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  • People are dying, there is the risk that the virus is not controlled anymore and the outbreak reaches US and Europe. The US government is not sure if the drug works on humans or if it can have side effects? Do you think that dying people would care if they risk getting headache or nausea when the alternative is dying?? Hell, do not waste one minute just get it manufactured and sent it to Africa! Sadly enough the longer they wait the more doses they will need!

  • At $92M market cap, the market is valuing UNXL goodwill at ca $50M. A tech company of $10-20M revenue pa would have that kind of valuation. This is equal to ca 1M units pa. Last year UNXL was talking about ramping up production to 120M units pa. So market ius giving now less than 1% success to UNXL. Which is kind of strange when both companies keep stating that are quite confident they will start with production revenue in 2014. So either Kodak and UNXL CEO's are crazy /liars or market is wrong.

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    UNXL valuation

    by staccani Aug 8, 2014 11:35 AM
    staccani staccani Aug 8, 2014 1:08 PM Flag

    Richard and Roger (who to me are just the same person btw),
    a lot has been written and said on this company. I obviously believe that UNXL has a chance to get a sizeable share of the touchscreens market, in that case even the $50M profit you mention is peanuts. There is no point in arguing and modelling with you, the point is can they mass produce at low cost or not. Time will tell us who is right. New mngt understand the technical issues and apparently they know how to solve them. We will see. Good luck with your ongoing shorts, you have much more to loose than I do

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    UNXL valuation

    by staccani Aug 8, 2014 11:35 AM
    staccani staccani Aug 8, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    richard, $4M net income pa would support a market cap of $60M. I actually expect much more than that in 2015 and beyond. If I am wrong i will loose $5 x nb of shares. If i am right then earn maybe 100 times as much. I am willing to take the bet as both companies say they are close to mass production and commercialization. I would not short this stock and definitively not at these levels. GL to you

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  • staccani by staccani Aug 8, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    Current market cap is less than $90M. With $30M in cash and no debt, it means that the market values UNXL at $60M . With e P/E of 15 minimum for a high tech the market is projecting $4M net income per year. which you would probably get with $20M revenue. wherear if successful we might be talking about revenue of a USD billion + p.a. Basically the market is giving UNXL 1-2% success probability, which seems very different from what both Kodak and UNXL report. So there is basically very little downside ($4?) and very large upside (hundreds of $) to the PPS now.

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  • I lost touch a bit. Thanks

  • staccani staccani Jul 19, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Well if DCVax L R&D project NPV is $5.5B , then NWBO should be trading at $80 now on that only. This w/o even considering DCVax Direct, which is still in phase I/II, but potentially at least 10 times bigger than 'L'. Figures do add up, and if everything goes as planned we are looking at a $1,000+ medium term target for NWBO.

  • 1) Top notch lawyers hired for the delisting issue
    2) These lawyers have accepted to be paid in shares. When the contract was signed shares were at $0.29 and they will try everything to see a PPS appreciation, definitively above the $0.29 'conversion'
    3) Monday is the last day to ask for hearing, so there will be a PR about it
    These are facts.
    Time to cover and go long

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  • You do not PR this kind of news Friday night, on a holiday. You want to have the maximum positive effect on share price so if this is true, as I believe, we will know Monday morning. Regardless of the delisting issue, 2 coal mines and 10 vessels seem pretty cheap for $20M.

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  • This means that the Big Boys want shares before the catalyst. They want to scare you so that you sell. Seen so many times that I am almost sure that the call will give us a positive or at least partly positive update

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  • Yesterday's decision was not final. In any case it was almost irrelevant as it was going to be appealed anyway and its value is $173m less the % to be paid to their lawyers , we are probably talking about a net effect of $100M, which is still quite possible. The $320M market cap cut the stock suffered yesterday appears extremely exaggerated.
    Then you have to factor $25M cash on hand + the second lawsuit against QCOM, which is even bigger, and possible royalties coming from technology licensing.
    All in all I consider yesterday's move as the usual market overreaction.

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  • If you also consider 2015 expected earnings of $1+ per share, it does not take a genius to guess where the PPS is going in the next few days/weeks...

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    Signed agreement with ED - very good

    by staccani Jun 23, 2014 5:59 AM
    staccani staccani Jun 23, 2014 7:17 AM Flag

    It was posted on thelayoffsdotcom corinthian colleges by some CCI employees. I cannot tell if it is true or not

  • The agreement allows:
    1) to meet financial obligations, in particular pay salaries
    2) to continue with the normal course of operation , in particular lessons and enrolment
    3) to preserve the schools value, while finalizing a dismission plan
    4) finally oust this inept management.
    CCi and Dept. of Ed sign agreement 6/22/2014 Corporate Communications As I shared with you on Saturday and Sunday, we have been in continuous discussions with officials at the Department of Education (ED) over the past few days. Late yesterday, we reached an agreement in principle that allows us to maintain uninterrupted operations at our schools (ground and online) until a more detailed plan can be finalized by July 1. The agreement allows the release of $16 million in Title IV funds, which will allow our faculty and staff to receive their paychecks on schedule and allow our students to continue their programs as planned. We continue to operate under a 21-day funding delay from ED until a more detailed transition plan can be finalized. In addition, we are working diligently to complete the document production related to ED’s request-for-information from last January. We will continue to seek new owners for most of our campuses with the goal of entering into sales agreements within six months. As we do so, we will continue to preserve the value of the schools, including enrolling new students at most campuses. We will “teach out” under-performing schools, which means that we will not enroll new students but will allow current students to complete their programs or transfer to a comparable institution. Finally, we will retain a monitor, to be approved by the Department of Education, to serve as the government’s main representative during the implementation of the transition plan. Thank you for sticking with CCi through these difficult circumstances. This remains a fluid situation, and there are many more details to address as we move forward.

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  • RE: Department of Education Discussions Our situation with the Department of Education is still fluid, but we are making progress. Since my note to you yesterday, we have been in continuous discussions with the Department and we have exchanged a number of proposals and ideas. While there is no guarantee, we are aiming to reach agreement with them shortly. We believe that we are aligned with the Department on at least three key principles: 1) students will be given an opportunity to complete their education without material interruption, change or additional cost; 2) faculty and staff will be treated in a manner that causes minimal personal and financial disruption; and 3) the agreement will consider the value of the schools for students, employees, and taxpayers, and respect the interests of the government and Corinthian’s fiduciary and contractual obligations. We have been heartened by our employees’ response to our situation; some of you have even offered to work temporarily without pay so that you can continue to serve our students. I am certainly not expecting anyone to work for free, but it goes to show how committed our employees are to changing students’ lives. In addition, thousands of our employees, friends and family of Corinthian have signed an online petition in protest of ED’s action. We appreciate the show of support. In light of the progress we are making with the Department, please plan to come to work as usual on Monday. I will continue to keep you updated as we move forward. Thanks, Jack

  • staccani staccani Jun 22, 2014 3:14 AM Flag

    Well you must have problems to understand that this is NOT a halt to funding. It is simply a delay of a few days. If they do not have funds to pay teachers and assuming they do not find a compromise with ED or a bridge loan, they will pay the teachers and their suppliers a few days late. No companies goes bankrupt for being a few days late with payments. Worst it can happen is that some suppliers will ask for interest for the 21 days. Look I am a CFO of a private company sometimes companies have liquidity shortage, that does not mean they will go out of business for that, if the liquidity shortage is just temporary and for a few days. More worrying is the Govt stance on for profit schools and it is evident there is political will against for profit schools. But politics and politicians can change. So IMO ED behaviour is totally unresponsible as they put thousands and thousands of families at risk, so they MUST find a compromise.

  • staccani staccani Jun 21, 2014 1:15 PM Flag

    Well I look at fundamentals. $0,13 cents earnings for next quarter, $95M in net tangible assets, $29M in cash. 70,000 students, $485M in net book value. Market has already discounted the BK risk.
    Ok, they got 21 days delay in the cash flow, but companies do not go bankrupt for that. A compromise will be made or a different solution will be found. And even if it had to liquidate tomorrow, which is not going to happen, after paying all their due they would still have more than $1 to return to shareholderes. IMO this will be taken private at these prices.
    Anyway, I am up 15% in two days, what about you , loser?

  • staccani staccani Jun 21, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    being short on a company when all the bad news is already priced in and which is already selling for less than cash on hand and 1/20 of its book value, must be quite worrying, so I cannot blame them, really.

  • staccani staccani Jun 20, 2014 1:05 PM Flag

    better cover before is too late my friend

  • staccani staccani Jun 20, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    just matter of time as everything goes back to fundamentals

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