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  • All segments reporting lower revenues in 2015. So the key now is proactive management and cash conservation. The oil patch is going to be weak, and even with price improvements the over capacity will adversely the Development and Cap spending even further out imo. I do not like to hear so much about the acquisitions that everyone is wanting to make, although the industry believes that NOV is a capable MA operator. Perhaps just like when the company was born with National Oil and Varco International.

    Have they cut the dividend yet?

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    473 shares traded today

    by caseyboy2 13 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 13 hours ago Flag

    I would gladly sell my worthless shares that I bought 10 days ago for a small loss today, but there literally is not liquidity.

    At the first available opportunity I will be bailing out of this one. $700,000 a year plus bennies, like my CPA says, "it's great work if you can get it".

    Why is corporate America and Wall Street so corrupt and self serving?

  • spanspur spanspur 13 hours ago Flag

    How do we get rid of them? They surround themselves with "yes" men, conduct meaningless cc's, and the shareholders essentially are locked out of their own company.

    Sure, an activists shareholder like Miller can affect change, but the crew installed now will intentionally destroy the company even more than they already have on the way out.

  • total for the first hour and 40 minutes is 277.........

    With that as a backdrop maybe IDSY management deserves another $100,000 each for the two relatives who are leading the company down the path of..................(fill in your own description).

    Without question, their pay packages are OBSCENE!

  • spanspur spanspur 15 hours ago Flag

    So you are saying that Miller is offering to buy, but there are no sellers of large blocks at this time, correct?

    You are a critic of the management, after buying 2K shares I took a closer look, and immediately I notice this disconnect between financial reality of the company and the greed that is very clear and
    evident where SELF SERVING management and relatives are LOOTING the company for their own benefit. There is no reason for what they have accomplished so far that their salaries and packages should be this high. Even by the standards that other company's in their space are paying themselves.

    So, here we go again. Disconnected, non-performing, GREEDY managers destroying a company and its future and potential. It would be different if the company was strong and thriving, but it is not.
    That was one thing I always like about ASEI back in the day. If the Stock was at $35, the options would be just under that level, with the managers of that company basically saying, "We will earn our options by enhancing share value".

    Sadly IDSY management is a family cartel that is LOOTING our company. It makes no sense whatsoever to purchase additional shares. Let me guess...........they will have an excuse for the financial failure once again at the next cc.

  • spanspur spanspur 15 hours ago Flag

    You're right, I should have it. How can you be sure it is Lloyd? After an hour of trading the stock has traded 100 trades, obviously the MM hoping something would happened so they can make money.

    In the very least the leadership here needs to ask themselves, if the stock is trading 100 shares, What have, what are we doing wrong? Instead they give themselves $700K, FREE ZERO cost options, and are seemingly disconnected from the market reality.

    Hopefully Lloyd brings new BOD members, and explains to them that the company may be bought out for what he and his group decides what it is worth.......

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    Motley Fool Recommendations

    by hgl12692529 Feb 4, 2016 10:01 AM
    spanspur spanspur 16 hours ago Flag

    Does anyone actually read or listen to MF? Worst investment commentary in the market today!

  • spanspur spanspur 16 hours ago Flag

    "everyday I see the large buy orders at $3.75" from Lloyd Miller. You mean the shares he bought a month or two ago? How can he be buying large shares when the stock sell 4K to 15K shares per day, if that.

    Sadly, and it is clear, IDSY is way over paying themselves for what the company is, where it is at, and what the management team has accomplished, if anyone wants to call per share losses and burning cash an accomplishment.

    Let's call it for what it is, the leadership of the company we own, and the payment of $700,000 to the CEO and his relative is OBSCENE! It appears they are looting the company for their own benefit.

  • Bernie Sanders election headquarters in Iowa, as the faithful Democrats trashed the liar Hillary Clinton.

    This is a first in contemporary American politics. Clearly the lies, the deceit, the arrogance has caused the Democrats to eat their own. Hillary is the wicked witch of the east, and fortunately the power elite in America and around the globe have gone thumbs down on the Clinton Criminal Empire.

    Sorry McKenzie, your dream of a photo shoot with the overweight waddler is not going to happen.........

    "She's a Liar, She's a Liar, She's a Liar"..............and now the Republicans and Sanders can run that exact video footage and audio in ads. Perfect!

  • spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 5:24 PM Flag

    You are wrong moron. What a focking fool.

    S&P Capital Issued the alert and commentary today at 12 pm and I read it off my brokerage page.
    They spoke favorably about NOV and its future going forward and put a price target of $32.
    Get off the coffee or crack.

    You are a board monkey.........

  • spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 2:34 PM Flag

    I guess this is the CaseyBoy who referred to on other boards. Why does he dislike you? He seems to be overly hostile to you. Is there any middle ground here? You can always use the ignore button. Really not a bad option.

  • spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 2:15 PM Flag

    It is a descriptive verb.......

  • The article was from a major brokerage, issued today. They see $32, free cash flow, and a strong balance sheet. Of course, they are probably being slaughtered.

    The hedge funds took it down, and then up, then down, then up, etc, etc.

    Who knows the dividend may need to be reduced to conserve cash. I believe there are 360 million shares outstanding. During these difficult market conditions would it not be prudent to save dollars?

    Nonetheless, NOV is solid as they come, will survive, and could end up being a takeover target themselves if valuations got crazy. No telling how long the low oil pricing will continue. They literally cannot store in anymore, there is not facility.

  • spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 1:59 PM Flag

    I read it on the my brokerage update beneath the info quotes. I will look again if I am wrong I will admit it.

  • Why is his relative making $500,000?
    Why is the CFO making $500,000?

    These salaries are way out of line with where the company is. Compare the salaries with California Amplifier which is a real company, with $50 million in cash, growing revenues, and quarter-after-quarter of profitability.

    It truly appears that IDSY management is looting the company.........

  • Citing FREE cash flow and strong balance sheet, and valuation as the reason.

  • EOM.................$2 Billion in cash. And there is no reason for $1 Billion in value to evaporate this morning.
    The headline # is a paper write down.

    Buy! NOV is perhaps the premier Oil and Gas equipment supplier in the entire world. This is not their first Rodeo.

  • spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 11:59 AM Flag

    Yes, they probably do not have a quorum yet Another $20,000 #$%$ away by management.

    Sale or the company, and the announcement of, is probably close at hand. Once again, Why has not management updated the investors about the process and agreement with AP. Considering what they are asking investors for, it simply makes no sense at all not to be updating shareholders on this issue.

    And if for any reason it is not a go, I have to ask, What is Eric doing in Indiana?

    But give us 100 million shares. Without question we are dealing with rookies. Are you sure Beale's resume is not all made up. What company did our CFO come from? H&R Block?

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    Lloyd Miller bought from Diker; Diker sold out

    by dbtunr Feb 3, 2016 7:54 AM
    spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 11:08 AM Flag

    And at $26.25 the yield on NOV is just under 7%. Missed my chance to get in at $26.10. May sell before the day is over with, as their is talk that NOV is on the hook with Petrobas not able to pay their bill. I am sure NOV management knows how to handle their turf. I remember when Varco International was just that and working out of Agoura,, CA.

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    Lloyd Miller bought from Diker; Diker sold out

    by dbtunr Feb 3, 2016 7:54 AM
    spanspur spanspur Feb 3, 2016 11:05 AM Flag

    When does management announce the big deal you speak of?

    I have been buying NOV this morning. the NEW more POS companies like IDSY or CDTI.

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