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    by bocamp1 19 hours ago
    snogreen snogreen 19 hours ago Flag

    Seems like yahoo removed my Russell post anyways. Weird.

    You got something against RGRX getting into Russell? Could be 1 million shares that need to be bought. Whole process starts May it does every year. If RGRX can hold a $48 million market cap, it should make it into Russell Microcap and others. $30 million market cap was cutoff last year. $48 million should be safe.

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    by drpiano5 Apr 24, 2015 10:00 AM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 24, 2015 10:13 AM Flag looks like this company AERI was doing a trial for their drug in Glaucoma.....RGRX has already been GRANTED a U.S. Patent for the use of TB 4 in they are covering bases....whether there is an application for TB 4 in glaucoma..don't know. Glaucoma is about bad eye pressure...don't know if TB 4 would address that.

  • seems like in mid 40 cent area the MM(s) sem willing to short into it a bit. Guess they don';t want that 50 cent print. Guess okay news if anyone wishes to buy....MM will short to you some.

  • snogreen by snogreen Apr 23, 2015 1:58 PM Flag

    to follow on my reply to teacher just below. CHINA holds the key. we need that trial win. It will bring on confidence in US trial, new investors and analysts too. And a win in China proves that TB 4 has healing properties , which may extend to heart and neuro...and that coudl lead to a parttner deal there. BUT KNOW WHAT? I'll go out on a limb here.....I think it likely that RGRX and G Tree have serious discussions about G Tree taking heart and neuro. And set it up the same way. G Tree pays heart neuro trials....and they set up a JV company to own it..with RGRX getting a very good slice.. Now..... Gtree was able to TRIPLE it's share value by getting into pharma and OUT of TV production and computers. Share price tripled on NOTHING but hope and prayers for a TB 4 dry eye trial win. However? WHAT IF CHINA TRIAL WINS???? That gives factual & statistical & HUMAN evidence that TB 4 heals.. G Tree stock will soar (as will RGRX) because of confidence that China win can be replicated in USA. BUT! As G tree soars, G Tree can then announce a similar JV deal with RGRX for all heart and neuro. G Tre will easily fund it as it's shares woudl soar on a win in China..and they would soar FURTHER if G Tree locked up heart and neuro TB 4......investors in Korea woudl be all over. WHY? Because China may have just proved TB 4 works.

    RGRX seems happy with G tree. I put G Tree in the lead for a heart/neuro negotiation with RGRX. BUT! G Tree needs DATA to sell to their investors....and it all comes back to a win in the first trial.China...all doors open if we win there. A win in China could also open other pharma that has been skeptical fo TB 4.ANOTHER reason for G Tree to move faster.. Bo keeps hareping on the US trials by news on that till early/mid 2016. GIVE G Tree sometihing to SELL their a China win. That will push up G Tree.. for US probable success, proves TBN 4 works..then GTree perhaps take heart/neuro.

    but nothing happens until we see China .

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    Just a Thought

    by sdhoolteach2000 Apr 23, 2015 1:04 PM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 23, 2015 1:34 PM Flag

    If there was a partner deal for heart, it would have happened already. No interest. Same goes for dry eye. There ws no interest by any pharma for it....even though the Ora results showed good stuff, but were no endpoints for the trial. But RGRX ended up giving eyes and EB to a Korean firm that was in TV production and compter stuff. then they quickly get out of those and hire a guy with pharma.

    The fastest was to get attention of a big pharma for a heart (or nuero) TB 4 to convince a pharma (and every analyst too) to stop being skeptical of TB 4. HOW do you do that? Simple. PUT ONE SERIOUS TRIAL ON BOARD WITH A STATISTICAL WIN! because a win in a China dry eye trial will prove that TB 4 has healing properties, which could extend to other areas, like heart. THEN your chances increse of a partner. You NEED a trial win. RGRX does not have a trial win yet. So all pharma is skeptical and won't pay. And all this points back to the soon China trial.... It is first up (US trial results not till early or mid 2016). A win in China will show that the USA eye trials have a real good chance. RGRX will rise (may big) on a China win. A win in China also may get attention of pharma thinking now there IS evidence TB 4 heals.and they may consider a heart deal.before someone else G Tree. MAybe RGRX does same deal.create a JV to bring thru heart trials. G Tree might have interest, especially if CHINA wins!

    Bo has a crush on Koreans. I have a crush on Lee's & China. ALL KINDS of doors open for RGRX - if China trial shows a good statistical efficacy......

  • Shorts are active here in SEB. You can see by teh fellow posting..just negative innuendo junk bash on SEB. Pension adjustments are hitting EVERY majpr company. And for SEB is it easy to deal with over time.

    But there are about 5,000 share shoprt in SEB...and more is shorted almost every day. I check the FINRA site daily. The NYSE market maker never shorts. But the NASDAQ is pretty active. Much of teh other volume in SEB is from third markets and pools. Take yesterday......NASDAQ traded 35 shares SEB. of that, 21 were SHORTED. That's close to 60% of NASDAQ trades were short. and WHEN do they short? I also follow the daily time and sales figures. And more often than not...whenever there is an uptick buy see a downtick 1 share print soon after. You also very often see ONE share downtick trades wiwhen the Bid/ask widens big. if a short seees a bid ask maybe 50-75 points wide..if he is SHORT almost 5,000.he sells ONE share down $75 to the mark. Say it is a 50 point "print down" on ONE share. ONE share down $50, gives a $250,000 mark for your 5,000 shares short! Sell ONE share sold short.. down $ is $250,000 GAIN to your position. if any of you poo poo that almost 5,000 shares are short SEB? THINK AGAIN! A 5,000 share position would rank as the 8th largest institutional long position in SEB! You camn see the one share prints and how they mark SENB every day, or try to. And you see how they try to bash SEB on this message board. Doesn't work. SEB has certainly had a seller, but shorts didn't cover much, probably added more. if SEB gets a buyer again soon.we traded to $4,650 on some WEIRD prints....shorts are dead,. More they post on this board, it's a good clue.

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    Zacks previous report, April 2011

    by snogreen Apr 22, 2015 1:26 PM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 22, 2015 2:10 PM Flag

    GOD you are stubborn!~ Zacks is NOT referring to people like G Tree or Koreans being skeptics. HE IS REFERRING TO INSTITUTIONS AND FUNDS not buying RGRX because they are skeptical of not having seen a clinicakl trial win, statistically wise. HOW MANY INSTITUTIONS OWN RGRX SHARES! N-O-N-E. how many brokers follow RGRX with reserach reports.... N-O-N-E.,. How many hedge funds own RGRX. NONE. reason why? they are skeptical because they have NOT see a clinical trial win statistically.....Zacks nailed it. BIG INVESTOR money will not come to RGRX until their is a statistical TRIAL WIN. Where will teh first trial results come from bo? Hint: NOT KOrea or USA.

    Are you haveing an affiar with the Koreasn? You're a broken record about Koreans and US trial. I know I am a broken record too......But KOREA and US trials don't mean that much! YET. if teh CHINA trial is a clear statistical win...then SKEPTICS will change their mind of chances for USA trials with G Tree..and BUY RGRX!

    China will also give a look at human data which may aid Ora inc in designing the US trial with BEST CHANCE OF SUCCESS!

    You go ahead an kiss on Korea...I'm gonna go kiss on the Chinese

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    Zacks previous report, April 2011

    by snogreen Apr 22, 2015 1:26 PM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 22, 2015 1:31 PM Flag

    continued...Zacks report...

    "We believe the science and theory around TB4 is solid. Drug candidates developed around various formulations of TB4 have the potential to be disease modulators. For indications such as acute myocardial infarction and dry eyes, this is enormously exciting, as most of the approved drugs for the aforementioned indications only target symptom relief. We believe proof-of-concept has been demonstrated by RegeneRx in AMI, neurotrophic keratitis and dry eyes.
    What we need to see is pivotal data in large-scale, randomized, placebo-control trials that can be used for registration approval. We think the market will remains skeptical until this data has been presented."

    China, China... China. You won't see ANY results from ANY USA trial till mid 2016. You should see results from CHINA by end of this year (maybe earlier if trial starts soon).. if China wins, skeptics should change their minds...and RGRX shares will reflect that! Shhhh....don't tell bo.

  • Here is a sample of what Zacks wrote on RGRX in April 2011. Note the key last sentence. I keep saying it, bocamp keeps trashing me. Zacks states clearly that RGRX needs a trial WIN, to sway skectics. The FIRST one to come is CHINA. Bo can't see how important China is. If it wins, skeptics will change their mind about the chances of succes in US TRIALS! GET IT? china is key and it hopefully will start this quarter, with results by end of year (?). read both posts to finish

    "We are initiating coverage of RegeneRx with a ‘Neutral’ rating. Despite the fact that we are intrigued by the potential to develop multiple therapeutic applications with Thymosin Beta 4, we believe more data is necessary. The lead development program is RGN-259 for dry eyes and neurotrophic keratitis (NK). Preclinical animal data yielded some impressive results in NK and various forms of dry eyes. So much so, that the product was tested in compassionate use studies that demonstrated the ability of RGN-259 to repair and regenerate corneal tissue. We believe that RGN-259 may provide a novel approach to the treatment of patients with corneal defects…..Research has demonstrated diverse biologic activity for Thymosin B4. Research shows the 43-amino acid peptide that plays a vital role in cell structure and motility and in the protection, regeneration, remodeling and healing of tissues. These effects have suggested a range of possible therapeutic applications, and several have been extended to animal models and human clinical trials.....con't

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    by bocamp1 Apr 22, 2015 11:23 AM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 22, 2015 11:56 AM Flag

    I just can't get that excited about Zacks. Sure it would be nice if they re-wrote up RGRX. Sure stock would probably go up a bit. Maybe it would put the warrants in the money.. But this same guy pushed RGRX a few years ago on investiors and it didn't work so well for them. but maybe news is better this time. This guy also covers about 40 tiny spec decent analyst can cover 40 names. what RGRX needs is a respected anyalyst at a good sell side firm. But very few of them take on tiny spec bios.....they tend to play with the bigger & more established bio names.. But if Zacks does write up RGRX again, by May 21....warrants could get into the money.

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    by drpiano5 Apr 22, 2015 10:36 AM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 22, 2015 11:29 AM Flag

    there are only 21 trading days left in the life of the warrants (tecnically). the exercise price id $0.56. Last trade around 4 cents. Breakeven thus 60 cents. You'll need a PR pretty fast to get there.... or RGRX has the ability to extend the life of them. Don't know. If RGRX does not care about a few million shares more of dilution, then it behooves them to see if they can get RGRX over 55 cents. Then people exercise the warrants and RGRX sells a handful of million shares at 55 cents and keeps the money.....a couple million at least... if they do have news, it would have to be news that puahes and keeps RGRX up at least 12 to 15 cents until May 21. Start of Lee's trial? or perhaps a research writeup by a good firm....might do it. Koreans coudl get smart and sell G Tree and buy 2-4 million RGRX. That woudl do it too.

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    by borialisnorialis Apr 22, 2015 2:12 AM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 22, 2015 9:06 AM Flag

    G Tree down 8.5% after hitting new hig to over $9.000 a share (equivilant to US dollar). It still puts the market cap of G tree about $180,000,000.00.....and that market cap is based solely on the TB 4 hopes. if you believe in the prospect of TB 4 in Korea..., G Tree is not the one to buy at $180 million market cap. They only own a slice of TB 4. ...RGRX owns or has deals & over for all TB 4........far more bang for the buck owning RGRX (if you believe TB 4)....and you can buy RGRX at a $45 million market cap. Whay pay $180 million for just a slice?

    Maybe the Koreans read this thread and woke up. And if they do read this, they sell G Tree Korea..and buy.....???? RGRX at 45 cents? Volume will tell in RGRX. Koreans can buy USA stocks easily. We cannot do so in Korea. Otherwise I would short 1 share of G Tree and buy 25 shares RGRX - for even money outlay. I am 100% hedged to downside if TB 4 fails. And I'd have a 25 to 1 long in RGRX.

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    UCSF clinical professor of medicine

    by borialisnorialis Apr 22, 2015 12:51 AM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 22, 2015 6:43 AM Flag

    Deepak is just one person doing heart work with TB 4. Actually, doctors Smart and London..were/are doing work at the same time, or earlier. Drs. Smart and Riley have probably published more in TB 4 and heart....than Deepak. Also? recently there was a heart study published by the Henry Ford Hospital. Previously, most of their TB 4 study was in the neuro area...MS and strokes. But they expanded study into heart area.

    At some point Henry Ford will probably do a small phase 2 human study. if I had to bet....I bet that they already applied for an NIH grant to fund one (the NIH has already funded almost all of Henry ford's TB 4 work in heart & neuro already. So why not teh human trial?)......January application, October decision. But I am up in the air as to which henry ford would choose. Heart or Neuro.

    You sholdl read Drs. Riley and Smart well as henry Ford's heart one.

  • Figures we like to see...130,505 RGRX shorted today..trying to "cap" it. Silly the SEC thinks there is about only 1,000 shares short in RGRX. Not the case.

    All we need is the silly Koreans to realize that RGRX and ALL TB 4 trades at $45 million, and the Gt tree at $8.37 they all bought silly. G Tree from $3 to almost $9. Dump it. buy RGRX at 45 cents and you get FAR more exposure to TB 400% LESS risk!

    Some think an anallyst reporting coming? RGRX will go up on that asl long as a decent analysts. I don't count Zacks as that good.

    or? If China trial get's final okay and starts next 60 days.

    All three above are a few nails to the coffin of MM shortie.

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    by trotupinfront Apr 21, 2015 4:46 PM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 21, 2015 5:06 PM Flag

    I'll wait and save up for Jimmy Buffet's 'Margaritaville".....

    NITE will need a bunch of drinks....if the Koreans just OPEN their eyes to what they are paying for G Tree @ $8.37 a share! Korea has full access to USA markets, and all with the click of a keypad...and a good internaltional capable broker. I am sue many Korean brokers are all set up for easy USA trades. G tree stock is up 300% in a short time. And G Tree is valued 400% GREATER than ALL of RGRX. They should sell G Tree and roll all 300% profit into RGRX at 45 cents..that is, as long as they believe TB 4 will work in a trial.

  • The voluime & move today is nothing.if the Koreans wise up. Thety are all over giving G Tree a $180 million market value. Yet G Tree only owns a slice of TB 4.....RGRX still owns the cow, or has partner deals with a royalty.

    Way I see it, if RGRX (who owns most of TB 4) get's valued as the same excitment in G Tree.....then that means that RGRX should be trading around $1.75 per share......almost 400% higher than today's close.

    Some have alluded that their might be a new analyst coming up with a research report. I don't know if or when that will happen. but if it does, there will be significant discussion of G they got all funded...and WHAT THEIR MARKET CAP IS! If the hoped for analyst report simpley states that G Tree owns a slice of TB 4 and has a $180 million market cap. All the analyst has to do is point to RGRX's market cap....even $45 million!!!. WHICH STOCK IS CHEAPER? If such an analyst report DOES come out WILL GET TO KOREAN INVESTORS. then the light switch goes off in the Koreans head... "Whi do I pay so much for G Tree, I shoud buy RGRX in the States for 45 cents a share. Why should I pay $8.37 a share for G Tree?"

    Getting Korean investors aware of the market cap between Gtree and RGRX (a 400% DIFFERENCE!) and getting the China trial to start....will make a 5 cent move look tiny.

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    underfunded pensions

    by islandcwboy1972 Apr 21, 2015 11:00 AM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 21, 2015 2:34 PM Flag

    You're either a short.or a dope. You choose. for you to try and 'negative innuendo" a "diss" on SEB over silly pension is , is stupid. SEB has no long term debt and sits on $525 million cash (basically).Needless to say..SEB has no pension worries, really. SEB said in the first sentance that due to a change in actuarial status...which means they can't get the higher rates of return on assets because interest rates so low.....that there was a $47 million deficit.which can easily be plugged by increasing a bit the annual contributions by SEB.

    meaningless...very meaningless.

    Which are you? A short or a dope?

  • Warrants traded today also. 4 cents. they expire (technically) 30 days from now..May 21. exercise price if 0.56 a if you buy warrants today (they traded) your break even price is 60 cents a share MAy 21. That is a pretty aggressive warants at 4 cents, with 30 days break even at 60 cents.

    I suppose it's possible that RGRX could extend the life of the warrants by one year. who knows. But RGRX will have to ask if it is worth the possible dilution.versus what they would get by selling stock at 56 cents exercise. A successful China trial and RGRX is going a lot higher than 56 cents. because a success in China will point to far better chances for success in US trials.

  • Maybe the Koreans are waking up. RGRX was at $37 million total company value, and has most of TB 4 rights or royalties. G Tree has about $180 million market cap, and only a slice of the TB 4 action. Doesn't take a genius to see that they should sell G Tree and buy RGRX. FAr more bang for the buck now in RGRX.

    If I was able to trade Korea stocks, I would short one share of G Tree at $8.37 and buy 25 RGRX......same money basically. if TB 4 wins, you mayke a lot more owning the 25 RGRX than you would 1 share G Tree. And if TB 4 flops everywhere, I don't lose, because G Tree collapses as does RGRX.but the short G Tree evens out to zero lost in RGRX. but upside is bigger owning RGRX now.

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    by drpiano5 Apr 20, 2015 10:52 PM
    snogreen snogreen Apr 21, 2015 7:01 AM Flag

    Here's some more facts on G Tree stock. It trades at equivilant of $8.37 a share. RGRX trades $0.38. G Tree today traded 308,000 shares. Multiply that times $8.37 and you get a dollar trade volume of $2,700,000. RGRX traded 197,000 shares at 0.38. That add up to a whopping total trade value of $75,000. See that? G Tree trades $2.7 million. RGRX gtrades $75,000.

    Ballpark RGRX market cap at $37 million. if RGRX traded $2.7 million in one day (like G Tree)......if RGRX WHOLE MARKET CAP is $37 million and $2.7 million trade daily (like G Tree).....that would be an 8% stake in RGRX on one DAY. SEE? for the same $2.7 million in ONE day of G Tree could take the same $2.7 million and buy 8% of ALL RGRX!

    You would see RGRX at 75 cents in a jiffy 9and REALLY screw the short MM's), if the silly Koreans ever figured out they are paying crazy prices for just a 'steak"....G Tree.....RGRX is the WHOLE COW..and far, far cheaper. less risk 38 cents. because if TB 4 flops ever.... and you have ONE share of RGRX, you lose 38 cents. If TB 4 flops and you have ONE share of G Tree, you lose $8.37.

    No brainer..which is a better buy?

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