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  • southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Jul 31, 2014 7:48 AM Flag

    they also valued himx at $19/share in march and its $6 now

  • Im only asking bc i know we were down over 5% today in the US and i see in live trading that is down almost 5% in hong kong so curious if this lags the US ADR or if we're going down 5% again tomorrow, wouldnt shock me all the thing has done is go down

  • the price to sales is 1/16th of WFM the price to book is 1 for RNDY meaning it trades at book value while whole foods trades at 4x book value and RNDY has marianos which dominates chicago and is probably going to take over nationwide in the next few years. The market cap is $250M vs $15B and just how WFM started as a small chain in austin, marianos is a small chain that flat out owns chicago, they have over 20 now and will be going all over soon

    its a steal with a 5 in front of it

  • southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Jun 7, 2014 7:53 PM Flag

    besting walmart? what planet are you in lol Mariano's is a higher end store than even whole foods, they're not even fighting for those same crummy customers. Mariano's is what roundy's is focusing on and higher margin products for wealthier customers who arent penny pinchers. MAriano's is uber successful in chicago now, actually unbelievably successful, just wait until they roll mariano's out into other cities.

    It's a joke when people like you think high end organic shoppers will ever shop amongst the EBT crowd at walmart lol, people who go to these high end stores wouldnt dare be seen in a walmart thats embarrasing to anyone with money

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    here come the bashers....

    by cjgrz Jun 6, 2014 10:49 AM
    southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Jun 6, 2014 6:28 PM Flag

    lol I like how you add the $700M of debt and its part of the market cap, debt is an instrument meant to grow a business and with that growth you pay down the debt. That's exactly what they're doing, they're leveraging their capital in an effective manner meanwhile you're here proving how ignorant one can be.

    Where'd you learn finance? A $39.99 ebook you bought one night and now you think you know what you're doing?

    Ok man I supposed WFM which once was around this market cap in the 90s in austin,tx, they clearly grew using cash only and never once used financing which btw was at a much higher rate back then and guess what they grew to a $15B market cap today.

    Its so funny watching amateurs like you talk like you know something, as a former trader, I realize 98% of the investment world clearly is just amateur hour, and you just proved my point by making a comment about their debt as if all companies grow by being debt free and grow organically using net profits lol

    seriously its sad you even take time to post. After cutting the dividend and doing a secondary, RNDY is lock and loaded and very well financed moving forward TO GROW MARIANO'S which is a smash hit business.

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    here come the bashers....

    by cjgrz Jun 6, 2014 10:49 AM
    southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Jun 6, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    ok but regardless at today's market cap thats basically priced in. $250M is nothing, the idea of 50 mariano's by next year alone is worth $250M they will get rid of the other stores imo

  • southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Jun 6, 2014 1:13 PM Flag

    heck with 160 stores the stores are valued at like $1.5M a store that is ridiculous in itself bc yes even though the space is leased the businesses are worth more than that. I have an extensive background in our family business with gas stations and even gas stations that are leased out to tenants are bought for $500k if they make $150k/year and the tenants are leasing the spaces so if you think these gigantic grocery stores, even the bad brands are only worth $1.5M per store thats silly bc they just sold the rainbow brands garbage stores for $3.5M per store, so with that in mind RNDY is worth at least $10 today, when will the market realize it? Who knows, its an under the radar company but the market thought Apple was worth $385 last year and everyone knew it wasn't so i wouldnt worry much about current stock price and just accumulate what you can down here. There arent many companies that hold 10-20 bagger potential in the next decade, but RNDY at $250M can do that and still be in its infancy........its all up to mariano's which a quick google search will tell you is just on the warpath and doing unbelievably well. Most mariano's are topping $1M/week in sales when the avg grocery store is doing $500k/week.

  • The reality is look at the metrics, it trades for book value while WFM trades for 4x book and TFM trades for 10x book. Then you have the price to sale metric and RNDY is worth 1/17th of WFM.That is a ridiculous gap that will fill by either RNDY going up,WFM coming down, or both. Mariano's is the hottest thing in the 3rd largest city in the country, very similar to the early days of WFM is a small market like austin. The traction is there to expand initially into milwaukee,minneapolis, detroit, and few other midwestern major markets before an expansion nationwide. With a $250M market cap and WFM sporting a 75x larger market cap at $15B its not silly to think RNDY specifically with mariano's alone could be worth $1B which is still less than the $1.6B The Fresh Market TFM commands

    This stock is grossly undervalued and i have a ton of shares, and I do believe buying today is akin to buying WFM in the late 90s when it was $1.90. The potential growth is there and if you ever go to chicago stop inside a mariano's and youll feel the hype, this place is like the apple store of the grocery world. you cant find parking, its packed inside, and there's just a buzz from all the customers, you can feel whats coming and bob mariano is one of the best men to have leading such a company with such a long history in the business and the fact he knows to cut the dividend to save money for expansion and to close down losing stores in rainbow brand just shows management knows what its doing in its goal to strive for mariano's expansion

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    here come the bashers....

    by cjgrz Jun 6, 2014 10:49 AM
    southbeachtrader southbeachtrader Jun 6, 2014 12:29 PM Flag

    what are you talking about? Mariano's is the biggest thing in chicago the 3rd largest market in the country. Whole foods started the same way in a tiny market called austin,tx. With a 250M market cap RNDY with the expansion of mariano's is more likely than not a minimum 10 bagger over the next decade, now many other investments can you say that about? RNDY is closing the garbage stores and focusing on the high end successful mariano's brand. Management is brilliant imo

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