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spanspur 287 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 26, 2015 12:56 PM Member since: Apr 2, 2003
  • If you are a shareholder you need to make a formal complaint to the SEC in Los Angeles.
    The toll free # is 1-800-SEC-330. The mailing address and point of contact for a formalized complaint is:
    Valerie Caproni 5670 Wilshire Blvd 11th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036-3648
    Phone #: 1-323-965-3998, e-mail:

    Document what has just happened, what was said, what was done (24 million share day), the timing, the damage and injury that you as a trusting shareholder have experienced. Be sure and mention and document that this is the 3rd time with 3 different underwriters that the company has run this game to the detriment to its own shareholders. Be sure and document and mention the PR pump releases made by the company and the subsequent gyration in share price. The SEC will have the ability to research, identify, and determine who made money shorting the stock. Who the winners were and their connection to Cow Hand and/or CDTI management (and the the Santa Barbara crowd).

    If you do not make a formal complaint and request an SEC investigation of both the company and Cow Hand
    this game will be run again, to your detriment.

  • spanspur spanspur Aug 10, 2015 1:22 PM Flag

    That's not going to happen. CDTI management is in bed with Cow Hand and their illegal activities.

    What kind of illegal activities? The last secondary went down like this, Cow Hand knew what the share price would be, $2.04. Cow Hand released that information to proxies and hedge funds that they work with. CDTI told Cow Hand in advance what pump PR would be
    coming and when. Remember what happened? 24 million shares traded in a single day and the stock went to $3.31 So in summary................CDTI management, which has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders, worked behind the scenes with Cow Hand releasing insiders information to artificially pump and increase the share price only to have
    Cow Hand the underwriter and its proxies come in and short the stock PRE-SECONDARY PRICE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT.

    The result is here to stay and CDTI management has intentionally and illegally worked to with Cow Hand and trusting shareholders have now lost anywhere 50% to 25% of their investment in the last 5 weeks. Why, because CDTI management and their CFO are in over their heads. How can they possibly ever raise money again. This is the 3rd time they have run this scam to the detriment of shareholder. Is this fiduciary?

  • spanspur spanspur Aug 10, 2015 1:12 PM Flag

    You covered too early...............remember this is cdti management.

  • He believes he is going to issue a secondary to save the company! At what, $.21 per share.

    But he is pulling down his million plus per year.............What a piece of work!

  • Stock price at record low and dropping, company unable to secure new meaningful jobs with profits for doing the work, Why? Because of John McNabb's gross incompetence, his lack of respect in the industry, and WG's track record of incompetence on his watch. Everyone, absolutely everyone in the industry knows team
    WG is incapable and incompetent.............and everyone knows they are going down and bankrupt.

    Why? John McNabb was partying the entire time with his cast of extremely overpaid corporate clowns.

    Check out what they are paying themselves for failure!

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    Closing Price of $1.55

    by beendown2 Aug 7, 2015 4:22 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 10, 2015 9:23 AM Flag

    And why did you have your Johnson cut-off? It's OK..........but no one wants to see your trades. You and Caitlyn can have the Lesbian love affair you two have always wanted.

    Very harsh image: Caitlyn Jenner the x Decathlon winner, and Ms Billie T rolling around together like 2 whales in a breeding tank at Sea Wirld.

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    Closing Price of $1.55

    by beendown2 Aug 7, 2015 4:22 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 8, 2015 9:51 AM Flag

    When the company selecTed underwriter, Cowan uses proxies to short the stock, and the scrap an extra $2 to $5 million above and beyond their $500,000 fee, something is seriously wrong. Does not cdti management understand that no one will buy into their secondaries unless they are Cowan's short sellers. The warrants are worthless. Remember the warrants at $2.80 for the previous secondary, WORTHLESS! And the warrants at $4 for the secondary before that? WORTLESS!

    DOES NOT CDTI UNDERSTAND THE DAMAGE THEY have done to future fund raising? Why would anyone actually buy a cdti secondary? Everyone betrays the investor and brings with it immediate 25% capital loss. Look at billu, he was loading up at $1.78 to $1.88. Now he is a cdti bag holder having lost 12% in s week. No one want s yo risk capital wherein the cdti management guarantees large immediate losses.

    Thank God I did not follow Bill on this one. Retest of !1.45 coming on low volume.

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    Trade Case

    by jspen2001 Aug 7, 2015 3:24 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 8, 2015 9:32 AM Flag

    Ruling due in late November. AKS losses another $45 to $90 million between now and then. The AKS spin machine fixed operating costs are the highest in the industry. Everyone, including myself, drank the Wainscott verbiage and coolaid. Trade case does nothing for AKS bottomline. Sad but true, auto industry very robust now in its 3Rd year. It will not last forever. Nor will construction. Then what?

    As the CEO of X stated back in March..........while addressing the Congressional Steel caucus, "once again too little too late, we always end up playing catch up".

    Wainscott is a liar, what is it you wanr to hear? AKS will produce quarterly per share losses for a long time to come. Sad, but true. Meanwhile AKS cannot spend it fast enough.

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    Balance sheet comment

    by billyteex1 Aug 6, 2015 3:14 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 7, 2015 3:07 PM Flag

    Stop trying to sell shares below $2.

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    Company most likeley will survive.. but ....

    by persistdb Aug 7, 2015 11:02 AM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 7, 2015 1:17 PM Flag

    Thx.....I will read the transcript. I literally cannot listen to these Oakie Buffoons anymore. They have been lying to everyone as long as I can remember. So you are saying that WG management took that investor question and and stated a "reverse splig" is coming our way.
    That is perfect for the Oakie Goon squad to coverify up their criminal activity.

    Look how they rolled it all out and you will understand that the lies were intentional and deliberate. No one on committee "we had no idea" had a clue. Not the CFO, out multi million $$ financial buffoon who repeatedly told everyone how wonderful everytHong was. But to show everyone how deliberate the scheme all just sort of was disclosed with Randy Harl's departure. Where is he today........probably down in Brazil fathering children so he cannot be extradited. But the Oakie Goon Squad is still paying themselves, giving themselves bonuses for outright failure. Everything we are witnessing is deliberate and the disclosureS were well planned in advance imo to consider with harl"s departure. The CFO needs to go to jail.

    Look at the Nigerian situation. Murdered employees, $6 million in bribe money gone, $20 million Justice Department fine, and a WG company paid consultant a fugitive on the run waiting for the statue of limitations to rUn out.

    Everything we are witnessing is by design, and the SEC is there to protect them.
    Remember, no one. Not the CEO, the Chairman, the CFO, not any of the division VP, the BOD,
    had any idea. SURE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Company most likeley will survive.. but ....

    by persistdb Aug 7, 2015 11:02 AM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 7, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    I had to turn it off. The lies and lack of honesty or acceptance of responsibility were just too much.

    Did they actually state, that WG will be issuing a secondary? If so, at what price? $.35 per share!
    McNabb and the group of Oakie incompetents have destroyed the company this is clear. It was party central for years, then the lies and deceptions went on for years, and now this.

    Imagine this, with everything that is now know, these morons feel that they are entitled to options shares, pay increases, and even continuance of their pay packages, AKA Oakie Boy Welfare on our dime.

    Let me know what the dialogue was like about a secondary if you could please. I just literally cannot listen to these lying buffoons any longer.

  • spanspur spanspur Aug 7, 2015 10:37 AM Flag

    And I wanted to add..............they did all this during the greatest North American build out in the O&G Construction in American history. Their competitors prospered, but not WG. And like John McNabb, lead Oakie and Incompetent so accurately stated, "we had no idea". But WG has little red trucks and great people.
    Problem is management is a group of highly overpaid slackers who are merely taking up space, while having brought the company to the edge of insolvency. Great job you guys, go ahead and award yourselves more options and salary and bonus increases like you have so many times in the past.........

  • they have been, what outrageously stupid stewards they have been for our investments and the of the company itself. I literally turned the cc off after listening to their collective dumb #$%$ Oakie twang spin lie, after lie, after lie. I wonder what it is like sell $300 million in acquisitions for $50 million. Great job you guys, you are real business people.

    The highlights were simple to understand:

    1. We have lost tremendous opportunities because of diminished operational and financial capability per management's own words.

    2. The same lies that have been told for the last 5 years are now being told again.

    3. Customers are not awarding WG any larger jobs because we destroyed the company on our watch per management's own description.

    4. They are meeting with upper tier customers hoping to get some work, to convince them that the company can still complete projects even though the company may have to file bankruptcy.

    Had to turn it off, the same lies, different cc. But what was telling was when Mike F revealed just how many jobs the company has actually lost money on in the quarter, according to Mike it was weather, under use of equipment, etc, etc, etc. Hey Mike you Dumb Focking Oakie over paid slacker, How about admitting that after 110 years in business the group of slackers known as WG management is grossly overpaid, for example, Why in the hell is the CFO still making $1.5 million, why are/did WG management receive and ZERO cost options as compensation for essentially destroying and lying to investors (for years I might add). Please Mike, just resign, you are part of the problem. The never performing Oakie Yes Men team.

    And none of them can get to the point wherein they admit that their collective incompetence and lack of oversight and understand has caused them to lead the enterprise to collapse while they were collectively asleep at the switch, while hundreds of millions of $$ have been #$%$ away due to their collective gross negligence.

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    AP Is the Big Winner

    by spanspur Aug 6, 2015 10:18 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 7, 2015 6:04 AM Flag

    Bill hacked into my Yahood account. He does things like this whenever his agenda begins to falter, like when he began buying at 1.87 and 1.76.

    It was an impostor that made these errant posts. Eventually the authorities will catch up with him.

    But to answer your question I believe Harris comments about keeping all of us informed/updated as to new deals, and his comments about longer ongoing discussions. But this does raise the questionquestion why he does not buy 5K with his own money. His comments about being "strongly bullish" about the direction and build out of cdti.

    Plus since I own more shares than anybody in management or any institution invested in the company has made my situation somewhat desperate. I will say almost anything to get the stock back up to 3.
    What would you like to here.

    And could anyone build the company today for what it is currently valued at?
    Things are chanhing. AP is most important step to cdti becoming a MS company.

  • They get $275 million spent on R&D, 294 patents (largest library in the industry), Honda relationship, state-of-the-art technology and cost savings, and powerful vertical integration.

    CDTI is worth more than its current enterprise value of less than $40 million.

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    Balance sheet comment

    by billyteex1 Aug 6, 2015 3:14 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 6, 2015 10:10 PM Flag

    Oxnard is leased and the company pays approximately $60,000 per month for the 3 buildings. The substrait coating operation is in one building, and across the street is research lab facilty. In the administration conference room is where the Christmas party is held. I heard it got a crazy last year with Kristi leading the entire
    crew in a table dancing exhibition while dressed as Santa's helpers. Sounds like they are mixing more than catalytics.

    All-in-all good location if you want to catch US 1 and slip back to Malibu from the north.

    Even Billy must understand that if AP took a significant position, let's say 4 million shares at $3 that the investment group would make 2X to 5x their investment with ultimate share price appreciation. Eventually with a majority of "cdti inside" AP products in their offerings their return would be 100 plus going forward.

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    Balance sheet comment

    by billyteex1 Aug 6, 2015 3:14 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 6, 2015 3:44 PM Flag

    The substrates for Honda are coated in Oxnard. If Honda were to take control, in concert with the capabilities of AP Honda would be guaranteed supply, and could use capacity across its entire model offering as mentioned in a 2012 PR release.

    Anyone of us could probably attract capital. Share price will rise strongly with and further distribution enabling business agreements.

    While everyone is talking this and that, Few understand the the product will begin in the market in Ernest in the 3rd quarter. If the new guy has his act together there should be a bevy of announcements. Bonding with AP opens the entire spectrum of opportunity.

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    CDTI : Sell as Many Shares as you want to AP

    by beendown2 Aug 6, 2015 1:43 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 6, 2015 2:28 PM Flag

    Excellent idea.......AP is a believer, an American heartland company, and hopefully a longterm trusted partner with an equity position in CDTI. That deal alone would easily double to quintuple sales. The endorsement would br I NG other opportunity. AP should invest in CDTI, and may be part of the plan to secure a GM contract.

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    this is a stock for 2016

    by zero2herozzz Aug 6, 2015 12:05 PM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 6, 2015 12:32 PM Flag

    ZERO % That Honda stops using CDTI in North America for certain lines. They just renewed the arrangement.

    The high short volume is Cow Hand, and the Friends of Cow Hand, which just oversaw the secondary. they are attempting to exit with $5 million at our expense.

    This should be the last underwriter arrangement the company uses. GO PRIVATE PLACEMENT FROM HERE ON OUT.

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    Gneral Motors Conversation & Question Handled Well

    by spanspur Aug 6, 2015 11:50 AM
    spanspur spanspur Aug 6, 2015 12:11 PM Flag

    It would be big for CDTI..................and major huge for AP. Read the writing on the wall. Recognize what may be in-play. GM is ready for alternatives, and in the very least will probably split their requirements among multiple providers.

    CDTI has never had a product recall in its history.

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