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  • A Senior Small Black cup of coffee at McDonalds, or, 1 Share of CDTI?

    A salient argument can be made that the cup of coffee is the better choice...

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    what happened to all the downvoters?

    by dbtunr May 2, 2016 11:59 AM
    spanspur spanspur 12 hours ago Flag


    You seem to have garnered 5 negative votes. I am new to investing and the YMB. Is this normal?
    Why the negative commentary about your narrative?

    Also, with the dog days of summer, the aggregate market near record highs, do you think GLW will touch and retest the 52 week lows of $15.42?


  • I would have then gone into time lines, what the decision might mean to revenues, and when the company is in the approval process for 2009 to 2011 engines, and where CDTI is moving in regard to Spinel.

    But no, it is better to watch as the stock hits new 52 week lows.

    Ask yourself, Who are the winners and who are the losers with management's silence?

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    Roge: "What does that tell us"

    by spanspur 23 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 12 hours ago Flag


    CDTI is already in the approval process. The fact that management is content to sit by and watch 85% of the entire value of the company evaporate from the 2015 highs speaks volumes.

    What is happening imo is that management has cut a deal with Kanis and Bell to stand aside, to enable if you will, the share price to implode to new record lows.
    And the tale of the tape supports my thesis.

    Yet one more time CDTI management has empowered the downside equation with their open declarations, and now their silence. You Damec are the CEO.
    You have watched nearly 90% of your operation that you oversee lose its value at a time when things should be looking up due to the tech and Durafit........instead
    you choose to remain silent????

    Interesting. I hope the new owner and Kanis and Bell love their very, very inexpensive shares being provided by our management team.....

  • spanspur spanspur 12 hours ago Flag

    Correction: Word is LOJN is not going well...

  • CAMP is more than fully valued.

    The question now is when does it break below the 52 week low of $14.01 and head south to $10 to $12 per share. At $10 to $12 the enterprise value becomes $585 million to $675 million.

    Once again, CAMP is more than fully valued at $14.50!

    Word is LOJN is going well...

  • Will it touch $22.91 again after the cc? Or will it fall to $18 as the Brooklyn Nomad (a longtime holder) stated just a few weeks ago.

    Watch out for the pump and dump artists on this board. They are vicious animals...

  • Maybe if Engles posts his letter again about OEM's being receptive about meeting the tier requirements we can see $.25 by the weekend.

    If I was an employee at CDTI, or, part of the so-called executive team I would be looking for work. Without question the CDTI BOD and its leadership are has been old wash outs who pass themselves off as business people. Just look at the chart for the last two months. Beale is yet another failure in a long line of failures.

    Watch, the next PR will be that CDTI management will be presenting at the Big Wang Chung Auto Show in China and everyone in management will be attending. Truly, these guys are out to lunch. Are they on drugs?

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    Roge: "What does that tell us"

    by spanspur 23 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 12 hours ago Flag

    Roge, thanks for your insights. You are perhaps the only voice of reason on this board. But I have to ask, Did you not post in the last couple of days that short sales had all but vanished?

    And like a true politician, You did not touch or answer my primary question. Why would CDTI management not release to the market mavens the fact that CARB on 22 April 2016 voted to allow AM DPFs to be sold for engine years 2009 to 2011? Real curiosity Roge. The stock is getting killed, this is a market CDTI operates in, one of their distributors was at the meeting and wrote a pro-approval letter and CDTI management says ZERO. In fact CDTI management is content to watch the stock to continue to implode and continue on its inexorable path to $.01

    Real curiosity Roge. I maintain after looking at the actions and responses of our completely inept BOD and corporate leadership that our CEO and Chairman are secretly wanting the stock share price to fall. There is no other way to call this. Their silence is very telling. Now why would they do this? Why would our own leadership act in a detrimental way to shareholder value?

    That is the question, and it very open and apparent now. They are on their way to Monaco and drop $15,000 for nothing, but will not spend $50 to announce CARB's approval??????

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    Starting to get the itch

    by arql07 13 hours ago
    spanspur spanspur 13 hours ago Flag

    I am thinking about a helicopter landing pad for the new place, might it be possible for a small construction loan. I am good for it. Once CDTI turns around I will be back in the high life again.

    $1.5 million? That will get you a lease on a 2BD + 1Bth apartment next to the Freeway. But you will be within walking distance to multiple eateries. Do you speak Spanish?

  • spanspur spanspur 13 hours ago Flag

    What if I change the job description from Man Servant/Tennis Pro to Executive Facilities Manager. Will that help? If you teach 3 pupils in the morning and 3 in the afternoon @ $60 for a 40 minute session my cut will be $108 per day. That should help cover the propane bill and the gardener. I am interviewing several members from the Stanford Women's Tennis Team. Please let me know ASAP.

  • Did anyone catch the Fox Business Network's report about the Clear Channel request to the FCC wherein
    CC is wanting to interface and download your cell phones information when you are walking or in the neighborhood of a advertising electronic bill board environment like Time Square and the blocks around it.
    Apparently CC's technology allows them to lift your personal data as you walk by, and tailor the electronic advertising to your desires, to determine your possible destination, etc, etc, etc.

    DB, you can run but you cannot hide. I personally would not go anywhere near the area with out my tin foil helmet.

  • In the end it was a little too large, or at least it seemed that way. If it doesn't sell I will keep it.

    I have decided to move from Telluride to the Denver area and hope to close on 10327 Woodhaven Ridge Rd
    Parker, CO 80134 late this month.

    The entire deal hinges on whether GS666 will become my man servant/property care taker. I won't be there much cause it gets pretty damn hot in summer in Parker. Years ago, back in the 70's I once visited Parker.
    Completely changed today. The sellers agreed to $3.8 million all cash. Of course, there will be a lot of renovation on the way in. Part of GS job will be to oversee and interface with the contractors. I dislike contractors a great deal (generally speaking).

    So let me know GS, otherwise I will need to find another tennis pro who digs hanging out with babes by the pool during summer. You will have to take care of my women also, but don't let me catch you opening my refrigerator door.

    Also, I want 30% of any tennis lesson revenue as part of the agreement. Property taxes are killing me.

  • It tells me after a positive development with CARB CDTI management apparently feels it is good to lay on the sidelines and watch 15% of the value of the entire company evaporate. I guess the logic is it is no big deal even if the stock is in a total tail spin and downslide.

    Today was kind of a winner for everyone. Only 3% of the entire value of the company was lost in today's trading session. Those 6% and 5% losing days are hard to take. And since Roge likes to live in the real world, Would it be safe to say Roge that from the artificial high of $3.31 in 2015 that CDTI management has overseen the destruction of the market capitalization of the company to the 80% plus level? Sure it is......

    I think it is almost 85% or 86%. After a reverse split the pre-paid options at $1.22 are worthless.

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    Does camp ever go up anymore????

    by pasdechat2003 May 2, 2016 11:22 AM
    spanspur spanspur 23 hours ago Flag


    CAMP is more than fully valued imo.

  • spanspur spanspur May 2, 2016 2:43 PM Flag

    McKenzie, I sense in you a potential convert.

    Stay thirsty my friend...

  • What is absolutely shocking is that in their collective wisdom, with the Carb approval having been done on the day of the meeting April 22, 2016...............THAT IN THE COLLECTIVE WISDOM CDTI MANAGEMENT HAS CHOSEN NOT TO IDENTIFY THE APPROVAL, AND DESCRIBE WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE COMPANY IN THEIR QUEST FOR APPROVAL.

    Seriously, go to the CARB site, look up CDTI, the phone # is no good, and the web site who knows, CDTI is essentially set aside from other installers with qualifiers that diminish the company's ability to sell and perform. You call the damn # and you get a phone message and Shadow Exhaust.

    Are guys are not playing with a full deck. The Stock is being allowed to implode by management. 30% in the last 3 weeks, 85% from the high of 2015, and CDTI management chooses not to release approval commentary while the stock is dropping 2% to 6% per day.

    Beale & Co seem to have a design to intentionally drop the share price. They are not acting in a fiduciary manner imo. How else does an investor call in. Is the fix in here? Who will be the big winners if the share price and valuation of the company continues to plummet? What if DB Tunrs scenario takes place?

  • spanspur spanspur May 2, 2016 2:17 PM Flag

    Only for the years 2007 thru 2009. That was the focus of the hearing. Somehow the OEMs seem to have this thing locked down. Thx again.

  • spanspur spanspur May 2, 2016 2:10 PM Flag

    Thanks I will search for "red fox".

  • Scroll down and hit the link how to choose and you will see a large box with many installers and sellers of DPFs. CDTI is identified in a confusing manner, with the notation next to it stating no new sales, the 800 # in CDTIs column connects with Shuttle Worth Exhaust System, the column states contact Reno, and when one does call there is virtually no mention of CDTI. or product support. ARB says product support, but that is where it ends. Granted they may not be able to sell into California yet, but the inquiry should be handled directly by CDTI sales team. Market impressions are created in many ways. In this case CDTI is negatively impacted.

    The chart was update 11/15. Our guys are absolute losers in the world of business. McDonald should be fired immediately.

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