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spanspur 666 posts  |  Last Activity: 20 hours ago Member since: Apr 2, 2003
  • that too...............

    Late to market, and bankrupt. Golden, please read the writing on the wall, it is time to SELL the lab experiment. For once in your professional life do what is best for shareholders and employees!!!~!!

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    Spinel Passes Its Hot Temperature Test...........

    by spanspur Jan 29, 2016 5:51 PM
    spanspur spanspur Feb 1, 2016 11:08 AM Flag

    Roger, you seem like a nice guy. CDTI is a complete and total fraud. There is virtually no way for the company to ever make a profit. The one vehicle merely points to the fact that the testing is another Golden lab experiment that cost shareholder $2 million to conduct, and Spinel is a another CDTI Fraud. It all sounds great, but there are no buyers. CDTI is a buggy whip company.

    Do yourself a favor, vote no, and sell what is left of your shares. I am writing $250,000.

    CDTI is a complete and total fraud imo. The company is a joke Roger. Merely come out west and visit there self described "CAMPUS". LMAO. Better yet, go visit the (4) New distribution centers. More self described grandeur, more self fraud imo. But your boy Eric Bippus is costing $300K per year.

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    Isn't end of February time to renew Liolios?

    by dbtunr Feb 1, 2016 10:57 AM
    spanspur spanspur Feb 1, 2016 11:03 AM Flag

    Didn't you know, he's worth $2000 a day everyday of the year (that $100 per hour every hour of the year), for FAILURE. They never have made a profit, and never will.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    Isn't end of February time to renew Liolios?

    by dbtunr Feb 1, 2016 10:57 AM
    spanspur spanspur Feb 1, 2016 11:02 AM Flag

    See DB............we have seen this picture below. The head guy is paying himself $669K per year, his brother is making $550K when you could the FREE ZERO cost options. And the #$%$ company literally will never make a profit.

    I would like to sell the 2K shares I bought last Thursday and take my $300 loss now, rather than watch this management team destroy this company with self serving greed.

    IR firm being paid $8,500 per month. Why not handle that inhouse? Company does not make money, or even close, and management literally cannot give to themselves enough, fast enough. Another loser company in the world of business.

    Imagine, the CEO with options is making $750K per year. Wonderful, another fraud company raping the shareholder value into oblivion.

  • The CEO dumped on the open market $275,000 in shares back in June of 2015, and pays himself $669K per year, and his brother and $475K.

    Translation: IDSY will never make a dime. Another fraud of a company, which seems to be my trademark these days. IDSY sadly will never make a dime, and is now positioned to borrow and issue new shares Thereby sending the company into bankruptcy or reverse split city.

    Lloyd Miller needs to let them know the company is going up for sale..........Why do corporate managements destroy everything they touch? Do not anyone in America today work for a reasonable wage while the company is being built?

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    Prediction: One more month of Nothing

    by mjw59801 Feb 1, 2016 9:43 AM
    spanspur spanspur Feb 1, 2016 9:55 AM Flag

    Unfortunately it appears IDSY has no way to actually make money. I bought some shares last week, and now after further review it appears that the company will need a miracle to ever succeed. That's the thing about the "internet of things" and the vehicle tracking business, it has been around for years, it is a tough game, and no one actually makes money or builds shareholder value.

    Haven't even looked, but let me guess, the CEO is paying himself $400k plus per year!

    And then there is the MM which essentially guarantees that the stock goes nowhere. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the miracle part of the equation........

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    NYT Endorses Clinton & Kaisich For President

    by spanspur Jan 31, 2016 1:22 AM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 31, 2016 2:10 PM Flag

    RJ, nice to hear from you again. It was Bill OReily himself who confronted a guest from Philadelphia, and then Kristen Powers the resident liberal, that there is no need, since there are numerous safety nets providing direct cash, housing, food, and health care in the city of Philadelphia. Fox reported that the single mother you speak of, her package is $66,000 per year.


    I voted no on CDTI. I will vote yest for Bernie since I live on less than $30,000 a year now (and they just raised my trailer space rent). I have completely given up on CDTI after realizing the entire deal is corrupt. Hopefully Bernia can make America Great Again. Free everything, tax the rich, drive the corporations out of American, and tax the property owners into oblivion. Money is insignificant now.

    Gotta go to the gym RJ, have a nice day.

    BTW RJ, you are 5X the BSer that I am. Can we agree about that?

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    NYT Endorses Clinton & Kaisich For President

    by spanspur Jan 31, 2016 1:22 AM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 31, 2016 1:55 AM Flag

    accepted was because I had not supplied the financial information. What he did not know was I had called his home room teacher (a gym teacher) to see if there was a path to the Berkeley or the Naval Academy. The teacher was shocked and said, "this is the first time anyone outside of immediate family has ever called me regarding one of my students". Anyway, it was all a lie. The kid was being taught in school that he was a victim. When he did graduate the State of California gave him a $8,000 grant. He went out and bought a new 2008 Honda Civic. Oh well, we all went through our phases.

    So his sister completes the ceremony and afterwards the Father comes up to me and Mrs. S and explains the importance and purpose of the ceremony. The adolescent girl continues to become a woman by accepting all that is good in the Catholic beliefs, to embrace that which is good, honest, and sincere. To embrace the goodness that is God. We were the only anglos attending that day. Well, in this case it did not go according to scripture. Within 6 months she was knocked up by a gang member. She still lives at home with mom and dad and is pulling down $68,500 in payments and benefits (that # increases with each additional child). Such is life...........right?

    So Kasich and the NYT are brothers in arms. If I was Kasich I would ask them to de-endorse. I could never vote for him now.

    So Hillary is the choice of the NYT. Wow! Jeb Bush noted that during her tenure as a US Senator she only sponsored (3) bills. All (3) were for naming Post Offices and Federal Facility. So really, "what difference does it make if four Americans died". The New York Times should truly be proud of their insights and perceptions leading up to their selection. I am sure it was the Clinton's fine work outside the political arena that swayed their thinking. So now that she is unemployed she has a lot of time on her hands. I understand she has racked up 250,000 bonus points on

  • There is no more truth in America.

    I was at my nephew's bar mitzvah last weekend and it was a microcosm of the local Jewish community in the La Brea District. It was a good time. Barry is a good kid with a bright future. I think he wants to become a CPA. He is not the most gifted athlete, and I think the other kids at school have been giving him a hard time because of the braces. But he is sharp as a whip.

    Anyway, after being hugged by every older woman in the place (could leave emotional scares), and shaking
    hands with all the men, and once all the loot was secured he came over to visit with me and my wife. We were the only Pro test ants in the place so we could not be missed. It was really a good time. Good food, good drink, and I believe it was the Jews who invented table dancing. So Barry comes up and thanks us for being there and for the $500 check, and then he asks, "Uncle Spanspur, what is it all about?" I paused and thought for awhile, and then I said, "well kid, at your age it is about finding suitable females more or less your own age that want to engage in sexual intimacy ". My wife overheard this and asked me to stop. Barry asked again, "No Unc, What's it all about". I said, "Barry you are a man now. And you need to know there is no truth in America today. The entire deal is corrupt. So go out there and Rape, Plunder, and Steal. Laws are meaningless today." Actually, I think I made an impression on the kid. He's on the right path now.

    Bar mitzvahs are very similar to the Quincinias for the females in the Mexican and Latino culture. I was invited to one of my employees 15 year old daughter's right of passage. Her brother 2 years older attended Santa Ana High and was a member of the Naval Rotc. He and his buddies showed up in full regalia. He told me he was going to Berkeley after graduation. He asked me for some financial information, and I did give him a letter of recommendation. He told me later that the reason he was not

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    Voted NO This Afternoon: 128,000 Shares

    by spanspur Jan 30, 2016 6:28 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 31, 2016 12:19 AM Flag

    There is a new is a different company. I think they make floral bouquets.

  • Well, you can take that right to the bank. LOL!

  • spanspur spanspur Jan 29, 2016 5:49 PM Flag

    I had to borrow that money from a friend at the gym..........

  • Why pay the ask for a stock when you now know going in that you will have a 2% to 6% immediate lose from the MM?

    As just mentioned, go ahead and pay the market markers $4.02 and see how long it takes him to drop it below $4? LOL! Yesterday it was $4.04, today the game is $4.02.

  • spanspur spanspur Jan 29, 2016 12:46 PM Flag

    Yes, I understand your explanation 10X. But your logic is legally flawed. The mm was deliberately walking the stock down. For example Why does the stock always open at $4.24 and then immediately fall to $4.00 area, and then today it gets walked even further down to $3.77. The MM was fishing, manipulating, and the market is fixed. Legally speaking, the 100 share transaction from the mm at $3.77 was in the middle of higher transactions, and the mm left the Bid at $3.77.
    That sir, is illegal in any market, and is particularly outlined in SO.

    What does it mean? Yesterday I opened a position for 2,000 at $2.04. I am not crying about being down, but it does mean I am done buying shares in IDSY. This game is fixed, and we are not going to win. It is clear. The only time I would consider buying shares is when the stock experiences a major smack down. How telling is it that within 30 minutes of me describing this scenario, amazingly the mm is now asking $4.02 for shares.

    My advice is to avoid this type of corruption in the involvement did not last long.

    And what happened yesterday? Immediately after I bought my 2K at $2.04 the mm dropped the stock to $4.00 where it closed. I am sure I will see my money back someday, but am done. I just do not need this kind of action. Built in losses with another corrupt market mechanism.

  • Go to Nasdaq site and 1200:43 and you will discover that while trading 6 or 8 different transaction during that exact time frame there in the middle of these transactions the MM did 100 shares at $3.77. And only 100 shares. But the MM also did other transactions posted after that one (the $3.77 was buried in the middle of the 6 or 8 reported during the same time frame), at higher pricing. But what was left for public view as the bid. Well, it started at $3.82, then 3.81, and then the 100 buried between other higher trades was left for public bidding at $3.77.

    Can we conclude that the market mechanism is corrupt and polluted, and someone affiliated was fishing for a seller at $3.77 when the .82 and .81 were removed, during and orchestrated walk down. 100 share trade, buried in the middle during that time frame was left for public viewing as if the market offers were real, and for more than 30 minutes my 2000 @ $3.82 was never posted for public viewing.

    I am with that account.

  • I have had a limit order to buy 2000 @ $3.82 for 20 minutes through a major brokerage.

    But bid/ask was $3.81, and I over bid that buy order. Now the Market Mechanism is showing a buy at $3.78 Bid/Ask $3.95. My buy order has now been there over 30 minutes and there is no indication to potential sellers that there is a willing buyer at $3.82.

    What's up with that. SarbanesOxley dictates that the market maker and the brokerages are to act in a way so that either a buyer or seller is given the best indication and transaction price available with all known current market information.

  • So go to work hedge fund buddies of whatever underwriter is going to work their game. It's worth it just to get me to leave this board.

  • The entire drop and rise in HMY was hedge fund manipulation. Zack's is nothing more than a proxy and timely pump machine to bring in money into the issue for the next drop down. They work hand-in-hand with their hedge fund buddies to take money from the retail investors in the market. Do your own study.

    Watch, the next move will be Seeking Alpha showing up with a pump article without an author's name attached.......

  • There will be more money made quicker to the downside. Whenever Zack's shows up after the stock literally tripled in value in the last 6 weeks, and then the pump went into full play. Interesting that the stock more than triples, is projected to rise 55% in value in 2016 according to one board pundit, and then when it is noted that the equity has more than exceeded that 2016 already by doubling already in 2016, and now the disclosure, well, I have already begun selling. Welcome to the Stock Market and the unofficial Liars Club............

    A lot of easy money has already been made. Everyone seems to believe that HMY will be profitable in 2016.
    Maybe, maybe not. Real profits continually elude HMY.........

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    You Have Heard Bill Mention IGOI

    by spanspur Jan 28, 2016 1:20 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 28, 2016 10:35 PM Flag

    Thanks for your insights..........

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