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  • 1. P2C needs to sign and ramp and deliver globally. Preliminary indications are that a miracle like this
    might occur if the planets align.

    2. If ole Eric in Indiana is as good as his father's posts on this message board, then it will be his
    responsibility to figure out how to get into the head of those fleet managers making decisions. To map out
    a marketing strategy wherein at the time of decision, Which one should I buy? A strategy where Durafit
    is selected. There are several methods, but which one will be cost effective. An advertisement over every
    urinal in every Trucks Stop in America might be flashy, but too costly, and those truckers are probably not
    the ones making the decision. But laying around and hoping it sparks won't work either.

    3. Obviously ASIA could be huge. But the sleeper in the equation is AP, which will begin P2C in December
    2015. AP not just for Durafit, but AP which delivers CDTI for automobiles in there passenger car catalytic
    offerings, which are many. I do believe that is the plan. IMO AP will be supplying the North American
    HD and passenger car market.

    4. If I can spill more optimism than our new CEO, then already I think the BOD needs to look inward and
    ask a very prudent question, Why was this individual just given 3% of the entire company at $1.79.
    The BOD just spent $15 million on Durafit and Spinel testing, and the let Oppenheimer and Lake Street
    talk them into a secondary at $1.22. Pull your collective heads, out of your collective #$%$. You are
    suppose to be high paid business professionals................

  • spanspur spanspur 12 hours ago Flag

    Bill, Honda will still be a force in 2016 and into early 2017. Knowing you like I know you..........I find it hard to believe you have omitted Honda for 2016 in your #'s.

    Once the rage goes away for the most incompetent management team which has consistently destroyed each and every shareholders wealth for the last decade and a half, I think we can reasonably assume that 2016 should experience a sizeable revenue increase if Durafit ramp is realized. Wasn't it 2 quarters ago during the peak of Honda shipments that CDTI lost $.01 per share, or, am I having a flashback?

    If, and it is a big if, if current Durafit #'s are real and not imaginary lies being published by our CFO to cover up the fraud at CDTI, then we could reasonably assume that PACCAR and our new dynamic distribution (4) centers (now there is a laugher), we can assume a sizeable top line increase. Everybody has a dream.

    In regard to CORP, that is probably where the increased testing costs are buried.

    Add in the state of California's approval of Durafit for sale, and the shipping of new product directly to Panasonic starting in Dec 15, and the shipping of C2P to AP in Dec 15................well, everybody has a dream. With C2P we are going to see dramatic cost reduction.

    Nonetheless these guys are clowns. None of this had to happen. They literally do not understand what they have done to the company. Gold and the BOD are so inept the plan is probably to dilute and reverse split and destroy what is left.

    Very disappointed in Beale after hearing him speak. I thought someone dynamic was being groomed and brought on board to lead. The last cc sounded like a mortician preparing a dead body for burial.........

  • spanspur spanspur 22 hours ago Flag

    I guess you missed the cc wherein CDTI management stated they sold $1.7 million worth of Durafit during the 3 month period. Try factoring that into your equation. Do you believe that CDTI actually averaged selling 10 every 24 hours during the quarter, or, is the CFO a lying MFer who has channel stuffed everything to make it look like the company is actually doing SOMETHING, regardless of how small and insignificant it really is.

  • You have been completely ripped off. CDTI literally has no way to stay in business. Insiders and management are self serving looters of the enterprise. Do your own research.

  • spanspur spanspur 22 hours ago Flag

    BTW, of that 168,000 shares are not individuals or institutions buying shares. So the computer driven churn is trading shares back and forth to keep the shares at $1.35 to $1.41. Otherwise, Lake Street Capital and Oppenheimer would virtually have no way to place the shares.

    The ax has finally fallen on Gold's 15 year Con-Game. No longer does anyone believe in the enterprise. They literally have destroyed investor wealth continually over the last 15 years. Destroyed. CDTI is the worst company I have ever placed a wager on.

  • spanspur spanspur 22 hours ago Flag

    Maybe the Gold's agenda and the agenda of the BOD is to force the company into bankruptcy. What else could possibly explain their actions?

    When you screw your largest benefactor, Mr. Kanis, and then screw all of the shareholders over-and-over again, time-after-time............CDTI management is really out-to-lunch.

    Please notice that only 168,000 shares traded yesterday, there has been no announcement about the successful placement. Is it possible no one is buying these shares after realizing CDTI continually rips off its investors. No one wins with CDTI management except for maybe Beale and Gold who will be paid $5,000 and $6,000 respectively this week. Word on the street is that Beale is a real loser.

  • spanspur spanspur Nov 26, 2015 12:30 AM Flag

    Kanis, "will now climb on them like a wild cat"....................Can't wait to see this when it hits the web.

    Patience will be a virtue here. I would call yours, and everyone's attention to just how they rolled this thing out. It was not long ago and shares hit $3.37 intra-day, and then $2.04, stalled at $1.80, and then was walked down to $1.60, and now of course $1.22. What is knee slapping funny is how the stock is immediately held up at $1.35 to $1.41............truly, how do they accomplish this to unload the shares instantly?

    Zack's played their roll to a T. Target was $4 and the strong buy recommendation helped buoy the stock above $3 wherein the handlers of the previous secondary most likely began shorting the stock in advance of the offering. Rinse, wash, repeat at $1.22. And of course Ian Gilson and Zack's knew this at the time of the $4 target.

    I in no way trust CDTI management whatsoever anymore. They have made a career of screwing each and every shareholder each and every time. But it is that corruption interestingly enough that will work for our benefit. But you are right, CDTI management is not sophisticated enough to engineer anything outside of the lab room. At best they have deeded control of the company over to others, at worse it come become insidious.

  • Then the BOD will get to have shareholder paid vacations in India under the auspices of Global Expansion.

    Maybe a group photo of the crew attired in turbins with their Shik buddies........

  • Cannot the underlying shares of the options be sold in 6 months, or was it 7? This time around the ascent will need to be more gradual and sustained. Even when the dramatic bump takes place it will be powered by news and it will be necessary to sustain the plateau for a longer period of time imo.......

    One thing for sure.............Durafit needs to rock.

  • spanspur spanspur Nov 25, 2015 1:45 PM Flag

    Without question they have very, very poorly advised...........

  • Price target is now $3. Revenue assumptions are the same.

    Wow! Profound analysis..............just a little too late. Oh, that's right, Zack's and Ian Gilson knew that the company would have to raise capital, but just now has put together the equation that 1 + 1 = 2. So they have changed their outlook. Wow!

  • Is the greed of the other guy. It will happen, but we will want to make sure we are at our computer keyboards that morning...........

  • Only a matter of time. Because of the financial structure of the company, and the path of the secondaries and the continual immediate large percentage decline of share price................CDTI the enterprise is rapidly approaching a point wherein they will find it very difficult to sell any security of any kind to raise money. Unfortunately there is a decade and a half of recorded documents wherein investors in the corporation have repeatedly been screwed. In a major way.

    Stuff happens. Real shame, leadership has or had a chance to package the company for sale and since they are continually in the gifting mode with shareholder money, Why not find a strong partner at this time?
    Do what is right for you employees, your shareholders, and the industry you serve, and even you value destroying Bozos in the executive offices. You can remain in denial only so long. It will come down to that in the end.

  • Beale took a job with CDTI, etc, etc, etc. Sort of says it all. I guess better, more attractive offers were not available at the time. As CDTI market capitalization and value implodes, as bankruptcy looms, as the need to gift away another 20% of the company 90 days from now, Harris is more bullish than ever before, and everyone's resume reads like shit. And 65% of the value of the company has been destroyed.

    Yeah sure, send Harris on a special assignment to try and attract dumb investors at the next investor conference. Be sure he points out the risks of investing in CDTI, his past statements about the company, and the financial performance and decline in value since the investor conference before this one.

    Nothing changes at CDTI............

  • It would mean that CDTI directly sold just under $600,000 of Durafit every month of the quarter. If we accept Bill's average of $2,550? per filter, then back out 10% to 20% for the installers cut, for today's discussion let's call it an average sales price of $2,000, that every day on average 10 filters per day? Does anyone actually believe that reported #?

    Considering the company's past involvements wherein each and every deal signed with an OEM since the company has went public, has either expired, ended, or been terminated............I am having a real hard time believing anything that is said coming out of CDTI management.

    I believe it was in June of 2015 when then CEO Chris Harris conducted an investor conference put on by another party. He said, "I have never been more bullish on CDTI".................since that statement he has been removed as CEO, and both he, the current CEO Mr. Beale, our CFO, and the BOD has overseen and delivered a 65% decline in the value of the company. Sort of says it all, now doesn't.

    CDTI does an investor conference, and anyone who bought into the jive is now missing 65%. Wow! And that took place sometime in 2015.

  • Reply to

    LDMicro Conference

    by beendown2 Nov 24, 2015 10:50 AM
    spanspur spanspur Nov 25, 2015 9:44 AM Flag

    "Beale is a moron and his resume is a farce if he did not stop the warrants".........................Ditto!

    It would not surprise me at all if the entire crew at CDTI, their resumes and self described business experience, is a complete fabrication.
    Investigations of their backgrounds would be prudent at this point in time imo. Corporate officers can be held personally liable when it is found that misrepresentations and claims about the abilities and experience are found to be FALSE. Particularly on the heals of devastating secondaries. Hopefully this is not the case at CDTI, but one never knows today when one is dealing complete impostors until back ground investigations are done. One thing for sure, something is not adding up at CDTI.....

  • spanspur spanspur Nov 25, 2015 9:12 AM Flag

    In Summary: As one of the largest shareholders in the company i can now say with authority, after 3 1/2 years of listening to their collective vision..................CDTI is a complete POS.


    In the promo the company known as, CDTI, offers "investors" the opportunity to meet with representatives of the company for one-on-one to discussions to examine investment opportunities.

    BE ADVISED: CDTI has been in business more than a decade and half. During those 15 years the company has never made a profit, real or imagined. To the contrary, CDTI management is a company where insiders are being paid handsomely, our co-founder Mr. Gold lives in a lovely home in Santa Barbara, the company just gave 3% of the entire company via option grants to Mr. Beale who has been with the company for a year and a half (500,000 shares at $1.79), the new arrival of sales Mr. Bippus just received 20,000 FREE ZERO COST shares, and another (100,000 shares at $1.67) on top of his enormous salary for a common sales manager. To say that the current CFO is a mistake would be the understatement of the year.

    CDTI will ask you to consider investing in their ongoing scam wherein every 90 days they have to dilute the capitalization of the entire company somewhere between 18% and 35% via ill advised secondaries and OPTION GRANTS to themselves. Additionally, the company is heavily in dept to Mr. Kanis for $8 million in bonds (wherein Mr. Kanis can essentially foreclose on the company at his discretion. Of course, CDTI management will tell you he is a "friend of the company"). Also, since early summer of 2012 CDTI the company has issued, and continues to issue somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 shares every 30 days just to keep the lights on in Oxnard. The company is losing and burning somewhere between $1,000 and $1,250 per hour, every hour of the day, 24/7, 365.

    To say that the company has a future is a real stretch. Bankruptcy looms, and the announced deals will most likely be canceled as CDTI already has a history of not completely PR announced deals, and existing relationship are ultimately canceled.

  • The company is not economically viable. Bankruptcy now is a certainty. The supply agreements that the company has signed will not be able to be fulfilled due to lack of capital wherein outsiders every 90 days take 18% of the value of the entire company. The co-founder Gold will ultimately destroy the entire business.

  • Then what? Gold becomes the head of sales and the CEO? Instant disaster! The options they were just granted are now completely worthless thanks to the vision of co-founder and complete business incompetent Gold. Eventually they will realize that the organization lied to them about the potential of the company, the value of the company, and the destruction that issuing secondaries every 90 days to keep the lights on in Onxard. Both Beale and Bippus are probably already looking for new employment.

    The CFO should be fired immediately, and I mean immediately. Anyone faced with the secondary in August who came back with this offering after AP and Panasonic should be fired NOW!

    Worthless options and a damaged resume. "Yes, I was part of the team that lead CDTI into bankruptcy"

    Not a good read.............

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