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  • Besides that, what worrysome is most of the so called analysts have no sell ratings despite price declining is on going for years. They are mostly wrong. Check history. What is the real value of ARR? Any site , which can shade some light and truth? What will happen , when Fed raise interest?

  • springlal by springlal Mar 17, 2015 4:22 PM Flag

    Why stock is going up? market cap and SIGM stock price are low, and their chip technolgy seems very good in mobile and internet tv media businesses. Any company with deep pocket who wants to venture in tv/media business can buy it cheap instead of starting from bottom.

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  • Some analysts downgrade the company for few reasons, (1) They like it and they want to buy at low price for their clients (as quarterly earnings are going up)-in case the stock go down after they downgrade, (2) They were wrong when the stock was lowest at $9 and kept bashing to push it further down (and proven wrong) (3) They do not like dividends are being paid to shareholders in the name of growth (4) Highly incompetant personnel, and they think no one notice their downgrade after one year to find that they were wrong. (5) Place estimate at highest level every quarter, so the comany does not match their estimate and stock goes down Study these and ask yourself why ?

  • springlal by springlal Mar 17, 2015 3:03 PM Flag

    Read theCNN money report, hard to understand. When they are going to pay dividend,-even a single penny? If the previous losses are upto the sky, what good is it? REIt is supposed to pay 90% of their income as dividend. They need ro say what they are doing with earnings. Offseting with losses-how long? Another thing, it never goes down from 1.54 or so. Someone, who know more, is acuumlating it?

  • springlal by springlal Feb 25, 2015 1:26 PM Flag

    Look the chart of last 5 years of ARR. Stock price keep going down the hill. Why market does not reflect even so called $4.30 book value as they claim? Why they cannot do anything right? Look like in April 2015 , they are going to look (cut?) at 0.03 cent dividend. check webcast. Can you guess what they will do in April? Bad questions and answers session, check web cast. As a shareholder one needs to know how much they (managment) are getting paid? Any idea?

  • Many analysts downgrades when stock is at low level (make money from shorts) , recommend when it is high. Big deal! One will never find these analysts after 12 months to answer -why their calls were wrong. (Many of them did same tricks to RRD.) S has Billions of dollars revenue, number 4 in ranking and still is worrth only 3 bucks? Did not the company declare last quarter profit and revenue- which were far better than their so called estimates?

  • One will not hear anything from these so called analysts next year or so. On many fianacial web sites, no one is asking these guys, why you made a bad or wrong call -LAST YEAR. Many disappear if the stock go up. Bashes it when it is down (their shorts make money), recommend it when it is already high. Big deal. Same thing they did to RRD. Who listens to these guys? Better off doing your own research.

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  • This comapny is far under value, well managed compnay. has decreased health and pension costs, billions of dollars ongoing revenues, pays 6 5 dividend continuously, strategically located in center of the country. Many institutes are holding this equity rathar than trading, ownners are also holding the stocks, management is aquiring best run small related comapnies, still it is under $20. Between last may 2014 and this month it is between only $14 to $18, only 3 dollar difference. Why? Reasons; many so called analysts somehow dislike this comapny and continuously bash it-look intolast 4 years history. If RRD miss even one cent in upcoming earning, they will come out again to bash it. Meanwhile you longs hangon for stable 6% dividend rathar than loosing money in so called growth stocks. Now comapre RRD's stock price and their highflying competitors-which pay almost nothing.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • springlal by springlal Feb 10, 2015 1:35 PM Flag

    Ali Baba's revenue did not meet ( so called inflated expectation of some anylysts) in last qurter and the stock was pounded down. However Baba's revnue was up 40 %, 6 cents higher than previous quarter, billions of dollars in revenue, acquriing local efficient comapnies in Asia, joining hands with Asian nations, who have markets with rising middle class. Still not enough? Other markets are churning , politically stagnant, have growing elderly population, have no new national projects or infrastructure improvements in pipe lines, stil these overvalued markets are going up,.Does it make sense?

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