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  • As predicted. Shorts are away for a T-Giving long break...SEB rises. I said Friday that it will be shport lived and my guess was that SEB will go right back down omn 1 share lots, come Monday. After a steady open..........SEB ticks rrightdown on schedules....down about 100 points so far. No way were they going to let these prices stand. All it takes is one share drop SEB over $100.

  • wonders of wonders. Apparently our short, whose sole job is to do scam one share prints, at the most UN opportune time for longs......decided to take a long holiday for Thanksgiving. ANYONE NOTICE that SEB rises from hios last scam down in last 30 seconds, taking SEB down to 3,143? But the MINUTE the scam sellers goes to eat Turkey out of state with family.... and is away from his scam producing one share sell computer...SOMEHOW???..SEB naturally RISES to over $3,400? It's basically because teh scam shorts aren't on the desks..... but it will be short loved probably.. He'll be back Monday.] A 200 point upward moved in SEB is a $1.2 MILLION mark against their short position. NOT GOOD! My hunch is they will be backj in force selling down next week.

    I did contact some "places of interest" to see if they'd like to look at the activities here. It will be a piece of candy to trace back who and where trades come from...they will have some explaining to do for days like a few ago, those last 60 seconds scam down takes. Pure manipulation. And nothing SEB could do...even though SEB has a $100 million buyback in place.....the SEC BANS SEB from buying shares on the opening trades and in the last 10 minutes. So last 10 minutes is owned by the shorts, often, if they wish to play.

  • snogreen snogreen Nov 25, 2015 11:33 AM Flag

    licenssing ofr selling teh righst to TB 4 is the same thing! Koreans sayinmg they don't ant to market it themselve possibly.

  • All evidence concurs. The Daily FINRA stats show that 70% of the SEB volume on nasdaq was shorted yesterday...... Not much activity on NYSE, and I rarely see the NYSE as a venue for shorts. They prefer the Nasdaq access for shorting. The rest of SEB volume comes from third markets. On nasdaq 65 shares traded and 45 were shorted.. I'll bet anything that most of those shorted came in the last 60 seconds as a massive smack down of 1 share sells, which in 90 seconds brought SEB down 1509 points..from 3,300 to 3,143. NO LONG SELLER IN HIOS RIGHT MIND woudl put orders in like that! Because it is SELF DEFEATING to get you best sale privce. ONLYT A SHORT would enter in to a trade like that in teh last 60 seconds..BECAUSE THEY WANT THE MARK! They took SEB DOWN $150 in 60-90 sconds knowing full well that SEB is barred by SEC rules to buy back any shares in the last 10 minutes...which opens pandoras box for the scam short sellers you see every day, and some even post here! They should be investigatd by the SEC, it borders on criminal manipulation, IMO. A few dozen 1 share smacks, take SEB down $150. if there are about 6,000 shares short, a $150 move (on paper) is worth $900,000. SEE how the game is played? Also, the short interest here is probably a LOT higher than you think, because market makers are SEC exempted from reporting short sales or borrowing stock.

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    Korean PR main points

    by drpiano5 Nov 24, 2015 10:52 PM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 25, 2015 7:23 AM Flag

    Nice do... couple things. he said 'final" rsults by June. Final usually means "bottom line". Often pharma's give an earlier look with "top line" data,so it could be earlier than June. Then he says they are in touch with 5 big pharmas to buyout the US rights for TB 4 eye, Thats a good clue the Koreans just want the money and won't set up to market and sell themselves. Prove it and sell it and move on. That will only give RGRX a 25% cut and a mid to high single digit royalty. My guess is that RGRX and G Tree woudl perhaps then partner a similar schemefori G Tree to do the heart and neuro areas. The JV set up. Aslo note that RGRx, if the trial works, still controls all TB 4 eye rights in Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe, India, Russia.... and I am not sure about Australia? So there is money there for RGRX too..

    we just got to get the trial to win.

  • Did you see that full court press of teh selling in the last 60 - 90 seconds? No logical long seller woudl do was shorts, AGAIN and again. we were trading at $3,310...within SIXTY seconds teh shorts put in a hold down sell button of ONE share prints..taking out every bid. In 60 second they had SEB trade at $3,143...DOWN OVER $100! ALL IN TEH LAST 60-90 SECONDS! IT IS PUR SCAM TRADING. but the Shorts got a surprise! Buyer came in and traded SEB UP $110 from that low print they scammed.

    The REASOn why you see the shorts scam the last 60 seconds is because here is no liquidity in SEB..but teh BIGGEST REASON is this......SEB themselves is NOT ALLOWED TO BUY BACK SHARES IN THE LAST 10 MINUTES! So it is classic move by shorts. Had they done this machine hit one share smack down BEFORE 3:50 PM they run the risk that SEB is bidding for stock via the $100,000,000.00 buybac, and STOP the FREE FALL.... but between 3;50 and 4 PM.....the shorts knwo FULL WELL that SEB is BARRED from doing any buying. So that last 10 minutes is "scam heaven". BUT NOTE should be worrisome to scammed it down over 150 POINTS IN 60 SECONDS...but a buyer came RIGHT BACK.... it was NOT SEB.

    Rot in h*** you SOB's the SEC ought to investigate you (abdnd VERY easily done) and the one share scam down prints.....THIS time it was 150 points in 60 seconds...only because you CAN. Scam.

  • Go look at the latest 10-Q. Total Stockholders equity and liabilities are just over $3,8 billion.....just over $3.8 billion is where SEB is now at $3,300. But that is an UNDERSTATED book value. You could NOt replace easily the SEB pork division, FAR too many environmental constraints. You coudl not repce easily what SEB has in it's Marine divivison (turned around). You could NOT GET a better play on the TOTAL rebuilding of Cuba, with SEB's needed container ships. You could NOT get a 55% stake in Butterball Turkey...not a 70,000 acre sugar and energy plantation in Argentina. what about the PEPERS division of SEB? have you ever ha a "jalapeno Popper" snack? It likely came FROM SEABOARD ! Did any of you know that the parent of Butterball Turkey has a LOAN DUE AND PAYABLE to Seaboard in mid 2017, which will be about $170,000,00.00 cold hard cash paid to seaboard? or maybe they swap that $170 million for a CONTROLLING stake in Butterball...Butterball is doing fabulous now $$$$ And what about JAPAN???? Japan is a BIG market for Seaboard's pork, and Japan just signed law to LOWER SIGNIFICANTLY over time the TARIFFS on imported pork, which will INCREASE demand & saless for SEB in Japan. The whole Trans Pacific Partnership is GREAT for SEB over time.

    I hope you fry, shorts. You made it miserable here. I hope there are no shares for sale to BUY BACK the 6,000 you are short.and that is just what is reported to SEC. MM's don't have to disclose what they are short, so I am SURE it is much higher than 6,000 shares.

  • The shorts trid to smack down SEB on their ususal 1 share sells....if you are short 6,000 shares and adding ONE MORE SHORT sale share you sell takes SEB down $50...they give themselves a "mark" of a $300,000 profit. That is the POWER of one share sells on a $3,250 stock. And that is pretty scary if you are short close to 6,000 SHARES! the 5th largest position in SEB is SHORT.

    The shorts are posting here even! they post that SEB is a POS because "earnings" are not good. duhhhh. where were you when pork was far higher. now you appear when Pork is low and smack down SEB over $500 points? I hope you get destroyed, shorting SEB on 'earnings". YOU IGNORE that SEB has $740 MILLION cah & short term investments. You IGNORE that SEB has ZERO LONG TERM DEBT. you IGNORE that SEB has other huge assets like Butterball turkey (up to 55%) and Seaboard Marine (which is turned around). YOU IGNORE that SEB MArine is a MAJOR play on CUBA.You IGORE that SEB is trading BELOW liquidation value. you IGNORE that SEB raised the buyback from $50 million to $100,000,000. Igore al that at your peril, If all you stupid shorts care about is :"earnings". Bresky could hit you HARD anytime he wants. He controls 77% of SEB shares. To gain 100% control he only needs 262,000 shares of SEB. About $800 million worth. BUT SEB SITS ON $740 MILLION CASH basically! Bresky could take SEB PRIVATE - with just SEB's cash on hand and some small bank debt and NO long tern debt. I pray you FRY shorty for what you have done here with1 share downticjk sells.

  • snogreen snogreen Nov 24, 2015 10:36 AM Flag

    Qustion is??? Intent to drill.....WHAT? They are drilling in Teapot Dome, BUT SURFACE DRILLING, which is a LOSER at $40 a what is the other field with INTENT to drill? is it SURFACE drilling, like Teapot......or is it underground UGD? Surface drilling the old fields is a loser at $40. UGD is yet to be seen anywhere.and neither LRDC or Y is saying a word.

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    Koreans rising again

    by drpiano5 Nov 23, 2015 9:32 PM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 24, 2015 8:07 AM Flag

    weird thinng is that any Korean who read the broker reports over there know full well they can buy RGRX in USA for 43 cents. we can't invest there, but it is a piece of candy for a Korean to buy a US stock. On other hand maybe Koreans want to avoid buying RGRX in USA if they get's hints or leaks of how things go.

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    market maker INTL on ask at .42

    by thebasiles777 Nov 23, 2015 8:47 AM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 23, 2015 9:21 AM Flag

    What does it show you that another MM shows up on the ASK? Why won't folks listen. Nov/Dec is the tax loss season for MM's to push down shares that show losses, which they anticipate will be sellers. It is just a FACT.that from April 2 to June 2 2015...over 5,000,000 shares traded between 45 cents and 60 cents. 5 million shares is a lot, and from the high print of 60 cents in that timeline, that buyer is down about 33%. So the MM, rightly or wrongly, behaves as they always do. They gamble that these 5 million shares may be sold by end of year to harvest tax losses against gains elsewhere. But what we do NOT if those 5 million shares went in to hands that are HOLDING SOLID for trial results in 2016.....I think a good portion oi that 5 million is held. But MM's gamble that more of that 5 million is ripe to be sold. Do what you want. We don't know what the 5 million will do. The MM's "think" they do, thus they OFFER and short more into that selling they think will come. It may not.

  • The NYSE/AMEX where SE is listed doen't handle that many shares usually. NSADAQ does a fai amount..the rest from third markets. To PROVE my case that teh shprt sellers are scamming SEB down, one share trade by one share trade.....I cjeckd teh daily FINRA shortt sales figures for today. On NASDAQ 68 shares of SEB traded...of that 68 shares traded 64 were SHORTED. That works out to about 94% of all teh SEB volume on NASDAQ were SHORT sellers..and we have one posting here right now. Every ONE share smackdown of %50 to %75 puts a "profit mark: omn teh THOUSANDS they are shot already. What a great game. Scam a ONE share print down, and make hundreds of thousands on yiou setablishd short position. Rot in hell SOB's..I hoep Bresky takes you out for a long and hurtful ride. Right now, Bresky contriols ALL but 262,00o shares of SEB. SEB has NO LONG TERM DEBT and sits on $740,000,000.00 of cash and short term investments. At 3050 those 262,00 shares that Bresky does NOt own are valud at $799 million. He has NO long tem debt and sits on $740 million. SO WHY THE F ISN"T HE BUYING or taking SEB private? Ans use cash on hand to do so. SEB is trading BELOW book and liquidation value. Warren Buffet woudl be ALL over this if Bresky did not control 77%.

  • Abbie says that I am full of #$%$ and the MM;'s aren't doing their usual tas sell down years end stuff. They clearly are williing to cap and short whatever it takes to keep RGRX down. Lower it ism betterchance of tax loss sellers. Then the MM's drop teh bids. Here is what Abbis stated and I quote:

    "Who could possibly have loses and how many shares? I assume most speculators here are in for the Home run potential and maybe a few trading ops. There just aren't that many shares underwater this year and who would sell with possible news right around the corner...... Your argument is not valid this year.'

    MY ARGUMENT NOT VALID? hey dope, go back and check the FACTS. It is a FACT that between April 22 and June 2 that RGRX traded 5,064,983 shares ABOVE 45 cents and UP to 60 cents. THAT is 5 MILLION shares that are UNDERWATER when RGRX is at 41 cents? CAn you do that math? FIVE million shares traded between 45 and 60 cents, and they are UNDERWATER..and teh MM's know that dull well. they will look at all teh stock traded betrween 55 and 60 cents. What the MM sees is that RGRX is that RGRX is 33% DOWN from it;'s high trade s for 2015.......which means there are stockholders owning RGRX down 33% from the highs.which equates to tax loss potential selling.

    FIVE MILLION SHARES traded between 45 and 60 cents. THEY ARE UNDERWATER - A LOSS!. THAt is what the MM sees. Go and check the facts yourself. Add up teh shares traded and prices from April 22 to June 2

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    9 month EPS down over 70%!

    by pinky76123 Nov 12, 2015 4:10 PM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 20, 2015 12:06 PM Flag

    SEB announced quietly in the 10-Q that they UPPED their buyback from $50 to $100 million. Face it shortie, SEB is not collapsing much from here. Steve Bresky & family control 77% of SEB. They just might use cash on hand to buy back 4100 million of stock. Institutions are NET BUYERS in Q3,, NOT SELLERS. So if SEB buys BELOW book valeu and INSTITIONS were NET BUYERS in Q#......then maybe you better thnk again.

  • To give more evidence of wehat I see that the shorts (about 6,500 shares worth.....about 5th largest position in SEB)....shorts control SEB with all the 1 share 50-75 point well timed sell downticks and they do it all the time. If shorting ONE more share, out of teh 6,500 you are already shot.knocks SEB down $75.....that ONE share short sale puts a paper profit of $487,500 on teh other 6,500 short. THAT IS THE INCENTIVE for all the 1 share short smack downs.

    There has been a seller as well, I cannot deny that. But Bresky family controld 77% of SEB and they don't sell. For the 3rd Q institutions did NOT ON BALANCE SELL SEB. So who did? shorts? There were 37 institutions BUYING 4,466 shares and 49 institutions SELLING 3,082 shares. That is a NET BUY of 1,382 shares. Yet SEB goes way down? There wwere 9 NEW institutions BUYING SEB with 1,679 shares and 8 institutions sellimng out all SEB with 369 shares. So why is SEB down 500 points? All institutions were NET BUYERS, not sellers. Bresky family sold not a single share. Fidelity INCREASED their big stake. The answer is? The SHORTS have a huge position in SEB. Woudl be the 5th largest if it was long. They scam daily SEB with one share sells. Nothing will stop them unless more institutions buy, or SEB steps up and aggressively BUYS SEB while it trades BELOW LIQUIDATION VALUE. The problem is that pork prices are low, for the shorts POST HERE was a POS SEB is! SEE! THEY TIP THEIR HAND WHAT THEY DO!. I have too much but I got more a bit ago around $3,000. i will wait. It is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE for shorts to buy back 6,500 to cover. Just need a catalyst.

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    9 month EPS down over 70%!

    by pinky76123 Nov 12, 2015 4:10 PM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 20, 2015 11:47 AM Flag

    Check out SEB book value and teh fact they sit on $740 MILLION cash and NO long term debt. Warren Buffet values things by book value and balance do most who own Berkshire Hathaway. Short at your own risk.

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    by gkas711 Nov 19, 2015 2:00 PM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 20, 2015 10:49 AM Flag

    NO, what is holding RGRX down is 20 years of failed promises.....a flop in pressure ulcer trial (bad design) and a flop in venous ulcer....then what the market perceives is a "fail" in the first dry eye trial by Ora. But we all have "data mined" the endpoints that WERE included and endpoints NOT included. No one else but us is focusing on the endpoint sucesses that were NOT part of theFDA protocol.

    You are right on one is finally out of Finkelstein's hands. Unless there is some major unexpectd news....we are stuck until trial results come and what the MM's do to RGRX during every tax loss season. I have seen that far too many years now. No reason for them to do any different now, until end of Dec.

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    by gkas711 Nov 19, 2015 2:00 PM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 19, 2015 4:58 PM Flag

    No, the real reason is that for 20 years Finkelstein has made a mess of things, every time. Old saying goes.....'Once burned, twice learned." That is why no one cares.

    Nothing will happen until the trial results, largely. We may get a bounce after tax loss dselling season goes away (MM's do it every year to RGRX). So that is in to JAN 2016. At that point, tax sell season is past, results coudl be a handful of months away...and may we creep up in anticipation of them. Significant dry eye patent new is a long way off from the Appeal.

    FYI......if any of you ever think of doing a double knee replacement, at better be in decent shape. It's an SOB. I'm getting around now after a week, but holy can hurt

  • News peopel don't focus on, but very important. The new signed Trans PAcific Partnership. It LOWERS tariffs on many agricultural goods.. And what it did was lower thhe TARRIFS that countries charge to bring in US goods. It will have a direct and beneficial effect on Chicken, Beef and PORK. A piece states that 1/rd of PORK EXPORTS go to Japan! Japan is LOWERING tarrifs on USA Pork. SEB has a large presence in JA{AN. Do a google search and you will see SEB has a dedicated website foir it's Pork 9Called St.Joe Poek) for #$%$_ANESE BUYERS! I cannot read it. Over time, once it is in effect, more beef, chickenm and PORK will go to export, because tarrifs lowered nmake it cheaper. If this reduces oversupply in USA, prices will thus rise. Good for SEB. Bresky knows this full well. I hope to heck he is buying. THEY OPENED SEB DOWN $273! Read:

    "I think most folks can agree that the TPP would be good for agriculture. The U.S. exported $2.7 billion in poultry in 2014 to TPP countries. Vietnam levied a 20% tariff on chicken from the U.S. So what companies would gain? Tyson Foods (NYSE:TSN), Pilgrim's Pride (NASDAQ:PPC), Sanderson Farms (NASDAQ:SAFM), and Canadian based Maple Leaf Foods (OTCPK:MLFNF).
    Our largest trade partner in beef is with Japan. Japan bought $1.6 billion in 2014 but charged a 38.5% tariff. This tariff will be lowered to 9%. Japan accounts for 1/3 of our pork exports and tariffs will lowered on that .too.

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    Ora on "discomfort"

    by snogreen Nov 11, 2015 6:13 AM
    snogreen snogreen Nov 11, 2015 9:21 AM Flag

    so no drops are better? Any moisture in the eye will releive some discomfort. Just don't know how long. I think previous trial was twice a day. this one is four times a day.eyes moisturized with placebo. No sense trashing me. Because if you read what Ora stated and I am not making it up...Ora stated clearly that PLACEBO drops in pts can create an issue with "discomfort" being somewhat relieved. But Ora said also they are aware and try to deal with it.