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spanspur 608 posts  |  Last Activity: 20 hours ago Member since: Apr 2, 2003
  • I am long, but while everyone is happy, it may be time for caution. The non-gaap #'s are not that significant in lieu of the $2 Billion in Debt, the $1 billion market capitalization, and an enterprise valuation north of $3
    Billion. Then again, the asset base is sizeable. The rest of the industry is guiding down. Pricing pressures could be seen again.

    I like the CEO, and the company is executing. But eventually auto sales will recede. They have been strong for numerous years now.

    And this stock, as we all know, is controlled by HFT..............

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    Hypothetically speaking....

    by billyteex1 Dec 18, 2014 8:24 AM
    spanspur spanspur 22 hours ago Flag

    So we are on the same page. To say that the financial system is precarious is the understatement of the year. I guess my take-a-way is this: It's unlikely the Fed and the private families that own it will ever give up control of the world banking system.

    With that being said, it comes down to financial survival. We both envision a manufactured collapse is 12 to 30 months away. I see a new global currency being issued. SDR's will be exchanged to various governments, etc. China will be a big winner/holder. Smaller countries will be forced to cooperate or be frozen out of global commerce.
    When OBama said he was going to redistribute the wealth he wasn't referring to a bunch of guys in Detroit. IMO he was referring to a collapse of the $$ and the evaporation of American wealth. He has always had a disdain for American.

    So would it not be a good idea to place bets that the equity markets will collapse? We are in record territory. The new diagram that is being presented to the masses is "Dow 20,000". That it will occur during OBama's time frame. Going into might be a good time to place those bets.

    Sadly, the seniors and savers of the world have been F'd. In the end, I want health, a safe place to live and go to. The poor and downtrodden will be badly hurt. I cannot imagine how anyone wins under the scenario we both see coming. One of my mentors, one of the 50 richest people in the world, has an forward looking view, a long term perspective. Of course, he makes $2 to $3 million every time the sun comes up. Time will ultimately catch up with all of us.

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    Hypothetically speaking....

    by billyteex1 Dec 18, 2014 8:24 AM
    spanspur spanspur 23 hours ago Flag

    And more to the point..............I would not buy a government or corporate bond whatsoever.

    If this wealth transfer takes place as you envision, we will be talking about a complete shut down of the world economy, $$ will have little value, and unemployment would soar to 40 to 50 percent.
    I am having a hard time envisioning a world where everyone loses and the economy completely shuts down. All my stuff is paid for....................

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    Hypothetically speaking....

    by billyteex1 Dec 18, 2014 8:24 AM
    spanspur spanspur 23 hours ago Flag

    Then why has Russia been selling gold in the last couple of weeks as reported in the media? So you are stating that there are 303 Trillion in derivatives that are being held by American Banks. That # that you float would seem to be large, perhaps exaggerated. The entire US Government obligations are estimated on the high side at $70 to $90 Trillion, and of course, there is the # that is constantly talked about, the US operational debt of $17 or $18 Trillion. Either way, I will "concur" (Billy's favorite word), that America is bankrupt financially. When the Fed issues debt, then 30,60, 90, is rolling over the same debt with more newly printed seems like the ultimate ponzi scheme.

    So what does one do with cash? I am sitting on several million $$ in cash, I am hesitant to put it into GE with a yield of 3.5%, or, Verizon with a yield of 4%, or ASEI for that matter with a yield of 4%. I paid cash for another property in a short sale transaction recently, my thinking was that should the value of the $$ be destroyed, at least I walk with an asset.

    Physical gold is imo is probably not the way to go. Perhaps the miners are a better play? The new buzz phrase, as you probably already know, is "infiscation". I predict the entire deal goes down before OBama leaves office and a NEW world currency and monetary system is put into play, i.e., a global Euro if you will.

    The banks, the Fed, will reap ZERO benefit if Gold goes to infinity. And if it does, there will be little liquidity imo. Throughout history it has been the landlords that have prospered good times and bad.

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    WG will close above 5.30 today

    by stockbuyer42 Dec 16, 2014 2:04 PM
    spanspur spanspur Dec 16, 2014 7:50 PM Flag

    I was told directly by Mr. Collier, VP. that WG would not be getting any of the Keystone Pipeline because OBama had promised all the work to the unions. He then went on to school me about the differences of doing business in Canada and the United States.
    Signing off on completion of project issues, etc.

    Yes, it bounced strong. I did not buy any shares, and at this price point the 22,000 shares I hold personally have a 2% to 3% profit. If it goes higher, back to $13, I will be able to afford the add on room.

    As usual, no guidance, just sort of a "walk off" close. Beach ball questions wherein none of the analysts felt it necessary to confront the executive team about their incompetence and the missing $450 million in shareholder valuation. To say that I am disgusted with them would be spot on.

    I particularly like the part in the cc where McNabb (we will pay him somewhere between $2 and $3 million in 2015 for creating his magic) states that he has been "out-in-the-field".
    And tops that off at the close of the cc by declaring that he wants to build a company that everyone will be proud of! This after 110 years in business, and many years of his leadership as chairman. Really!!! Fundamentals Suck!

    Besides, I need the money for another issue.............

  • spanspur spanspur Dec 16, 2014 7:39 PM Flag

    To say that "eventually" the gap will be filled sounds great once it has happened, although you state that you predicted this sometime ago, but I think the reason the share price has dropped is VALUATION., which is part of that process. As it is the company does not make money, without government support it wouldn't make it, and as it is the market cap is what? $460 million of "on the come" valuation.

    Eventually all things come to pass, but in regard to it appropriate logic to say that not all stocks "close the gap". This is a true statement I believe.

  • 1. Sgt Bilko
    2. Little Billy T
    3. Wolftts (RIP my man)
    4. Nomadfts
    5. DB Tunar
    6. Michelle-Michelle
    7. Linda Lou
    8. Sally Salamander
    9. There's more but memory block is preventing further posting, either it's that, or my CalAmp Router is failing in the field...........................

  • spanspur spanspur Dec 16, 2014 2:44 PM Flag

    For whatever reason I checked in to read the minutes of this high tech juggernaut.

    As God is my witness (and I believe in God unlike yourself), I am not ShootingWater.

    Why is it that wherever HC goes he finds himself embroiled in controversy and negative cosmic vibrations?

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    WG will close above 5.30 today

    by stockbuyer42 Dec 16, 2014 2:04 PM
    spanspur spanspur Dec 16, 2014 2:28 PM Flag

    Smoking crack is may want to check yourself into a rehab center.

  • 1. $450 million in shareholder value is missing from the recent highs. WG management accelerated the down slide with their timing. And now the same old excuses are being offered up as if there is some change in the future, same vague nothingness, and watch, they haven't finished the cc, but at the end they will talk about the "people", "their customers", and the fact that "as you know, WG does not give guidance". Thank God, because the guidance that Van Welch has given in 2013 & 2014 only missed the mark by $200 million.

    2. Cl#$%$ic WG snow job. "We will have the money to pay the WAPCO ($35 million due)", and as if it is a badge of honor, the dumb #$%$ CFO wants to remind everyone that after the $35 million is gone, that gee,
    WG will have a revolver that is free to spend. Well isn't that swell. Little profits, and the same vague nothingness that is WG's Trademark.

    3. Gee, the dumb CEO/Chairman McNabb has been in the field, further #$%$essing the situation. Well, isn't that great. Where has he been the last 6 years. In his office getting hammered? This idiot, after the "restatement announcement" said that..................."we're getting out of the O&G business". Wow, now that was helpful to the situation. But apparently this idiot is now stating that O&G will continue as a WG operating division. Go back, check his statements.

    4. 3% to get out of a loan agreement ($6 million? to get out of an agreement), the cost of the new revolver, and other items.................$.50 a share thrown to the wind. Wonderful.............the stock is at $4.85!

    5. Their business model is no longer valid. McNabb was at dinner with a large customer. Same company, same low margins, and further write offs and per share losses in the future. But they were able to borrow more money to stay a float. $2 Billion in revenues and we do no make money.

    "We are into the process".......What? Where the fock have you and your crew been for the last 6 years moron?

  • spanspur spanspur Dec 16, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    $150,000 of profits, and $20,000 came back this morning. These guys are nothing short of pathetic.............listening to the call now. What a fricking operation joke. Welch needs to be fired now, and would have been at any other company in the US for his outrageous statements and misses during the last two years.

  • spanspur spanspur Dec 16, 2014 12:12 AM Flag

    Well, both of you bring up valid perspectives, but the market has a tendency to go against the grain.

    Spanspur always suspicious of WG management cannot help but call everyone's attention to just how this entire debacle all rolled out, the timing, and the limited nature of the actual damages raises even BIGGER FOCKING QUESTIONS since $450 million in value has magically disappeared, as if, choreographed.

    Add? How about subtract for all the damage that has been done to so many. Our colleague Mr. Little Billy t
    continually attempts to remind Spanpsur about a $150,000 in pocket change that has been displaced from my ownership. I would like to remind Mr. BT that it was the $500,000 profit on WG that allowed Mr. Spur to add a new location with a 160' ocean view of Catalina and the Pacific Ocean. I will be paying both Obama and Jerry Brown extra this year.................again! Meanwhile, BT awaits the next Noreaster,
    and asks his nursing attendant for extra blankets to get through the night.

    The Bank of Spanspur would love to believe again, but seriously, the company will just go on to its next error in judgement or disaster imo.................there is a culture problem at WG.

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    The Death Spiral Continues...............

    by spanspur Dec 15, 2014 10:51 AM
    spanspur spanspur Dec 15, 2014 1:52 PM Flag

    Yes, DB, but since you are Billy T, and you want to continue this con job, I would like to point out that it was little Billy t himself who sold CDTI in November & December more than a year ago, it was little BT who failed to repurchase CDTI when legally allowed to......................Spanspur on the other hand remained pat, a true believer in the company and its money saving technology (if the American majors can't see it so what) was Spanspur who woke up, or, awakened if you like......Up
    $900,000 one morning.

    Billy has hated me ever since, maybe even before that. But look, he will not show us the trades. Of
    course, you are Billy t, so the only conclusion here is that it must be very cold on the east coast, and I suggest you check yourself into the nearest mental health facility you sick SOB..............

  • Sadly, it looks like $1.10 is heading our way again. CDTI management needs to learn how to manage for success and perception.

    Really sad when you think about it, the company is in better shape than it has been in years, and management does not have a clue.

  • Large shareholders should band together to have him and upper management removed ASAP.

  • spanspur spanspur Dec 15, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    Chieftain, you better get your thoughts connected to reality. Because of WG management's outrageous continual inability to understand, run, or operate the business where they pay themselves hundreds of thousands per year, and even millions, WG shareholders have seen $450 million in shareholder value disappear.

    Personal Bankruptcty? How do you get that out of this situation. You sound as stupid as Randy Harl at an investor conference.

    Jail time............perhaps. But now that the incompetent Chairman McNabb has taken the dual position of CEO and Chairman, it looks like the cover-up is underway. Once again, we need the SEC and Federal Justice Department authorities to come in and do a line-by-line audit of this operation. Root out the lies and deceit.................otherwise we may be seeing this operation on a segment of American Greed.

    But personal bankruptcy...........probably not. They will walk away with millions.

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    This could happen

    by billyteex1 Dec 12, 2014 9:54 AM
    spanspur spanspur Dec 12, 2014 1:23 PM Flag

    1. I am not Rayoman
    2. 50% improvement of what? EPA approval is EPA my man.
    3. "Sintering is a problem with rare earth metals".........not with CDTI's current technology and I believe they call it "mixed phase". The Low PMG is applied to the substrate which is "ceramic" I believe. The coated substrate is then placed in the metal housing which is then placed in the metal housing of the complete catalytic converter. CDTI's claim to fame is that sintering is not, has not, occurred with CDTI's high tech solution. I believe they have pictures of sintering on their web page.
    I was shown a slide presentation in the conference room about it.
    Hell, I did not know what it was prior to that. You may remember that one of CDTI's competitors had issues with their catalytics catching on fire on school buses and went out of business over that very issue.
    CDTI has never had a recall in the history of the company. There may have been a defective unit or two over the years, but it was probably due to the manufacturing process on a few units.
    4. ZERO PMG eliminates the cost of the expensive additives. Once EPA approved, this will be why it is adopted industry wide.
    5. Thanks for noting my harmless statement about commercialization.
    6. How's that MRC working for you? Let's see, you jumped on it at $28, or was it $32? Congrats, it's down again today. The oil price decline is essentially cutting demand for their product distribution in half. Layoffs will be announced soon. And I think I noticed that insiders sold at $26.
    7. And MRC is now about to be sued!

    Stay Warm............

  • Lovely...........

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    Puck you HMY board of directors..

    by tikas2709 Dec 11, 2014 3:56 PM
    spanspur spanspur Dec 12, 2014 11:41 AM Flag

    The reason the stock is down and going nowhere is that HMY is valued in Rands, which has been seriously devalued against the $$ in the last few months.

    What we are witnessing is a Harvard University developed blueprint wherein the bankers are doing everything they can to prevent a collapse of the world economy, with America essentially bankrupt. The Fed is printing, and then 30, 60, 90 days later printing some more to buy the debt that was just issued. The strength of the $$ is why HMY and other gold producers, and the metal itself, will continue to crumble.

    While society will continue to function, with oil dropping to new lows, it is my opinion that the entire thing is going to adversely impact the economy. Take my situation, I have seen a major evaporation in my oil holdings valuations and now the "add on room" construction $125,000 is being canceled. And we will cancel other expenditures also. While the consumer will benefit, eventually, it will subside, and business will have new demands for even higher wages and benefits.

    Whatever! And now the disclosure that Russia is selling its gold to stay a float?

    Watch for employment to tumble in North Dakota, Texas, and Pennslyvania as oil projects are capped or shut down all together. JMHO...........

    There is nothing HMY management can do. The are a high cost producer sitting on rich assets. Once again, we could see gold at $650 to $850 per ounce before this is all over with. And the miners will be shutting down also. Keystone pipeline simply does not work anymore economically, and the Canadian Tar Sands are going to slow also.

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    This could happen

    by billyteex1 Dec 12, 2014 9:54 AM
    spanspur spanspur Dec 12, 2014 11:28 AM Flag

    Low PMG is already here. The move to develop and ship the powder form to the various coatings applicators is the goal as the company moves to become a "materials science company".

    Spinel is different. The patents are just that, only patents. Testing is ongoing, but commercialization is obviously the goal. 50% improvement? That is somewhat of a meaningless statement. With ZERO PMG it means just that. No more precious metals group additives necessary to meet EPA standards. Revolutionary, in fact, if successful it will be without question the biggest development in catalytic science since the 1970's.
    Please remember that CDTI already has a developed catalytic that is EPA approved that uses only copper. Binding the additive to the metal is obviously important, but the genius is in the design, and then there is the 200,000 mile testing per vehicle, and whether the new zero pgm holds up, and the sintering factor. Of course, CDTI hopes there is no sintering.

    It amazes me that the Platinum miners are not buying this company and taking it off the market at this valuation. It amazes me that GM, Ford, and the large coatings manufacturers are not taking a controlling position in the company at this valuation.
    I believe it was your alter ego, GS222, that wondered why and how CDTI got the Honda deal. Honda and CDTI have been development partners for 13 years............

    Without press, this will be a company that flys below the radar just like it has forever (major short squeeze exception)........

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