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smittensday 90 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 25, 2015 10:12 AM Member since: Feb 1, 2000
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    don't worry jeremy.hackworth

    by halloweencandy2013 Nov 24, 2015 11:45 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 25, 2015 10:12 AM Flag

    Scare Tactics don't work shortie - Try , Try , Try - Again - LOL Not hard to figure out your position and your attempt to manipulate the PPS by dropping little trash post -

    If you know a "fact" that there is a problem or issue with amniofix then explain it ; till then shut your pie hole.

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    Strange trading?

    by jdsomers Nov 24, 2015 12:51 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 24, 2015 3:00 PM Flag

    Possible Electronic Trading got triggered and the fund Managers want to dump this in their ports for the New Year Results.

    They do not like carrying over losers to start a New Year.
    Those of us that are buying it is a gift especially with Jan. 15th payout of .60 a share , what ever you buy at now till Dec. 29th carries a .60 cent gift with it as it has already been announced and will pay out come the 15th of Jan. of record holders till Dec. 29th.

  • Me think this was a No Brainer Purchase -

    Good Luck to all CSAL Holders either as and Entry or Averaging Down.

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    WIN selling CSAL shares affect price ?

    by ie_haymaker Nov 21, 2015 10:12 AM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 23, 2015 2:49 PM Flag

    That is ok for those of us that are buying into either to average down or as and entry point - the other benefit is that the Divvy announcement is .60 and the X date is in the middle of Dec. giving you and extra bonus if you buy.

  • Maybe the Att. Gen finally woke up - and Maybe they will (LOL) go after the Precious Metal Manipulators - Someday ?

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    by yp_brad_brooklyn_park Nov 4, 2015 7:51 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 18, 2015 12:21 AM Flag

    As much as the Dividend is important and the PPS / The P/E does look as good as many other REITs out there - Holding off buying in till the dust settles with News / Thurs. Outcome.
    Own several others / GOV / SNH / GTY - ?

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    Some folks just hate dividends

    by infinitidrivr Nov 2, 2015 3:18 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 16, 2015 3:46 PM Flag

    At 10% on each $100,000 grand that is just over 8 hundred a month to spend without bothering the Principal / A real No Brainer for security IMO.
    (If I was to take it out and splurge). but I don't need that either with SS / Retirement - Hell I don't even take out my 401K and will ride it till 701/2 till forced to take it.
    Earned - Worked as a Journeymen Millwright 12 hr. day 6 days a week and sometime 8 on Sun for years , always had to work on Holidays since that was when Plant shut down and we could do major Maint. moves etc.
    My wife and I built a brand new home , Both retired / Got my Trike and enjoying the good part of aging , don't like the early morning aches and pains though ,just keep moving forward one step at a time , crawl before you walk and walk before you run - Life is good.

    Good luck to all that put the time and effort in and now can reap their just rewards. Moved from Speculative and Risk to A lot more secure and solid here.

  • Even .02 cents would make this stock look very attractive to the street.

    and management would gain by selling a lot of shares for R/D etc. Good game if you can get it.

  • I researched it and thought it was a good entry day just as I did on GOV - and the other ones in this group (GOV / GEO / SNH) and even MPW a different REIT - These REITS all have taken it on the chin from the FED Scare / Yellen and her Interest Rate / Printing Press Tactics and all the Banks as of late that have gotten caught both foreign and domestic with Manipulation of Currency and Precious Metals.

    Lot of Pit Falls out there - I even read where the US Att. General was "Suppose" to go after these Manipulators and name Names and follow through with some personal prosecution but I have yet to see any - even the Swiss are investigating 7 big Banks (Golm*** was named though) for investigation into collusion and manipulation but the Smoke from the Att. Gen. is just smoke and the Too Big to Fail Banks after making all that money just Pay Off the Fines and it all goes back to Business as Usual - Figures.

    Give me my 8 to 10% divvy and now some PPS appreciation and I'll stash it all under my mattress - (Not in Tooo Big To Fail no interest payers anyway). LOL Banks get all the free money they want from the Fed / Yellen so why would they pay interest to investors and depositors. (That policy just hurts the Retirees and non-savy investor and the Government could care less about the elderly IMO.

  • WIN investors lost 25% of their value and CSAL spin off ended up about 50% loss from initial split.

    Even the dividend has not done anything to help - the same ol same old situation is still in place - WIN shows a loss and still pays out the high dividend yet only increasing the debt.

    It will take at least 2 years for these stocks to even attempt to recover and that will only happen "IF" they keep paying out a phony divvy / what management clowns came up with this deal all need fired and a complete new BOD and Direction of the company need established.

    Shame on WIN / CSAL management Idiots for leading investors down this path of LOSS......

    "(I bet they got their bonuses and Perks though)" -

  • I think it is a great entry point for me at this level - had I bought a year r more ago I may not think so but here is a no brainer for me.

    Even if they cut the divvy by 2% / or Portnoy's are at it again - it is still a great solid buy - IMO

  • smittensday smittensday Nov 13, 2015 3:48 PM Flag

    Yep - Split will double share pool but do nothing to PPS other then double because of split - up .07 cent today though - I sold some to even off my count bought in at $8.15 sold at $9.25 just a little bit ago - Nothing wrong with a little profit -

    Will watch and if retreats then I'll buy back in if it drops a few bucks after split.

  • Cut amount of shares in half and doubles the PPS / kissing your sister deal but will benefit down the road with 1/2 amount of available shares to offer.

    Article on US Today News that Americans are buying up gold / as reported by FED as the best sales for Eagles in Years (?)

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    Some folks just hate dividends

    by infinitidrivr Nov 2, 2015 3:18 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 13, 2015 1:17 PM Flag

    As and entry point for me this is a no brainer as I have retired and switching some of my risk to stocks like this - Bought several ones in this group SNH / GOV MPW etc. - down here I think in the long run of things I should do well as far as Divvy stocks goes.

    Yellen and here Printing Press Philosophy and scare tactic Rate hike / coupled with so many uncertainties in he economical world today / oil / I have to say this is about as safe as it gets. (Bar the Portnoy Bros.) pulling some stunt as I see they are not very well received nor respected , but as long as the divvy is here and stays close to what it is now - Oh Well , show me the money$....

  • American Att. General talked smack that they would name name's and hold those accountable but as of now it has shown to be just another smoke screen to play the fiddle to the American investor about Manipulators and their deeds.
    Now though someone else has picked up the ball - Barclays employees Colin Bermingham, Carlo Palombo, Philippe Moryoussef and Sisse Bohart were accused of conspiracy to defraud. Deutsche Bank employees Christian Bittar, Achim Kraemer, Andrea Hauschild, Joerg Vogt, Ardalan Gharagozlou and Kai-Uwe Kapppauf face the same allegation. "(Here are some of those culprits that have been named)" as you can see Barclay's is out in front - "Figures"
    Rest of story is in USA Today News Article on Net.


  • CNN Money - They said things like - QUOTE" The U.S. Mint backs up that assessment. It said gold Eagle coin sales surged to nearly 400,000 ounces last quarter, the highest level in more than five years". -
    Precious metals R in favor and a bargain at these prices and it is just a matter of time till the rooster comes home to roost -

    Now time to go back to polishing up my Bars - LOL

  • This will double the PPS and reduce the amount of shares to 1/2 their present amount.

    Good Thing or Bad?

    Always thought splits etc. either way was a way for Mang. to cover up their inept ability to gain performance and profits for the shareholders -

    What is you Opinion - Thanks in advance for comments.

    PS - I come to the conclusion that our US Gov. is also in bed with the Precious Metal Manipulators since none are really prosecuted just collect a Pay Off Fine , but after they make a bundle extra and it helps Yellen and the Fed maintain the strong dollar by not bringing into play the backed currency with Metals.

  • CEO's and Exe's could care less and they retain their employment , power and on a majority of the time get great revues about their deals with Bonuses -

    I'm talking about the word Bankruptcy and all are on board at the top - the ones left holding the bag are the investors and Tax Collectors so Beware of what is in the Pipeline in the near future and I'm not talking Oil in there - This is for All these oil giants that are feathering along as nothing has changed and no cuts are made at the top or restructure the payment scale of salaries and bonuses.

    Buyer Beware of Oil - Period (.)

  • There is no doubt that some of the FED Employees and these to big to fail banks are in bed together with Manipulation and rigging the Mkts. Same as these big banks (6) are being investigated by the Swiss for Precious Metal Manipulation and Our own Attorney General that made statements 2 months ago about Prosecuting these Sleeze Bags Individually and Naming Names instead of just having the banks buy them off with Fines Hasn't Happened Yet and I doubt if it ever will.

    Now go after Yellen for her Printing press Game as they keep saying the Money Paper they Print the Stronger the Dollar Becomes - Like that really is Logical and Sound Advice.

  • That is why I think market is taking down these long term divvy plays - When people think they can get a Santa Claus Rally of 10 or 15% quick gain they lose site of stocks like GOV , GTY , GEO , MPW and SNH / Not realizing that in the long run of investing and growth / wealth the slow long term divvy plays like GOV that pay out a consistent solid divvy are and easier way to sleep at night. IMHO.....

    Chasing and following the herd off the cliff is always a bad way to play the Markets.

    Young and dumb - I did the same thing years ago and have learned a valuable lessen from the 80's -
    Good luck though to all that try to out guess any market - especially this one for the last year or so.

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