks orders at you then goes to play 18 and the club house.
    Sad Sad - Want-A-Bees we have here.

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    by infinitidrivr Apr 27, 2016 9:09 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 29, 2016 1:18 PM Flag

    Then why Pump your BS on this board about value and the rest - This is Portnoy's cash cow - Only chance investors have here is if another company come by and shows interest in buying - Port's could care less and they will never pay a divvy here as long as they can line their pockets and use it for the Group -
    This is Purely a Speculative play on any investor here Radar - Nothing Else -
    Value in material and assets can not be converted by Shareholders into cash - so go Pump RMR Divvy and Stock Appreciation on those boards , but express the Facts as to what stock your talking (Posting) about...
    I'm in the Green here so I don't have and agenda - just waiting till it either increases enough or someone give and offer (and of course Port's will reject it) but the offer will allow a bigger profit and for some of these LT holders a chance to get out with some of their money.
    Simple Respect and Stockholder Concern has been forgotten and replaced by - "In it for ME" CEO's and EXE beliefs - like the Port's.
    "Rising tide Raises all Boats" Doesn't apply to these managers and EXE anymore -IMO - all they seem to care about is their pockets - like most of the REIT's they create these Management Co. then Double Management the Money in different directions to clip a few bucks off each transaction - like the ol shell game - where's the little white ball as it moves from shell to shell getting smaller each time.....Pay this Co. to Pay that Co. and all the time taking out little cuts for the top.
    Noone is being fooled by these games - Only thing the SEC didn't do with the 90% Pay out on REITS was put in safe guards to stop Raiders and Unethical Behavior - IMO and Of course this is but my Opinion on the subjects at hand.

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    Classic double bottom?

    by tommccauley31 Apr 25, 2016 9:49 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 28, 2016 7:43 PM Flag

    Vol. is up about double the 100,000 to 200,000 / but that isn't saying much for action........We will C come Wed.

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    by infinitidrivr Apr 27, 2016 9:09 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 28, 2016 4:50 PM Flag

    The only income from "5" goes to the Port's or haven't you noticed or just Don't understand Facts infiniti - LOL What a Toon! - this guy is.........

  • Longer the strike goes the lower PPS / Div. will go , - Good for Buying down the road in the $40. Range -

    This is becoming a shorts dream (Till they settle and catch a few) .... Go Union , Cut into those Mang. Perks and Bonuses and ask for a Club House pass for the Back Nine also like the clown EXE get for them and their Family.....

    It will take the Co. Years now to regain their loses - but M will make out real quick when it settles by a few bucks a share - LOL - as the LT holders barely make it to even and lose on Div. amount.
    PS (VZ will get Much More Debt with the Yahoo Buy) - Look out Below Shareholders and Divvy collectors VZ is now a Day Trader Money maker over this strike.

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    The White Album (re-visited)

    by gigantorthespaceagerobot Apr 26, 2016 6:41 PM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 28, 2016 1:41 PM Flag

    What and Idiot from NLY - Surely your underwater there in PPS since all I seen over there is PPS cuts and Divvy cuts / and now your Bellying up $1.5B or was it $1.8B dollars as the news reports didn't get the numbers right for our shares - as we collect your future Divvy money your crying....leaving you in much much more Debt - LOL Who's the Idiot Now - GiganticSpaceCase -

    PS - Thanks for the 15.85 / (Bt in at 14.18) and the .45 x 2 in div. (got 1 already) then we dump it in your lap Ha / Ha - Now you can see how Piggies Can Fly - Enjoy your day as it is full of insults instead of logic and discussion like U R suppose to do here...
    That is why you buy low and continue to go lower - as Logic and Discussion allows one to earn and Make Piggie Money......

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 27, 2016 11:07 AM Flag

    Glad I don't listen to Wall St. Guidance as they are always a dollar short and a day late / as bad as the analyst that always give opinions (guidance) after the Fact - Like when the stock goes from - 8.50 to 7.50 and then they say - Oh it is time to down grade - LOL
    Now Your the Guidance Idiot - buy low and sell high not the other way around -fdagdd

  • I see the $17.'s high but below $18. dollars a share coming soon - Waiting to buy and C if I'm right on Fri. Morning?
    The lower you buy the higher the Div. is % wise - Unless there is a cut which could happen from some of the Housing News I'm Reading - Slowing ?
    Will buy anyway if $17.80's come on the Fri. Roll......GLTA Investors / Traders , even those shorts need to make a few dimes now and then.

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    by infinitidrivr Apr 27, 2016 9:09 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 27, 2016 10:17 AM Flag

    They don't want to sell assets because it is Port's Cash Cow - and the PPS means nothing to them - at the expense of the shareholder -
    I'm just thankful I got to this party late and in low enough I'm in the Green by several hundred dollars - with Zero Divvy to look forward to.......
    The Ports continue to (IMO) Raid the Cash Drawer and distribute it among the RMR Grouping and Themselves - but in the Green Now so it is a moot point for me -
    The LT Holders though is another point ; I understand their Concerns and Pain , as the Ports and infinti could care less and Pumps BS about "5"...Blow Smoke up someone else's Butt , all here know your Agenda - infiniti?

  • Value here then would be 16.30 / ? don't sell cheap - till you get next div. then dump and rebuy NLY as it drops - ? At least that is my plan - I don't expect NLY to stay up after buying HTS since they will gain a lot more debt and I particular don't like their Mang. team since the PPS of NLY dropped a lot in the last few years and div. got cut in half.
    Note: HTS PPS also did Drop - Apples to Apples Speaking.

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 26, 2016 9:02 AM Flag

    Missed by 40% / est. .05 / hit .03 Lookout boys - electronic traders are going to crush you today..

  • Hold you buys for the afternoon till the dust settles - anyone know what happened?

  • Pentagon / They want to shut down 12 un-needed air bases to save 7 B$ that could be need in other areas of their military budget and could serve better in security / defense - but Rep. in charge of committee says Not in My Back Yard , and will keep them open -wasting another year and 7 B will they Pork the System.....

    and they are the ones complaining about ACA and Debt ceilings - LOL
    "Do as I say Little Republican Boys , Not As I Do - Too Funny".........

    PS - "The Campaign for Pres. on the Rep side is Funnier then a Bunch of Monkeys trying to Frick a Football".

    Keep up the entertainment and HC will be nominating the Supreme Court Judge Idiots..........

    I hear the Cruze has so many faults that they are sending them to dealers anyway and having them fix the issues - Now that Passing the Buck - "Down" - Funny Country we now live in.....

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 23, 2016 4:07 PM Flag

    Then the Shareholders need to take a hard look at the EXE + CEO Pay and Perks / Bene's as they T-Off on the Course. Management is Competitive also - Think they are over paid.

    Stuff a sox in it with your BS about Union Employees - they are the back bone that earns you your Div. nd Pays all the Bonuses / Perk / Club Fees for EXE / CEO's Family also / Co. Vehicles that the EXE all Drive etc. - Yet can't go play a round and even has to Buy their own Vehicles......

    EXE Negotiate their salaries and Perks just as the Union Does So are the EXE Union with their Lawyer Contracts and Parachutes? (You clowns need to get real on Equality and Fair Pay).
    The $40. PPS coming soon / Div. cut - and NO I have never shorted a stock in my life and Not starting now.

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 23, 2016 12:27 PM Flag

    Hal to the Union Employees - Remember that those so called Terrorist are Police / Fire Personal / Nurses , that take care of you and your / Teachers that teach your kids when your at work or other / Dockworkers , that unload all those good in your home / Truckers , that get things delivered to your local stores , an Yes those VZ terrorist that keep the lines up and running in he bad weather and storms while you sit at home collecting your Div. and the CEO - EXE collect those outrages Perks and Bonuses Salaries while walking the Back Nine.....
    They also Fight for Equality for Women and your Daughters Pay Scale work rules - may all you Nay Sayers Against Unions Daughters and Wives have to continue to work for .79 cent to the male 1.00 dollar and never get considered in promotions treated like second class citizens -
    You clowns here against Unions are a bunch of Pd. Hacks and haven't a clue about what is Unionized in your own home and what you have as far as equality in the USA , you can thank a Union Worker that went on a Picket Line in ay gone by -
    PS - Lines cut may be those Sub-Workers trying to get a full time job or Co. People trying to make the Union Look Bad - Proof Then Rant till then stuff a #$%$ in Ur Pie Hole Losers.

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    Iinteresting momentum buiiding........

    by msears99 Apr 18, 2016 1:02 PM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 19, 2016 12:32 AM Flag

    I'm hoping for a retrace to the $3.'s but that may be wishful thinking - Buy Low sell High , a stock like this , that is controlled and manipulated , without a div. and is the managers cash cow - Just my opinion for what that is worth.....

    Ask Infinti - since he knows all and post all the good things but forgets about the FVE PPS down draft and lack of Div. etc. just pumps the other REITs that are in the group , forgetting Portney's have labeled FVE a step - child.... LOL

  • Investors want to know - stay tuned tomorrow morning or into the days to see "IF" some type of "NEWS" Follows in the next day or two?

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 15, 2016 1:29 PM Flag

    Me think if Senior Star were to offer even close to that price a lot of holders would sell their shares - giving them that much more power to push Portnoy's.
    I would like to see that so the Ports would have to get off the dime and either straighten FVE out with a div. and quit bleeding off the profits or have to come back with a counter offer.
    It would be interesting - since I see from the post here a lot of holders are underwater some and would like a chance to get out even close to even.
    but , like I said before , this presently is a purely speculative play on buyout or retrace of PPS for some odd reason back to 5ers or so.
    Disclaimer: in down here with a token amount -Few K - Hold the other REIT's also , at the lows 4 / 6 months ago prices , so I'm in a great position and collect the div also.

    I understand what Ports have done in the past and keep a close eye on their activities - but as long as I'm doing this well I just hold onto their coat tails and can let go easily with a profit of between 15 to 25 % on the others - GOV / SIR / RMR double / SNH - hold CSAL at $18. also now 23.change - sold off win at 8's in at $5.'s/ just luck timing 6 months ago when I switched from Trading (Some Day) to Secure Portfolio for stable and Divvy's.
    GLTA - Utilities are way to high presently to buy in , Mfg. is out / Oil is done for a few years / Gold has Peeked so I sold off all I had / and the Social Media etc. are too dangerous / Pharma are in disfavor and Government is about to step on some of their exploits in Pricing and Neg. deal with Medicare purchases once Government starts to get back to work again.
    but I see a major correction coming - as much as I hate to agree with Trump and Cruz , who just called a Mkt. Crash coming.

  • Then make a decision on what to do....... Sell now when it goes up a little and you lose out.

    Be a little piggy and get all you can before the goose gets slaughtered and has to change its feathers to NLY Brand.

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 15, 2016 3:53 AM Flag

    Personally I make out either way - I Bt. at $14.18 and will collect this coming Div. and if the deal doesn't go through till sometime in the 3rd Q like I read about in News then I may even get 2 more .45 cent div.'s ; then you pay me 15.85 at the least - so I make $1.35 in Divvy and at the least $1.67 in share appreciation - Total $3.02 Sh.
    Win / Win for me - and I see NLY has dropped down even more Thur.
    I just read and article that says they are paying 1.8B - the first article I read said 1.5B so which is it or is the NLY mang. still fumbling along like they have been for the last 5 years.
    Just the right buy at the right time - Now I still am LOL - and think it isn't enough ; as Book value for HTS is suppose to be close to $20 a share.
    I can't lose either way - will hold then decide as the deal comes closer to finalization to Hold or Sell?
    PS - Pigs squeal and Hogs get slaughtered - Me , I make money - Pay me Now or Pay me Later - but Pay me you will NLY Stockholder.

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