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spanspur 177 posts  |  Last Activity: 8 hours ago Member since: Apr 2, 2003
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  • This will be the headline in the editorial section of Sunday's edition of the Orange County Register.

    Sadly, this guy is out Jimmy Cartering Jimmy Carter.

    How sad. 240 years of American history being directed by a community organizer, a complete adolescent when it comes to world affairs, diplomacy, and executive management skills. "we do not have a plan yet".
    Is he kidding us?

    Please remember, he read about it in the newspapers. This president has not attended a 9 am intelligence briefing in over 3 years. And each week the members of his administration are equally incompetent.

    While Americans wonder about the value of their portfolios, or what to have on their Big Macs tonight.....................our president day-in day-out exhibits complete incompetence on everything, every situation, that he oversees. These are precarious times.

    But here's his saving during his "We do not have a plan yet" speech, there he was nicely attired in his summer suit. Interestingly, none other than Al Sharpton, Obama's selection as the White House's representative during the Michael Brown social unrest.................also owns an identical suit.
    Al Sharpton stylin with the prez. Al Sharpton, Twanna Brawley, FBI fingers him, and a tax dodger who owes a ton. OBama is even looking like Rev Al today. There is a likeness. the White House no less.

  • OBama is confused, Europe is scared, and they did not teach the child from Harvard how to deal with situations like this. China and Russia are splitting up the world.........OBama plays golf and hangs out with JZ.

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    WG Down 5% On Huge Volume

    by spanspur 15 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 13 hours ago Flag

    OK Pinnochio, if you can print that you just traded your first 5000 shares, at least then when the authorities raid your boiler room operation you can just say you were confused, that you have a drinking problem, and drugs have damaged you ability to deal with reality.

    I think your position is defensible. It beats additional prison time for you.

    BTW, what are you doing in CDTI? Makes no sense unless you are dart throwing. Having met with management in private, having seen their employees, facilities..............the entire deal defines speculation/gambling. Of course, a gift was handed to Senor Spur, so good luck with it. I believe Roth and their minions have completed the exit with large profits. I have dubbed that type of hype operation as the "saw tooth".

  • "Y'all know why we are going to do good"...............just doesn't work in today's world.

    The sad reality is that Randy is not capable of leading a company like WG. He should have been let go 8 years ago.

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    Here's what dbtunr does

    by billyteex1 16 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 15 hours ago Flag

    I have to ask, Billy why are you here? Spanspur has already sold and reaped a $480,000 profit.

    Speculative is an understatement. Roth is vermin. You are stupid if you think anything but market manipulation could add to the value of this company. BTW, the CFO that quit seemed to have integrity, but then again, it appears that the Roth deal may have been all his by design.

    Either way, without sales, CDTI is a non-entity.

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    auditors RED HERRING in 10K

    by dbtunr 18 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 15 hours ago Flag

    Yes, absolutely I CONCUR. CDTI is on better footing, if not, Why and for what reason was the secondary?

    But clearly, the company is somewhat of a joke. They operate year-after-year on OPM, pay everyone with the company large salaries. The former CEO is gone, the CFO told the company Adios! Meanwhile upper management is wondering how they will be able to make payroll 24 months from now.

    Yes, I CONCUR.............CDTI is an also ran with little hope of major success. How can you have success when you have not announced a NEW sale in over a year. At some point the key employees will bail out, and we've already seen some of that.
    But typical of how poorly run the company is run, the CFO announces he is leaving, and CDTI is required to pay hime $360,000 a year out?

    This is why when cdti signed a deal with the Devil for their secondary................I sold, sold some more, and sold more than 200,000 shares between $4 and $7 per share.

    Thank You CDTI......................

  • Yes, yes indeed!

  • Classic OBama, it rolls out well, sounds good, but is filled with statements of non-reality, arrogance, and what apparently is a disconnect with both history and the lack of fulfillment that he brought with his administration. OBama is not up to the job. He has a disdain for America and all that it stands for, all that it has done. On behalf of all white people, and all other global citizens, I what to apologize to the prez for the fact that his grandfather worked as a porter for the British in Africa. BTW, Mr. Prez, we don't need you going on another apologize tour, or, mucking up America's foreign policy position anymore.

    The crowd in at the convention looked glaringly at OBama, and any applause was thwarted and given out of decorum rather than genuine belief and support. But OBama can really spin it. But just words.

    Veterans Health Care Scandal On His Watch
    Eric Holder AG Describes American And Americans As Cowards In Regard To Race
    Eric Holder Held In Contempt Of Congress In Regard To Fast And Furious
    IRS Scandal: Government Going After Private Citizens
    Lois Lerner Clearly Lying To Congress/Amazingly Her E-mails Have Disappeared
    The Most Transparent Administration Ever?
    Head Of The CIA Lies To Congress
    Head Of The IRS Lies To Congress
    NAS Spying Scandal: Government Keeping Private Matters Information On Private Citizens
    Benghazi: A Complete Disaster & Lie. Hillary: "What difference does it make if 4 Americans died?"
    Syria A Complete Mess: OBama's Decisions Empower Isis.
    Iraq A Complete Mess: OBama's Decisions Mock The American Lives Lost
    Afghanistan A Complete Mess
    America Held At The Lowest Level Of Hegemony & Esteem Internationally Ever
    Etc, Etc, Etc...................
    OBama wants to be a Celebrity and hang out with JZ and golf.

    But he is Billy t's president. Billy loves the prez, thinks his leadership is strong and proper. He went from Bush to OBama. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here. Many of Billy#$%$ turn out to be #$%$.

  • spanspur spanspur Aug 26, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    My last sale was over $10 and change...............

    So they are going to triple profits this quarter? You've been wrong by wide margin the last two quarters, your record speaks for itself and is fully documented. You bill yourself as a research analyst, but your record of error is in part one of the reasons you were fired/terminated/let go with cause/prejudice at Golden Slacks...............

    Just admit you have been wrong the last two(2) quarters and I will stop harassing you.

    Just admit you are wrong once again.................

    Even if WG were to show a profit, it will be insignificant. The stock has already moved and the company is more than fully valued in today's world.

    And get ready for the sell-off that is coming in September/October. If you cannot see this one coming you better get out of the market altogether.........

  • Now if CDTI could actually make a sale...............

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    auditors say this company is near BANKRUPTCY

    by dbtunr Aug 25, 2014 3:15 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 26, 2014 10:08 AM Flag

    Nice try there tuna. $8 million in cash? The money that is owed to the good Doctor via unsecured bonds is yielding 8%. Btw, the good Doctor has been the company's primary benefactor for years. He believes in what the company is doing.

    Now, can we get CDTI to announce a sale to another OEM, or announce a sale to anyone.

    But clearly, CDTI management is inept in the business game. Maybe good scientist, but they definetly are not business people.

  • Company is set to lose $.10 per share this quarter. Breakeven again would be a big winner for this POS.

    8,000 employees, $2.5 Billion in annual revenues, and WG will make less than $15 million in 2014. Without the "change order" payoff in Pennslyvania, WG loses large $$ again in 2014.

    WG management is completely incapable, essentially Obtuse to what they are doing when it comes to actually running a business for profit. It is a welfare state for corporate executives........

  • Go ahead little bill, pull up and post my comments about MRO on this board.

    MRO is going to explore Block 13 in Gabon........which is widely regarded as the next Saudi Abrabia.

    Started buying at $34 William.

    Have a nice day.

    BTW, you may want to pick up my latest book, The Conservative Investor: Profits & Performance In The Market

  • "Spanspur, never buy a rising stock on declining volume"...............and I'very always carried that with me. Why? I don't know.

    So bill, I am looking straight out at the Pacific, a gentle breeze is blowing through the house. The ocean is a mix of aqua marine and darker blue. The kelp beds give the surface a visual dimension.

    I am heading to the gym now to train for our next fight.......

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    by billyteex1 Aug 23, 2014 1:18 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 25, 2014 11:04 AM Flag

    You need to get the storyline rifgt. I did not buy my first shares of this stock until they dropped to $3.40. How many times am I going to have to remind you?

    $150 million in shareholder value is missing, and you are telling everyone that you are going to sell now that longterm tax basis is involved. Sadly WG is a 2nd or 3rd tier enterprise. Everyone is waiting for Harl to leave.

    Btw, the market's are more than fully valued. Including this POS. Without the Pennsylvania order change award...........WG loses money in 2014. How does it fell Hindu Cowboy that the CFO has mislead everyone again. They fired the guy at Wallgeens, Why not at WG. No WG just gave the punk a million $$ in free zero cost stock at our expense for mediocrity.

    Wise up John.........

  • Has damaged everyone's financial positions except for one bit of advice. The entire time he was telling everyone to "buy" at above $13, he was selling shares in WG. Go ahead Bill, tell all of us that was in your "trading account". The authorities will probably not buy it. So the stock sells off $150 million in value, and now he is telling everyone that a $10 pop is close at hand (now that he has repurchased the shares he sold).
    Everyone should remember, according to Bill, the stock is going to $75. Everybody has a dream.

    But the one thing Bill said was correct so to speak: "go ahead a short the stock then".

    How can Spanspur believe when everything he promotes false and misleading. You still sticking with your statement Bill that WG owes the Nigerians ZERO?

  • Yes, your short selling scheme seems to be working Wolftts.

    Have you thought about what kind of work you will be doing once you are banned from the industry?

  • He should either be dead, paralyzed, or turned out on the street by his pimp by now.

    Eventually his own karma will catch up with.

    Spanspur on the other hand leads a calm, spiritual life. A life where one trys to focus on, and find the beauty in the help one's fellow man while on earth.

  • The recent highs. Great job Randy Harl. You are the master of disaster.

    Please resign your post as leader of WG. TIA...................

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    Off Topic: Rememberring Robin Williams

    by sgtearnestbilko Aug 12, 2014 10:47 AM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 21, 2014 10:50 AM Flag

    Did you notice how many latched onto his departure, as if the entire world was intimate with Robin Williams.

    How do you get $20 million a picture and have financial problems?

    Bad woman?

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