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    JJ Should Be Getting Word Out Here

    by bocamp1 7 hours ago

    colorton...time is almost up. Reds lights are flashing. If you think RGRX has the LUXURY to sit back and wait and wait and wait and wait for the perfect trial result to "unlock" the value they seek, you're mistaken. We had to give away our USA eye rights to G Tree...if it ever does get approved here (eyes).....RGRX get's only 25% royalty. RGRX so hard up for money, they just gave away ALL Canada rights (eyes) for $250,000. And because mgmt is SO INCAPABLE of getting the story out and explained well.......we are in the $0. 40 cent range. Who is going to buy stock in an offering with yet ANOTHER muddy trial data...while RGRX mgmt twiddles their thumbds watring for the perfect trial result to get "their price". FYI? RGRX is flat out BROKE now!!! No more than 120 days of cash left. For RGRX to SELL STOCK now to raise money to PAY Finkelstein and Goldstein....on ANOTHER muddy trial data..will nessitate selling shares at a big discount to 40 cents and include a large number or warrants. You can wait ALL you want for the "perfect data" to "get your price"......but in the MEANTIME reality sets in and RGRX will have sold OFF many TB 4 rights --- for chump change (like $250k for Canada!!!!) or RGRX dilutes so massivley to raise a mere few million..that WHAT is it worth then, when the "perfect "trial hits? We'll have DILUTEd so massivley and sold OFF all our rights! There isn't much good left. BUYT got that "perfect trial" resukts you wanted...but what good is it now? MAssive dilution done and sold off our Canada. RGHRX should sell out NOW and take back end CVR's.

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    JJ Should Be Getting Word Out Here

    by bocamp1 7 hours ago

    We've done tiny spec bio conferences, for what now....15-20 years? They did nothing for us. we have ONE institutional shareholder.......that's all those 15-20 years of wasted conferences. That one institution has owned about 60,000 for as long as we have.. This conference is no different than all the rest. what WOULD make a difference is this:

    Rodman sets up a luncheon meeting & presentation....Dr. GOLDSTEIN does ALL the TB 4 talking. Overview and questions. Then dr. Michael Chopp of Henry Ford talks about TB 4 and neuro....and he hands out a 50 page document with the 10 or so abstracts of his various tests over the last SEVEN YEARS!. THEN..if he is available (in Princeton NJ?)....Won S. Yang of G tree comes and gives a presentation of what plans G Tree has. At the end of it.,.....RGRX hands out another 50 page document showing the DOZEN or so HEART tests that have bene done with TB 4...many by Drs. Smart and Riley in England.

    FORGET silly conferences. They don't work. Do the above RIFLE SHOT TARGETED invitees... approach direct to BIG bio investors......with Goldstein, dr. M Chopp...Won S. Yang.....and have Finkesltein there only to pass out the heart abstracts binder at the end as people walk out.. This will make Rodman analyst very happy. It will make shareholders happy. You may get real BUYERS of the shares, which makes raisng money "happier & easier".

    Such easy and fantastic idea.....done ALL THE TIME BY OTHER COMPANIES...never crossed Finkels mind. NOT ONCE has Dr. Goldstein EVER talked or presented at a Wall Street INVESTOR conference. Many wall Street analysts are PHD's amd MD's.......Finkel Boob does NOT impress them. Dr. Goldstein would. As woudl dr. Michael Chopp.

  • Hre's another "good funny" a suggestion to email Goldstein....that's a loser. but you wonder:

    " the extent Finkelstein and the Board does read this message board, it certainly does not encourage them to take us seriously."

    You got it all backwards...Since 1987, what is that...about 29 YEARS???? RGRX has spent (blown?) $105,000,00...and for a solid 20 years, as named RGRX and the TB 4 work...shareholders gave EVERY respect to Finkestein and Goldstein. we paid them very well.gave them all the usual benefits...we gifted on them millions of free stock options...and what do we have to show for it? Pretty much every trial was messed up, badly just bad luck. The end results is we have parcelled out significant rights to our "best shot" evidenced by our selling ALL of Canada eye rights for a mere $250,000. They have to pay their salary somehow.

    We took them seriously for 20 years. Now we don't take them seriously. Raisng money with us at 40 cents, with yet another "muddy data" trial....will be extremely hard........and if it can be done, it will include very large dilution and warrants. So right now? I coudl give a damn is they "take us seriously or not". No one on Wall Street takes them seriously.and because of that no one on Wall Street will dig & dig in to what we CAE day 29 effect, cancelling out statistical wins. RGRX explained it all poorly. So down we go, and mgmt just crawled back into their hole and refuses further communication..

  • snogreen snogreen 10 hours ago Flag

    Ivchip.....cut Flgeez some slack. he lives in the same area as my very aged mother in FLA... While I cannot post it here....if you knew his age -- how old he was...., you would understand some. He's hopeful that the RGRX shares could be some legacy for his children, as I understand.

  • Too funny, suggest, "Why not e-mail Dr. Goldstein at George Washington University directly and make your suggestions?.

    You know that Finkel and I thus assume this board. You can thus safely assume that Goldstein knows that I have posted for years that Finkel-tinkel is a worthless POS. Following further? we know that Fikelstein's wife -- is Goldstein's COUSIN. So there is this whole nepotism and family gig going on at RGRX. Familes "take care" of family.....liek the mafia....code of the odds of Goldstein giving a da**m are slim to none. At this point they are out for themselves. They are taking what they can out of the company now..and ride on milions and millions of free options we've given them. None of us get paid by RGRX and NONe of us got MILLIONS of free options. So no matter what happens, they win. They just win a lot bigger on a tral win. But their checks come in bi-weekly regardless. And don't forget that for about FIFTEEN YEARS, while RGRX could sell stock and raise milllions ($105 million they spent so far).....Goldstein was DOUBLE DIPPING. he was surely collecting a six figure $$ salary at George Washington Univ...while he ALSO was collecting $150,000 at RGRX....but his REAL full time work was always at GWU.

    So answer is no. Goldstein will not respond to our pleas.

  • snogreen snogreen 12 hours ago Flag

    You're just spitting intyp teh wind. Nothing will happen you ask. It isn't how Finkel operates.

    What SHOULD BE DONE? So simple. Rodman coudl use a boost from his so far bad recommendation. what RGRX shoudl do is set up a trip to NYC. Rodman sets up a coupel one on one visits to big funds. Then Rodman sets up a luncheon and presentation. At this presentation Finkelstein is kept in teh shadow, minimal speaking. Then you have Dr. GOLDSTEIN give an over view to TB 4 and the trial and why it wasn't as bad as many perceive. THEN....if Mr. Won S. Yang of G Tree is based in princeton NJ, you have HIM speak about G Tree's plans, financing for next trial and how upbat he is. THEN you fly in Dr. Michael Chopp of Henry Ford to give a brief summary of his 7 years research of TB 4 in neuro and they are now prepared to start a phase 2 trial when funding available. At teh same time, Dr. Chopp hands each attendee copies of teh abstracts of the about TEN ARTICLES he wrote on his Tb 4 neuro tests. THEN! Goldstein hands out the perhaps DOZEN or so abstracts done in TB 4 heart area. Those main docs are Drs. Riley and Smart, but bases in London.

    If RGRX did this simplke things.which EVERY OTHER BIOTECH DOES SO might see some buyers. Finkelstein has NO CLUE that such luncheoans and talks are STANDARD PRACTICE by soo many biotech. for teh LIFE oif me, I don't know why for 20 years, RGRX has NEVER ONCE has Dr. Goldstein talk at a Wall Stteet meeting. HE IS GOOD! because Joe McNAy jumped on with Goldstein, NOT FINKELSTEIN. And McNay is no dope. finkelstein is.

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    Dr. Chopp frustrated too?

    by snogreen May 25, 2016 10:51 AM
    snogreen snogreen May 25, 2016 12:12 PM Flag

    I bet if G Tree's Won S. Yang contolled the TB 4 rights for neuro.....he'd be able to line up funding, a trial design...and FDA appoving such trial...all within about 6-8 months. Finkelstein is just a "deer-in-a-headlight". .....fozen. Dr. Michael Chopp and all his researchers at henry ford would leap right into it and perhaps be the trial center...because I bet that Dr. 'Chopp" is "Chomping" at the bit to get a small trial done in neuro. TB 4 is PHASE 2 ready! Lining up a small preliminary phase 2....maybe 40 patients..would not be that hard or that expensive..henry ford is a neuro center and a research hospital.

  • Dr. Michael Chopp of Henry Ford must be pretty frustrated too. for over 7 years, he and his research staff have dedicated significant time and effort into exploring TB 4 for neuro several areas, like stroke and MS. he has published in many peer reviewed scientific publications. But the poor guy, all he is doing is spinning his wheels. Because RGRX controls the TB 4 heart and neuro..and that means he is stuck with a "broke" penny stock and even worse..stucjk with finkelstein. At some point, I have to wonder if he will just throw up his hands and say (loudly ).."Why bother anymore. They are unable to do a damned single thing with my 7 years work."

    The rot here starts at the top. i'm so glad MANy of you are posting such similar thoughts now too. because I have had my throat "jumped down on", often...for calling Finkel what he is..worthless and destructive. Twenty plus years is enough. he's had his chance..and clearly has blown it, time and time again.

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    market manipulation and over reaction

    by thebasiles777 May 24, 2016 8:44 AM
    snogreen snogreen May 24, 2016 9:28 AM Flag

    I do not see any market manipulation. The MM's stayed short . What we see now is long sellers, plain and simple. probably by people who bought on Rodmans recommendation. They are hot money. we are patient money, hopefully not too dumb.

    The eye NK is way out till end of year 2016, for sign up. It is slow because of FDA demanding placebo. NO ONE wants risk of a placebo if you are facing a very bad eye NK risk more damaging of cornea if you risk placebo water to help the thing. NO one wants placebo water. They want to try the DRUG therapy! This is also what killed our EB trial, after 6 years. NO one wanted placebo. they wanted only the active drug.

    There will be no CAE in the next trial.because the FDA has already agreed to phase 3 designs by Shire and Allergnr (TAV) that ONLY USE "natural settings"..i.e. NO CAE TORTURE chamber! Our odds increase quantumly of success then.

    We will have people selling, because they don't want to wait 10-12 months for next trial result. This is not any market manipulation. Just plain long sellers.

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    Stock Stupid Cheap

    by bocamp1 May 23, 2016 2:41 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 24, 2016 6:20 AM Flag

    harryp.....NVS coudl simpley make an offer for all RGRX....the eye rights they have still, interest in UISA eyes, all heart & neuro 100%. That is easy. Harder woudl be G Tre and USA rights. G Tree is valued now about $275 million? G Tre controls between 60% and 75% of US eye rights (RGRX rest). G Tree value is almost ALL regentree deal. I do not think NVS would pay $275 million for US rights (yet) G Tree shares woudl react very badly to a lower deal than it's current market cap. If Regentree (G Tree) owns between 75% and 60% (RGRX owns between 25% and 40%) to get NVS involved they need majority % of US rights. If NVS bought RGRX NVS get's RGRX's USA stake. Then all G Tree (regentree)) has to do is sell NVS enogh of their USA interest to get NVS to an 80% stake USA..and G Tree cvan hold 20%. Then NVS takes over all trials, owns all of RGRX.......and G Tree get's a 20% stake un US revenue, and their shareholders happy and NVS doesn't overpay,.........And NVS gives RGRX shareholders a CVR which allows thenmt to participapte in a small way, any TB 4 revenue later on. I don't think 9but who knows) that NVS woudl pay more than 4300 million for all RGRX.....if even that. Muddy data is muddy data.and ads risk to them. Which is whyt the CVR idea is best. we can sell to NVS at a good priocie to them and long as we can particpate in all future years TB 4 sales, via a CVR. if TB 4 flops everywhere, the CVR's are worthless. if TB 4 wins, the CVR's have great value, and we win. Sell out all RGRX cheap/fair and give us back CVR's. any sale would be MULTIPLES of where our market cap is now.

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    Stock Stupid Cheap

    by bocamp1 May 23, 2016 2:41 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 23, 2016 3:52 PM Flag

    I hate to say it...but the ignorance of Koran investors is pretty surprising. They bid up G over a $300 million valuation.....But G Tree only controials some of TB 4.....RGRX controls the rest. And RGRX still get's a VERY good slice of G Trees US revenues (if ever).... How can every Korean they retail or institutional............not SEE that RGRX is a $35 million valuation..and G Tree over $300 million! ANY SMART Korean would realize that they can sell ONE share of their G Tree and buy almost TEN shares of RGRX!...almost a 10-1 ratio!!! FOR EVEN MONEY ALMOST! If TB 4 ever hits and approved....more return on investment will be seen in RGRX at 35 cents......NOT GTREE as much!

    Silly, silly, silly Koreans.

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    The shorts

    by lvchip May 23, 2016 12:03 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 23, 2016 12:46 PM Flag

    It ususaly is illegal to short stock with advance knowldege of an impending secondary. the SEC nailed a lot of PIPE players for that exact thing....they shorted , knowing the stock sale was coming..with all attendant dilution and warrants. if there is any kind of stock offering, it woudl be a piece of candy for FINRA or SEC to trace back who is selling today.

  • Way to go fFnkelstein..they should be studying you (YES YOU!) in Harvard Business School..and not in a positive way. G Tree now has a market cap around $300 million. G Tree was UP 350 won yesterday.RGRX is down 20% today. RGRX has a market cap around $35 million the market cap of RGRX is just over 10% of what it is in G Tree's $300 million....but it is RGRX that owns the whole cow of TB 4.......G Tree only has a big "leg" of it.....but G Tree is worth almost TEN TIMES AS MUCH AS RGRX???

    G Tree clearly believes in TB it begs the question.,why isn't G Tree BUYING RGRX shares? They coudl add another 10,000,000 shares at the 35 cent level...for a mere $3.5 million.........$3.5 million is just about 1.5% of G Trees market cap...they could easily buy 10 million RGRX, if they wanted to...or if the are ALLOWED to.....they wouldn't be "allowed" to... if they knew they were in negotions with another firm, like NVS...for a deal.

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    The shorts

    by lvchip May 23, 2016 12:03 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 23, 2016 12:19 PM Flag

    This isn't shorting today. It's a long seller. And if the MM's still short in a big way, there is no incentive for them to "bid it up"..stock will come to them. Some are voting with their feet, and they want out. My guess is it isn't the lont timers like us, we are "all of non"......but I bet most sellers around now are ones that picked up shares on the rcommendation of Rodman. Those types won't have teh patience to wait another year.and they don't believe any deal is possible.

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    what happen RGRX?

    by regentree May 6, 2016 1:32 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 23, 2016 11:57 AM Flag


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    Novartis Working With TB4 Right Now

    by bocamp1 May 22, 2016 2:38 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 22, 2016 3:03 PM Flag

    Good find. Novartis will soon be sirttng on $20 BILLION of cash, after selling their large Roche stock stake. Interest rates around Europe are NEGATIVE.which means NVS might have to PAY to put that money in the bank.

    RGRX's valuation at $44 million is a rounding error from $20 billion.....$200 or $300 million is still a crumb to NVS. They need pipeline drugs...and they aren't getting what they hope from expensive in house research.......especially in Opthamalogy. the total prce they ended up paying for the ALCON Eye division was $50 BILLION....It hasn't gone as well as they hoped. Alcon has fallen behind. Novartis had no qualms about spending $50 BILLION for Alcon eyes...and Alcon is desperate for more eye particular for GLAUCOMA and DRY EYE.


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    trotup....early eye NK

    by snogreen May 21, 2016 12:53 PM
    snogreen snogreen May 21, 2016 4:37 PM Flag

    FYI..the eye NK is dosed FIVE times a day....not four like others. Might help a lot.

    "A preservative-free, sterile eye drop solution containing Tβ4 for direct instillation into affected eye(s), five times a day for 4 weeks."

  • trot....there, I got the early eye NK test you refer to. That waas not a registered FDA waas just approvd by FDA as a "Compassionate Use"....they did do 6 people....results quite good. four did 28 days (NO TORTURE CHAMBER)...and two were dosed 49 days..... I asume the two that went 49 days were the worst cases:

    "RGN-259 has also been used to treat neurotrophic keratitis (NK) patients with non-healing ulcers under a “Compassionate Use” IND. Dr. Steven Dunn, a corneal specialist, treated 4 patients for 28 days and 2 additional patients for 49 days with RGN-259. The eye ulcers either completely healed or demonstrated significant improvement by the end of treatment or shortly thereafter (See figure below). During the 30-day follow-up period patients remained healed even though the treatment regimen had been completed.

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    Shire paid 4160 million, plus, liftegrast

    by snogreen May 21, 2016 9:29 AM
    snogreen snogreen May 21, 2016 12:46 PM Flag

    Trot.are you thinking of teh SEVERE DRY eye small trial? 9 patients? That was a 28 day dose......and then they did a 28 day followup. results:

    "Statistically significant differences in sign and symptom assessments, such as ocular discomfort and corneal fluorescein staining, were seen at various time points throughout the study. Of particular note were the differences between RGN-259 and vehicle control 28 days post-treatment, or the follow-up period. The RGN-259-treated group had a 35.1% reduction of ocular discomfort (symptom) compared to vehicle control (p = 0.0141), and a 59.1% reduction of total corneal fluorescein staining (sign) compared to vehicle control (p = 0.0108) at 28 days after treatment showing that the repair was sustained long after treatment cessation.Consistent with the reduction of ocular discomfort and fluorescein staining at the 28-day follow-up visit, other improvements seen in the RGN-259-treated patients included tear film breakup time and increased tear volume production. Likewise, these improvements were seen at other time points in the study."

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    Shire paid 4160 million, plus, liftegrast

    by snogreen May 21, 2016 9:29 AM
    snogreen snogreen May 21, 2016 12:37 PM Flag

    It's all in teh trials. It takes a few, ite seems, to get right design. I think it is a NO BRAINER that the next trial will NOT have the Day 29 CAE Torure machine.which ruins chances of your trial. they will do like Liftegrast and TAV drugs......patients are "all natural"....NO CAE!

    With no CAE, it also is probably a safe bet that they extend the dosing trial 29 days to 40 days. every bit helps. they won't use the 0.05 mg dose.but probably 1 mg dose....I'm wondering if they might not try a 1.5....but that is a problem, because FDA doesn't want dose ranging studis in a final phase 3.

    Looking at the sweethart deal Allergan got for the trial design for final trial of thei TAV.....then how can FDA NOT allow same for TB 4 next and final time???

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