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  • On Republican Debate - Q - ask about Women Signing up for Draft - all agreed they should -

    WHY U ASK is this Important ???

    All want to Rebuild Military / Rubio Christie / Bush etc. and they said Yes Women should sign up / but the Reason was eluded -
    Fact Based the US Military has a 14% Drop in Active Duty Vol. Signing Up - Most young "Do Not" want to Fight The Republican For Profit Wars - Just like Viet Nam they would send your children if they win the WH and have control of the entire Government Body by passing a Reinstatement of the Draft but put loopholes in for their son ; daughters included to so Yours goes while theirs sit in school dorms playing video games listening to their headphones.
    Don't be stupid , why else would they want women to Sign Up for a Draft since their isn't one - they want a Pool to Pick From when they Reinstate it - Watch the Debate and view it for yourself and learn to read the writing on the wall - the signs are there to have Your Children and Grand Children go fight their for Profit Wars in the middle East and where ever they can make a buck -
    WW! / WW@ were needed but for profit no -and Iraq only destabilized the entire area giving more rise to Iran and Russia to move in -Both Bushes went there and Obama was ask to leave and not leave troops his hands were tied / now all want to again send troops to Iraq / Syria / Libya etc. BUT WHO's CHILDREN DO THEY WANT TO GO DO THE FIGHTING - Elect a Rep - Bring Back the Draft and watch your kids and grand kids go to war !!!

  • Republicans on Debate last night stated they would want to see Women also having to sign up for the Draft -
    WHY you ask - : There is a 14% drop in vol. active duty to fight their For Profit Wars while their children sit in dorms with their headphones on playing video games if they win the WH will have total control and bring back the Draft so they can have your kids fight -

    You can see the writing on the wall / Why else would they now want women also to sign up?
    Yea Lets send your Kids and Grand Daughters to fight for Profit for the Koch Bros. and Gruman / GE / Boeing.
    (but I'll make loopholes when I pass the bill Bringing back the Draft for our children) Just lie Viet Nam / they want your kids to fight Iraq / Syria / Mideast so they can get free oil etc. while your kids die and are maimed and they do not take care of Vets.
    Listen to the debate and read between the lines / why else sign up women and their is a 14% drop in the Vol. Military Signing up - ? Be Aware if you vote Rep. Your Children and Grand Daughters may be at risk to go fight a Republican Profit War ?

  • The Republicans want to Make both Women and Me Sign up for a Draft - and the Next step is if they win the WH is have them Fight Their Wars while their children sit in dorms playing video Games with their headphones on - I suggest you watch the Rep debate and see how they talked about the Q - Should women Have to sign up for the Draft -as Rubio and others said they want to Rebuild the Military and that the Military has dropped 14% from Vol. signing up the only way to rebuild it is get a draft back since the young today do not want to fight their Wars for profit?

  • They want to rebuild the Military that has a 14% drop in active duty personal - so they want both Women and Men to sign up for a DRAFT - Why , I thought so if they win the WH they control everything and can Bring Back the Draft to Fight Their Wars with Your Children (Not Theirs) ?

    How Many on that stage worn a Uniform - Watch the Rep. Debate if you think I'm lying and the Q - ask about should women sign up for a draft if there is one - ? A Set Up for what's to come - VOTE

  • The Republicans are Pounding the Drums to have Your Children Women and men Sign Up for a Draft and they want to rebuild the Military that has a 14% drop in active duty since the young can see they are fighting a republican based money making machine as their children get deferred? Watch Out and be sure to advise others and VOTE - Watch the Rep Debate and hear it for yourself - Follow the Bread Crumbs -

  • There is a 14% drop in Active military Sign Up and The Republicans want to Have U Make Them Money by Fighting their Wars ?????

    How many Republicans (or Dems too) Running For President have worn a Uniform Yet they want you to die for them???? Viet Nam / Korea / Granada / Iraq / etc. Wars like ww1 and ww2 were needed as all know but the rest was intervention on American Money Makers - Now we Buy and have free trade with some of them Viet Nam / Vacations in Granada / Iraq has destabilized the entire Mideast for them to divide up the spoils if it ever ends?

  • Last night I watched the Debating Republicans - WOW They are in love with Each other - Rubio , Cristie , Bush all are BFF - Anyway Did you all catch the Q - About the Draft and Women / Men both signing up - and that the Sign Up into the Military has dropped 14% - since the Young are Fed Up With Wars and Fighting for the Republicans?

    Rubio said he wants to rebuild the Military and the rest do too - and "IF" their was a Draft Again that Women should sign up too?
    The Underlining Q really is - the Republicans see that there is a 14% Drop in Active Military Involvement since Rep want the Poor and Dis-Enfranchised to Fight Their Wars as their own kids sit at home or in college with their headphones playing games on video?
    Look Out Young People - they (Republicans) have been Beating the War Drums since Korea / Viet Nam / Granada / Iraq / Libia / for their own Financial Gain as the Military MFG. Complexes Use The Young to Make Money - Koch bro. / Gruman / GE / Boeing etc. Republicans Want to Reinstate the Draft - ? but known on that stage worn a Uniform themselves.

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 6, 2016 2:48 PM Flag

    You most definitely have that right - 12% divvy and a high probability of PPS appreciation beats 99% of the street / analysis / brokers all included.
    (Now to keep Protnoy's focus on Both ; them and investors deserving shares of the pie ; then all will be fine in Debuke / Montana...or -
    LOL / I'm already rich - I have a loving wife / home / health / Retired with comforts / Trike ;so all is well.

  • Hey China Doll / You still shorting Silver at 14.10 / LOL

    What will Monday Bring to the Precious Metal Mk. ?

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    Did you see todays news on Yahoo...

    by idealcarpentry Feb 5, 2016 3:31 PM
    smittensday smittensday Feb 5, 2016 4:47 PM Flag

    Supply and Demand are the driving forces - Seasonal (?) Just Yahoo's way of using up unsold Ad space....LOL

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 5, 2016 3:59 PM Flag

    On the sell side were / JPM / GS / Bank of America so you know to be extra aware - LOL - When China and these Too Big to Fail Banks get into a deal. , That most are in the news constantly about some type of Investigation or Fines imposed from the SEC or Justice Dept. I would venture to say Credit Suisse is in there somewhere also.

  • It is bad enough when they are mixing things up in china etc. but now they have their finger on the pulse in the US / Story is on CNN Money - Also a store was just on there a few days ago about 20 People in China caught and charged with a 6.7B dollar Ponzi Scam
    (Guilt or Not has not been determined but under investigation).

  • Even these REITS - GOV / GTY / SNH / SIR / GEO are all moving up in the last few days - China / The US Currency / are going down - Precious Metals are on the move up Gold / Silver have moved up in the last 2 weeks -all these point to signs of Safe Haven Moves and a mkt. is Jitters / Investors are starting to Not just watch and worry but are acting on Fears - and I think Rightfully So.

    Time for all to Revaluate Your Position and save some of those profits you made in the last few years - GL if you do , and It is all about making (and Preserving Cash) Not Ride and Elevator ???

  • Silver could break $15. tomorrow easily - These shorts need to start to buy those blankets so they can cover /

    over 75,000 job loss in Jan. / Walmart closing stores in US and Foreign / Macy's laying off / Oil companies cutting Div. Conoco COP cut divvy by almost 2/3's with more companies to follow shell BP / Bears are coming to mkt.
    Time to play safe haven Bars of Gold and Silver - Yellen's QE games and Interest Rate Up now Not so sure Policy Not Working ............Can you Say Recession Mode?

  • smittensday smittensday Feb 4, 2016 2:55 PM Flag

    I always thought they were all the same person just changed ID's from day to day pretending they were someone important and picking which person they thought they were when they woke up in the morning.
    All a bunch of Alice in Wonderland Characters going through the Looking Glass ; Pretending They Know Something. LOL Delusional Misfits at Best.

  • Keep shorting Precious Metal - LMAO -

    Didn't China-Doll say he shorted at 14.10 - I bet it was lower and he is a little worried now - LOL
    I have some blankets he can buy to cover his position ; they are made from gold and silver woven fiber. LOL

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    Watch for the Elimination of Cash

    by golfbumsnc Feb 3, 2016 1:25 PM
    smittensday smittensday Feb 3, 2016 1:37 PM Flag

    They all want to go to a cashless society - that way they can track every transaction - and cash will bring in major questions / Plus eliminating the large notes hurts the dealers of lg. actions on drugs / arms etc. illegal deals.
    If you go to a bank now with more the $10,000 to deposit or withdraw you need to log where it came from , al those pile of dollars stored in those bins will be just paper - Gold and Silver Bars will be the way to go for the off the books deals - worth more in time and easier to move around since 1 Oz. is equal to 1150. (?) and a pile of $100. bills weighs more and harder to store /

  • Cars cost $80,000 as it is - Novelty item at best -

    I would think ol China-Doll is getting a little nervous about now with Tesla going down and Silver going up so fast , hope he has a lot on the short side any major positive news on silver will push him into having to cover his position.

    Gold is up and the Asian mkt. is way down last night / Japan over 3% / etc , even China was down some more.........
    Yellen is stuck with QE and can not raise interest or the mkt. will tank completely , she waited too long and gave away too much now it is like and entitlement to Bankers - LOL Pay them for keeping QE off the Mkt. , she has placed this country at a greater risk and the $19,T is adding up - Cornered , She is ; and everyone knows it - when will the bubble bust ?

  • Trust the Chinese and invest there or buy gold and silver - at least you have the metal in your safe - LOL

    arrests reported Monday by state media relate to E-zubao, a peer-to-peer lending platform that promised investors attractive returns of as much as 15% when it launched a year and a half ago / $7.6 Billion bilked off investors 20 people involved.
    Story on CNN Money website - Yea good ol Chinese Mkt. you can trust and get 15% return - ?

    Big Bank after Big Bank getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar world wide - it has become Business as Usual with just paying off the US Justice Dept. and SEC (with min. fines) as they rake in $B.'s -

    Just go to google and type in Bank Frauds / currency Manipulation Fraud / Precious Metal Fraud or Yahoo and see all the ones that come up - It's a Free For All - Lining Their Pockets with Your Money - Everyone trying to get all they can before the Big Crash is what it looks like to me?????

  • The US Attorney General (Justice Dept.) was suppose to Prosecute Individuals for these games but well and behold they again took the money and ran as the banks are left to repeat this by the culprits since none were charged or put in jail. LOL

    I think they are in it together since adding the fines and up compared to the money they made is BS and they can continue to pay sm. fines and make B's but only pay M's and Laugh it off to the dumb public.

    Just as those banks the Swiss are investigating - six GSach etc. for Precious metals and currency manipulation / all a game , you don't hear anymore about it or no one is charged - in a few months you'll hear a few M in fines imposed as they made B's - I'm sure..... The game is rigged like E.Warren and Bernie say - as H. and B. Clinton collects her $600,000. / $1,000,000. for talking - LOL - Super Packs abound / GS / JPM Barclays / Credit Suisse / on / on we go.....

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