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  • Good news, we can keep up with Lee's Pharma now onm a US YAhoo page. Just go to Yahoo Finance and in it's quote symbol search box type in "0950.HK". It will oen to Lee's quotes. but what I like is that yahoo puts all the news releases and headlines. lee's gave earnings yesterday. Read teh release. they spoke of their pipeline and what is going on. they mention other drugs and areas, but total silence on TB 4 or dry eye.

  • busy day for Liver & TB 4:
    "Liver fibrosis, the main characteristic of chronic liver diseases, is strongly associated with the activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs), which are responsible for extracellular matrix production. As such, investigating the effective regulators controlling HSC activation provides important clues for developing therapeutics to inhibit liver fibrosis. Thymosin beta 4 (Tβ4), a major actin-sequestering protein, is known to be involved in various cellular responses. A growing body of evidence suggests that Tβ4 has a potential role in the pathogenesis of liver fibrosis and that it is especially associated with the activation of HSCs. However, it remains unclear whether Tβ4 promotes or suppresses the activation of HSCs. Herein, we review the potential role of Tβ4 in liver fibrosis by describing the effects of exogenous and endogenous Tβ4, and we discuss the possible signaling pathway regulated by Tβ4. Exogenous Tβ4 reduces liver fibrosis by inhibiting the proliferation and migration of HSCs. Tβ4 is expressed endogenously in the activated HSCs, but this endogenous Tβ4 displays opposite effects in HSC activation, either as an activator or an inhibitor. Although the role of Tβ4 has not been established, it is apparent that Tβ4 influences HSC activation, suggesting that Tβ4 is a potential therapeutic target for treating liver diseases."

  • interesting:

    "Alcoholic steatosis, instead of being innocuous, plays a critical role in liver inflammation and fibrogenesis. The severity of fatty liver is governed by the concerted balance between lipid transport, synthesis, and degradation. Whereas scavenger receptor class B, type I (SR-B1) is critical for reverse cholesterol uptake by the liver, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPARγ) coactivator-1α and -β (PGC1α and PGC1β) are critical for lipid degradation and synthesis, respectively. Because betaine is a lipotropic agent, we have evaluated its effects on alcoholic steatosis. Betaine effectively prevented chronic alcohol-mediated (i) impaired SR-B1 glycosylation, plasma membrane localization, and consequent impaired cholesterol transport; and (ii) up regulation of PGC-1β, sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1c and downstream lipogenic genes with concomitant increased liver cholesterol, triglycerides and hepatic lipid score. Similarly, because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects in other organs, we evaluated the protective effects of thymosin β4 (Tβ4) against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced hepatotoxicity in rat. Tβ4 prevented CCl4-induced (i) necrosis, inflammatory infiltration and up-regulation of α1(2)collagen, alpha-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA), platelet derived growth factor beta (PDGF-β) receptor and fibronectin mRNA expression; (ii) down-regulation of adipogenic gene, PPARγ and the up-regulation of epigenetic repressor gene, methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2) mRNA levels, suggesting that the anti-fibrogenic actions of Tβ4 involve the prevention of trans-differentiation of quiescent hepatic stellate cells into myo-fibroblasts largely by up-regulating PPARγ and by down-regulating MeCP2 genes. We therefore conclude that betaine and Tβ4 can effectively protect against alcoholic hepatosteatosis and hepatic fibrogenesis, respectively."

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    Appeal 219,394

    by piano.man5 Aug 27, 2015 7:52 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 28, 2015 9:25 AM Flag

    The dry eye patent issue is a pain, but no deal killer. The USPO will cave, imo, eventually, as they have on many other RGRX filings. USPO had NO problem giving patent RGRX for glaucoma, so they will eventually give in for dry eye. RGRX will take it out of USPO and in to DC Court if need be. Regardless, ANY new approved drug get's automatic 5 years exclusive. HOW BAD is that? IMAGINE? What if a full patent is 15 years. And say RGRX was granted it 6 years ago, They's only have 9 years left. See? we get 5 years free (if approved) to make up short life, RGRX just charges more. Consumers screwed. ALSO??? USPO has NEW RULES in. NO ONE can step OVER RGRX and file ANY similar dry eye patent because RGRX 's application seems iffy..because USPO instated a NEW rule - FIRST TO FILE GET'S PRIORITY STATUS and no one can step OVER that and try to steal with a different filing. RGRX will ALWAYS be FIRST IN LINE for TB4 dry eye. Odds are? The appeals panel might cave and give it with no hearing. or? they don't and the oral hearing comes. they KNOW RGRX is fighting angry and will take it to a DC Court if need. USPO will not risk that, IMO. And if RGRX get';s it, the timing is FABULOUS. because the 15 year clock starts ticking when issued, and the phase 3 will END a few months after. RGRX may get a FULl 14 YEARS if issued, as opposed to so many that get patents PRE CLINICAL or phase 1 timelines and they LOSE another 6-7 years doing MORE trials. We will be in cat bird seat if we get it soon, with potential full 14 years exclusive. if not? We get 5 years and charge $$ more to make up it's shortened life span.

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    Appeal 219,394

    by piano.man5 Aug 27, 2015 7:52 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 27, 2015 10:13 PM Flag

    The thing is the dry eye patent is all about being "lyphosized"...the USPO had NO ISSUES whatsoever isuing RGRX the eact same language FULL PATENT for this in EYE GLAUCOMA....but the d**k examiner is playing games not in dry eye. I have followed carefully most of RGRX patents. It is rare that RGRX did NOT go thru hell and multiple rejections before getting it. It is all a game of F, F...and the harder RGRX lawyer fights back...then all the USPO guy looks for is a way to save some face....then they back off and give it. The dry eye guy is a little more stubborn. But tehe fact that RGRX is taking dry eye to a FULL oral hearing, shows they ain't playing around. And if that oral hearing is no good, RGRX will REMOVE the whole next proceeding OUT OF THE USPO purview and takk it to the DC Court of Appeals. IMO? the "d**ks at USPO will never let it go that far.....because the USPO CANNOT risk getting overturnd at DC Court.....because then what it PROVES is that they don't know what they are doing and they put the applying company thru unmitigated, unreasonable hell and expense. And teh USPO shoudl be allowed to be sued, if a DC Court awards patent..for the years and years of stupidness and hell. It cost RGRX a TON of $$$ to fight these idiots.

  • snogreen by snogreen Aug 27, 2015 3:03 PM Flag

    Bonkers donkers again. ignore him. B7 mentions patents/ Dry eye? . Issues yes, bit no disaster. We are now at the USPO appeals board after latest examiner rejection. This panel is now reviewing RGRX lawyers argument against. RGRX has been given a docket no#. This USPO panel has teh right top agree ith RGRX, and thus immmediately grant the patent, or they can agree with examiner and go to a full orla hearing. but teh panel CAN overrule and grant teh patent before that. If RGRX goes to oral and loses.....RGRTX next stepo is to go to DC Court. Which I am sure they will. The USPO better DAMN WELL BE SURE of their case before it goes to DC Court. It is a HUGE black eye if hey end up in DC Court OUTSIDE OF USPO, and they lose. It is a game of who blinks first. RGRX is not. I think USPO will.

    SECOND! EVEN if RGRX loses patent stuff, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, if RGRX get's approved FDA grants FIVE YEARS automatic exclsive. No full term. Which means all RGRX does is RAISE THE PRICE of teh drug if approved to make up.

    THIRD. Tming is fabulous in ONE sense. A patent runs 15-16 years. Had RGRX gotten the patent for dry eye during pre clinical or phs 1, there will be at LEAST 5-6 years wasted while trials and funding progress slowly, whittling DOWN patent. But it is rare I think that a drug is going INTO a Phase 3 and no patent. which means if drug works and approved. the PATENT CLOCK will start ticking FAR LATER...and we get almost a FULL 15 years! Which makes TB 4 MORE valuable. Most firms get patent FIRST before phase 1 or 2.and you can LOSE 5-8 YEARS of your 15 year patent in trials time. Dry eye is coming at same time. If you waste 8 years that leaves 7 years. SEE? Only 8 left. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, patent or not, RGRX will get 5 years anyways! They just charge more if need be during 5 years!

  • snogreen by snogreen Aug 27, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    I'm temped to buy. Down 4 cents to .40.........maybe will....but far too long experiences with Finkel say hold until I see the trial designs. Until I see them, and they match what we all hope on sub set endpoints dry eye....I'm wary. And I don't trust the FDA either. Two subsets may or may not be enough for them....because the other two sections cornea we did not make statistical efficacy. I do not know enough about corneal subsections to guess what FDA will say. Other way I look at it? Say the 2 trials designs get out for us and they read GREAT........many of us woudl buy when we see if they are all well and good. But what are the chances of the MM's who are short quite a lot....that they will see read and understand how important teh trial design is......if it is exactly what we all hope, the MM won't care. They'll just see it as a short term pop to the POS they think RGRX they will short what they have it .50, .55 or .60......the MM sill short me all I want. Which is good for us to make them even shorter!

    It's no wonder no pro bio investors don't trust or believe in Finkel. He hides things. JUST LIKE HE HAS HIDDEN THAT NEW HEART ABSTRACT I FOUND. For what he has put investors thru, WHY are they not disclosing the critical trial designs? It;'s why we are down. No one trusts him.

  • snogreen by snogreen Aug 26, 2015 4:54 PM Flag

    Poor. poor bo. He is fixated that I did not buy RRX at 5 cents or 10 cents or 15 cents (I did at 19 cents though). He pats himself on his back he did. But that was "risk on. Then he harps that it all up to KOREANS? and they control all data and results and info? BUNK, JUNK. The FDA and NIH mandate transparaency on clinicl trials. SO WHERE IS IT? READ:

    " contains information about medical studies in human volunteers. Most of the records in describe clinical trials (also called interventional studies). A clinical trial is a research study in which human volunteers are assigned to interventions (for example, a medical product, behavior, or procedure) based on a protocol (or plan) and are then evaluated for effects on biomedical or health outcomes. was created as a result of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997 (FDAMA). FDAMA required the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, through NIH, to establish a registry of clinical trials information for both federally and privately funded trials conducted under investigational new drug (IND) applications to test the effectiveness of experimental drugs for serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions. NIH and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) worked together to develop the site, which was...."

    it goes on and on.

    BO! The ONLY way RGRX get's to $10 is a clear trial WIN. The only way we get a trial WIN, is if we have the perfctly designed trial. Until RGRX or clinical trials shows the trial design, I am siting with the recent 30,000 more I bought. On a trial win, TB 4 over a bunch of years could be a $1 billion drug. It may beat restasis. So quit being silly, bo.......5 cents, 15 cent, 40 cents, 50 cents..MATTERS NOT. Chicken feed. NONE of those prices purchase mean a HILL OF BEANS..if the trial does not work.the only way the trial will work for TB 4 is getting the right TRIAL DESIGN. History shows that RGRX, flops designs.

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    by trotupinfront Aug 25, 2015 6:47 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 26, 2015 3:45 PM Flag

    Now you're reaching for stupid, bo.........that NO ONE will see trial design until Koreans allow it/ BUNK........The FDA and the NIH specifically created 'clinical to vcreate transparancey in teh clinical trial process. It isn't up to Korans.

    And this NONSENSE of you harping that I diddn't buy at 6 cents or 15 cents. Who cares! At those prices RGRX was close to BK and it was RISK ON. RGRX is still RISK ON until I see the TRIAL DESIGNS. if the design for eye NK is largely in moderate to severe....and teh dry eye trial has for it's PRIMARY ENDPOINTS the two sunsections where we won on forst trial....then RGRX is RISK OFF. Do you get the DIFFERENCE between RISK ON and RISK OFF? I doi NOt trust Finkel, nor do I trust the FDA.. I could care LESS if I pay 50 or 60 or even 70 cents for more, as long as i know it is RISK OFF. RESTASIS is a $1 billion drug. if TB 4 works, it will blow RESTASIS away. A $1 billion drug and RGRX just over 100 million shares..coudl easily be a $10.00 stock. So what the "F" difference is it, on a $10 stock in longer term (if it works) if I buy at 40, 50 or 60 cents? IT IS MINISCULE......I DO NOT TRUST Finkel or FDA. Unytil I see the TRIAL DESIGN, all here is stuill risk on. AND THE OTHER THING??? We are at 43 cents now? the idiot MM"s have NO CLUE on trial design and how critical. if trial designs are GOOD for us, the MM's will short ALL I WANT at 50 cents or 55 cents. they will defend their short position. So I will wait for risk off. MM's will give me all I want. YOU worry about 10 to 15 cents? I don't care about 10 or 15 cents. Only way RGRX get's to $10 is a TRIAL WIN. ONLy way we get a TRIAL WIN is the EXACT RIGHT TRIAL DESIGN!! You will never admit that.

  • I sold my WTM around 4430...long term holder. Only a couple hundred shares. I got worried when I saw China crash.because BOTH the sale of Sirius and Symetra stock are to Chinese I see WTM down $35 to mid $ reason for that..except mkt now worrying that one or both deals my not close..because the two companies severely imp[acted by crash over there. WTM probably won't go up big as I thought until they have casjh in hand..but that can't be at least till mid 1016, as insurance regulators will nee long review.

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    by trotupinfront Aug 25, 2015 6:47 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 26, 2015 11:52 AM Flag

    HEy bull...I own a lot already. I have bought over 30,000 more shares between .38 and .45. But until I see the trial designs, it is still risk on. If the dry eye design uses the two sub section endpoints where we won, FABULOUS! if the eye NK design ONLY uses moderate and some severe NK puts, FABULOUS!

    I need to see the primary dry eye endpoint is where we won before. i do NOT want to see the eye NK only using the SEVEREST of patients and very few moderate (easier to cure) ones. It is so simple. It is RISK ON until we see trial design. if BOTH trials are designed FAVORABLE to us....then it is RISK OFF and RGRX will probably go quiclky to 60 cents. if it is RISK IS OFF, I am thrilled to pay 60 cents! Because we all know every minute detail of where we DID work.

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    by trotupinfront Aug 25, 2015 6:47 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 26, 2015 11:36 AM Flag

    Unfortunately, my broken record is just the TRUTH. I don't care if I pay 60 or 70 cents for shares, as long as I see the trial design is spot on. DO NOT trust Finkel of tthe FDA. I want to see the eye NK trisl designs to include mostly MODERATE to SEVERE patients. I do NOt want to see the eye NK only talkng the severest of the worst stage pts. Lower chance of success. And DRY EYE? YOU HAVE NO CLUE what the FDA demands. we know we failed in two sections, we know we got a win in two other subsecttions. If FDA approves the dry eye design to basically cover the two subsets where we worked. FABULOUS! I will pay a lot higher because a SIGNIFICANT RISk is off. If the eye NK trial only takes worst or worst eye NK (and few MODERATE patients), that's bad. If FDA does not allow to cornea subsets in dry eye, DOUBLE bad news. Everything is RISK ON till we see the design. If the designs are good and "doable" as you say....then it is RISK OFF. I am AMAZED you still trust Finkel after the Stage 4 pressure ulcer debacle. AND WHY hasn't RGRX DISCLOSED ANY OF THIS?? BECAUSE THE FDA HAS ALREADY APPROVED BOTH TRIAL DESIGNS!WHY DOES HE NOT SHOW US AFTER FDA APPROVED THEM????? IS IT ANY WONDER PRO BIOTECH INVESTORS RUN FRON FINKEL TINKEL?

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    by trotupinfront Aug 25, 2015 6:47 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 26, 2015 11:04 AM Flag

    I will buy more shares once RGRX has the trial designs up to see. The phase 2b/3 dry eye is critical. So is the phase 3 eye NK. The Koreans seemed to have put on the back burner the Kolrea dry eye trial. So all rides on the two USA ones for now.unless China starts sooner, which seems unlikely with the turmoil over there.

    I need to see teh trial design. I need to see that the FDA acepted the two subsets of cornea where we saw great % response, but were not designated as an endpoint in all think the trial flopped. I do not trust FDA or Finkel. when I see that those two subsets are now the primary endopint in tral design, I will buy more. Same goes for eye NK. While the 6 patient early trial showed great response, what we DO NOT KNOW is if they were doesing stage 2 or 3 eye NK...we do not know what stages of eye NK the FDA wants. if stage 2 & 3 eye NK, fabulous. But if FDA demands a trial of stage 3 and stage 4....not good. REMEMBER, Finkel screwed up before. The pressure ulcer trisl was largely in stage 3 and stage 4 ulcers. stage 4 ulcers go as far down as to expose OPEN BONE AND MUSCLE. TB 4 will not cure that. The pressure ulcer trial with stage 4 puts, was DOOMED from the start. RGRX did not disclose they had many stage 4 patients. SO WHY WILL I TRUST FINKEl again? I want to see the eye NK trial design in moderate to sever puts. I do NOt want to see the design taking only the worst of the worst very sever puts. that will very much lessen chance of success. WHERE ARE TRIAL DESIGNS??? FDA has approved both. SIILENCE BY RGRX, as usual.

  • Good news the phs 3 is okay to go. But this one will take a lot longer than dry eye. I doubt we see results till very late 2016 or even 2017. And I STILl want to see the TRIAL DESIGN. Why? I checked clinical trials, and there is started earlier this year a phs2 NK by "Dompe Pharmaceuticals" (foreign). they have locked up a dozen of the best eye places in USA, including the best in Boston. Pts are scarce. Which means it will be harder for Ora to get pts, and Dompe is already recruiting. SECOND! Dompe is clear in design they will only accept Stage 2 and Stage 3 NK ulcers. RING A BELL? Remembert Finkel boob signing up INCURABLE STAGE 4 pressure ulcer pts? he did stage 3 and 4. NOT stage 2 and 3. we flopped. So I DAMN well want to see NK trial design to make sure Finkel does not take in far harder stage 4 again. HERE is the trial design Dompe for thier NK trial. I NEED TO COMAPRE IT TO TB4's. Will Finkel repeat his mistakes?
    "Primary Outcome Measures:
    Complete healing of the PED or corneal ulcer [ Time Frame: Week 8 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Percentage of patients achieving complete healing of the PED or corneal ulcer determined by corneal fluorescein staining at 8 weeks as defined by the central reading center on clinical pictures
    Secondary Outcome Measures:
    Improvement in visual acuity [ Time Frame: Week 8 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Mean change in BCDVA from baseline to Week 8. Analysis of variance will be used to compare the mean change between treatment groups.
    Percentage of patients that achieve a 15 letter gain in BCDVA at 4, 6 and 8 weeks. Treatment will be compared at each time point by means of Chi-square test."

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    LASIK will come faster

    by snogreen Aug 23, 2015 1:34 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 23, 2015 9:08 PM Flag

    B7, once again you are in La0-La land. You ALL THE TIME seem to count your $$ millions, but yiou have ET to see the critical TRIAL DESIGN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA IF THE FDA ACCEPTED THE TWO SUD SETS OF ENDPOINTS....DO YYOU???? DO YOU???? DO YOU???? Answer is NO! May I remind you Finkel Tinkel has screwed up almost every trial, one way or another. And DO NOT trust the FDA toi give RGRX whatever they want..and an easy ride.

    NOW? You seem to be agin in LA LA land that you now join and hoist that TB 4 will also be used for EVERY CONTACT LENS person in the world....for ever and ever as long as they wear contact lenses as long as they LIVE.....they MUST use tb4 with them. I WON'T HAPPEN. NO Way will the FDA allow such use of TB 4 for long term years and years and years to EVERY contact lens wearer....WITHOUT LONG TERM STUDIES TO SEE IF THERE IS ANY LT RESIDUAL EFFECT! YOU DO NOT KNOW! there could be. The FDA will not blindly wave that aside. The FDA will hopefuuily approve TB 4 for a condition..but they will not take so kind to the notion that EVERY contact lenses weare in the world MUSt use TB 4 for the rest of their lives. Once again, I tell you to wake UP. DO NOT count your millions yet.

  • TB 4 and contact lens wearers may be an goo area for TB 4.......but the FDA will be wary of such. because contact lens uses will use teh medication like a water drop. the FDA woudl demand to know if there are any riaks due long termn and non stop usage. Trialk woudl have to be done top show data. The more immediate use of TB 4 will be in post operative LASIK op inflammation, infection risk, dry eye, wounds, all point to TB 4 being dosed for a few weeks after surgery. IF TB 4 works. READ:

    "Approximately 700,000 LASIK procedures are performed annually, making it one of the most common surgeries in the United States. More than 90 percent of people who have LASIK achieve 20/20 to 20/40 vision and are able to perform all or most of their daily activities without glasses or contact lenses. Up to 30 percent of participants with no symptoms of dry eyes before LASIK, reported dry eye symptoms at three months after their surgery. Although it is usually temporary it can develop into dry eye syndrome. Underlying conditions with dry eye such as Sjögren's syndrome are considered contraindications to Lasik. Treatments include artificial tears, prescription tears and punctal occlusion.

    Patients are usually given a course of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops….. They also are required to moisturize the eyes with preservative-free tears and follow directions for prescription drops. Occasionally after the procedure a bandage contact lens is placed to aid the healing, and typically removed after 3–4 days. Patients should be adequately informed by their surgeons of the importance of proper post-operative care to minimize the risk of complications."

  • snogreen by snogreen Aug 21, 2015 4:15 PM Flag

    Dow down 358 yesterday and 516 today....that about 875 points lost in 2 days. RGRX does minimal volume.....a good bit of it shorted to buyers......sellers are negliable here....pretty much a 43 cent to 45 cent range. Pretty amazing, if you ask me. I'm sure MM's wanted it down, but really there aren't that many sellers. And I know a lot of us here are bidding below.

    Nice feeling.....NOW..WHERE ARE THE DAMNED TRIAL DESIGNS on clinical! Supposedly the FDA HAS APPROVED THE TRIAL DESIGN......I just won't buy much more RGRX UNTIL I SEE THE TRIAL DESIGN....The FDA can still SCREW us if they do not allow in as Primary the two tiny sub sets we saw in first Ora trial. It is CRITICAL that those two subset endpoints become the PRIMARY ones for this trial. I don't trust Finkel or FDA. Show me first.

    I hope all is well with G Tree........high was around 16,'s now at 9,950 But they mae no sense. Why pay up for a TB 4 leg or arm whne the WHOLE cow of TB 4 is 40 cents in RGRX.

  • That newspaper article was a real shocker. LRDC is no longer that interesting to me. The WHOLE thesis & play on LRDC was the hyped possibilities they tout on UGD. Buy cheap conventional fields seemingly tapped out. Go UGD from below and let gravity suck out the remaiing oil. LRDC puts out BIG PR when they get Teapot Dome. The folks then write & hype teapot as a huge score for LRDC and UGD. What happens? Stranded Oil goes right back to conventional. NO UGD. teapot wells are NOT gushers. It is an old field. To put in the very long horizontals will cost $$$. for what? Millions spent for a handful of bbls a day? And then Standed stated that they can't get the water needed to lube the drilling. And then what ever oil they get it is at $42 a bbl..and that is BEFORE a probable minimum $10 DISCOUNt for Wyoming oil! THEN? LRDC get's NOTHING because Alleghany get's back ALL it put in befpre LRDC get's a penny. This is a real shocker to me. Allaghany is NOT doing a UGD at Teapot. But the returns will be small at such an old conventional field. LRDc won't see a penny for a very long time. SO WHY OWN LRDC? WHERE is the UGD??? I would play LRDC for the dream of UGD riches (hoped for). i won't play LRDC for tapped out , old, small fields that they go back to usual EOR. I'd rather buy Exxon. Safer and I get a dividend.

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    Here is a GREAT factual example...

    by snogreen Aug 18, 2015 4:24 PM
    snogreen snogreen Aug 18, 2015 4:31 PM Flag

    Herantis Pharma Plc
    Company release 3 June 2015 at 8:00 am

    Herantis Pharma Plc has completed its initial analysis of the results of its Phase 2 clinical study of cis-UCA in Dry Eye disease. When compared to placebo, cis-UCA did not show statistically significant improvements in the two co-primary endpoints for the treatment of signs and symptoms of Dry Eye after four weeks of treatment.

    Statistically significant efficacy was seen in some secondary endpoints.

    In the clinical study, total of 161 patients were randomized to receive 4 weeks of treatment with either placebo eye drops or either of two different strengths of cis-UCA Eye Drops. Based on the results, cis-UCA was safe and as well tolerated as placebo.

    “We want to thank the study subjects and investigators for their participation in the study”, says Pekka Simula, CEO of Herantis. “We will continue to analyse the results of the study. In the meanwhile we will progress our two other main development programs, CDNF for a disease-modifying treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, and Lymfactin for the treatment of secondary lymphedema.”

  • Here is a GREAT factual example of why no one trusts RGRX, nor it's trial design ability....and also, you can't trust the FDA or know what they will do, or say, or agree to. EXAMPLE? A pharma called Herantis PLC (UK) hired Ora Inc to do a DRY EYE phase 2 of their drug.......within the last 8 months or so. They call the drug "Cis-UCA Eye Drops". you can search that in clinicaltrials and read. BUT! get this. the FDA approved their Phase 2 with THIS! WHY DOES RGRX SCREW IT UP SO OFTEN!!!:

    "Primary Outcome Measures:
    Corneal Fluorescein Staining [ Time Frame: Day 29 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Symptom Score [ Time Frame: Day 22 to 28 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]

    Estimated Enrollment: 150"


    This is EXACTLY why I am scared to "back up the truck" here UNTIL I SEE THE TRIAL DESIGN. Can you IMAGINE where RGRX woudl be NOW, if the first Phase 2 with Ora had THIS A PRIMARY ENDOINT DESIGN. We woudl have PASSED. A win. SO? HOW does anyone know RGRX will screw it up yet again? I trust Ora. I do not trust RGRX abilities. Nor do I trust FDA. Why can't RGRX get THIS:

    Primary Outcome Measures:
    Corneal Fluorescein Staining [ Time Frame: Day 29 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]
    Symptom Score [ Time Frame: Day 22 to 28 ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ]

    Estimated Enrollment: 150

13.78-0.27(-1.92%)4:01 PMEDT