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  • smittensday smittensday 1 hour 27 minutes ago Flag

    Been busy moving money - sold EPB 1/2 position will keep 1/2 till KMI merge goes through Nov. 26 then KMI is expected to go down a little then back up above current level , made a good buck there.
    Bought NE / SDRL they are off over 50% this year "catch a falling knife" - I don't think so on oil drilling stock , will rebound plus divvy great - over 7% on NE and they just announced a shareholder vote to buy back shares now PPS is so low and SDRL divvy is 18% I do expect that to come down some but even if 1/2 would still be 9% dividend - Swiss voting to make their central bank buy up gold and hold 1/5 in reserve same as China is doing - Great op in SLV and Gold right now (No Divvy) but up side is huge op IMO.
    Penny world here and other MMJ plays floundering and nothing going to happen till HC get off their created headache of MMAR / MMPR IMO.
    GL to all investors - Bashers go suk a lizard egg.......and get a life - announce you agenda or go away...clown boys.

  • Opened green and stayed all day - did some of you cover today LMAO

    I hate shorts - even though they can make money I just hate their BS trying to influence the PPS and using other shares to make a suits IMO

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    OT - Seadrill

    by rogers2308 3 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 2 hours 5 minutes ago Flag

    Oil Cartel wants to stop exploration at all cost - USA is now able to export oil / Canada oil sands and fracking is denting their money so they figure flood the market for a while and it will push there companies to slow down from poking more holes - I think in 6 / 10 months it will prove out a mistake for the cartel but we shall see........

  • smittensday smittensday 2 hours 11 minutes ago Flag

    You wouldn't be trying to short would you? Little late for that isn't it - I think the mistake is you trying to interpret a chart - LOL

  • Hold the other 1/2 for KMI merge to complete on Nov. 26 then (IMO) KMI will go down some then rebound up above their present level once they consolidate and reduce the multiply duplications of divisional activity.
    Bought NE - SDRL They are down a lot / SDRL has a very high divvy but I think it will be cut some -18% div.
    and NE has instituted a shareholder vote on a share buy back - (7% div.). Really dropped in 12 months / I don't think this is a falling knife issue but you never know where a top or bottom is?

    I expect a turn around in oil in 6 / 12 months sending these stock drillers up 20 - 30%+ all a guessing game but diversification will help in todays market IMO.
    GLTA investors

  • smittensday smittensday 2 hours 38 minutes ago Flag

    BF Bill will not put out a PR he will run to Face Book and blurt out something that can be mis - construed into 10 different stories.

    I'm a long her and have yet to see FB - Bill do anything Professional as a CEO - He has done a bunch of mistakes and unexplained FB Postings but has yet to put out a real PR explaining the facts.

    Chrysler you remind me of and insider that try's to sneakily Pump this stock - Wait and see from Town meeting if the Passage of zoning is beneficial to FITX then wait and see if the Health Canadian Government issues a license.
    HC hasn't issued one in a while and I don't think it is because of just the Town issue - I think HC has made some issues for themselves and are waiting till Feb. 2015 to clear up the MMAR / MMPR problem - The license they did issue lately were to a company that was bought by a company that already had a license so that was a gimme -
    The FB Bill - spin-off is just that a spin for now - No real info. on PR as to amount of shares / cost / how the present PPS will be divided - NADA - just a "MAY - BE" Blurt to quiet the Blinder Wearing Troops - NON - Professional and NON fact checkable , Get Real info. and it isn't from this Board - either a Link / Cross Checkable / Informative PR - Not sketchy Coulda - Woulda - Shoulda BS.

  • They want to increase their holding to 1/5 of National / Just as China is doing - What do these countries know and why are they wanting to increase their National Reserves in Gold (Precious Metals - Commodities).

    I see a rush to safety and they are worried about global economical collapsing into another major recession.

  • Not sure how this buy back will affect the PPS and the company -
    1) will the Buy Back money come from a lowed divvy or do they have plans to use existing monies - and why not pay down debt - on the high interest loans first?

    I sold off some EPB that went up substantially from my buy in because of this merge with KMI and was looking at NE / SDRL as parking some LT money - but don't want to catch a falling knife as these two stocks (NE / SDRL) are on the downward slide now - good to buy low but very hard to find bottom?

    I expect KMI will take a hit down once the merge (Nov. 26) is done then KMI will go up expecting 10% in 6 months because of consolidation of divisions and reduction of duplicate operations. / Keep half of EPB to transfer into KMI stock - at a fair rate plus cash.
    GLTA all - New to NE / SDRL -

  • smittensday smittensday 3 hours ago Flag

    A little while back the oil cartel was reported to of decided to not cut production in hopes to keep the PPBarrel down to slow drilling / oil sands and fracking in the US and Canada. They want the cost to be to great and to slow oil exploration across the globe. Plus they need the money and already in production - Hurt Competition and slow growth of other companies is a smart plan but will not last for long IMO.

    Oil prices will rise again in less then 1 year IMO - and this will bring back the drillers like SDRL and NE - I just bought both today and will add accordingly. Catching a falling knife , I know but these two stock have dropped substantially for a while now and it is time to get my feet wet here. Add as I can.
    PS - sold off some EPB to do the deal as the merge with KMI and EPB has resulted in my EPB to gain a lot and the transfer of EPB to KMI - KMI will go down some once deal is done on the 26th Nov. then I expect KMI to go up 10% in 6 months because of the consolidation and elimination of duplicate division reductions.
    NE is got up for a vote , a plan for share buy back - (but IMO that will result in divvy cut too is my guess). and a divvy cut here for SDRL is expected - We shall see - GLTA

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    Maybe U.S. debt really doesn't matter anymore

    by bhodabs50 Nov 23, 2014 5:39 PM
    smittensday smittensday 19 hours ago Flag

    Really - and the Fed Printing Free Money isn't creating inflation down the road as the abundance of dollars cause its Value to Drop wait till the dollar is worth only .46 cents...or less - Yellen and the rest are in for a huge awakening soon - Late Spring is my guess - IMO

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    Either a Smart Move or a Dumb Move

    by shapiro.sanford Nov 23, 2014 5:12 PM
    smittensday smittensday 19 hours ago Flag

    I don't expect the divvy to be cut but I don't expect the Q report to be good either - I'll wait till Report is out the make my decision - I want to buy but think it may drop to below $20. / if not I'll pay the extra dollar or two - I can't see it going up much above that will the present PPB of oil and the holding off on drilling right now.

    Good luck though - NE / SDLR and oil Pre Barrel will go back up above a buck next spring IMO and we all will be back making more money.

  • smittensday smittensday 19 hours ago Flag

    He's a Dweeb why waste time with him and let the sorry son of a street bicth get under your skin - He is aka - stockme (ed) lame laman the town crying baby that thinks he know all about charting and hasn't a clue , he touted Tweed and trashes FITX so his agenda is plain and simple a competitor stooge that can't go to tweed board cause they don't have one....
    Just let the idiot post and don't answer him - tell him go find out who his daddy was since he has a pick and the best part of that child was running down his mom's leg after the fact - Don't let him goat you into his childish games (Like I just did to him - Now the Bicth will have to reply and I'll Laugh at his attempt to state a post with me - Put his ID's on "IGville and be done with "it" the He-she!!!

  • I still don't see the PPS going up more then .12 cent from here / possible .15 total at best / possible a few bumbs up for a short time for the first day but I can't see it holding till Q reports are green on MMJ side / customer base is in / growing and shipping activity / but never .12 to .15 till all this happens and that will take a few months from here at the in quickest time period , If all goes Perfect - IMO - "Pie in The Sky" isn't a reality for this company now with all the BS and CEO actions / FB Bill seems that every thing he does he Pssss off people and investors etc. He needs to go to 101 CEO School - or tone it down and respect the investors with informative PR's and do away with Thumbs Up / and Face Book BS. Not the way to run any company , yet alone one having so many problems and so new to the market in a completely New Sector....
    Just my Reality Check - Agree or Not I don't care - I post what I see going on and that is my read on FITX right now.

  • smittensday by smittensday Nov 21, 2014 10:52 PM Flag

    This mornings short interest was 29,2 Million and now is 11,5 Million for Monday , so that said , look at this mornings 1 day chart - FITX opened at .021 and went down just a little , and at the most down was .017 so either the short 's sold in the very first hour as the rest of the day stayed green and they covered their position before 4:00 PM almost 18 Million - Depending on where they placed their bet - "Me Think Some Shortie's Lost Money Today" - Analysis is a bicth isn't it shorts - Why not carry those 18 M over till Monday again? LOL

  • September was the end of the Q - and FITX has for the last couple Q's usually Files a late amendment - So Where is it or where is the Q- Report for Sept. it is the 3rd week of Nov. and no notice of late filing so are we to expect the Q Report out soon or was the "Spin-Off" a distraction to give more time to the amount of loss ( i ) expect ????? Face Book Bill Please Reply in a Timely Manner since You may not have enough issues on your plate while in other countries and i just want to give you a heads up on your possible "Forgetfulness".

    Just being a little sarcastic and a smart #$%$ but FB Bill has allowed himself to get into this position and the Q - Report really can tell us investors what May / May Not be going on?

    I still have not sold but concerned - riding the bear into the ground if I have to (House Money) - but this comment is why FB Bill makes the big CEO Money isn't it - Investors?

  • Div. was Pd. - I must of fell asleep......

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    does anyone know?

    by johnlodge83 Nov 21, 2014 12:49 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 21, 2014 7:11 PM Flag

    FB Bill knows and he has not disclosed that as of yet - I don't think you will have to worry about it now anyway he has way to many other issues to deal with first or the shares are going to be worthless no matter what.
    Town / County / Feds / Feds on License - No money coming in but lots going out lease / wages / BOD / overhead / services will quit taking shares as payment once they realize this co. is in the situation it is in - business will want money up front not restricted shares on a promise they may go up in price.
    Bill has got a mess to clean up before he can grow / sale deliver MMJ and spin-off can not do that for him right now since he needs the Nutrition sides money - Lot of things need to happen first and it is all laying it the Leader - Face Book Bills Lap????

  • smittensday smittensday Nov 21, 2014 7:03 PM Flag

    If you read at the bottom of the released PR you will see May / May Not happen - I think FB Bill cornered himself and is trying to calm the blind folded troops and just put that out there isn't going to happen and if it does many months if not year or two down the road. -
    There are so many other things that have got to happen before he could do that and up - list.
    Resolve Lakeshore or go to court / Get HC Lic. and all that mess - Start to grow / get customers / line up services - He put that out but he isn't even producing anything or growing or solve the first messes he has gotten into so we shall see No MONEY coming into FITX MMJ as of Now. - but if Town / Fitx / County / Feds don't resolve anything that is the last thing to worry about since , The Co. is eating up thousands of dollars for wages / BOD outside services in Lawyers / financials / trips / etc and LEASES / Time is not on FITX's side and creating a cart in front of the horse situation was totally dumb. (but this is and opinion of mine) No facts just Guessing / FB Bill needs to stick that Thumb in his mouth and not in Photo Ops and Build The Business First IMO.

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    Underwriters Anyone?

    by studpuppat26 Nov 20, 2014 12:29 PM
    smittensday smittensday Nov 21, 2014 5:45 PM Flag

    I totally agree
    1) Resolve issues - Town / HC License 1st to start business
    2) Up and Running Growing Product for sales
    3) Create a Phone solicitation for customers using MMJ
    4) Expand sales force to export to Rec. states and countries
    5) Have a couple Q's of substantial growth and some Profits
    6) The expand to other areas for Grow keeping in mind serviceable districts / customer base / state that both Rec. and Medical are in use
    7) The when you have to money and share price up you can if company wishes go to bigger stock boards
    My views exactly
    But Face Book Bill isn't organized and fly by the seat of his pants not outlining a plan or approach to business and being and Attorney thinks all is solved in court - NO - Organized compromise is the way to go in the Business World not a Bull In A China Shop Attitude with Photo of Thumbs Up on Face Book - Just my personal Opinion of how I would do it.
    (I think it is a better plan then FB Bill's right now as the PPS shows).

  • Between the Parties involved - (Investors can later file their issue with FITX / Town) but for now it is up to FITX & Co. to work or Filt against Lakeshore / then it gets resolved or goes to County / then if not resolved to the Canadian Federal Gov. to decide - wasted post here mean zilch - only a feel good positioning agenda by the poster - Can't Decide Shyt here - Good Luck with trying - Pump or Bash - Buyer or Seller Resident or Competitor can do nothing about the outcome here - Wasting your typing and post and just increasing your BP / cool off relax and wait for the outcome of Tues then see what comes Next (?)

    -OR- Have fun entertaining the board with your rants / LOL at both sides now - NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN - WAIT TILL TUES. NIGHT / talk about position / company but you can not make Rules / Laws and Outcomes Here.... Clowns trying to protect their position - (I do Understand that). - But it is out of your hands - Investors / Shrills / Competitors / Residents / Bashers of all Sorts Period -
    Town Council / FITX / County / Feds will make the rulings Get It !

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