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    SEB Marine unit, news.

    by snogreen 18 hours ago
    snogreen snogreen 18 hours ago Flag

    SEB has poured a TON of money in top teh SEB Miami Port......expanded warehouse, paved 9 acres..500 more containers, all electric plug ins...and they bought teh huge loading/unloading cranes that are on wheels.portable.made in germany. All this over last few years. So capital expenditures may slow doen im Marine. ALSO, SEB took delivery of FOUR new ships. they paid CASH for them and downpayment. but on delivery, SEB sells them and leases them back. That is the debt opretty much SEB has. I think SEB is planning ahed for opening of Cuba trade, and there is NO ONE better ready that SEB's container ships. If Cuba get;s USA open trade, it will explode for all kinds of investment and construction......and teh best way to get ALL things there is 80 miles on an SEB ship. And this will go on for years and years for SEB. Food stuffs too. SEB will bring in tons of food and they have new reefer containers. Question is, when does Obam LIFT the emargo for all private business to get in to Cuba. Sooner the better for SEB. They POURED $$$ in to Marine unit last three years, in anticipation?

    Turkey is doing GREAT. SEB trading divison sucking wind. It's PORK that hurt. The weak Chinese situation reduced their pork imports, which increased supplies in USA....lowered prices. if China picks up from this slowdown, pork exports will tightens and prices rise. Pork now 73 cents.Not so great. Corn is huge to pork division. A few years ago Corn was over $7.00 a bushel. Corn now about $3.80. That is a big help.

    SEB is CHEAP here.especially on any Cuba opening news. But warning! We have nasty shorts here (about 6,00 shares short and they do TONS of 1 share lot downtick sells. and WE DO have several institiutions that have been selling STEADILY since March.

  • The container ship divison of SEB is doing very well now. New ports, added routes in Central America.....oil collapsed. SEB has about 30-15 ships. EACh ship goes about 28 FEET on one gallong of fuel. That's huge, if oil is at $48 vs $100. In August, SEB Marine took delivery of 500 of teh latest design new containers. SEB woudl not BUy them unless they saw BIG demand from teh new routes. then TODAY, Oct 8, SEB mArine put out this news:

    "Seaboard Marine is nearing completion on its most recent phase of installing additional refrigerated plugs at its PortMiami terminal. With 140 more plugs being on-line by the end of the month, the total capacity of permanent electric outlets will be 432 plugs at the Port Miami facility.The recent progress is part of a three year program to expand refrigerated capacity infrastructure at Seaboard Marine’s PortMiami terminal. 180 new refrigerated plugs were installed in 2013 while another 112 plugs were built in 2014 in conjunction with the repaving of over nine acres in the section of the terminal that handles refrigerated cargoes. The final phase of 140 plugs should eliminate the need for any diesel powered generators. These permanent outlets, used to provide electricity to refrigerated containers that are in-transit, provide a more reliable, efficient and cleaner source of energy to Seaboard Marine’s PortMiami facility. Richard Rodriguez, VP-Terminal Operations, said, “With a total of 432 permanent plugs and a new berth adjacent to this area, Seaboard Marine can provide reliable energy and exemplary service to our growing base of customers that handle refrigerated cargoes. Using shore-based electricity is much cleaner with reduced emissions. This expanded refrigerated plug capacity helps both the environment and our customers.”

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    What happene to Snogreen??

    by copywrites Oct 7, 2015 5:34 PM
    snogreen snogreen 18 hours ago Flag

    Hell I'm still here. What a trip on SEB. Started buying 2650....then went to 4600....then back to 3000. I lightened up some at 4000, then at 3700 and 3600. but held rest. I did NOT expect to see below 3000 anytime soon. but I booked some good profits.but what I have still is a bit underwater. But I will hold. I have good capital gains, but I won't sell.

    SEB came down with pork prices. And I posted before that we have some REAL nastsy shorts here. A one share sell can bring SEB down $50 - $75. And they do it often. But thruth is we also have an anxious seller, an institution .....shorts know the seller is there, so they throw gas on it..

    Corn prices still about $3.75 bushels (maybe tad higher) positive for SEB. but pork is about 73 cents. USA demand is good. But exports (like China) are some oversupply in USA. Also, the very strong US dollar hurrts exports.. SEB marine is turning around big time. Added NEW new routes, new ships. Added Phila and Brookly as ports.... CUBA is soon to OPEN up I bet....SEB Miami huge port is 70-80 miles from Havana!....and Cuba has to be rebuilt. THEN, OIL prices are down 50% from highs. SEB MArine LOST 10 to $20 million a year at $100 oil. MArine could swing WAY back up profit now. Trading division did #$%$. All in all, I sit. SEB is very cheap. but NO liquidity if a seller or short around. SEB is basically debt free and about $700 milliojn cash. The small debt they had is to buy a few new container ships. On delivery, SEB sells them, get's their money back, and leases them back.... the 50% stake in Butterball Turkey is doing really well. I hope that SEB is buying back stock at this level. It's a long term hold for me, but the swings are "ouch".

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    confirming information on a few issues

    by thebasiles777 Oct 7, 2015 8:29 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 8, 2015 6:58 AM Flag

    I don't know how you read that. Rose colored glasses? You state DOUBLE digit royalty? I believe they said the royalty rate could go from mid toi hig SINGLe digits to low double digits. I like the way you cherry pick the double digits.

    Second, it is clear as a BELL. ONCE AN NDA IS FILED, RGRX's interest in the JV DROPS TO 25%? where the heck to you hype 29%/ It is black and white! RGRX INTERST IN THE JV DROPS TO 25% ONCE THE NDA IS FILED!

    And what is this pipe dream about DOUBLE DIPPING? Do you believe that RGRX will autmatically get a high single digit ROYALTY FIRST..and then AFTER that - TAKE it's 25% CUT?...You got it ALL Wrong! You are all hyped up. It goes like this. If TB 4 files an NDA, G Gtree will own 75% of USA JV......RGRX will own 25%. PERIOD! Whatever profits come, it is split at the end 75% G Tree, 25% RGRX.. THERE IS NO ROYALTY! the high single digit royalty only comes another way! NOT TWICE!. If G Tree, being majority owner of the JV...decides that a big pharma will do better at selling & marketing TB 4.....G Gtree can SELL it's TB 4 rights. On that sale.the percent owned drops to RGRX depending on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd trial EACH COMPLETED TRIAL, the RGRX percent owned DROPS! But let's assume the final % is on any NDA for TB 4.... filing RGRX DROPS IMMEDIATELY to 25%. So if G Tree files NDA and G Tree then sells TB 4 US rights to big pharma, G Tree get's 75% and RGRX 25% of PROCEEDS. Then after the sale..RGRX will get a high single digit royalty % from the big pharma, who bought the TB 4 rights FROM G Tree. It is not stated what % royalty G Tree woudl demand...but owning 75% it woudl be more than RGRX high single digits.

    So you are bass ackwards. RGRX does not get high single.or DOUBLE digit royalties PLUS take their 25% stake profits. That is a double dip. And it is NOt is 25% RGRX owns on any NDA filing.

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    ReGenTree is in PRINCETON N.J.

    by snogreen Oct 7, 2015 3:35 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 8, 2015 6:30 AM Flag

    Whaaa? I don't recall a single post...about a "language barrier"......I didn't have any doubt that they spoke English. What is interesting is that the top guy for Pharma in G Tree chooses to live in oprinceton NJ .for now.

  • This is interesting. I noticed it on clinical trials site......turns out the the head guy of G Tree.won S. Yang.....does not live in Korea..but he is based in PRINCETON, New Jersy..cushy. They even gave his phone number..which I didn't post in full....and I checked teh new jersey Corporate registraion website....sure enough..they are there again.....Princeton NJ.....and they set this RegenTree office and registration on Feb 17, 2015:

    Results Point of Contact:
    Name/Title: Won S. Yang, President & CEO
    Organization: ReGenTree, LLC
    phone: 609-734-****

    Princeton, NJ
    Feb 17, 2015
    State ID:
    Entity Type:

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    Lots of competition out there for dry eye

    by bull1863 Oct 7, 2015 11:07 AM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 7, 2015 3:04 PM Flag

    I'm not that concerned yet of these other drugs. Most of them have had so so results..and as Shire's CEO said.....Dry eye is a graveyard of trials. in 2013 Bausch & Lomb (big in eyes) liscensed Mimetogen's dry eye drug. By 2014 they DUMPED it back on them, and Mimietogen has been trying to sell it since then. no takers.

    the BIG issue is Liftegrast. If that is approvd it will show that the FDA is loosening their usual demands. There hasn't been a new dry eye drug in about 20 years. Restasis is it........and too many pts are unable to take it because of side effects. Further, restasis only aids in createing more tears. It does nothing o healing corneal problem..just more tears. TB 4 supposedly heals cornea and aids in more tear production. We'll se.

    the other thing..if Shire get;s approved, Allergan is in deep do-doo with them no longer having a monoply with restatis. So I'm sure Allergan woudl LOVE to buy a new drug to compliment Restasis and keep market share. ALSO? A coule months ago, Allergan did a deal to sell their GENERCI drug business to Teva Pharmaceuticals for.....$40 BILLION. Deal closes in Q1 or so 2016....$40 BILLIOn is a lot of dough to buy new drugs. If TB 4 works, it will be on AGN's short list, i'm sure. Too bad that G Tree would own 75% of US rights..on an NDA filing

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    by bull1863 Oct 6, 2015 3:14 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 6, 2015 3:53 PM Flag

    I agree too bull....we all know aboput inferior section. We know we did not do well.we knwo LIFTEGRAST did not do;s why I keep harping that the BIGGEST THING on teh RGRX horizon is teh FDA approval or non approval f LIFTERAST by Oct 25. if they APPROVE Liftegrast, as I am betting....then the FDA this set's precident that they palce far less weight on teh inferior stuff. And if they slough it off for Liftegrats, they will have to do the same for TB 4, if it get';s to an NDA too. The Liftegrast decision will tell us. Because even with looking at the TOTAL corneal staining as you say....if the FDA doesn't ignore inferior, the inferior will still drag us a bit down. It is a VERY big thing coming up. FAr bigger than getting $500k milestone.

    NEXT big thing is the Dry eye patent appeal. they requestd an ORAL hearing on AUGUST 8.. but the Appeals Panel has ability to grant the patent, if they agree with RGRX lawyers appeal brief, and not have an oral meeting. If goes to an Oral hearing, it will drag on. the BEST news in the world woudl be Liftegrast getting approved (so we don't worry of inferior)..and teh USPO granting a 20 year patent. fingers crossed.

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    Foolish Sno Knows My Positions???

    by bocamp1 Oct 6, 2015 1:04 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 6, 2015 3:39 PM Flag

    The why do You harp my supposed positions when you have no you.

  • Wow! Bocamp has always said he is a bio investor...and he has a lot of them. I've always said I am not and the on;y bio I own is a few times I traded GILD for a handful of points.

    SO? I see the nasdaq BIOTECH index is down over 6% TODAY....and in last handful of month s it is down over 30%. But BOCAMP always said he is a "biotech man" HOW COME Fan Boy so fixarted that TEN YEARS AGO I lost some moeny on SCLN (and made all back w/in a year)......buit Fan Boy Bo won't ever mention that he is getting slaughtered RIGHT NOW....I am not getting slaughtered in bios, as the only one I own is RGRX. My basis in RGRX is now about 53 cents.

    And where does FAN BOY B7 get off trying to say that he KNEW all along the RGRX net net share of The JV was 25%. it was NEVER DISCLOSED until bull posted it in the report yesterday. And then Fan Boy B7 posts that with the 25% and royalty, RGRX is back up to 40%? what is he smoking.

    Fan Boy Bo and Fan Boy B7 look at RGRX with rose colored glasses. All I posted was the fACTS that FInKELSTEIN HID from us and he refused to disclose! G Tree owns 75% of the JV once any NDA is filed! And if G Tre sells TB 4 rights in USA....RGRX get's 25% and then only get's a high single digit royalty. Sure, G Tree owns 19% of RGRX..but if G Tree sells it's 75% interest in TB 4 USA.....THAT is where they make the $$$$ if RGRX only get's high single digit royalty, G Tree owning 75% of it will get a lot more than RGRX.

    RGRX still owns Europe right. I POSTED THAT! they are worth something. I am CURIOUS? does ANYONE know the status of teh dry eye patents in europe/ were any granted? Who is good on that search. FESS UP BO, you are LOSING money in biotech...possibly big.

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    Sno Posts

    by bocamp1 Oct 5, 2015 12:03 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 6, 2015 6:39 AM Flag

    It's not confusing at all. The difference of what I say, versus the Finkel Fan boy I try to point out the WHLE story, not just the hyped one. Like the China trial. I wised up on that. I posted I focusd on that a lot beccause it was first one done (?). BUT? then after seeing every told deadline missed for starting, always with "excuses", I wised up. I posted that it looks to me like Lee's is fibbing to RGRX about "red tape" and that Lee's had no intention of starting a trial, util they see what the Koreans get in USA. I'd do same thing if I was Lee's. Saves money, less risk..

    THEN I get trashed for telling the TRUTH finally of just what RGRX owns in USA TB 4. AND RGRX AND FINKELSTEIN REFUSED TO DISCLOSE THESE FACTS TO SHAREHOLDERS DESPITE BEING ASKED AND ALMOST THREATENED TO GO TO SEC ABOUT! So now, ONCE AGAIN, I post the facts & truth of RGRX and once again I get trashed for opening the eyes of the Fan Boys. RGRX does not GET THAT MUCH in eye in USA.. If G Tree sells out TB 4 in eyes, THEY get 75%. If G Tree proceeds and markets TB 4 eyes, RGRX get's 25%. if G Tree sells the TB 4 rights, RGRX get's 25% and G Tree get's 75%. After that RGRX will get only a mid to high single digit percentage royalty.. I tell the TRUTH when I say it ALL could have been RGRX's and OURS.had Finkelstein not run RGRX into the ground for 20 years! Proof is what the Koreans did RIGHT and so just 12 months or less. Finkestein cost YOU and I a small fortune.

    I wait on LIFTEGRAST decision. That is huge to TB4. And the patent appeal at USPO is big too. RGRX lawyers work VERY hard on that.I give kudos to them (and Goldstein). If LIFTEGRAST get's FFDA approval and RGRX wins dry eye patent, it's huge. RGRX still get's 5 years exclusive regardless. but 20 years patent is better than 5 years. I'm not short nor resealing. Just telling the OTHER SIDE the hyping Finkel Fan Boys refuse to. And yes, RGRX still owns valuabel Europe right. I STATED THAT!.

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    Sno Talks

    by bocamp1 Oct 5, 2015 4:09 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 5, 2015 4:23 PM Flag

    RGRX is stating that they own 49% of TB 4 USA..then they allude to a sliding scal after. the FACT is that RGRX she declines immediately when each trial is completed....and .. WHY BOTHEr. because completely a trial is not revenue. Teh key measure is WHAT does RGRX actually own? Bull1863 was angry that RGRX refused tio disclose that. he was right. Howbver, the report that was just put up by a Korean firm spelled it out clearly...MUCH to bocamps and Finkelsteins dismal. teh bottome line is RGRX owns 25% of teh USA venture. not 49%. And if G Tree decides to sell TB 4 rightsin USA.they get 75% of those proceeds..RGRX 25%.. at that point, RGRX will be brought down tp a royalty interst of high single digits. That is it. G Tree will probably get higher.

    About 65-70% of Restasis sales are US..and it is the US that RGRX did the venture on. So that hutrts a bit. teh good news is that RGRX ill owns rights of TB 4 eyes in Canada.I think Mexico...South America..Africa and I think India..but those markets are smaller..

    I guess bocamp is angry I posted the teh financial facts that we all wanted..all except him....Fan Bpys don't want to know. now we do.

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    RGRX get's only 25% of TB 4 in USA

    by snogreen Oct 5, 2015 11:56 AM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 5, 2015 1:18 PM Flag

    Bull...yes it is better than nothing.but had Finkel not screwed up for 20 years, it could have been ALL RGRX's.....And another issue is that the deal may just give RGRX a "high single digits % royalty"......but don't forget that G Tree owns 75% of TB 4 in USA..and THEY WILL WANT BIG royAlty! If RGRX - with a 25% stake - get's high single digits......I doubt G Tree will settle for that........say G Tree wants 10-15%...and RGRX get's high single digiits..that means the pharma, if they ever buy it out.woudl be facing an up to 20% or greater royalty....combining what RGRX and G Tree woudl get total......that is an unusually high % figure.

    but the good news for you, me and real investors (unlike finkel fan boys) now we know what we own. RGRX owns 25% of TB 4 in USA..and the best they can get is high single digot royalty.

    Bocamp thinks I trash it. I'm just telling the TRUTH he refuses to look at....or for. A real Finkel Fan boy.

    But I am on board, that RGRX is worth a lot more than 40 cents...if LIFTEGRAst get's approved. we also have issue still of patent. As stands now we woudl have 5 years exclusive. there is a BIG difference what a pharma will pay for a 5 year exclusive or a 20 year full patent. But RGRX lawyers are fighting it like hell. Fingers crossed.

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    Sno Posts

    by bocamp1 Oct 5, 2015 12:03 PM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 5, 2015 12:30 PM Flag

    You've really lost it....and credibility too.

    Koreans STATED they PUT OFF doing their trial in Koreas for eye!
    I was going by what FINKELSTEIN SAID ABOUT CHINA..that they were starting in Q2! obviously Lee's did n't tel the truth...........they are just waiting to see what happens with Koreans.
    I have NOT bougfht at 50 cents. I did NOT delte any post of such. I told you I bought at 38, 40, 43 and 45.
    I DID NOT SAY ORA is in BED with SHIRE! I said I am concerned Ora is too close to shire and we do NOT know with the IP Ora had that they EXCLUSIVLEY LICSENSED TO SHIRE!

    And WHY DIDN'T YOU tell readers that RGRX only has a 15% stae in USA for TB 4 yes/ WHY DID I HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH?

    You are really one sad sack now,

  • That report is nice, but no game changer. It is almost 7 months old. It states that G Tre is doing a Korean dry eye in Q3. however, G tree but that trial on hold. waiting for US trials first.

    THEN! We got our answer that Finkel tinkel has HIDDEN from investors. Many here think that RGRX owns 49% of TB 4 in teh USA. RGRXsais that that % rate declines over time.. It dosn't decline obver time. It declines DAMNED FAST. RGRX has 49% now. when the first eye NK finishes first, RGRX stake drops to 42%. When teh dry eye trial is finished (successful or not).....RGRX stake drops to 35%.regardles. On a NDA filing...RGRX stake drops to 25%. Thus, for all intents.......G Tree owns 75% of all US TB 4 now...because both trial will get finished..

    So all here can now handcap what RGRX is worth. Certainly more than 40 cents..but I am afraid it isn't worth as much as we thought on any approval. Finkel may have had no choice.but that is because HE screwed up for 20 years. G Tree bought just under 20% of RGRX for a song.....and basically, they own 25% of TB 4 in the US..and that is teh largest market in world for dry eye. But I guess good news is RGRX still owns Europe, Africa, South America and Canada. butin cash cow of USA....we have a 25% stake, that's it.

    i just reporst facts became finkel fan boy. You hype, I point out the truth. Why didn't YOU mention the 25% figure??

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    Ora ...too close to Shire?

    by snogreen Oct 3, 2015 11:17 AM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 4, 2015 1:39 PM Flag

    trot....I stated thuis, and I quote"

    "I think odds are slim Ora woudl do that - conflict of interest. "

    That was referring to Ora taking a royalty percentage cut on Liftegrast drug revenues, because Liftegrast uses some of Ora's IP.

    ALL I was saying is that I WISH I knew what it was about...the Ora IP that Shire mis-used for a dry eye drug....and I'd like to know that the settlement of lawsuit - that enabled Shire to have worldwide rights to Ora's IP.....did not include Ora getting ANy cut of a revenue stream from Shire. That woudl be scary conflict of interest.

    I agree thisis the most exciting time. The $500k milestone means squat. the biggest news is Liftegrast......because the Shire CEO made it clear when he spoke, that the Dry Eye therapy area is a graveyard (of flops) what I hope is that the FDA realizes this by now.......and that RESTASIS is a dry eye drug withj serious problems.....but the FDA has made it SO ONEROUS on efficacy, safety and p values....that no drugs make it. But if the FDA approves Liftegrast...then that is a signal that the FDA is loweing the bar in dry eye to get other therapies in there. Why shouldn't they do that! because a huge percentage of dry eye sufferers are NOT ABLE to tolerate taking restasis, because of it's bad side effects!... so why shouldn't the FDA approve Liftegrast? It did get some efficacy okay. and while 53% of patienst DID also see side effects, they were manageable ones....unlike Restasis. TB 4 has no side effects.

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    Ora ...too close to Shire?

    by snogreen Oct 3, 2015 11:17 AM
    snogreen snogreen Oct 4, 2015 11:34 AM Flag

    This is the sentance that worries me:

    "Ora has granted SARcode and its affiliates a non-exclusive worldwide license to Ora's technology for use with Lifitegrast. SARcode Biosciences Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shire."

    I sure hope Finkel-Tinkel is on top of this......SARcode had the drug first, so what is the intellectual property that ORA had in it? And whatever that property is that ORA claimed THEY owned, it was imnportant enough for them to file a lawsuit AGAINST their own client (now Shire). but then Shire settled it after they buyout SARcode. Shire needed Ora do do all the final trial work and the prep work for the FDA new drug filiing. But I DAMN sure hope that whatever ORA settled for, it was just a one time cash payment. because if ORA Inc settled with Shire for a percentage ROYALTY interest of all sales in Liftegrast...that is a pretty bad conflict of interest, that Ora would do their best for the TB 4 trial?.....and they have NO royalty % interest in TB 4 beyond what they get paid to do the trial. We (or Finkelstein) deserve to KNOW if Ora is getting any BACK END payment from Shire on Liftegrast..because we know there is NO back end payment from TB 4. And Liftegrast, some say, is a $1 billion drug by 2020. Call a 1% royalty on $1 billion - is $10,000,000. And that is year in year out until the patent runs out. I think odds are slim Ora woudl do that - conflict of interest. But NOTHING is disclosed to us (as usual). SO why can't we ASK?

    Maybe bull1863 can rattle a few cages here? how do you read it bull? Will Finkel take your email?

  • I'd like to know more about this. Shire's dry eye drug came from buying out SARcode in 2013 for $160 million. Sarcode and Shire sued ORA for the trials, and Shire's drug is now up for FDA approval. But, a year ago there was a LAWSUIT between SARcode and Ora....that SARcode used some of Ora's "intellectual property". Lawsuits entailed in MA and CA. But Shire settled it with Ora. SO? What I would like to know is Ora possibly going to get royalty from the Shire dry eye drug? Ora claims THEY had intellectual property in it. I'd prefer Ora NOt have any "cut of the pie" in Shire's drug..becase that could affect how TB 4 is done in trials? Ora get's nothing from RGRX and G tree except costs of doing trial. but ORA is not disclosing what THEIR settlement is with Shire and the SARcode drug? I'd sure like to know -- ORA should DISCLOSE if they now have any financial interst or royalty interest.... in Shire's drug. READ:

    "Ora and SARcode have resolved litigation concerning Ora's intellectual property and the parties have entered into a settlement agreement, according to a company news release. Terms of the settlement were not disloused. Ora has granted SARcode and its affiliates a non-exclusive worldwide license to Ora's technology for use with Lifitegrast. SARcode Biosciences Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shire."

  • This is very interesting......Sept 17 at a Morgan Stanley conference, the CEO of Shire gave his talk.....and first up on questions was all about Lifetgrast and the upcoming FDA decision. Here's a snippet of the CEO response:

    "So I’m not a personality that likes to be beaten up, but it has happened a bit in this job. One of my first acquisitions in 2013 was to buy a company called SARcode. A lot of people said what you are buying here is graveyard because a dry eye is known to be such. No one is ever going to get another product into that market. Well, then we had the ups and downs of OPUS-2. We had people yelling at us because there was another disappointment. But in 2014, I have a very resilient and outstanding team, we sat down with the FDA, we presented the totality of the data covering symptoms and signs in a broad range of dry eye patients, 1,800 plus individuals in our clinical program. And I think we must have done something positive with FDA, because when we submitted the file in March of this year, we not only got the file accepted, we also got priority review."

    This explains a lot, or why RGRX is completly ignored. First is that RGRX has a 20-25 year history of flopping..and, second....pharna execs, analysts and managers.... look at the Dry eye therapy space as a "GRAVEYARD"..I am quoting teh CEO....a graveyard of failures. So it's no wonder no one looks at miniscule RGRX. They don't think it has a chance.and the 20 plus years of flops reinforces that POS attitude.. but if the FDA approved Lifetegrast....and the FDA turns a blind eye to the inferior corneal regions response to's big for RGRX. And it is for darn sure that RGRX is on NO ONES radar screen...20 years of failed tests and a "graveyard" of dry eye. Fingers crossed Shire get's approved. It gives TB 4 a fighting chance on a lowered approval bar - if they don't reject bacause if inferior region issues. Boith drugs flopped there.

  • 39,000 shares trade Friday...18,600 short. Almnist 50% of trade....nothing unusual there. It was what the MM always does and has done.. We're gonna need some serious buy volume to change this. But to get SERIOUS buy volume, we neeed SERIOUS news (and it's not news of a $500k milestone) But the good news is that the MM will short to you what you want to buy. The Shire drug FDA news on Liftegrast should be a few days earlier than Oct 25..because oct 25 is a Sunday.. Bo and teh Finkel Fan Boys trash me..but I think this FDA news on Liftegrast is amoung some of the most important EVER for's going to give is the clues and answers of how tough, or lenient...the FDA is going to be on TB 4. because Liftegrast also flopped in the inferior area of cornea, just as TB 4 did..but elsewhere TB 4 and Liftegrast shopwed good statistical.. So if the FDA approves is big to TB 4.........and Liftegrast dosing can go up to ONE YEAR..and 53% of patients have side effects (but manageable). TB 4 is a 30-40 days dose....NO SIDE EFFECTS!

    On April 9, 2015.Shire announced in the late afternoon that the FDA had granted LIFTEGRAST a 6 month Priority Review. That news sent Shire stock up 3%. Shire is a $40 billion company. A 3% move up is worth $1.2 BILLION. On JUST getting the Priority Review (not approval), Shire added $1.2 BILLION. Do the math. RGRX is $40 million total market cap. And if the FDA LOWERS THE BAR and aproves's huge for RGRX.. Trot disagrees of liftegrats chances.....but I'll take the risk and say Liftegrast get's aproved..because I think the FDA see's that Restasis isn't that great a dry eye only creates tears. It does not heal the eye. It has really BAD side effects. It is the ONLY real dry eye drug.and the ONLY real one for the last 30 years. Doctors and patients clamor for more dry eye options, not just more water drops.. Thats why I bet Liftegrast get's approved.

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