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  • Insane. it's all I have to say. The shorts are destroying SEB.......there is some institutional selling, no doubt.we do have sellers. But teh shorts are having a FIELD DAY doing the ONe share sell downs and bring SEB down $75 or $100 on ONE share sells.

    I'm taking reallu uncomfortable swings here. On TUESDAY..SEB printed $3,155. Today, FRIDAY, SEB closed around $3,607.

    That is a $548 point swing DOWN in FOUR days.

    The shorts are printing this down like SEB is foing bankrupt! And the lower they short it, the more desperate the sellers get.

    It's time Bresky does someting right for shareholdersand the family Trust that owns 7%. Bresky is the only family member working at SEB. Other family members get nothing. No distributions, no dividends, no job, no perks,no retirement, no jets...nothing. but they are part of the Trust that controls 77$. And the rst of us mimnority outside stockholders have had it. I have. I'm sick of 2,000 point swings.....And sick of this week..a 548 point collapse in four days.. if SEB assets were put on a fire sale price, we'd get $3,400.

    I just can't buy more. It's too big now and $80,000 four day swings are out of control to my acct.

    Bresky is NOT serving his family or other shareholders well. He is well compensated. It is a crime if he isn't aggressivley buying back stock down here. he only needs 262,000 shares to take SEB private.....for him and all Bresky family members. Net of debt, SEB sits on at least $600 million, cash. Butterball Turketyy will be paying SEB about $170 MILLION CASH in mid 2017....that is the LOAN they owe SEB. That will put SEB cash closer to $800 million - NET OF ALL DEBT! The 55% stake in Butterball that SEB owns is probably worth $650 - $700 million alone! Insane, what goes on here. Bresky is NOt doing anything.. I'd be FURIOUS if I was an outside Bresky family Trust participant. I'm an outside shareholder and pretty angry. FIDELIT Low Price Stock Fund owns about 6% of SEB. He must be pretty angry too.

  • snogreen snogreen 12 hours ago Flag

    I just hope and pray...that if he has meetings already scheduled.with either large bio investors, or bio analysts.....that Finkle brings dr. Goldstein along. Bio analysts or bio investors, will have a science or medical background......which Finkle does not. They will surely have some tough question on why they should buy now, for eyes, when TB 4 apparenty did not do well in all other previous trials. Goldstein can answer that. Also? i'm sure it was Goldstein who "hooked" Joe McNAy on board with him and Thymosisn...and that goes back to 1984. Goldstein had to spin a helluva story for McNay to stay so involved, for going on 32 years. if Goldstein can sell McNAy....a tough nut..Goldstein can sell other analysts or investors too.

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    Mon & Tues..tempted?

    by snogreen Feb 4, 2016 3:11 PM
    snogreen snogreen Feb 4, 2016 8:23 PM Flag

    You don't get it. NITE know the difference between a RGRX that trades 30,000 to 40,000 shares a day....year in and year out.with a few times of spikes. NITE knows there are no analysts, no institutions, no biotech newsletters that cover us. So even a 40,000 share day...that is just over $16,000 of total trade value.

    There are far bigger money players going to the BIO CEO conference.. There is about 70 days left till final trial news.and it pretty much is a phase 3. You've got bio funds, hedge funds....agressive investors.....looking for new ideas. Big bio funds have BILLIONS to play with. Do you know that a $500,000 gamble on RGRX..means a buy of about 800,000 to 1,000,000 shares at these prices? THAT WILL SHAKE UP NITE FROM SHORTING! because they KNOW that is NOt retail buying. And then NITE has to decide....huummm....70 days left..I'm short.....a big buyer I short more? It isn't DUMB retail buying that size.....

    I DO NOT KNOW what will come of next Mon & Tues. if Finkel tells the story the right people/analysts......there is a TON of hot money around looking for a "play" idea"..that NO ONE ELSE IS PLAYING. RGRX fits that to a "T".

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    Mon & Tues..tempted?

    by snogreen Feb 4, 2016 3:11 PM
    snogreen snogreen Feb 4, 2016 8:14 PM Flag

    on the record? find it. I've never sold a share.

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    Mon & Tues..tempted?

    by snogreen Feb 4, 2016 3:11 PM
    snogreen snogreen Feb 4, 2016 3:49 PM Flag

    I am already well in to six figures of shares. How much is enough..or, reasonable - to the downside risk - if things don't pan out. But my bet is we win..all or I have stated for years and years. What to do........50-50 that Finkel pulls it off next Monday/Tuesday...a big buyer or a good analysts writeup soon after. Won't be 44 cent stock then. Quandary. Nite will short it now to us.

  • I wish I had a better handle on this BIO CEo meting, and if inded Finkel has scheduled slots already with analysts of institutional investors.. The story can be told right. Our eye trial now is designed to match what we got great efficacy in first trial.the inferior cornea is out, and that is whete it read like we flopped. Drug is dafe and side eff3ct free.a very short 30 day dose...restasis and liftegrast can be 6 months or mopre and bot have sidee effects..liftegrast not so bad.but restasis worse.

    if Finkel tells the story like analyst or manager woudl be foaming at the mouth, you woudl think. A $43 million market cap? A phase 3 reported in about 70 days?.

    If we get an analyst writeup..... soon after Feb 8 & 9...we go up.....maybe a lot. Or? if we get a fund manager.......that likes.....he will buy...and they can buy a helluva lot more than the 40,000 shares a day that NITE shorts to us now.

    if a buyer comes or an analyst writeup.we won't be able to get 44 cent stock next week. That leaves today and tomorrow to buy. But always an "if" with Finkel....

    Anyone gambling? I'm tempted for another 10 or 20k. NITE will give you that today and tomorrow....but next week? Omnly Finkel knows..WHO is he meeting with???

  • Our shorts here...almost 6,000 shares worth, are not happy. They succeeded in whacking SEB to a mid $2,400,,,,,now back to $3,000. You could liquidate SEB at fire sale prices and get about $3,400. But today was a corker. Withing a few minutes of open, SEB trades $3,096....that is a BAD mark if you are short almost 6,000 shares...within minutes, the shorts did what he always does so effectively....he did a handful of ONE share sell orders and took SEB down to $2,871. THat is a 220 POINT SWING IN A MATTER OF MINUTES. for the past 8 months or so, that tactice work great. But at this level......a buyer came right back and we are above $3,000 again. SEB has plenty of cash, and they have authorized a $100 million buyback. I hope to heck that SEB is doing that at these levels. EVEn better? I hope SEB is bauying back as much as they can and then take it private after. Having SEB public makes no sense at all. Bresky get's all the salary & benefits, but the WHOLE Bresky family controls 77% of SEB. they get no dividends, salary, perks...nothing. What those other Bersky family members see, as well as SHAREHOLDERS....ate 2,000 point swings in SEB shares and shorts who are out to destroy SEB, because pork prices are low. if Bresky won't protect his extended Bresky family from 2,000 point swings..and he won't protect other shareholders (us)....then there is no reason for him to be public. All he needs is 262,000 more shares to take SEB a higher price. i HOPE HE IS BUYING NOW!

  • It isn't news to anyone here that the MM's have cappd RGRX for a long time. They short at the offer to protect their marks. They can do it all day long. And since there isn't any real volume, they aren't afraid to do it. Only serious volume will shake their faith that RGRX is a POS and will flop in trial, again.

    but we aren't DOWN! That is great news considering the market crashes lately.

    I smell something at this BIO CEO thing feb 8-9. Finkel did not bother presenting. he chooses his time for on ones.and if I had to bet, he has one on ones already scheduled. I give it a 50-50 chance that Finkel will either:

    1. Land an analyst(s to write up RGRX. or
    2. he lands an aggresive invesment fund that isn't scared of putting down 500 k or 1 million on a gamble for a 40 cent phase 3 stock.

    Either of the above will see RGRX rise nicely. but again, I give it 50-50. if Finkel DOES has meetings scheduld privately, it woudl make 100% sense that he brings dr. Goldstein with him. why not? A couple days in NYC at the Waldorf Astoria? Bring the wife too. And we pay expenses? Dr. Goldstein woudl seal the deal if an analyst or aggressive investor has questiions that Finkel can't answer.

  • snogreen by snogreen Feb 3, 2016 6:33 AM Flag

    just astounding..G Tre closes 24,800.up 1,700.

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    This caused it?

    by toddsophie Feb 2, 2016 4:51 PM
    snogreen snogreen Feb 2, 2016 8:59 PM Flag

    You could liquidate ALL of SEB;s assets at a fire sale price and get at least $3,400 a share. It wa ridiculous...that about 9 months of low pork prices, which is cyclical..woudl bring SEB down from $4,600 to $2,400. It killed me, but I have decent low prices on I'm okay, but the SWINGS are killer. The Bresky family owns 77% of SEB. Only ONE family member works at the firm. There are a couple other family members and a lot of kids/grankids. They get NO DIVIDENDS, no jet nothing. Steven Bresky is in his early 60's. HOW do other siblings feel when they see the family stock go from $4,600 to $2,400? THAT IS THEIR ONLY LEGACY! Their brother, runnig SEB get's a $million, plus a year..and private jets. rest of the family get's NOTHING. It is time that the famly says ENOUGH to these shorts and 40% swings just based on a lower pork price. SEB has SO MANY ORTHER assets but no debt. It is almost a crime that Bresky has not taken SEB private. All he needs is 262,00 shares. if I was a family member, who was PART OWNER OF THE BRESKY TRUST, I woudl be furious! Steven Bresky lives high and well. The rst of the siblings get nothing. Not a single dividends. if the Bresky family owned less stock, SEB woudl have been a takeover target AGES ago.

  • snogreen snogreen Feb 2, 2016 8:46 PM Flag

    There is no lawsuit. There is no darlk pool trading in RGRX. Never has been. Nor has there been illegal selling in Europe. Nor has there been any manipualtion so others can "accumulate" on the cheap. The facts are clear and simple. RGRX mgmt sucks, always has. Since 1984 they have screwed around and screwed around. every trial they did , di not work. After a while people got smart. And then market makers got smart.'ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS SHORT THIS AND WE MAKE MONEY"..

    WAKE UP! for a decade of more, every MM has stayed on SHORT SIDE of ANY RGRX trial news, AND THEY WIN EVERY TIME! So what on earth do YOu think that the MM's will suddenly see the light and say, 'I've seen Jesus now..., and TB 4 works"

    DUHHHH. You have no lawsuit. BUT! What you do have is that there is a large short interest in RGRX, by the MM's THAT ARE OUTSIDE THE BOUNDARIEs of the ordinary course of daily business. The MM's have made so much money over a decade, they just keep shorting and shorting and shorting. IT IS LEGAL, supposedly. they do not borrow, they do not report to SEC

    FORGET the manipulation #$%$. forget the dark pool #$%$. if you want to get the MM.they will be gotten on the fact they have a large SHORT POSITION trade in RGRX that is FAR outside the "ordinary course of business".

  • There is almost 6,000 shares shjort here. the VICIOUS selldown from 4,000 down to 2,400 waas turboichargesd by shorts. No doubd we had a good sized institutional seller, and pork prices bad......but these shorts put up a gillion ONE share prints down 450.....or $75. You sell ONE more share short, down $75..and almost 6,000 are short? You sdo that ONE share short down and it marks UP your short position by $450,000 profit. Shorts saw the seller and they ONE SHARE shorted this thing all the way down to 2,400.

    It's too damnd hard to take these swings. Bresky family shoudl just BUY OUT the 262,000 shares left of SEB and take it PRIVATE.....then no one, like shorts, can F with you any longer and you own all and pay uyourself dividends. ALL THEY NEED is 262,000 shares and SEB is private.ALL THEIRS!

  • MArket down 325.....ansd SEB exploding up? I pray there's a deal here. Bresky family controls 77% of SEB. There are 1.16 million shares out. All Bresky has to do is buy 262,000 shares more, and he takes it ALl private for himself. he's crazy not to. You coudl liquidate all the assets here on a real sale price and still get at least 3,400.

    BTW..SEB MArine is a slepper. SEB MArine just raised it's container handling fee. The handling fee goes from $100 to $200 on a 45' container to the Islands. SEB also raised teh freight fees last september. Fuel prices have collapsed. SEB MArine a sleeper asset.

    SEB's stake in Butterball is a sleeper asset. I guess SEB's stake and the $165 million note SEB worth about $800 million .

    This shouydl not be a public company. I bet teh Bresky family siblings are MAD. They get no dividends....and they see their 77% share stock go from $2, a print of $4,600....then right back down to a print of $2,400.


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    by bullorbear777 Feb 2, 2016 12:12 PM
    snogreen snogreen Feb 2, 2016 2:27 PM Flag

    Ain't gonna happen.a start bid for RGRX at $100 million? that is about $1.00 a share? No way would Cavazza sell at that....they paid more than that for some of their shares. Mgmt owns almost 10%....they aren't in this now, at their sellout at $1.00..and then they still have to pay all the capital gains taxes.

    We could be OVER $1.00 in a heartbeat...if just one good analyst picks up coverage froim this BIO CEO thing.

  • For the first time, ever...and it seems like forever..I have a good feeling about the BIO Ceo confab.....Finekl chose ON PURPOSE not to "present". We know that is a waste of time. But he will go and just be available for one on ones. Why woudl he go there if he had no interest ahead of time? Sit there andtiddle his fingers and wait? Ahh...I think some tings are lined up already. Maybe with help of Ora and G Tree? The other thing is we are far too cheap, just on a gamble , at a $42 million market cap...The FDA has lowered the bar in dry eye trial design....analysts have said that. Trials now do NOT include the inferior region cornea..that tripped up LIFTEGRASt and TB 4 before. It is total corneal staining that is design. LIFTEGRAST passed. TB 4 woudl have passed based on previous Ora trial. That is all Finkel has to say. Previous Ora trial was only 2x dose a day. Current is 4x a day. Ora also now is CHOOSINg carefully the patients. A roster of 2k they have and they weed out the ones that respond to placebo drops for eye discomfort.

    if Finkel explains this all correctly, I bet we get some buyers. And maybe an analyst. but I think more likely a buyer and in institutional size. A $500,000 gamble is nothing to these investors. but that adds to a 1 million share buy.

    I think we have a good chance, that this conference will end up positively for us, where none have before. We're too cheap and too close to final news.

  • Here's the list of analysts attending BIO CEO. If finkel has meetings, it's one of these. I hope it is Lererink. they get respect.
    Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
    Brean Capital
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    Chardan Capital Markets
    FBR & Co.
    Griffin Securities
    H.C. Wainwright
    Ladenburg Thalmann
    Laidlaw & Company
    Lifetech Capital
    Maxim Group
    Morgan Stanley
    Needham & Co.
    Noble Life Sciences
    Piper Jaffray
    RBC Capital Markets
    ROTH Capital Partners
    Source Capital
    Sun Trust Humphrey Robinson

  • G Tree just keeps defying gravity...up 1,600 to 23,100. In a world of it's own.

    Ya' know..every major Korean brokerage firm has office in NYC. i forget the one that wrote up G Tree.. If I was a Korean broker, I woudl send someone to the BIO CEo meeting to have one on one with Finkel. I am sure that Mr. Won, who is heding up the TB 4 suff and lives in Princeton, aware of it. I just don't have much faith in Finkel that he can, on his able to get a handful of investors or analysts to come and met with him. Someone has to do it for him. ORA Inc, i'm sure has contacts........they say in their website that they do all kinds of consulting work..for investors, venture capital people....and big pharma looking at drugs they know about. Ora Inc carries significant respect......if ANy biotech analysts at a major firm , was told by Ora Inc........'I'd advise you to go and meet Finkelstein and get to know this TB 4 story. You don't have much time."

    I aplaud Finkel for going to BIO CEO, and I am thrilled he is not presenting. he was never any good. The million $$ question is.will be be able, on HIS able to get ANYOINE to come sit with him?..history doen't give me a warm feeling.

  • snogreen snogreen Feb 1, 2016 10:06 AM Flag

    You better get your facts straight if you want FINRA to pay any attention to you. MArket MAkers are EXEMPT from any requirement to borow shares they have shorts, as long as it is in the daily course of maintaining a fair and orderly market. They don't have to borrow shares shorted. Further, they do not have to report to SEC the number of shares they are short. FINRA will be well aware of market maker short sale exemptions. be aware. But where there IS a problem, is that the MM's are shorting RGRX as a POSITION trade, and not in teh daily business of buy/sell/buy/sell. THIS is where there is a real problem. If you get FINRA's attention, all they have to do is go to NITE's trading books and see how many shares they are short in RGRX, compared to the miniscule daily volume. I firmly believe that NITE is short a TON of RGRX as a position trade, not as a market maker..and they hide it, don't borrow and don't report. The SEC just released short interst figs in RGRX......the SEC reports 10,000 shares are short.

  • That's of. I was aware of the upcoming BIO-CEO conference. RGRX has presented before. So I checked the website for the conference for the "list of presenting companies". RGRX was not listed as a presenter. I was going to post that, but didn't.

    So today's PR is a bit odd. Finkel is only going to BIO CEO for ONE ON ONE meetings.....he is not bothering to give any presentation. probably better..he's not that good. I think it much better to have these one on ones in a private setting, where I think Finkel will perform better and he may not feel as much under the gun of Rule FD.

    The question is???? what is Finkel doing ahead of ime to line up analysts or institutional investrs to come and sit down with him? If it goes on for a couple days, then I hope that Finkel can schedule times where he talks to analysts/investors they get all the attention....and questions.

    We'll see if it works and he can line up a handful of people for one on ones. If he tells a good enough story...these investors might see that RGRX is massively undervalued, just based on two phase 3's basically.....and a $40 million market cap.TB4 is 100% safe and side effect free. That is 50% of any FDA review. For the FIRST TIME EVER.I give it a decent shot we may see some buyers coming out of such meetings. That has never happened to RGRX before.ever. But who knows. It all depends on Finkel. Can he get [people to sit with them. Can he tell the story?

  • snogreen snogreen Feb 1, 2016 6:15 AM Flag

    DArk Pools are set up for VERY big institions so they can execute hopefully larger blocks of stock, anonymously. There is no reason for RGRX to be in any dark pool. No institions own RGRX, no hedge anaylsts cover RGRX....not even a single penny stock biotech newsletter knows about us. Furthermore, RGRX trades in the OTC Pink sheets....and I bet you that very few, if any, stocks you see going to dark pools are Pink sheet stocks. Lastly.if RGRX trades 25,000 shares in one day....that add up to a grand total of just over $10,000 total value of the trades. Trust me..there is no inclusion of RGRX in ANYONES dark pool trading setup..they are there to facilitate BIG trades -- quietly. I hardly think that a total value of $10,000 shares RGRX traded a WHOLE days time.....qualifies.

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