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    china gold

    by cleojrrj 16 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 13 hours ago Flag

    I was talking about this the other day and posted here - Russia / China want to devalue the American dollar anyway they can to put the USA in a Financial Tail Spin -

    Russia is even going to create and issue now that the Iran / US deal is close and they say now that sanctions are being lifted they will send some S/A rockets - which grabbed Israel attention real quick - all to hurt America as the tighten sanctions on Russia.

    and Yellen is playing right into their hands by continuing the Printing of Dollars like there is no tomorrow.
    Won't be long now till Gold / Silver and other Precious metals take off - IMO.

  • smittensday smittensday 19 hours ago Flag

    Canada has show that they can not be trusted with the HC / BS from the director there Ambrose to the Zoning in Towns trying to change the Cultivation of MJ to Industrial from Agriculture.

    Canada wants Americans Investment Money but Don't really want America taking business from Canadian Companies.

    I personally am not excited about any Canadian Action - but this News about Colorado / and the California deal coupled with the Drinks / etc. is all going in the right direction - We should see some substantial progress in the next 6 months IMO.

    PS - Did anyone else hear about President Obama's Negative comment about Recreational MJ while questioned today / Yesterday. He didn't sound promising on supporting it.

  • smittensday smittensday 20 hours ago Flag

    Thanks smoke - It is Fact not the BS these Pumpin Fools are putting out - Facts vs FITX Resigned CEO's Rant - I own FITX but it is sad what Bill has done for the investor and then blames it all on others - Bill is the one who gave them the ammo to write all those articles and the Town / HC the reason to reject - Now he is struggling financially since he pu tall the money he got from here to Personal Things and leaves the Investors Holding the Bag -
    GL on FITX and EAPH / there are a couple Easton Investors that hold both of them like us.

  • Here is what a PR is suppose to read like - and U Can Get in for .016 Now but waiting will cost U $$$$.....

    Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces it has signed a letter of intent with Colorado Product Services, LLC and Cultiv8, LLC regarding the purchase of a recreational marijuana dispensary, a 10,000 square foot cultivation facility and lab, located in Carbondale, Colorado.
    EAPH has just put out a game changing PR - Not like the Problems and BS - PR's you get here - I still own both these stocks - GL on your DD

  • Wait till the Yemen crew do the same to Saudi Fields - then the PPBarrel will shoot up again - Total unrest in Mid East oil fields make the oil sands / shale / fracking in America that much more valuable and the off - shore drillers also more valuable as they get in on the deal.

    Things could state to look better here for NE - oil as they look bleaker in oil cartel countries continue to squabble on Ideals in religious interpretation and secularism - Sunni / #$%$ battles. as Iran / lybia / Syria / Yemen / Iraq / and resentment continues to spread. Even Venezuela are having problems with their oil / gas situation. (Proof was shown as the Canadian dollar came up from its low of 1.26 to the US Dollar.

  • Don't get suked in - This will do as most IPO's do and go down substantially very soon - if your were lucky enough to et in at 16. to 18 sell the initial coverage amount and ride free shares - put profit into something like kbwd or other high paying divvy plays / utilities - this stock is a one day wonder -IMO. GL what ever you do -

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 16, 2015 3:38 PM Flag

    dav-davie - IMO - So take it with a grain of salt -

    The Annual report IMO was not that great as I posted - "BUT" that was for the end of the Year 2014 / Dec. so a lot of things have been going on since then and I'm guessing ; but within 6 months this should either start to climb back to your even number or higher from all these last 3 / 4 months of progress and the next 6 months - If not I will agree then sell and move on - Just me .02 cents worth. GL in your decision what ever it be.......

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 16, 2015 3:12 AM Flag

    I agree - she caters to the Big Bankers and Wall St. Controllers all in the name of Money - Her Money - but the time will come that the Printing Presses will bury her in Paper slowly becoming worthless daily - That is why I hedge so heavily with Precious Metals - about 2 years ago I did the same and collected a 65% gain in Gold and silver / invested that in Lg. Divvy Plays - and some ETF good divvy plays and the PPS also went up on them in growth - all a money game just a lot to do with timing.

    Like this oil gig - me and broker were on same Pg. I bought low $16.'s next day 18. 50's - di ok so far there.
    I expect Noble to cut divvy though - next Q - or def. the one after that unless a major escalation starts in Russia / Mid East
    PS - I see today where Japan has just passed China in loaning the USA money another worry - story on CNN Money Website / Like I said China and Russia - positioning to take the $ down a few notches -and Russia over this Iran Nuke Deal is now going to ship STAirM to Iran because of sanctions lifting , making Israel very Irate at best. Won't be too long till major confrontation / Russia buzzing American Air / and moving ships through British Straights - All Posturing by the major players.
    Can't do anything about it so my as well position myself financially to capitalize off the idiots game playing - IMO of course. We Shall See if I'm Right in 6 to 12 Months - plus Election and GOP vs Dems want stagnation and problems also to create more uncertainty in the states.
    Not a doom and gloom guy just realist that wants to read the tea leaves to make a buck also off the Big Players -just crumb picking I guess.

  • Todays reasoning on increase of PPS he explained : China oil / Possible shortage of Drilling Rigs also -

    I / We expect a pull back coming in the next few days if you missed the rise - I averaged down some and am here mainly for Divvy - at about 9% I also expect that to be cut down the road , I'll live with that also (6 or 7%) even (5%) retired don't need all this volatility.

    Can't see oil climbing up or drillers needed a lot down the road since America already has 100% and it is getting hard to find places to store oil - NE is still best of bred against companies like Sea Drill IMO.

    GLTA - Middle of the road on Oil and Drillers - till someone bumps one of those Russian Ships / planes or Iran Israel Mid - East gets a lot wider in it conflicts and disrupts the entire supply issues.
    I hedged with a 15% / 20% Gold and Silver Ownership for the major pull back and battle over the TOO! - Strong Dollar / Yellen Rate Policy - and Russia and China trying to De-Stabilize the Dollar like is happening to the Euro - Till then status que -

    PS - Yellen meeting with Major Bankers and the Large Wall St. Traders and then the Rate Decisions? / leaves out the Retired on Fixed Income - So I e-mailed her those concerns - got response - (Standard quote though) - She has to look at the Entire Economical Situation as a Whole - As Expected ; but voiced my opinion anyway.

  • Lot of Fluff re-treaded Material - Lot of Not Audited Disclosure - and a few signs of warning "In My Opinion" -

    Doing what a lot of these start up Pinks do - Pay for services and mergers with shares / there is a 200 M , Pd. but not on books as I read it - but check that for yourself also -

    This Is Why I say Buy and Once the PPS Doubles or triples Sell Off Initial Cost Factor and Play With House Shares - You can Not Lose Your Hard Earned Money - Pink Land is a Speculative gamble as most Know ;
    Read it for yourself and make your own conclusions.

    GLTA Easton Investors - No New news on MMJ or Product Launch that Adds Up to a Lot of Dollars IMO -
    Please Post Your Opinion on Report and Not just short blurting out scam or something stupid - Post what is Positive and Negative in Report You see for those of us that miss something. Thanks in Advance and GL -

  • Years ago they very seldom went out three decimal points / where today I see the Bids are moving from .0007 to .0008 - really hard to make a penny a share that way - Plus electronic instant trading doesn't help when the MM decide it is time to move the PPS up / down.

    Just and observation over the years - Tuff to Make a Buck Today with all the Forces Working Against You Like This.

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    by smokemonster25 Apr 8, 2015 8:34 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 15, 2015 12:20 AM Flag

    Others here is asking someone on a poster board where are financials etc. ; I just posted the otc markets website so all could find out the same thing as you and I read there - and while they are there put it in Favorite places (book Marked) so they can look up the info. on their own from time to time - and there are many other things there to view to help them in their DD - I just mentioned the Suspended / Halted stock since it is a good place to check other stocks and see how really volatile the Pink otc market is.

    I personally am not worried about Easton and the financials will come soon I'm sure - What I posted is a little confusing but tried to get poster use to looking thing up on their own then ask Message Board - Just wanting to be helpful - Did not mean EAPH was on Suspended / Halted - but that 20 stocks just the other day were in one day - shows a lot of these stocks are very tricky and many don't make the grad -Information is the key to make money and the more you know what and where to look the better chance you have - Yahoo - is pitiful for accurate info. and even many brokerage acc. like Scottrade don't have this info. on Pinks like otc markets does.

    Sorry for the confusion - Me Bad

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    by smokemonster25 Apr 8, 2015 8:34 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 14, 2015 3:47 PM Flag

    Go to otc markets website and look up Q-Report / Company Profile / and while there look into all the Suspended / Halted otc stocks on a daily basis - the other day there were 20 suspended or halted Apr. 10th I think - The otc Pink world is dangerous and this site will wake up investors as to how many get halted daily on Pink - The only thing Pink that looks great is ? I'll let you figure that out for your self - LMAO (Hint - Victoria Secret) - LOL
    Have a good day gentlemen and GL on Easton !

  • smittensday smittensday Apr 13, 2015 1:16 PM Flag

    On Yahoo Website it is the Mar. 19th updated one , they just added the updated info onto a retreaded story.

  • The south American deal sound promising but I don't think it is going to be a huge money maker -

    Put it all together with what else is going on and Easton is holding its head above water though.

    Most here are waiting for the big announcement - MMJ Business - but these little side deals and expansion of their curb business is strengthening the bottom line - Bump Per Share - I don't think this will do much but as long as it hold and goes up a little I'll take it.

    (Waiting on MMJ News and holding). GLTA Easton Shareholders -

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    No Volume today, strange?

    by smokemonster25 Apr 10, 2015 4:01 PM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 10, 2015 6:59 PM Flag

    I'm hoping for a bunch of good news Mon. or Tues. and a run in PPS up , to where? - I'm guessing solid .02's if not touching .03 - I was a little concerned when they filed a late notice and was thinking they were holding off till Fri. to release (usually Fridays are Bad News Release Days) but if we get past Fri. Sat. then Mon. or Tues will be good news to push the PPS up.

    Of course this is all a guess on my part (wishful Posting) - We shall See come Next week.

    GLTA / on Easton

    stack - I see your still on FITX but sold off your last holdings / I still have 200K there - - Just holding till the end - That stocks major problems was Bill 100% and all his tricky ways of getting his $ up front and his family building up front - Even if they ever settle their issues (I doubt it) but if they did get straighten out that stock would never see above .05 anyway - too much baggage and insider BS to trust them with real money -
    I think this latest filing was just to prolong selling of shares for the insiders and company - It has become a real cluster #$%$ so no matter what good happens from now on I'll leave soon as it turns some more money for me or goes under - but the trust factor in the management and company - Canada etc. is gone for me on them.
    Those Pumpers are Idiots either insiders or so far underwater they would sell their soul just to get even IMO.

  • I check and found the late notice they filed on Mar. 31 2015 / for Yr. ending Dec. 2014 Report , so the financials should be out no later then the 15th of Apr.

    I also expected some news from them - but hopefully it is all good and Mon. / Tues. we will get it and have the rest of the week to gain in PPS.


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    Just be aware of this:

    by smittensday Apr 9, 2015 9:14 PM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 9, 2015 9:40 PM Flag

    Good you made money - that is what your suppose to do - we all wanted FITX to succeed but it turned into this turd - so we move on I just can not believe all the BS surrounding it still - and these Pumpers - I personally think some of them are associated to GV investments and the former company BOD - to much time here to just be underwater a little and Pump 24 / 7 Daily to get back a few thousand dollars - these Pumpers are in to make all they can or are so far under they will go into foreclosure - since your allowed to write down $3,000 a year and no one in the market I know has never not had to use it - all have winners and losers and we balance it at the years end to our advantage at tax time - so to live and die fITX has to be some other reason -

    I still hold 2ook of this junk and will ride it to the end and sell at the last second since what ever it is is profit - Play with house money is all smart investors are suppose to do - or end up like allan / helm / jester and a few other losers.

  • smittensday by smittensday Apr 9, 2015 9:14 PM Flag

    In the companies latest PR about G / M and reporter - it states -

    "and the type of due diligence that any other reputable reporter would have performed, he would have found that no affiliate of the Company had filed any 144 paperwork"

    That pertained to selling shares by insiders before and when the story was written by Grant - G / M!

    Fast Forward - Bill and all the BOD Resigned - Do they since they are not affiliated with the company in any managerial position have to file 144 forms? - Are these Loop-Holes abound - just as the loop-Hole of all the money spent to remodel the building that the relative owns on top of the rent payment -
    That remodel job was Pd. for by stockholders and will go with the buildings owner ; if FITX / Cen Biotech never completes its mission , and The Relative gets it all free and clear - Loop-Holes and word Semantics are a key to these PR's coming out and the one before - The Spin-Off said at the end - "It may not Happen" all Loop-holes you could drive a truck through and will stand as they collect the spoils and the investor fronts the bill.

    Be aware of these statements and sly wording by the Att , Bill - IMO.

    Are the Resigned BOD and Bill Now Selling and Not Having to File 144 - Think about it Pumpers - Do you know who is selling all these shares at this price - who is collecting the money -
    Who would Profit from these sales but those that got them at .0001 to .005 -Now Pump that and Photo Log this Post in Color so all can read when you turn it into Bill and Co.

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    by dogbone14 Apr 7, 2015 10:02 AM
    smittensday smittensday Apr 7, 2015 4:53 PM Flag

    chubbs - just so you know - people invest money to make money - that is buy and sell - flipping a stock to make money or holding it to lose is a no brainer -
    you have longs that are here forever , you have shorts that come and go . you have day traders to make a buck when they can - that is the market - No one buys to hold and ride and elevator up / down forever but the Nut Jobs and Idiots - Buy and Hold for long Term are the High Divvy growth stocks not these Penny One Day Wonders - Learn about the Market will you.

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