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spanspur 696 posts  |  Last Activity: 9 hours ago Member since: Apr 2, 2003
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  • Call me tomorrow Bill with your latest pick. TIA........

  • The Goldman upgrade is huge. Let's see Cramer & Barrons go after Goldman, Deutch Bank,Black Rock, and the Bank of Spanspur. I would love to add 100,000 shares tomorrow.

    Just real disappointed in Cramer. $6.50 is a given, and by year end it is $12 to $15. Just like 2014, the gift that just keeps on giving. Based on prudent valuation of course.

  • spanspur spanspur 17 hours ago Flag

    Billy has money. He will be buying all the way down to $.60 per share..........

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    Today's Shake Out?

    by spanspur 21 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 17 hours ago Flag

    "I don't know who the bigger liar is, you or Mr. Spanspur"................clearly it is Billy. I cannot remember in my lifetime when I have told a lie. Spanspur is always in search of truth.

    Now those of us who have followed Billy and his disconnect with reality can point to many lapses of basic understanding. I mean seriously, how many time can I tell him it is 30,000 share between husband and wife. Then he prints something out-of-bounds. Those of us with him at WG (which btw I made $somewhere between $500K and $600K on, but have been selling shares recently because I have another mortgage that needs to be paid off before I become a gentleman rancher), and also I was the one who brought him to WG where he made a meaningful percentage gain (did he ever thank me, NO! Just like so many times before. I have literally made my friend millions of $$. He knows it, I know it.,
    all of us that were with him know what an outrageous liar he is. "Buy all you can", "This is the shakeout before the breakout", "WG is going to $15 to $18", etc, etc, etc. But Billy ultimately had to admit he was selling the entire time when his Fidelity account revealed that he has been selling his entire position, while touting the power of WG. Then he notified all of us he bought into MRC at $24 to $26 ostensibly because it is a "better company". MRC traded at $11 and pennies last week.

    I don't know if it was prison life, or whether the nurses at the hospital are miss treating him.
    But this guy is a loose cannon. You cannot make this stuff up.................

  • $1.80..................Why is Wall Street, and I do not think we can connect CDTI in anyway to Wall Street, but why is it so corrupt. Why are the MMs so corrupt. Take it down on zero volume, bring it up, and then unload.

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    Today's Shake Out?

    by spanspur 21 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 20 hours ago Flag

    There you are sports fans, Billy the socio-path is lying his way to fame. He was a heavy buyer of CDTI between $1.88 and $2.00.............

    I literally cannot tell him anything that sticks in his pea brain. For the 50th time you fricking moron, between the Mrs. and me we own 30,000 shares. How simple can that explanation be. I have told it to you at least 50 times. BTW, a $500K profit on a loser stock like CDTI works. Admittedly, I just got lucky.

    But clearly, CDTI marketing and management has nothing. Unless you are into declining revenues, lost market share, and continual per share losses. I mean seriously Bill.............they are not even smart enough to merge the company for the benefit of all. No, instead they are going to do it their way, which we can all see is producing year-in-year-out negative results. But why should they care anyway, they are not business people.

    BTW Bill, just so everyone can read your own commentary on CDTI management when you openly stated on this board: "they are the gang that can't shoot straight". You comment and post was done just after the announcement that the company would be dealing over cash and 2% of the entire company when the former CFO, a female, was fired in an improper manner. That was 2% for the firing of an employee. The BOD and management are incompetent and in a different world than the rest of the business community.

  • Jim Cramer has probably placed the call the himself....................I always tried to like that guy, but when you see what they tried this morning, it is very apparent, he is a complete POS human.

  • There is a room. On one side there are two computers, on the other side there are two computers.
    The 4 members of the group trade among themselves, in concert with the market maker, and the cash and envelopes change hands behind the scenes.

    It has been going on for years on Wall Street. Look at who the players are, look at the money, tens/hundreds of millions of $$ in AKS downside action alone in the last 6 weeks. Why? No one knows, the mills are running full throttle, profitability is there, AKS markets are strong, etc, etc, etc.

    Meanwhile X and STLD are up, AKS is down. Must be the Chinese re-bar future markets...........

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    Shakeout before the breakout

    by billyteex1 21 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 21 hours ago Flag

    Billy T is a socio-path and a compulsive liar. He has been buying on the way down. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done when the company will report $4 or $5 million in revenues, and costs off the charts. The BOD of CDTI is an absolute joke............

  • Bill is underwater on this stock and is desperate because he knows they have nothing, no way to make money, and a management team that goes from one screw up to the next. Without markets what good are any current or future products.

    "shake out this morning".............Billy T. A whopping $125,000 was traded in and out this morning so far.
    Right Bill, that's a shake out. $.89 is a certainty with the next EA coming soon. Great scientists but the people running the business are not business people. They should be on OBama Care and collecting SSI.

  • spanspur spanspur 21 hours ago Flag

    And management says $.05 to $.10 per share guidance from 4 weeks ago. And the Street allowed this individual to print this article with the Street's own open SHORT position in the stock. The Street
    is an attack dog for Barron's........................they work together, and it would not surprise me at all if the market maker is receiving envelopes of cash.

  • They are deliberate. A lawsuit seeking tens of millions in damages, coupled with an SEC action, with public financial news reporting of the deliberate false conduct of the Street and the author need to be documented.

    Their conduct is clearly actionable under law...............

  • spanspur spanspur 22 hours ago Flag

    AKS management needs to sue both the Street and Yahoo for allowing false and misleading articles, which in the case of the last article is nothing more than out-and-out lies.

    But above all sue the author of the article, take legal action directly against the author for any losses that occur. Have AKS attorney's drag the author through the legal system, run his legal bills up. When someone posts an article the day before earnings which is clearly false, clearly nothing more than a pack of lies, then that individual and the sponsoring company..........The Street need to pay damages, when they openly are shorting the stock.

    File formal complaints with the SEC. Remember the Street is openly short the stock, the Street is Barrons attack dog which is also openly short with articles printed as such. Have Black Rock join the lawsuit.

    Remember the author clearly states that the mainstay of AKS's business is re-bar manufacturing! What?
    Without question he needs to be sued. A retraction will not be acceptable.

  • 1. AKS pays a solid dividend of 4.99%...................What? There is no dividend.
    2. Notice how the author uses words to create perceptions. "down another 2.4%"......

    Meanwhile, the Street is advising people not to buy AKS. But they love X?

  • It has been straight down, and here come $.89 cents. No liquidity, no PR, and a management team that has not announced a new OEM order in 3 to 4 years. I wonder what Kanis thinks when management is completely incapable of turning the company around.

    Let's just see What major mistake the BOD and management do next. How will the company be sued?
    What former employee will receive 2% of the entire company for FREE? What excuses they will use for declining revenues and the failure of Durafit? Durafit, What's that, never heard of it?

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    by billyteex1 Jan 24, 2015 8:24 AM
    spanspur spanspur 22 hours ago Flag

    Did I hear what I thought I heard over the weekend? That China's debt is double their GNP?

    And their currency is going to in crease? Has not the Yuan devalued itself, been devalued in the last 3 to 6 months?

    Yeah, better buy some gold, the Yuan is losing value daily.

  • The retirement program. How can they with the high costs of labor? The steel customers cannot pay for, and the Chinese do not offer their employees SSI benefits.

    Let OBama and the American Social Security system provide for everyone in America. Even the non US citizens................

  • The SOA has updated its life expectancy #'s for the first time since 2000. I believe the report stated that humans in America will live 2 years longer than they did in 2000. Therefore, companies like AKS are required to set aside and acknowledge the new increase in pension liability. Typically it is a non-cash charge which would be reported for 2014. Wainscott touched on this issue with public announcement prior to the recent report by the SOA just a couple of weeks ago.

    AON Hewitt, an accounting firm, estimated that on average companies will experience a 7% increase.

    Watch for the short selling hedge funds and the corrupt Wall Street accomplices try and use this as a reason to scare and continue a sell off.

    Unfortunately for the short sellers AKS is running full steam ahead with 70% of their customers under contract for supply. But that will not be highlighted by the Market Realist, Cramer, or Barons.

    If there is anymore downside because of verbiage like that mentioned above, do yourself a favor and buy.
    For example: another $.50 decline in AKS common stock would allow anyone in the world to take control, to purchase 51% of AKS for less than $300 million. In other words, A-Rod and Kobe could buy AKS, with its $5 Billion in annual revenues.

  • I am watching the sleet and snow and cold temps on the TV. Are you staying indoors today, or, are you getting you snow shoes on. The east coast...............what a waste. And the Pacific is much more beautiful and faces the right way, than the Atlantic.

    Please stay east of the Mississippi William.

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