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    EAPH and FITX rejected for licensing

    by pitbvs 7 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 2 hours 18 minutes ago Flag

    I couldn't find a link either - Just one talking about FITX on their Yahoo Board -by M. finton or some name like that? BS statement saying something about if FITX doesn't get a lic. from HCanada then they won't make it in the MJ business - Duh I guess so -bt no proof they are not getting one.

  • smittensday smittensday 4 hours ago Flag

    We will see tomorrow and Friday / Fri. could be big?

  • Loosening up those restricted shares with out HC lic. announcement will hurt the PPS a lot IMO

  • smittensday smittensday 4 hours ago Flag

    There are suppose to be about 3.4 plus Billion shares held by some insiders / companies that made deal with FITX etc. a start up company will issue shares as a partial payment for work / business etc. and those restricted share are hold for a period of time restricting them from sale on the open market ; after that time period the are allowed to sell them - some insiders have to pre - report the sales also. It has more rules and restriction but that is DD you need to do to understand the mkt. place - go the SEC rules on Restricted shares etc and learn - just positive advice to help you become a better investor.

  • smittensday smittensday 4 hours ago Flag

    I'm not selling either - and may buy more as the PPS will go down some now from unrestricted share bubble / weather the storm - all will calm down soon enough -ride the wave for a while - but never ride the elevator.
    Small bumps - not whole floors up / down.

  • smittensday smittensday 5 hours ago Flag

    Learn the mkt. action - shares are cheap not from bashers but from so many up for sale and no buyers to cover so price goes down - Restricted Shares or LT investors getting fed up with no news on HC lic. don't matter high vol. up for sale and spooked buyers equals cheap shares, buy all you want possible 3.4+ B will be unrestricted soon enough and no lic. - got to go down real fast now.
    Learn lesson 101 -More shares for sale high vol. and no buyers = low price - add that to your DD. LOL

  • smittensday smittensday 5 hours ago Flag

    I'm referring to HC License - you keep evading the issue or missing the point - either way we're not talking apples to apples on this subject Mr. society...........Bill needs to put out something about the HC lic. issue since he puts out everything else including Pic. / Videos / Zoning Videos / etc. but he is mute on anything of HC license- What is he not saying that counts - People minds wonder when all is based on the legal viability of FITX all rides on those license and Bill saying everything about everything and not a word on HC Lic. leave doubt and innuendo assumptions to crop up?.
    I agree on zoning - it is a mute / minor point with the residents assurances and problem solving....

  • smittensday smittensday 5 hours ago Flag

    I take your someone in the know? Co. man Lg. investor? Anyway :
    Bill has spent a lot of time on Face Book a lot of pictures promoted the co. etc. we all understand that / even the zoning issues etc. all normal issues -
    But no information on HC license and now all this time has gone by allowing the restricted shares to clear - those shares were comp. valued at about .0001 from what I understand so selling anywhere near these prices give a pretty good win fall even if they go down to .03 / I understand the mkt. start up business also but Not putting out the hold up of License at all and now the time allows the restricted shares to come to full attrition , odd at best IMO of course -
    All the FB post / pic / taped zoning releases on video PR's and not one explanation about HC hold up - What is not being related to the public investor is all we ask - truth since that is the key to this puppy surviving or not.
    I will mention - If Bill doesn't address this soon then the dumping of restricted shares and many public holders will follow running the PPS down substantially - buying op or crash with the lose of confidence is a dangerous gamble to play. Creditability in the Market Place at this stage is very crucial and important - lose it and it may be a very long climb back? He is at that cusp IMO - of course?

  • Bill keeping silent is not the smartest thing to do in this newly formed business model (MJ) - It does not take very long for investors to get spooked and run - leaving no one for the other end of those trades - (Lightbulb) ("Buyers")

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    Who to believe

    by ismokem2000 7 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 6 hours ago Flag

    Going down - It is going down because restricted shares are hitting mkt. - Large vol. and the PPS goes down ; means dumping by some holders of stock that is all there is too it. Who - if insider you'll know as it will be recorded - other ? your guess is as good as mine.

  • What the registered investors here need to do is get organized and all the same day send and e-mail to the Company and Bill asking for and explanation on what is hold up zoning - What is holding up License-

    Add is it he is waiting for restricted shares to clear - is there a problem with the residents and we as all the investors here would like him to come out with a Professional PR - Not blurted out BS on Twitter / Face Book but a legitimate PR to address what the stumbling blocks are -quit hiding from the investor or lose public support.
    Starting tomorrow with e-mails is a good time - Thurs morning flood his office with questions so he knows investors are concerned with out of touch info.
    This is the best way to address the issue - Not here going back and forth then playing with the bashers etc. IMO - I will send and e-mail tomorrow morning voicing my concerns.

  • smittensday smittensday 9 hours ago Flag

    Bill needs to get out in front of this situation:
    The appearance of Lic. hold up and lifting of restricted shares - Looks like a duck - feather like a duck - quacks like a duck He might want to put out a PR explaining the problem with no company license explanation to inform investors about the wait or non-issue etc.
    There are a lot of reasons for the delay - HC issue with MMAR vs MMPR appeal etc. but Bill needs to clarify to investors or start to lose support from here- IMO

  • Many deals generated a lot of shares for other companies and exe , bod etc. these shares value were .0001 or close prox. so it is natural many want to get some money loosened up ; so selling at these prices .049 is a great win fall. Remember there were almost 3.5 billion shares under restriction as all companies have this process - especially a new sector like MJ.
    All the tall grass you have to walk through to get to the pastures.

    Disclaimer - " Some people make and some people lose money in the stock market - that is factual" ; but in a very new sector like MJ , it is even more speculative then normal IMO.

  • As a long investor Bill needs to clarify this license hold up - and what is holding up progress to finalization of operation - INSTEAD OF GOING ON FB AND BLURTING OUT BS JUST AS BASHERS DO.
    Put out a Professional PR stating what is going on instead of letting all these idiot want-a-be writers and bashers create boogie men in the closet.
    A Pro-Pr would put all that to rest.

    He bashers I'll give you another hammer - Maybe Bill is holding off on License finalization to release the restricted shares so he and his cronies can line up a bunch of shares for sell then announce the license....
    That is the only reason logical I can see him playing the license game - other reason he really F***ed up and is trying to clean up the mess.
    " You are in a completely new business model / sector and MJ plays are all very speculative and "People can and do lose Money in the Stock Market "

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    what does it say...

    by lodas336 10 hours ago
    smittensday smittensday 10 hours ago Flag

    Go read it -Learn to do your own DD wow these kids?

    Click on article read a line or two - do again but read a few more lines - then do it again
    Employee sued by secfor claims of P/D
    Bill scheduled to sell a lot of shares from Arp - June
    With out lic. fitx won't make it
    couple other stupid remarks.
    CEO / main owner of co. would naturally sell off company stock - go to any company and look at insider buying / selling Duh
    Bill 's employ sued - not the company big difference since some here may be pump and dump that claim stocks are going to high un-imanageable / some are bashers trying to short and make money

  • smittensday smittensday 10 hours ago Flag

    That clown doesn't matter - he has been bashing FITX for a while now just add him to the IG list.

    " If FITX doesn't get a license they won't make it " - Duh No S**t wac off / what made you invision that ?

    He's dumber then - Chubb-A-Bub......That's right that's his twin - LOL

  • All these Bashers coming here for many different reason (competitors / Ma & Pa St. Growers / MMAR growers etc) all of the above and others just show us FITX longs how scared and how bad they want FITX to fail - because of FITX large foot print they will have on the MJ industry coming soon to a corner near you.
    I also heard they are "Possible?" teaming up with a dispensary in Canada and the US? WOW will that impact a lot of growers.
    Long and strong Kool - Aide Drinker here thousands of shares and have only a few more weeks to add at these levels.
    GLTA - FITX investors we will be at the top of the pile very soon.

  • smittensday smittensday Jul 22, 2014 8:38 PM Flag

    Not zoning lic. appeal for MMAR / MMPR that is the hold up for lic. the zoning issue is minor BS semantics and will easily be resolved.
    Zoning issue are resolved every day by the thousands - no real biggy.

  • smittensday smittensday Jul 22, 2014 8:33 PM Flag

    I don't know jack - but I do know what is tying the lic. up - you need to do some research and better DD to uncover it - like the day of the appeal hearing , the issues and why HC wanted to change the rules on MMAR / MMPR and also need to check into what has happened since FITX started this project and what they have built - contacted - expanded to second facility - applying for 2nd lic. - there are a whole lot of things that can be fact check if you take the time - but a jerk off swallower like you can't quit playing with everyone's ding #$%$ so you can have your daily facial. sissy boy!

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