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spanspur 682 posts  |  Last Activity: 4 hours ago Member since: Apr 2, 2003
  • AKS just traded 4 million shares in the first 45 minutes this morning.

    Very few large blocks compared to the volume. No institution, no individual, is unloading at these levels going into this cc. So where do the shares come from. After watching yesterday's tape, it appears the Market Maker and Mechanism is enhancing, and part of the intentional sell-off.

    AKS has lost almost $400 million in value in 4 trading days. Why?

    There is no reason.................except collusion of the Market Make with the Short Selling Funds. Look how the stock is opening everyday. No one is selling except shares for sale magically appear.

  • That's right, 1/8th of 1X annual revenues............

    The market is essentially saying the company has little to no value.

  • Not an institution, no investor, not after a 33% decline in value in two days.

    But amazingly they are bombing the sell side with large naked short sell blocks. There is virtually no reason for the decline.

    Cramer is now talking about why investors hate hedge funds. Isn't that like the kettle calling the pot black.

  • In the premarket another $25 million in shareholder value is gone. Why? No reason except for maybe fear created by hedge funds.

    Call IR. They are award of the Short Selling Hedge Funds control of AKS stock.

    There is a reason Wainscott the CEO just purchased $1 million in AKS stock with his own money at $6.21.

  • by China into China due to the declining price. Now everyone knows AKS does not export Iron Ore.
    Everyone knows that AKS has its own mine, and also can buy on the open market when it is beneficial.
    Everyone knows that AKS has paid for that operation already.

    Special thanks to JC and his crew for the levity............

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    For Whatever its Worth

    by luckyone581 Jan 13, 2015 3:54 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 4:15 PM Flag

    I use to buy the stock, AKS, at the $3.40 level and sell it at $3.65. That was about 15 months ago. I should of held all the stock, but decided to jettison my entire position. Rookie mistake, while taking a $40K profit. It ended up costing me a $million within 10 months. Of course, as anybody who has been here since then the health of the company was no where near where it is today. Financial, fundamentally, and I wish I could say technically. If for any reason it retested $3.40 it would be the buying opportunity of a lifetime unless one believes that AKS is no longer going to be in business.

    I am down a couple of large. While I don't need this type of action, in the end I will prevail. Is the premise that AKS never sells at $6, $8, or $10. I will sell my shares in 2015 between $22 and $28.

    Sometimes one has to remove themselves from the market drama. Wages in America are increasing, rates will be low for a long time. But the real strength comes when rates actually rises. When inflation creeps in.
    When the government led market apparatus puts everything in motion...........

  • Thank God I made millions since March of 2008 and always in the top 3% of Wall Street on an compounded annualized return of 75% (per annum). That's a correct #. But it was easy in 2008.

    I have seen this kind of action before. How crazy is it? In less than 2 trading sessions AKS has lost 26% of its market capitalization (value). At $4.18 I just bought shares 34% below what Wainscott paid 8 weeks ago.
    And this with true per share profitability and vastly improved financial cash flows.

    Tjhe upcoming cc is the best one, and AKS markets are still strong.

    Stand aside, but BUY-BUY-BUY, when it is right. Everyone is scared.

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    UGLY. worst five days with no news..

    by jrkkek Jan 13, 2015 2:03 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 2:11 PM Flag

    Yep, but the mutual funds charge you money even though you do not see it, or feel it.

    And eventually, when the market really takes, Mutual Funds are the worse place to be. The managers liquidate below purchase price and leave the retail investor with 25% to 50% overnight.

    Really not the place to be imo. Also, as you noted, the returns always seems to mirror true mediocrity.

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    Hedge Funds Attempting To Cover at $5.30 to $5.36

    by spanspur Jan 13, 2015 1:42 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 1:44 PM Flag

    Check that $4.30 to $4.36..........

  • Watch out, there is going to be blood in the streets.

  • But they cannot. They are trading shares among themselves via their computer generated trades. This should be fun to watch.

    We will awake one morning and a major long side player with hundreds of millions of $$ will take a huge position in this stock. Watch for the short squeeze to begin in earnest around the middle to the end of next week.

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    by spanspur Jan 13, 2015 12:51 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    Also, the author of that article is employed and paid by a Short Selling Hedge Fund. You did not know that, did you?

    Capacity? There are so many major projects in California right now. AKS mills are running full throttle to meet signed "Supply Agreements"..............

  • spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 1:11 PM Flag

    Yep, and it is as corrupt as and organization or entity can be..............

    Time is running out on the Short sellers. They are scared. At some point a long side major player will come in and buy 3% to 5% of the entire company at these prices. Tomorrow the new short sale #'s will be out and we will see a large increase. They are in trouble. Do not sell your shares. What is taking place now is that the short selling computers are selling among themselves. Buy if you can at these levels.

    The institutional money will come flowing in on the long side at these prices. AKS is showing up and every chart, every metric, as EXTREMELY OVERSOLD.

  • spanspur by spanspur Jan 13, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    There is virtually no reason whatsoever that AKS has lost 30% of its value in the last 8 weeks..........

    None, unless profitability and higher guidance is a negative.

  • Once again I bought at $5.44 to $5.33.

    Whatever you do do not sell at these levels. The Hedge Funds are scared and are pumping this hard with millions of $$ to the downside.

    Watch for management to announce a broad statement about the health of the company and its business prior to the cc.............

  • X has been up most of the morning, STLD dynamics trading just below even. And AKS which now is booming and making money has once again been sold off by the Hedge Funds.

    We are at new 52-week lows, and ask yourself, Who would sell at these levels going into this cc, which will be held on January 27th "earnings will be released before the market open" always a good sign, and a cc at 8 am I believe.

    Every completed order is followed by a 20,000 share trade block sell order! Why? Corrupt market maker? Institutional taking losses on each and every trade? Computers trading among themselves and walking it down.

    It would be different if AKS was not booming, but it is. Production facilities are turning it up. Management has guided up and strong. And of course:

    You can buy the stock this morning for $1.65, or, 27% less than the CEO paid 8 weeks ago for 140,000 shares at $6.21, with all officers following his lead.

    Once again, Who would be selling more shares into at this level with the mills running strong, upbeat raised guidance, and the auto industry is expected to sell 17 million + units this year..............go figure.

    Any minute now the Realist will publish a part in its series wherein it predicts a total melt down of American Society during record low industry. Everywhere I look on the West Coast there is major construction going on.

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    by analyst_500 Jan 12, 2015 10:45 PM
    spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 10:21 AM Flag

    And you are someone who has worked in the Steel industry for 35 years!

    So the forward PE is 5?

    Everyone is saying the AKS production facilities are running full pop. There seems to be a disconnect between reality and what AKS is supplying to the marketplace.

    I know of (2) new GMC pick-ups that were purchased last week. And I know of a major university that just ordered (8) GMC trucks for their traffic control/facilities operations.

    Wainscott is going to skewer the short sellers................

  • spanspur spanspur Jan 13, 2015 10:17 AM Flag

    Thanks for the update my man. Keep the pertinent information coming. We are also hearing that the mills are running full pop...............

  • The appearance is that Short sellers are engaged and searching for profits, the Realist is there to create that view and to attempt to enlarge the already sizeable short positions.

    Not now, not with smart moves like getting $9 for the stock, or, the per share profitability that will be announced and confirmed in the coming days. Ask yourself this, considering all that is known going into this cc, Who in their right mind is selling or shorting this issue? Who is selling at $4 and change?

    Big Money could literally turn this into a true lock down with a couple of successive long side infusions of share purchase capital. Take it down, create wrong views, sucker in some money that does not understand the risk. Infusions like $50 million the first day, $125 million the second, and another $125 million on the 3rd.
    And then turn the patented computer program wherein two, three, etc. trading entities trade as a group to walk it to the top. Remember this stock once sold for $70 a share, there is a history. And if it is truly the perfect scheme.............several trading houses will go bankrupt and entirely out of business after transferring Billions of $$.

    And guess what, it wouldn't even take that much. With all that is known.............who in their right mind is shorting the stock now?

  • The stock is very much undervalued at these levels. If they hit this thing again, buy with extreme prejudice.

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