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  • snogreen by snogreen Sep 22, 2015 10:30 AM Flag

    I didn't even BOTHER to read your post. Al you folks that think you want more stock and the way to get it is BID for big lots below? Stupid! Insted of bidding SELL a small amount to get downticks. Don't show big bids. when you SHOW BIG bids you just advertise to ALL MM's that you are there and you want stock. WHICH MEANS ? the MM will anyways..beat you by 0.001 and TAKE it because they KNOW you BID!..and you get NOTHINg for it and the MM will take what is sold. In meantime? WHY gve the MM the CLUE that you want a lot of stock? Duhh. there are NO big sellers of RGRX shares here. So if you want shares, they will come FROM the MM.probably shorting to you. SO WHY ADVERTISE THAT TO HIM! dumb. IF THERE WER BIG SELLERS of RGRX stock, I'd say, 'FINE bid big". BUT THERE ARE NO size sellers you will have to PLAY the MM to get shares in size. And you DON'T DO THAT BY TELLING HIM AND PULLING YOUR PANTS DOWN HOW ANXIOUS YOU ARE TO BID!

  • I find it odd that neither G Tree or Ora Inc. put out a news item that they started two trials. Ora almost always does such. G Tree must have asked them not to. Neither did G Tree inform their shareholders, via a PR, that the two trials are underway. But they did a couple mmonths ago when teh FDA said okay.

    For those that want to buy more RGRX? You go about it BASS BACKWARDS. There really aren't many sellers in kind of size. That would come from MM's shorting in to, say, a 10,000 buy at the offer. So all you sillies that show BIDS of 10k shares, you just signal to MM's you are there. A FAR better trading strategy would be to do the opposite! YANk your bids. then do what MM's do. PUT UP 100 share downticks. Tick RGRX down. Don't care about a daily mark that isn't what you wish. Sell 100 shares in tick downs. MAke the MM think there are sellers. If they see that they will LOWER their bids and maybe LOWEr their offers. The MM also will be playing tax loss stuff in next couple months (real or imagined) and the overall market is stinky. YANK your bids! It is no way to buy. The sellers aern't here. Show no bids. Then sell some 100 share it down. Then buy. Sell 500 shares in 100 share lots..then try to buy 5,000 lower! It is exactly how a MM does it.

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    Lees Pharma June 2015 Update

    by danrikoo Sep 21, 2015 10:39 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 22, 2015 6:46 AM Flag

    There's always a "yeah, but"....If you look at the Lee's headlines over last 6-9 months.....they have been STARTING OTHER clinical trials.with drugs.....that haven't been in the fold as long as TB 4. Lee's has had TB 4 rights now for OVER three and a half years. Something tells me there is more to it, than the excuse you read and buy 100% in to. The easiet way out is to blame it on Gov't "red tape".

    I posited a theory a while ago...and got SLAMMED by you two Finkel Fan Boys.....that Lee's was purposely delaying any TB 4 trial in eyes, until the see WHAT the Korean trials do. If the Korean & USA trials flop, then Lee's will NOT HAVE TO do a China trial then... and they will save $$$$. OR? if the Korean trials in USA show muddled - but still positive results.....then Lee's can INCORPORATE those isues in to THEIR final trial desighn, which INCREASES their chance of success. OR? the Korean USA trials go SO WELL..that Lee's tries to ask the gov't there to approve TB 4 based on the USA trial data..then Lee's saves all trial expenses $$$. It has been done to use teh very strict FDA in USA standards.byt foreign gov'ts...similar approve drugs based on that data and not have to do a local trial.

    Go ahead, Fan Boy.slam me. But there's MORE to Lee's delay of TB 4 than you think, IMO.

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    Donk Is Clueless

    by bocamp1 Sep 21, 2015 12:54 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 21, 2015 1:35 PM Flag

    Just from the releases, I like the chances better in Eye Nk than I do dry eye. Dry eye is 350 puts...and it is total corneal staining.which will include inferior region. I still want to see the trial sesign parameters clearer. but I like all said about NK trial. EIGHT centers. 46 patients., a FULL PHASE 3 on 46 patients!!! Know how RARE that is? Orphan status advantages..

    But I don't know how hig we go. down? Not to the lows, certainly....but no institutions own us, not a single good analyst covers RGRX. Finkel conference presentations are lackluster (at best). G Tree is NOT dislosing trial info yet. ORA INC also seems to be BARRED from doing their normal PR in their site. MM's will continue to cap RGRX and short when needed.and MM's will be putting RGRX in the year end cross hairs of tax loss selling.. If RGRX had higher prints than where currently, the MM's will believe a lot of tax loss selling will come (probably erroneous). They will show larger offers and lower bids. They'll do it on EVERY penny stock biotech..REGARDLESS. It is just the game...modus operandi. BUT THAT CAN WORK WELL for readers of this board are basically the only buyers.. If RGRX dropped to low 30 cents, a lot here will buy. Myself included. MM's will play for that. We'll see,

  • Donmk is full of bunk. Any new approved drug get's automatic 5 years exclusivity.regardless of patent. Same gos for any drug with ORPHAN DESIGNATION.except the FDA grants SEVEN years exclusivity if approved. Dry Eye get's 5 years automatic. Eye NK get's 7 years automatic. by that time (if needed) RGRX will have the PAtent Office taken care of. After all..they granted a patenmt for TB 4 in eye glaucoma....using the almpost exact same filing as dry eye. :Like most other patnets RGRX got, they just have to fight..and many they win.

    Donk is BS on other stuff. Like RGRX setting up to sell out. explain that logically. Mgmt owns about 10% (or less). TWO SHAREHOLDERS OWN 53%. Mgmt has NO SAY on a sell out.because Cavazza owns about 33% and G Gtre owns almost 20%. NOTHING can happen unless these two agree. On a sharholder vote.mgmt with 10% can't win..if they vote against.

    Another donk lie.

  • Well, this is great news! the eye NK start. It all reads GREAT! A phase 3 with ONLY 46 PATIENTS! Amazing. And they have EIGHT centers to enroll patients.which means EIGHT sites average 5-6 patients only. I was worried that patient recruitment woul be very long process..but not with EIGHT centers..about 5-6 each only. Finish by end of Q1? Great! And FURTHER good news....they FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT! they are only dosing stage 2 & 3 ulcers......I don't know if there is a Stage 4 in Eye NK...but RGRX has meesed up BAD before in pressure and venous taking sTAGE 4 patients. And then? the dosing is FIVE TIMES A DAY! That is more that the other 6 patient trial.

    I don't see anthing to "know" on this PR. All good news. IMO???? The eye NK will be done BEFORE the dry eye.and the NK has nbetter chanvce of success.and only a 46 patient Phase 3, WITH ORPHAN STATUS. A win here, will cause bio investors to jump in for dry eye. I feel a lot better. I think 50 -60 cents on the way. the MM';s don't care. They will short into you if you buy. they don't read PR.

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    Why would be stupid enought to sell down here

    by jcrtrade Sep 16, 2015 11:31 AM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 20, 2015 9:29 AM Flag

    The issue here is simple. Is LRDC and Y a conventional enhanced oil recovery (EOR) stock? or is it an underground gravity drainage (UGD) stock. Folks here buy LRDC because of the dream of UGD.. When Alleghany announced it was buying Teapot Dome field, everyone got excited. But then when I saw that Y was doing the Teapot field in STANDARD EOR......that was bad. LRDC will NEVER make any money really, with EOR oil recovery. It costs too much and oil is at $45, which is barley breakeven. Y seems NOT TO BE DOING UGD in teapot. Further, LRDC finished a UGD mininig tunnel well over a YEAR ago on their other field. Silence! They say there are "issues" . Hardly builds confidence. Nothing will happen here until LRDC gives GOOD news on that one UGD field that is drilled and producing as they hyped.. And Alleghany won't say. So far UGD is just a pipe dream. Because if it was SO FABULOUS.....why isn't Exxon doing it?

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    by thebasiles777 Sep 16, 2015 8:09 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 18, 2015 10:27 AM Flag

    Silence from Ora Inc website as well. In the past, that I've seen, they always do a PR on thier site that they initated patient dosing on a tral they do. Look for yourself. Silence.

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    Today's Trading......A Criminal Enterprize

    by bocamp1 Sep 17, 2015 6:10 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 18, 2015 9:14 AM Flag

    Whaaaa? Quote: "SEC is useless, but ceo here must become proactive."

    Are you FINALLY coming around about Finkel Tinkel? Finkelstein is not "pro active"....he "deactivated" years ago from almost all things a good CEO should do. And don't give me your spin about how great the Korean deal was. I agree, it came from nowhere and is attractive. HOWEVER! DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE that "proactive" Finkelstein scoured the WORLD, knowking on doors to FIND G Tree? Joke. No way. Finkel was lounging in his office and it ws the KOREANS who knocked on his door (imo) and propsed the deal. It landed in Finkels lap and YOu give him ALL the credit. My guess is the Koreans got wind of RGRX and TB 4 via Ora Inc..if they were targeting drugs for the eye area, Ora is full of small pharmas they do trials for, and they do releases on such.

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    trading info

    by thebasiles777 Sep 17, 2015 9:23 AM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 17, 2015 9:47 AM Flag

    Heck yes we could easily be at $2 because of eye NK..but only on a trial complettion successfully. But the issue is mgmt's credibilty just isn't there. If there was such, there woudl be a LOT of agresssive institutions playin the 10, 20 or 30 to 1 longshot on a 40 cent stock. But no one plays except us. I think we trade higher over the next handful of months..slowly I think .50.but MM's will short in to it and cap us as they wish and ALWAYS have done. ..we need a BIG & recognized biotech analyst jumping on board to shake the faith of MM's - that they all think RGRX is a 25 year failed TB 4 POS. But there is no such analyst..yet

    So it means we wait till Spring. If RGRX did not zoom on dry eye start.I doubt it will zoom on the announcement (soon?) of an eye NK start.

    Still no publication of exact trial set up.

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    by trotupinfront Sep 16, 2015 7:58 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 17, 2015 6:56 AM Flag

    RGRX will never get such a valuation. Shire bought and paid up for SARCode because they had a NEW drug. I am sure many pharmas looked at RGRX and TB 4....and what did they see? To their purview, TB 4 was not a new drug..but was a drug that was hyped and bandied about since the early 1990's......for 20-25 years......STALE bread...and every trial they did along the way, flopped.or at least appeared to flop.. no R&D person is going to put his job, career & family on the line and say 'Pay up for TB 4".....cuz' when the committee meets....the almost 25 year evidence will make them run away.

    So sorry for the two Fan Boys....RGRX isn't going to zoom higher as the trial progresses, to what they dream of $1 plus..but I think that 50 to 60 cents is easily do able.maybe 70 cents. The three things going against RGRX are :

    1. The MM's firmly believe TB 4 junk, so they will short as needed to cap it.
    2. No institutions own RGRX. No good analyst coverage.
    3. RGRX has flogged TB 4 for 20-25 years, with noi no one cares.

    All this means that we wait till late Spring. It flops, we crater. NO ONE is expectimg a win. On a win, we go to a $300 million market cap.easy...all depends results and if they are good enough for an approval application, and not ANOTHER trial. That is why they do 350 pts. GOOD!

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    Like Clockwork...The Short Cabal

    by bocamp1 Sep 16, 2015 1:50 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 16, 2015 1:59 PM Flag

    You're just being a Fan Boy. I'm being open plusses and minuses.

    1. if the design is for the TOTAL corneal area & staining......does that, or does that not include the inferior region.where TB 4 had issues before? teh TOTAL corneal area will include inferior region.
    2. RGRX has still not provided the EXACT wording of teh trial.
    3. Bo, YOU TOO.are fully aware that the endpoint of "ocular discomfort" can be a tricky one..because ANY drops in the eye.....placebo or control..relieve discomfort.........that lowesr chances of P Value success. But tehe FDA and Ora know that.

    I am upbeat overall, as I said..because of the 4x dosing.

    You are still just hyping and Finkel Fan Boy. We aren't there yet.

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    To All

    by trotupinfront Sep 16, 2015 12:30 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 16, 2015 1:41 PM Flag

    There's only a slight negative I see:

    "The co-primary endpoints are assessments of total corneal staining and reduction of ocular discomfort in patients using RGN-259 compared to those using placebo."

    TOTAL CORNEAL STAINING. So it reads to me like they include ALL the subsections of cornea.I think there were four in previous trial. So we still run teh risk of the INFERIOR subsection not doing well..bit teh others did. Risk is, will the inferior section lowere teh %'s in other areas.....can stragnth on other two areas overcome inferior? I REALLy want to see the exact trial design. It is not shown yet. I am hoping a mitigation to the inferior region....may be that the dosing goes from 2x to 4x a day. Will that double dosing effect the inferior region?

    Also worrying is this "ocular discomfort" endpoint. I remember reading an article that this is one of the tough points in any dry eye trial......because ANYTIME you mositen the dry eye, YOU FEEL BETTER..LESS DISCOMFORT! So what if placebo water drops lessen discomfort. they will. And the placebo will be given 4x as will TB 4. If the eye is moistened, drug or will "feel" better.

    Overall I am upbeat...I think 4x dosing a day will help. but I still want to read teh EXACt words in nitty gritty. They are not posted yet.

  • Now we have a rough idea of teh endpoints, but still not all minute details.but lit looks good:

    "The co-primary endpoints are assessments of total corneal staining and reduction of ocular discomfort in patients using RGN-259 compared to those using placebo."

    teh two other things I caught are...first, it is a lot larger than I thought..350 patients. If results warrant, 350 is enough to go for approval. Second thing I caught was that it is a foure sites. But what I don't know if Ora is ussing thaier CAE special dry eye envirnment thong.or are they just dosing normal. I think Ora has some portable chambers. We'll see.

    but so far it reads well for us.

  • snogreen snogreen Sep 11, 2015 5:13 AM Flag

    You and bo are turning in to a coupel sick psychos. How many times you and he gonna post I just bought at .50. I did not. Again, I bought 35,000 at .37. .38 , .40 and .45. OKAY? Second, I have a small amount of shares in teh 42 range, so quit lying about $3. THIRD, I bought quite a bit around 0.19 a while back. But I did not buy any lower. Others did. I thought risky. FOURTH........coming in to 2015 I honestly posted that my cost basis was down to around 0.57. With the 35,000 more I bought, NOT .50.....but .337, .38. .40, basis is now aroudn .52 cents. JUST THE TRUTH! So after ALL these years, my basis is around 0.52 and RGRX at 0.39...SO WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? OH! I FORGOT, neither Fan Boy bo or b7 has EVER, EVER, EVER lost money in ANA stock. EVERE stock they buy goes UP. They never lose. Bunch of CR**AP they spew.

    I am CORRECT on this! WHO CARES when they start the trial. Today, tomorrow, next week. the only thing that matters is the design and what the FDA demanded of RGRX. WHAT GOOD is it to start ANY trial, if teh FDA stacks the cards against you from the start! I don't care if RGRX does FIFTY trials. If the design is too onerous, you will NOT get a win in any trial!. NO ONE KNOWS what the FDA demanded. NEITHER DOES Bo or B7. But they are first to shout 'TRIAL IS STARTING, TRIAL IS STARTIN!"....I don't think I have EVER seen ANY sized PUBLICALLY TRADED biotech, that is announcing they are STARTING a PHASE 3 within days..and starting a Phase 2b/3 withinn DAYS.......and yet HIDE the design & protocol while they try to hype it. I dare Bo and B7 Fan Boy to find ANY other pharma company that has HIDDEN such info.. So question REALLy is, "WHY ARE THEY HOLDING BACK DISCLOSING SUCH A SIMPLE THING". I do not trust Finkelstein. i do not trust the FDA. I need to see the FDA was not too onreous in their design demands. START 100 TRIALS! WHO CARES. If the trial design is such that you won't win, WHAT does it matter then??? WE NEED A WIN, not just a start.

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    holding the price at .40

    by thebasiles777 Sep 10, 2015 11:33 AM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 10, 2015 1:18 PM Flag

    But you told me that RGRX was going to popup after the presentation.......count your money...and you hoisted same after Think Equity. We were down soon enough after Think equity..and we are down after Rodman. Wake up, Finkel Fan Boy...showing 2004 slides to the people didn't thrill anyone....cuz' WHY hasn't anything happened in ELEVEN YEARS - if the slides and Nature article was SO good? Hmm?

    NO ONE CARES when the trials start...days? WHO CARES! That is MEANINGLESS..........nothingness....WHAT MATTERS IS..... thet they will not disclose, even though they have IT RIGHT NOW.....the trial design & protocol. I could GIVE A DAMN when the trial start..I need to see the design to see if the FDA screwed us by including endpoints that may make it hard to get a statistical % response... to be declared a clear trial win. CLEAR TRIAL WIN is what we need. And omnly way I can handicap that chance of success IS TO SEE TRIAL DESIGN AND PROTCOLS!

    Fan Boys are blind.

  • snogreen by snogreen Sep 9, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    TTPH..a $45 bio stock, now at $10..down about 80% overnight. Their phase 3 flopped. When you play this stuff, ALL rides on teh late stage trial(s) you have to be real good at looking at teh trial stuff. A lot of BBIG names owned TTPH, and they got hit. It's why it is so important for RGRX to release our dry eye trial design. There may be RGRX watchers/buyers in the wings...but WITHOUT the critical trial info, they avoid buying....or in my case buying more. When Finkel Tinkel hoisted that "spin" that an FDA Rule 801 mandates that a trial design MUSt be up on clinical trials(dot)org at a maximum of 21 days after the first patient is dosed.THAT SCARES ME. Because CLEARLY they are waiting until the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT WHEN THEY ARE FORCED TO DOSCLOSE THIS CRITICAL INFORMATION FOR INVESTORS. G Tree can post the protocols any time they want.They just post it and then state in the filing centers where they are "not yet recruiting".

    I am not buying more, yet...because I do NOT want to get slammed like a TTPH...if the inferior portion of the eye is MANDATED by the FDA to be included in the it primary or secondary will lessen somewhat the chances of success....statistically.....because we know infeior is already a problem with TB 4.

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    READ THIS, Shire dry eye Phase 3 design!

    by snogreen Sep 8, 2015 5:07 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 9, 2015 9:28 AM Flag

    Trot.why are you the only other besides me to voide VERY lrgimate concerns over this critical trial design.:

    "But did not meet the second co-primary endpoint of the sign of inferior corneal staining (P=0.6186). The secondary endpoints were only descriptive in nature and were consistent with improvement in symptoms and lack of improvement in signs."

    The Shire drug may have problems because of INFERIOR...RGRX ALREADY had problems with INFERIOR.....SO WHY THE "F" aren't the "Finkel Fan Boys" worried if the FDA demands INFERIOR endpoints in the upcoming dry eye? HUMM? If EVERYTHING is so hunky Dory in trial land with TB 4 and the FDA approved BOTH trial designs in JULY and early AUGUST.....then WHY does RGRX hide it, if things are so good?

  • Trot...pointd to a Phase 3 dry eye trial by Shire......drug was Lifitegrast. it was 720 patients. but the CLUS if to read THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY ENDPOINTS that teh FDA approved for teh trial.and Shire designed! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT TO SEE. How G-D tortured the RGRX first phase 2 went on on on orf TORTURED MINUTIAE!

    THIS is how TB 4 will win and how we will prosper. THIS is how RGRX shoudl have teh trial design and protocol. Shire got THIS approved by FDA for phase 3. BNUT YOU WAIT! FINKEL HIDES IT FOR A REASON. Ugh. READ how simple it CAN be:

    "Primary Outcome Measures:
    Corneal staining score [ Time Frame: Week 12 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Patient-reported dryness score [ Time Frame: Week 12 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Safety and tolerability of lifitegrast Ophthalmic Solution (5.0%) compared to placebo, including incidence and severity of ocular and non-ocular adverse events [ Time Frame: Week 12 ] [ Designated as safety issue: Yes ]

    Secondary Outcome Measures:
    Corneal fluorescein score [ Time Frame: Week 12 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Conjunctival lissamine staining [ Time Frame: Week 12 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Eye discomfort scores [ Time Frame: Week 12 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]


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    Fanboy blathers on

    by snogreen Sep 8, 2015 2:29 PM
    snogreen snogreen Sep 8, 2015 4:59 PM Flag

    I don't have an "agenda" I am not short. I am just not a Finkel FanBoy like B7. I have over a decade in this POS..I've seen almost every trial messed up some way or another. By now i've learned. the dry eye concerns me, not eye NK.but you will also the the eye NK VERy slow to start.....patients aren't easy to get and a competing drug trial NK has locked up many eye centers/hospitals already. Ora will do Dry eye pretty much on time, once they start. I have ALWAYS been in here and said so...ALL or NONE. A tax writeoff or a profit.. I think TB 4 coudl win, but it will ALL come down to the trial design.and what the FDA dictates. That scares me. And I am NOt pleased that the FDA GRANTED AND APPROVED the two trial designs in July and August.... there is NO reason to HIDE heh design and protocls from investors.....IF IT IS ALL GOOD NEWS ON TRIAL DESIGN.......IS THERE? then WHy are they waiting and hiding it? I WILL buy more, maybe a LOT more...if I can see that teh design id favorable to the subsections where TB 4 shpwed over the top P VAlues. It is the inferior region that scares me.

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