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smittensday 730 posts  |  Last Activity: 59 minutes ago Member since: Feb 1, 2000
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  • smittensday smittensday 59 minutes ago Flag

    Kind of odd all these reply's and KMI is $38. while EPB is above $40. today -

    Now you all can repost explaining your fantastic analysis on that $2. gap -- You got to love it....LOL

  • smittensday smittensday 1 hour 28 minutes ago Flag

    Hi Dog what's the News (?) from town and etc. Both sides if you have em Please---- Thanks in advance.

  • smittensday smittensday 1 hour 29 minutes ago Flag

    I said get all paperwork in order and file when the issue of the Town asking HC to hold up license "is" / "If" granted - I know how long courts go ( I had one last 3 years myself - eventually won but the time cost a lot of money so had to get Pd. for that too).
    but let it be know FITX is not going to sit back and wait - Bill did hold off going to Council Meeting where he could of spoke up against the request of Town council to ask HC to hold license and that too could of been on record - He should of went but did the Town a favor and you see what they did then on the vote - So Bill needs to make sure they know it is now getting beyond talk and gentlemen agreements since some on council don't live up to their word like what was on video - Fact / Politicians (?) Personal libel (?) because of video (?) lot of open doors their for review IMO.

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    Might as well show the financials

    by omarhatesyou Sep 30, 2014 6:25 AM
    smittensday smittensday 1 hour 48 minutes ago Flag

    It is sure reassuring to hear some are getting this Info. (The cats out of the bag - I personally had this conversation with the CEO in the past week) Sure am glad some special people can call up CEO and find out all this a week earlier and then when it does come out a week later in PR and the PPS jumps back up they knew about the PR news ahead of time -
    Better be careful there bub - there are some on here that are looking for a reason to get ride of CEO and that kind of info. could be interpreted as Inside Info. and If Some - Yahoo - bought last week when the PPS was down in .05's and now is in .08's right at Fri. climb - Post some more Info. from your private conversation - I think all would like to know what was said since your apparent to privy info. / Does he take all investors Phone Calls and gives out all that Info. ( I bet "NO" ).
    Me think a PR should of came out before that conversation to any investor period -
    PS - I posted everything you clowns are now saying a few weeks ago on here about new investors / PR on financials / etc and was called a Basher now other just seem to have the CEO saying things about it to other investors - Geez what clowns we have here......
    Now Bash away - and say you have been say it for years - but that is why I sold 2/3 back a few years ago because of the private conservations and non- disclosures of sales and financials / expenses / etc. but you guys keep it up your real professional investors LOL.

  • Bill need to Pre - Prepare the Paperwork for the Law suit against the Town / Council for a minimum of $30M+ dollars to recoup the money involved with the build and investors money against the Town / Council for the Game they played and now the attempt to change the rules on the verbal comments on video / paperwork that was filed / the paperwork that was inspected in approval of what was done / etc. this will get him ahead of the game "If" and HC stops license on this issue from the town. Period - Now is the time to go to court since they even ask him not to attend the meeting / which would of at least given him opportunity to speak against their action on record - sly sneaky political trick there too. all evidence that can be used in court. (Most is already verified and on record.
    Soft Ball Gentlemens Game is over - Time to Play Hard Ball.- Bill - File the Briefs - That is why we Hired Attorneys from Cal. / Etc. Protect the Investors and Company.............IMO

  • smittensday smittensday 2 hours 22 minutes ago Flag

    Let me get this right -
    Now there are 3,500,000,000 share Available and over 2,700,000,000 out there either in restricted status or publically held ,
    Your saying the this company once it gets the HC license and not grow a plant / nor have a customer base / nor sold a bag of weed is worth -(your average price) $1.30. x 3,500,000,000 = $4550,000,000. Billion Dollars.
    Your not only smoking something you must be taking LSD / Speed / Crack - combo.
    ROF - LMAO - I need a joke today that's for the laugh - At best if they get license from HC the PPS "may" rise from .15 to .25 cents and the .25 to .35 once and if the second facility gets a license.....and this now is going to depend on a number of factors - HC accepting the fit they have done at facility no. 1 and if both facilities even get the residents majority and town to not continue the attempt to hold the license up - then in a few month we don't end up in a long dragged out expensive court battle / 6 months at least down the road to resolve barring appeals.
    Bill needs to start the Town Law suit paper work Now to be as ready as possible to file if the Town does get a hold on License and call HC to make sure they give him a heads up "soon as" or "If" one is issued.
    PS - I'm not a basher just live in reality world - and am hold all my shares now till the cows come home to the City Council and dump a load on the flip / flopping members with a $30M+ dollar suit for Play Games on this and Playing Politics with $Millions of dollars of investors money.....

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    Theres something coming

    by tyboy67 6 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 6 hours ago Flag

    Now what kid of stupid post is that - The space shuttle is landing in your back yard - Did you hitch a ride to the moon - or - are you a candidate for the first mars trip?

    This board is for information (linked / verifiable) for INVESTORS and then you have clowns / bashers / pumpers with personal agendas ; which of these three are you?

  • You need to get things done and move towards the goal post or hand the ball off to someone that can.

    Hold a meeting with sub - management if you have em and see if any of them have ideas of how / what EAPH can do to change the game plan and move this company one step forward towards financial security.

    Good management counts on the people they hire or replace them - One man stand don't cut it in todays business world no matter how smart a CEO / CFO may think they are - There is always another better idea out there waiting to come forward.
    Learn from history and move forward - Don't keep looking back to stay there and continue to do the same thing over and over yet expect different results. "That Be Stupid Me Think"!

  • smittensday by smittensday Sep 27, 2014 1:15 PM Flag

    All these post and 85% are bringing up old news and countering each others comments / This poster board doesn't solve shyt - It is Management Responsibility!
    Reality 101 should hit you in the face - All those PR's / News / Headlines has brought you to this a .056 PPS - Now bring that up and explain that in detained analysis -
    Lack of Financials / Sales / Expenses Reports / Bret & Co. not answering to its shareholders , yet these clowns want to talk about what happened at the last expo - or what a Dr. said about NNLX Tech. 5 years ago - They can't see the forest for the tree.

    You may have a lot of smart analysis personal on here and a bunch of smart people about the Product but basic 101 investment strategy / and common sense / logic is hard to find among the posters.

    Keep looking backwards with Coulda / Woulda / Shoulda and don't ask the company for updated information and reports ; and that is all you'll do is look back at your money slowly being all used up and the BOD and Bret going to another expo. in another country on your dime. They are having a great time while vacationing in all these places yet the - Sales are What - The Expenses are What - The Profits are What ?
    Don't you get it? - what happened 5 years ago and 1 year ago got you a .056 PPS value now , today / Get it Dummies!
    Now sit back and have you social meeting about Bashers and they are the reason the PPS is in the toilet - But don't dare ask the Management for answers?
    LMAO - If it wasn't for how lame the posters are here. This Poster Board Is not Going To Solve The Problem - It Is Managements Job Period.

  • I'm done till Monday - Had fun - gain some insight laughed a lot but enough games till Mon. Open and hopefully some news will come out that cooler heads are starting to prevail and resolve the issues instead of pointing fingers - It is up to them not this Poster Board / Company / Town Council / HC / Residents - and oh yea , now some Attorneys (ambulance chaser to get their fee).

  • smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 7:49 PM Flag

    I followed your post and much of the info. was spot on in the end results - I've learned to not burn bridges and sometimes it is better to listen to (2) people talking (posting) and gain both sides then you have your own view - this "I know everything and FITX will be $10. a share is a pipe dream IMO -Reality 101 is better to rly on.
    Poster here need to look at all sides of a - Brand New Sector - with a Brand News CEO at the helm directing it - Especially with all the potential back lash and political and issues that can come up (Like has Happened with FITX0 No question Bill / Town council / HC and Residents all share in problem - the thing I am looking for is the Solution - I negotiated Union Issues many Times and all at fault needs to quit pointing fingers and Solve the Problems and get back to work or move on.
    Plenty of blame to go around and that Solves shyt - So Bill / Town Residents / Council and HC need to get on same Pg. and Resolve issue.
    Dog being as active and from other post I have read I'm sure as a resident you have someone inside that has relayed info. about build etc. the business end probably is just opinions from them but the build and what is going on now - I'm guessing is your source - you don't have to answer and I'm only guessing and really don't want to know it. So don't POST it.
    GL in what ever you do - Keep us that follow updated some - not all are idiots. Thanks - Smitten by the mkt. in smittensworld my other name I never use but have since 2000 /

  • smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 6:08 PM Flag

    Yea - I read your post - I decided not to "IG' anymore - one sided can cause you to lose money - blinders and falling in love with stock -all negatives in investing.
    If you have reliable info. Thanks it helps -as long as it can be cross checked - or if Helmet does post reliable info. with links I too will read and check - but Opinions - Well you know that story - We all have em -and they are like A holes we all have them too.
    I believe in my DD and I am responsible for my buy and sell orders and my making and losing money - You / Bashers / Pumpers and the rest have nothing to do with that and blaming others for my mistakes is not a responsible person.

    " Now " - There are other reason for money lose etc. scam / false info. mistake on someone's part that then can be blamed to them and if I have enough money down then enter a class act. but usually poster here have only got a few K to possible couple 100K invested - big boys don't go on poster boards as a norm. unless it is and insider try to ? - Just My Opinion though.

  • By no means is this a perfect always right accurate ; but it does give you a base line to start with.
    Some may want to write it down just to use it to give a base line to work from / other who cares let em ask a poster board.

    1) Take Annual sales of a company - (That be Yearly). and FITX has yet to get and on MJ.
    2) Multiply 4X or 6X times Sales /.
    3) Take sum and divide it by _ Outstanding _ shares /.
    4) Answer is a base on PPS to gage where a company is basically.

    Like I said it is a "General" way to gage a companies value - some new companies and start up that have a yearly sales , I use 4X and longer standing companies , I use 6X - it just places you on a constant way to gage companies your looking at and how you can cross check share value , compared to the price it is selling for.
    Super large Co. well established Co. are sometimes way out the norm and a lot are pretty close , so use it as any other tool - just one in the box to practice with on your investment journey. Learn all you can and if it helps "Good" if "Not" quit doing it and move on to other tools that do.
    (Just a FreeBee to some new her to use to learn a structured plan to investing) - poster Boards can give you information but check the info. out and if it helps you ; great - Links / PR's / SEC Reports / GOOD but Opinions and Emotion BAD - of course this is my Opinion). So do your DD and good luck.....

  • smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 5:16 PM Flag

    Play - Now you do have and element on here bashing for other reasons like "Residents" and of Course the "Competitors Agenda" - Now those are fair Game and I hope somehow they get caught up in some shyt down the road but odds are with them since a cheap penny like this usually won't be a major game changing factor "UNLESS" - Some Idiot Insider does something real stupid and Insider Trading or Information can be Proved - Not Likely but it does happen.
    Just as a few other MJ stocks got halted by SEC while they snooped around - that would hurt FITX for some time. I don't see that as a fact presently.
    There are those Idiots that just got a Poster Name today that said something about Bill saying something happened in his past (I won't give credence to it by posting it) and of course that Idiot that posted about some 20Million dollar Holder saying something because he knew someone and worked somewhere - those Idiots need Looked at IMO.

  • smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    Why not have fun - 90% of the post on here are BS -without a link or proof - News PR or someway to verify the stuff being posted from any poster , it is BS / and a opinion - waste of time just entertainment -
    Fact is - we will be waiting till the Political situation cools down - the Town and HC decide what they want to do and the resolution from the company and residents and when / if a law (s) are filed and the time it takes to solve that stuff.
    Till then have fun buy on Dips if you choose or sell and buy back in later or sell and go away or Bash for other reasons - doesn't matter the answer isn't here - "Just like when you go to a community bath room and stand in front of a urinal and looking up for some joke written on the wall and it says" - - - Don't Look Here The Joke Is In Your Hand" - LOL Fools think they can solvesomething here - People will do what is best for their agenda not what you spew here..or they are Real Fools! IMO. Better entertainment here then on afternoon TV.....

  • LOL - too long -have to navigate it - you know the patience these posters have - We don't want them to become Patients of MJ to calm down.........ROF_LMAO at these guys today! Both sides!

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    by tedrundolf Sep 26, 2014 3:18 PM
    smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 3:27 PM Flag

    Stupid isn't the word for it - striped PJ's may be more appropriate -

    Charged and conviction are a different matter so prove it or face a LS at best ?

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    These people are pulling stuff out

    by chubbs_czcheck Sep 26, 2014 3:09 PM
    smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 3:23 PM Flag

    You link comes up bogus on google and yahoo search - only thing close is a Black Website unreliable or credible try again and post FACT or your De - Bunked Idiot.

  • smittensday smittensday Sep 26, 2014 3:01 PM Flag

    Helmet I hope your right - been here a little while now and do not like losing money -and I hate to bail and my cash was here so long and gained -O- Not what we are here for.......

  • Bill has made a few mistakes here so I'm - 50% / 50% - as to what happened - NOT IMPORTANT NOW PERIOD !

    What is important is how / Where does the Company go from here.

    Smooth over the council - Donate a Park / Lib. addition what ever - contribution Bill needs to mend bridge first.
    Address the residents bicth session - they will bend his ear but his best recourse is shut his mouth as much as possible and take a tongue lashing - But Bill being and Att. Me afraid talk to him would be like throwing gas on a fire.
    Political season isn't not going to go away and we will have no choice but to ride this out The Elevator will follow the news Up and unfortunately Down for a while , I see a range bound .03 to .05 depending on what comes up till resolution - eventually FITX has a 90% chance on winning but - Cost - Time - Customer Base is all at the mercy of this BS now.

    A real investor will Play the dips and B/S - Those that fell in love with the stock will be adamant holders here and those that were against FITX will not change their view and get more desperate - Take your position.

    REMEMBER - Most are her to make money period - Longs and Shorts - but now we have Competitors BS to deal with in a news sector and we have Crying Residents so the Neg. side will most likely be in their favor for a little while longer - Till Resolution and if / when we get license and back on track.
    Play the dips is you believe FITX will win and buy - sell if bad news comes - hold some if you make some profit and average down if you believe in the end FITX prevails -
    In the mean time - Play the Entertainment Game - GLTA and take your places.

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