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smittensday 420 posts  |  Last Activity: 2 hours 17 minutes ago Member since: Feb 1, 2000
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  • smittensday smittensday 2 hours 17 minutes ago Flag

    The court can abide by the 2 parties settling out of court and coming to a mutual agreement to a settlement and NON Disclosure Statement to protect the two parties - that said what would Cen agree too and what would Canada agree too - having their Official paraded in front of a hearing to be questioned in Open Court about the LEAK and association to G/M / others possible associated (?) Lot of disclosure could hurt a lot of other officials as they throw someone under a bus - ? ? ?
    Some of the Q's ask by HC on Cen Biotech - intentions - comments - fixes to building etc. a lot to lose on both sides - So My Opinion - Out of Court Settlement will be the most advantages for both parties -

  • Smart move - Having a USA Grow License already will make a difference since US is 5 times bigger then Canada and Canada HC is a Maybe with all the issues that Government Bureau (Dept.) is facing - Lawsuits / internal Leaking etc. they look like Mack and Mo trying to get a Frig. up on a 5 store Building Roof to bring it down 1 flight to and apartment.
    Go EAPH on License / Clean Co. / Distribution in USA and Hopefully Canada can solve their internal Gov. Issues.

  • Cried to Yahoo -
    Easton Pharma- Does have a license / and a partner in California grow op - they have more acres to expand grow op - they have a partnership with a clean company that is for removal of bacteria and mold and undesirables in the growing and production of MJ / MMJ / They are also applicants to merge with a grow op in Canada at 49% once Canadian license is received.
    FACTS can be verified - do some DD and research - PPS for a license grower is ? compared to EAPH - .018 / No speculation on If they get USA lic. only how fast they can expand distribution in USA - and a maybe in Canada -but the USA license is worth 5 times more because of the size alone of the countries.
    Disclaimer - I own both FITX and EAPH and other MJ / MMJ plays - GL and do your own DD and make up your own mind.
    LICENSE GROW OP / DISTRIBUTION SET UP /CLEAN CO. all USA Based and wanting to go into Canada - FACTS.

  • smittensday smittensday 2 hours 45 minutes ago Flag

    I don't need your thumbs - Bill gives FITX enough and I didn't like them or his FB / Ukrainian BS either -

    I try to center on Facts and Links - been investing for a long time - play a little with otc. pennies but most my money is safe and sound in Gold / Silver / Divvy plays like Utilities / ETF etc. - but these are just play money any profits go to other venues.
    Years ago when I first came to Yahoo - 2000 - Same Name since - posted / talked about the stock and potential and the negative but this BS / ID changing / Trash / sexual innuendos / and hate mongering did not exist - today the kids have a lot to learn about respect and DD / Facts / Research / Links - but I see nothing but degrading from here - Yahoo goes for ratings and hits like M.F. / Globe etc. stretch the truth and play with wording but really don't say anything only innuendo or subjective / leaning post. Total bunch of Idiots and a waste of time effort -
    We are here to share truths and make money and if op arrives share other stocks and their potential but supply facts and links when ask to do so - Not this Blurt out - License Is Coming - Or - This Stock Is A Pump and Dump with no link or Proof - just pd. Bashers / Competitor Slugs / Mad Residents / Some that sold and lost because they didn't buy low and sell high , only took this board for DD and now cry about it. IMO.
    Boards are a real waste in OTC Penny Pink Land - not so much in Big Board LT companies but these spec. plays are like the wild west.

  • smittensday smittensday 3 hours ago Flag

    It wasn't hard to figure out these Bashers and their Agendas - either a short / competitor Slug / or angry holder - seller that lost a few buck from not doing his DD and got nervous.
    Clowns think they can move a PPS by their Post - get real foolish short - If that were so true the go to Apple / Google and make millions as you short there the post so trash - LOL at such a lame poster.

  • smittensday smittensday 3 hours ago Flag

    Little more then two if the companies website (s) are accurate / Hemp / Creative / Cen / Ins. / other -

  • smittensday smittensday 3 hours ago Flag

    Does that mean you play word games by asking questions instead of statements - Go do some DD and find out for yourself - This board is not for you to come bash with not at least a disclosure of agenda - you own no shares so why are you here.

    Don't ask shareholders to do your Dirty Work or try to get them to expose something for you - go find out the truth and post a link or your a Liar -with other then honorable intentions.

    Tired of seeing your cry baby lame BS post - move on or become a clone M.F.- er like your writer Twin.

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    TALK ABOUT CYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by digby13 3 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 3 hours ago Flag

    After the fact release of CYA - So Funny even for HC Canada Officials - LMAO - at their lame attempt to put the genie back in the bottle.

  • smittensday smittensday 5 hours ago Flag

    Just the fact your name and address is plastered all over the poster board and net should concern you with all the interesting people we have in this country - I've been around a long time and seen that happen multiple times , even here already with 2 posters and possible few others -
    It is simple - a high school hack can find your isp and track you down - and for a few dollars if a company wants to at least serve you papers or find out who is constantly bashing and making statements "That Too is covered under your Information Discovery / Disclosure Act" -
    (Double Bladed Ax swings both ways doesn't it) - (?) When some people have $Millions at stake what's a few $hundred - in Discovery Research - it is a Tax write off for company also - (?)

    It is something that could be concerning and a possibility here with all the back and forth I see - this is one of the most hostile poster boards I see on all my stocks and The ID changes / Threats / Sexual Innuendo / BS direct talk to each other and by passing the reason for this board to talk about the stock - Just like this thread - really has no discussion about the stock other then what you say about the reference to Truth - (and I assume it is what you think you have found out about the company) and not always , but sometimes have no verifiable link / proof associated with it -
    Plus the hassle to court / cost / etc. would it be worth it for a stock you don't own or have any skin in the game - BUT if your short / a competitor associated in some way / or angry resident then the discovery process will also alert the company to that and that is where information hits the poster board and court - that info. has a negative agenda for a purpose of Personal Gain and that is Liable and could cost you in court. IMO

  • smittensday smittensday 6 hours ago Flag

    The only Bag Holder here is you for staying with that wife of yours at home - LMFAO at - U -

  • Bunch of shorts will be out early tomorrow morning I'm sure -

  • smittensday smittensday 18 hours ago Flag

    A lot of idiots do not understand - these MMJ / MJ plays / they think quick in / out - short play the game.

    Some companies will make it and the ones that make it are the ones that have a grow facility / a distributions set up / the proper equipment for quality and Bacteria / mold suppressant - Sounds like Easton - Now all Easton needs to do is expand into other places - Canada / USA different states etc. - slowly / structured , not all over night like so many want and other try to do and then go under -

    Have a license to grow in California is most important - many are not seeing the potential with that but are focused on Canada - we could lose Canada deal and still be in fine shape - Canada is only and enhancement now a portion of Easton capability now that these things are in place - and at .019 / or a little lower - If your betting on other MMJ / MJ plays how many have in place what EAPH has - and if the do have License to grow and a distribution set up - what is their PPS right now - Look at the ones in Canada listed Tweed / alphia 12 others / or the other ones in the states that are publically traded - what is their PPS - and investors here are complaining - Read the Tea Leaves - Buying Op (IMO) and I don't like to Pump but you compare these FACTS to the market place and make up your own mind but I'm have and order in to buy and will buy more as funds come available here.
    GL and do some follow up research / DD and find me another one that has all that Easton has in place and at this PPS - .02 - .019 - Good Luck with that -on a Licensed grow with extra acres to grow and stores set up for sales of other products and the quality equipment partner - Reality 101 - sounds almost to good to be true doesn't it ????
    Once a lot of other realize this about Easton the PPS should not be at this level for very long - 3 Mo. or less is my best guess - but that is my Opinion / The other things are FACTS you can verify easily with a little DD.

  • smittensday smittensday 20 hours ago Flag

    That is because there are so many MMJ Plays and a lot of investors are missing on their DD and Facts -

    Easton has in Fact a License to Grow with the California company - and all they need is to set up a store in California to distribute - then expand to other states that have Rec. and MMJ and there a 4 now - plus several with just MMJ (medical) - Ohio is planning to vote on both at one time Rec/ Medical in Nov. Washington DC just oked Rec. for small amount - Alaska / Oregon / Colorado are both Rec. / Medical and Florida is setting up Plans to allow MMJ ?
    It will not be long till a bunch more states ok it.

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    Why isn't EAPH taking off?

    by chyn2000 Feb 25, 2015 3:01 PM
    smittensday smittensday 20 hours ago Flag

    Easton is part of Cal. Grower so they in fact have a license to grow in the USA - Now can they get a License to sell it in Canada and can they get a partnership with the other Canadian grower they are trying to buy 49% into - but they in fact have a grow facility / and if-when they build a distribution network in the USA they will be a Grower / Sell of MMJ and hopefully get in a Rec. state to sell MJ -
    Washington / Oregon / Colorado / Now Washington DC - Ohio has a vote in Nov. and Fl is working on a plan so Easton has its pick of where in USA to open and get approval in the USA - if Canada continues its BS lack of Action - IMO.
    Is this a buy - with that knowledge it is far better buy here then over half the ones just applying and have no organization or active plan in place.
    Do your own DD but this all sounds very Viable Plan to me.

    These are Facts / Not "IFs" and Maybes - - so what do you want to invest in a Maybe / of If - or EAPH that has Grow License associated in Cal. and just setting up distribution and a Possible in Canada - but USA is alive and well just needs expanded to other venues.

  • I put a order in to buy more for .018 - if it fills ok if it don't that is ok too. the shares I presently own are house shares / I sold off 1/3 my amount once it tripled for me - now I have put in this order and that is a little higher then I wanted to but will buy and hold till it triples or doubles from here - .018 x 2 /.036 or higher then sell some and take profits - Only way to play otc. Pinks that are this speculative - good DD and opportunity but on their dime not mine. IMO - Invest smart on these MMJ plays.

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 25, 2015 1:46 PM Flag

    If removed this FAST - then HC settled out of court and License is coming - but I didn't say it as License Is Coming Today or next week like the Pumpers - LOL
    I refer to: if this court battle got settled that quick without a formal reply by HC and a request for and extension ; then the only logically conclusion is HC caved - because there is a mountain of evidence to be reviewed , and the court would not nilly / willy go through something that quick - "IMO" !

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 25, 2015 1:35 PM Flag

    You are in a otc Pink stock trying to develop into a MMJ grower - it take time to build from a completely New Sector / New Business and a lot of Missteps / learning needs to happen - In Plain English it is a Purely Speculative Investment along with the 1000' or so other MMJ companies that are attempting to do the same thing.
    101 Investment Rule - People Can and Do Lose Money In The stock Market - and may I add that especially in a new business start up in a newly formed sector and in another country - Politics do play a roll.
    (Obama Vetoing the Oil pipeline out of Canada to the USA) - think they didn't notice the lose of jobs / taxes that would of brought , and attitudes to retaliate?
    Do you Research and DD and if you don't want to take a chance here go somewhere else to invest - but to just come here to be a critic - Please at least be Honest with your Agenda - short or against legal MJ Period.
    Now buy that or move on or get labeled a short / cry baby MJ hater. Your choice.

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 25, 2015 12:25 PM Flag

    Is someone twisting your arm to buy this stock - go buy one you think is better and move on - staying here to trash and complain is show your a short or cry baby and we really don't want to here from either.

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 24, 2015 11:48 PM Flag

    Lame attempt to side step the issue - You and I know what the truth is - you just do not have the guts to tell the truth and Pump so you can get back to even and run away - sorry pal - You bought a otc. Penny Pink -and in case you don't know it - People can and do lose money in the sock market - Now spell check that - Baggie -
    I own the stock but don't hide from the truth either - you're Pathetic and Lame to try to suk in other to repeat the same mistakes you made - It is one thing to lose money because of your own dumb DD but to try to drag others by Pumping BS - You have to answer to a higher up on that one -
    Like the dummy standing on the railroad tracks saying what train as it run you over - That is ok ; but to drag someone along with you is sad , and you have to live with yourself , may you not sleep on a soft pillow , but a pile of bricks for you actions at night. Can't pour 5 Gal. in a 3 Gal. Bucket just as you Can't teach the un-teachable (because of Ignorance or Bullheadedness) which ever you are?

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 24, 2015 10:54 PM Flag

    They should of read the tea leaves and crystal ball and visited a swammy and went there a year ago as far as thinkanddothedd says - Where do they come from and who raised these kids to grow up with this type mentality -
    Here's one ; think they got a heads up about Ohio and the potential there , Ohio will vote in Nov. on Legalizing both Recreational and Medical MJ - Oh , that is right ; a poster on this board has sent all the info. to them including the contacts / the governors view / the ones on the left and right of the positions , and whom to contact to lay the ground work (all sent to Easton weeks ago) - Now why didn't this poster do the same for Alaska since he is so far ahead of the curve - LMFAO.
    Now how would I know that - Geee , must be my crystal ball - that the swammy gave me when I went to the carnival tent - LOL

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