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  • spanspur spanspur Apr 29, 2016 12:54 AM Flag

    Well, I like your version better than my own prognostications...

  • Is due to increased sales by other manufacturers and Panasonic Environmental's new filter design and release?

    GLW substrate business down 20%? Is that the #?

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    Ned thinks March has 30 days

    by mjw59801 Apr 28, 2016 9:39 AM
    spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 6:17 PM Flag

    It does, and the 31st was a Thursday this year.

    Welcome to IDSY.

    On another note, is he actually going to be paid $700,000 this year from a company that is running out of cash and will have to issue a secondary with in the next 6 to 12 months?

    Do these guys ever feel guilty for fleecing their shareholders?

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 6:09 PM Flag

    BD2...........I do not think you are quite grasping what management has done/is doing to your/my position. K & B converted at 25% discount to whatever the price is (32 maybe 33 million shares outstanding), the necessity to raise operating still remains. another 17 million shares would raise a paltry $9 or $10 million (12 to 15 months operating capital).
    50 million shares now outstanding.

    RS 1 for 5 @ $.60. K&B converted at $.45. Now there are 10 million shares outstanding @ $3.

    So the question becomes what announcement, what deal would maintain that $30 million naked enterprise value, when today that ev is a less than $20 million. And essentially nothing has changed, pre or post, except that the market will continue to punish CDTI barring a major major announcement.

    That's why your 50,000 post shares will continue to implode to at least $2 and change, and because of the CDTI's inabilities in the market place we could even see $1 ($10 million ev), or, $1.50 ($15 million ev).

    Like I asked before, Did management mention that CARB meeting on the 22nd for public consumption? Did they miss this opportunity to draw a picture of changing fundamentals?
    No, the stock and shareholder value was allowed to erode.

  • and creates a small monopoly for these parts, increasing the price for the end users"

    Small monopoly for the OEM's and it would not surprise me at all if the certain State of California deciding officials found heavier briefcases left in their personal vehicles.

    Without approval CDTI and the industry should sue the State of California and the OEMs on antitrust grounds.

    Help me here, did our team at CDTI mention this meeting on the 22nd at the last cc? No, I do not think they did identify the event, even though the CARB website had posted the meeting for review, and this was pointed out by another poster. Now, with the stock dropping like a rock in a bucket of water, if in fact CDTI management did not announce prior to the meeting the topic of discussion, in a public forum for public consumption, am I the only one that has a problem with management's lack of public disclosure in lieu of their plans to raise capital and conduct their RS.

    Interesting right? Those with a fiduciary responsibility to enhance shareholder value were not open and notorious with the dissemination of the April 22nd meeting, but were content to watch and remain silent, as 20% of the value of the stock eroded from $.75 to $.60 in the last 3 weeks.

    One thing for sure, CDTI management and the company itself is not a thinking man's enterprise!

  • Created short positions in the stock today (on 20% higher daily volume), and in the previous week prior to the cc when the stock traded above $5 I believe. With the large underwriting group somebody knew in advance, and it would now explain the strong upside moves in the stock preceding the cc, and now, if the SEC even had a desire to look at this (and they do not, the SEC is there to protect the corruption on Wall Street), they would imo undoubtedly fine that friends and proxies somewhere in the underwriting group profited with the 10%+ drop from today's high, to the after hours and near term future price of the common.

  • This fat, overweight, obnoxious leftover over from the hated Bush era was just on Varney. He trashed the Republican front runner, polarized the entire effort to stop the tyranny and corruption of another Clinton administration, and insulted the entire Eastern United States while inviting everyone to just come on down to Texas and join the OBama refugees.

    He is a complete egotistical idiot and just cost 50,000 votes this morning. Put a muzzle on this buffoon, disown this moron. Someone needs to ask him to stop. What a jerk!

  • So we have all read and listened, and we all get excited whenever a PR fluff is released. We read about Hino which basically just states that Hino will be stocking Durafit, but the CDTI PR uses the word selling i believe.
    We have read and heard about PACCAR distribution and our 4 new Distribution Centers (existing customers already selling product).............and this is all good and fine. When Durafit first launched the big PR was that the NYC Dept of Sanitation was highlighted as they would now be using Durafit for their fleet/trash trucks.

    Since then there has not been one Trucking Fleet Deployment announcement. Not One! Now if I am in sales for CDTI I am not waiting for someone to select Durafit, hoping they select Durafit when they go on-line with PACCAR. I would be calling on the trucking fleets of America and selling directly into those fleet operations directly via incentives which might include, just might include, superior product, superior pricing, superior customer service, and direct company contact and distribution. Roge states Eric is flying all over the world working on the Big Deals internationally, and someone named McDonald is in charge of our domestic and direct sales. Listed below are just a few of the west coast and national fleets that are on the top of my head, but somehow, someway, after almost a year in the market, our sales rep has not been able to sell into another fleet, and management seems to be content to not announce if they have, and I guess they have it all figured out since they sit by their phones waiting for an order to come in to one of their distributors. I would be on the road selling directly to the trucking fleets of America. Psst, try the National Trucking Association member list: Garrett Trucking, Exley, May Trucking out of Payette Idaho, Teresi a steel hauler, Gordon Fast Frieght, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Clearly CDTI sales team is clueless.

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 10:11 AM Flag

    No, no BD2. You will hold 50,000 shares at below $3.00 once the RS is done. The stock will then sell off even more as management literally has not enough money to continue in business more that 200 more days. So under your scenario there are 45 million shares outstanding, 10 million which were just sold at $.45 pre RS. Now the situation never changes, the company has still not raised any necessary operating capital yet to allow the company to continue to operate, to continue to burn $1,250 per hour every hour of the year (of course, the CFO has stated that is all going to change). Management has burned all their employees and all of their investors. The only winners might be Kanis and Bell, but there will be no liquidity, and why do you believe that Kanis cannot sell his shares for a year? I think legally he can dump them the day management converts K & B shares at 25% below any "fund raising event". BD2, please remember that the stock was way north of $2, we have all watched and accepted the conclusion, but everyone's basis for sticking around was that the upcoming funding would be at least $1.25+. Clearly CDTI management does not understand what they have done. Telegraphing a secondary in front of a 1 for 5 because CDTI managements inability to keep the stock above $1.? Nobody wins here. All value of all held by employees and managers is about to be completely destroyed. Just the facts.

    CDTI management has made a lot of enemies along the way with the shyster underwriters they have used in the past to artificially prop up the stock. Just think DB2, post RS, anyone, any shyster underwriter can force the company into bankruptcy for probably less than $250K to $500K of post RS short selling. Management is clueless. They belong in the lab, they are not business people.

    Fock it, once we get some new money let's all fly over to Monaco for drinks....

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 9:51 AM Flag

    What financing? At this point there will be no financing. At this point it looks as though the company's entire capitalization is going to repudiated and destroyed. I have tried to understand why management would roll it out like this. 20% of the value of the entire company has been destroyed in the last 2 or 3 weeks as the stock has dropped from
    $.75 to $.60. This is after management has destroyed the other 60% of the company since Roge's boy Eric Bippus came on board.

    Just trying to understand how anyone wins. When do the employees inform management that they are leaving the company? Management continues to do what they have always done, they have once again destroyed 82% of the entire value of the company in the last 10 months.

    I cannot see a scenario wherein any shareholder wins. I am well aware GS of the dynamic here and do not need a class in investing 101. I accept responsibility for my actions, but clearly management has completely mishandled Spinel PR, and other Durafit PR. And simultaneously after burning each and every investment dollar, they are destroying the capitalization. Management is clueless has to what they have done. If they did a 1 for 5 at $.60 this morning to satisfy the Nasdaq, the stock would be selling below $1 a share again within 3 weeks. They truly do not understand what they are doing.

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 1:08 AM Flag

    Thanks GS...

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 1:06 AM Flag

    May the force be with you. In the old days I would have been buying with you, but I am jaded on the game that is being run here. Addressing your #'s above, I am trying to understand where the value is under the dilution that you describe. I do not believe it would go down that way, but who the hell knows. There would need to be a fund raising event to establish the share value and then CDTI would have discretion as to whether to convert at 75% of some established value. That's my understanding.

    Under your scenario the fund raising event would take place pre RS? There again, who knows.
    So in the very least your diagram would show 35 million shares outstanding plus any shares issued during a fund raising event. Pre RS, Post RS? At $.60 if a financial backer came on board
    for say 15 million shares at $.60 that would be a paltry $9 million. At best it buys the company another 12 to 18 months, so it would not be prudent for our new partner to engage whatsoever at these levels. Major PR raises share price? Beale actually is able to sell part of the company at $1.25 per share or more? But under your scenario, the problem of liquidity and being able to keep the lights on in Oxnard is once again not addressed, and CDTI continues to burn money everyday like it has no value. Just a fact.

    I really do not think they have thought their game through. Time will tell if they are ever, for the first time in 20 years, able to ink a meaningful deal, maybe two.

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    Any life left

    by moon1monkey Apr 27, 2016 4:29 PM
    spanspur spanspur Apr 28, 2016 12:50 AM Flag

    The lender of the dough received 16% of the entire company for FREE as part of a partial restructuring. The goal now is to increase the market cap, to increase the value of their position, and then dump the dung on the open market, or, by exercising influence as perhaps the largest shareholder, to engineer a transfer of ownership with a pre-arranged buyer, with pre-arranged financing.

    It a very ugly game........imo, there is a limit to what a rational amount would be considering the terrible financials and operational performance of the company.

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 27, 2016 1:38 PM Flag

    The CFO stated we will be cash flow positive and that Durafit will double revenues this year. What he probably forgot to tell everyone is that CDTI management was factoring in that CARB would grant access to the market rather than protect it for the likes of GLW when they floated their projections. When CARB does not grant access, Do you think management will advise that it is game over?

    Once again Roge, I have written off the entire investment (I use that description loosely).
    The reality is this Roge, CDTI common had a high of $3.38 in 2015, it is now selling at $.61. CDTI management is floating the same statements they always have, there are no sales channel updates. CDTI has placed the stock in a major Black Hole. CDTI management has overseen the evaporation of 82% of the value of the entire company in 2015 to this morning.

    The plan is to now destroy what is left, and this is the result of years of poor decisions.
    The only winners will be Kanis and Bell...........and any new round of funding. Everyone else losses because of CDTI managements inability to understand or develop robust end market. You can sit around in your office, you can play around in the lab, but if you do not have enough end market to keep the lights on, it is all for naught. This has gone one for 20 years and continues today. $220 million in investor money has been spent by CDTI management.

  • spanspur spanspur Apr 27, 2016 1:30 PM Flag


    "the difference between you and I appears that my investment represents only a very small part of my portfolio"...............thanks for the advice and sharing your perceptions of my portfolio. I believe you stated your position was slightly less than 2% of your holdings. Just so you will know the $200K I have in this company is just over 2% of my portfolio and less than 3%.

    Most troubling Roge is the continual quarter after quarter after quarter of CDTI management failures to create positive market perception for the company and its stock. Yet one more time now, because of managements failure to create and penetrate end markets for their products that actually produce GAAP profitability.............senior management has left all shareholders with losses, while simultaneously creating a massage Black Hole of uncertainty. This is not the first time.
    Charles Engels letter was accurate, but it was almost the same exact letter that was written 4 years ago. "tier requirements, OEMs eager, etc, etc, etc"..............meanwhile back at the ranch, CDTI management is incapable of actually signing or creating a real, meaningful alliance that generates enough revenue to show a profit, even a small one.

    $400K for a CFO and CEO, 1.8% of the entire company given to a former accounting officer along with $250,000 in cash for wrongful determination settlement, buying a bankrupt company an acquisition that never worked, only to be paying off Harris and Pedro $900,000 to sit at home this year.

    We are in a black hole, the speech is the same speech they always give, reality is that this 90 day period will result in a $2 to $3 million loss, and the reason they even have annual meeting is to try and get money from suckers. The company has never performed financially, and never will.
    They could of sold the company years ago and could do it today for some decent money, but instead they are going to do it their way. More losses, more dilution, more failures.

  • No matter what they announce it will no longer matter. Pretty sad...........the stock and the company is severely damaged and management waited too long to see the picture and now the company is DOA.

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    by leszkoe Apr 27, 2016 10:07 AM
    spanspur spanspur Apr 27, 2016 12:43 PM Flag

    $10 sounds great, cannot wait to sell my remaining shares. As soon as I get even I am gone!

  • Competition, and a culture of phone users that do not like Apple product, is there anyone who likes to hear Siri's voice? The best thing I ever did was buy a Samsung. Apple's product line up is under pressure and Chinese knock offs will destroy its markets.

    This is just the beginning of the decline. I will not be buying Apple again.

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    Where's That Weasel McKenzie?

    by spanspur Apr 26, 2016 11:27 PM
    spanspur spanspur Apr 27, 2016 10:46 AM Flag

    McKenzie, do you think Hillary will do jail time?

    If Martha Stewart can go down Hillary could surely find herself working in the prison food service sector...............don't you think?

  • Have you herd the latest? Chelsea Clinton is rumored to be part of the investigation of the Clinton "Family" Foundation. Apparently it is a big slush fund for the family and everyone has had their hand in the kitty.
    $40 million donation from some Armenian guys wanting to sell uranium? Wow! The fight is now framed, it is Clinton vs Trump. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be close to HRC because I will bet it is about to get real revealing.

    "What difference does it make if 4 Americans are dead"..........HRC testifying before a congressional inquiry.

    And what did the HRC State Department/OBama Administration do? They blamed it on a video, went to the American Citizens home who produced the video, ransacked his home, and then falsely arrested and jailed the individual. Why? E-mails clearly reveal that the entire time, after declaring to her own daughter and other world leaders, that within minutes the US State Dept knew that it was a terrorist attack. Instead HRC arrested a private citizen and jailed him.

    If HRC you will see tyranny against the people like never seen before.

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