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  • stack9777 stack9777 19 hours ago Flag

    I'll pump you marie, pull out and of course pull the jimmy off ( I'd have to wear one with you ) and paste your eyelids shut.... You likey?

    You squids are all broke... I just through it in once for someone who wants to make some money with a real prospect pinky that is net positive with real products and partnered with 2 licensed growers, one in CALI and one in Colorado.... I won't mention the 2 MMPR deals they have signed already to purchase 50% of the operation upon License granting.... No risk like this turd to investors.... I won't mention the deal they just signed to build a new grow op with our licensed Colorado partner with a brand new lab in it because they didn't release the full details yet. LOL.... BOOYAH!

  • stack9777 stack9777 19 hours ago Flag

    Just enough time between pumps for the poor broke dreamers to send in another $400 to waste

  • stack9777 stack9777 19 hours ago Flag

    What CEO have you ever heard of who received a dozen threats on his and his families life?..... That is who you are invested in here. A turd who received a dozen death treats on his life based on his business manners and practices.

    Isn't it funny how they will slowly every couple weeks release 6 and 12 month old documents to bagholders? Asking them to play lawyers and pass their own judgements on the situation.... Invest on legal precedence and your own DD from a few emails, LMAO. That's like representing yourself in a criminal trial, lol..... This stock is complete Bullxxxt guys, through and through.... Then when it's all said and done and the final ruling is simply " MISREPRESENTATION".... Bill and his team of thieves will say we tried and we feel slighted.... Then comes the civil cases which will cost big bucks and they will all lose.... all the while they just keep selling shares over the next 18 months or so and fold up shop.

  • Well, that same investor who we will call " Ronald Mcdonald " invested $8,000 and after the triple reverse, pike, 3 1/2 somersault spinoff Ronald will be left with $750 of CEN BIO shares at todays price and 100k shares of FITX shares that will be diluted and triple zero in the blink of a eye after CEN spinning off..... You've just Been Bill Cha Boing Boinged!!

    That fat little dirty brown sandy fleeced you!

    Buy EAPH.... partnered with 2 license growers and a float 1/6 the size of This scam..... And they are net positive 2 quarters in a row..... Dump this zero and get with a hero!

  • stack9777 stack9777 19 hours ago Flag

    Hey smitts, I don't even follow FITX anymore at all.... I haven't read any of the FB info pumps from that #$%$ Bill Cha bang bang etc etc..... Ive known the MMJ sector to be dead for quite some time and only own EAPH as my weed play and in fact the only OTC stinky pinky I own.... Easton is a winner and I've known for months FITX is a scam.

  • stack9777 stack9777 May 5, 2015 10:53 AM Flag

    I'm here and not going anywhere anytime soon..... This is a long play for me and each quarter going forward should dwarf the previous in NET profit. The time to buy/nibble/accumulate is when nobody else is.

    Eventually investors will rush back in after big news drops.... Those in before will be grateful. Good luck all.

    Real Near term Catalysts: Audited financials, MMPR news, Medicated markets news, Broken coast news, The licensed Colorado Partnership we have building a new grow facility and LAB ( this is a pharma company ), All the non MMJ deals and territories covered, The Q1 report, A CBD line of products, New B.O.D members about to join us, access to 20 million in financing ( bigger future deals paid with cash )

    She can't be held down forever.... You see how hard it is to get cheap shares now, just wait.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    stack smitten

    by joseph4879 Apr 29, 2015 6:34 PM
    stack9777 stack9777 Apr 29, 2015 7:06 PM Flag

    Honestly, I think it is a combination of things.... I think a lot of people are fed up with the sector and suffered substantial losses on their investments. I also think people are also on a " show me the money " type of vibe for any stock in the sector at this point.... I also think a lot of people are trapped in other MMJ plays and committed to playing only those ones currently.... I also think this isn't a pure MMJ play here and people are a little leary to bet big on it just yet.... I also think a lot of people want in at or around a penny again and are currently just nibbling shares until their orders trigger or they get their price zone.

    A combination of all those things is my honest opinion. I Like the company a lot. They emailed me 4 times now, ( once today again ) and everything they told me to date has happened as they said. I don't have any real pulse on the daily action the last 5 weeks or so due to I can't watch it much at all at work. I think it's a great play and expect great ROI by years end.... It's not too stressful of a stock if you look at it that way and invest what you can afford too over the year on dips cost averaging... Make these MM's come to you for most orders and nibble the 25-50k blocks whenever you feel like it.... That's how I'm playing it and don't care much where I nibble below .015 at all.... Each quarter should at least double the prior quarter going forward for 2015 as medicated markets gets more revved up each quarter more and more and plants start to fill those green houses... The FIRST 3 OTC products just launched only yesterday, so people just need to be patient.

    That is my take on things but I don't see any real negatives so far... It's just a Net positive pinky in it's infancy that is very diversified .... All just my opinion.... Best of luck all.

    Hint Hint.... Expect to see solid B.O.D. members join us very soon.

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    News out! Huge Buy!

    by tradethaworld Apr 29, 2015 2:19 PM
    stack9777 stack9777 Apr 29, 2015 6:14 PM Flag

    We finalized the Medicated markets deal in the 3rd week of January ( Q1 ).... like I said before, I think we get pro rated our 40% cut of profits for those 9 weeks of Q1 and that should be around $115k to Easton in the Q1 report.... I expect Q1 to be around 175k -200k net profit to shareholders... A record quarter and they should only get bigger throughout the year.... Good luck all

    Don't hate... Accumulate!

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    News out! Huge Buy!

    by tradethaworld Apr 29, 2015 2:19 PM
    stack9777 stack9777 Apr 29, 2015 6:01 PM Flag

    52k net profit but this is only for the period ending '14.... I want to see Q1 2015 for starters and Q2 and Q3 especially with medicated markets fully vamped up... Net profit each quarter going forward is when the revs start to show up.... EAPH is a net Positive company!!... Not many pinkies in this sector can say that. New products just became available last evening to order and all these other recent moves will now start to show up and develop further.

    NET POSITIVE for 2 quarters in a row! Sweet!!

    So when is jan, feb, march's quarter dropping? That's what I've been expecting to see. I'm a little confused, any insight? Thx

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  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 28, 2015 9:12 PM Flag

    I bought it for my slight case of tennis elbow.... Another friend has a arthritic shoulder and elbow and onother is for my buddies knee that is always sore from being a catcher for 10 years up through college..... Try a bottle of the skin Renue moisturizer for your wife to see what it's all about. I will probably buy one as a gift for my mother to try in a couple weeks.

  • The products are Live now for purchase Folks.... I just hit refresh after a hour or so and it changed so I ordered 3 tubes of the Kenestrin.... Stay tuned for shipping and product details and a honest review in a couple weeks..... I wanted to order 4 tubes but the shipping was a little steep. I just bought 3 now on a trial run so there will be some guaranteed revenue next quarter guys, LOL. :-)-

    Go Easton!!

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  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 28, 2015 6:21 PM Flag

    Solid pr today. I am very pleased with the progress being made.... Ive seen these products have been in the works for some time now, over a year to be exact and now they are able to be bought... I am ordering 4-5 tubes of the Kenestrin first time I'm able too... One or 2 tubes for my tennis elbow and a few to give to some buddies at work to try out and give me some honest opinions..... I will keep you guys posted on the ordering process, timely shipping or not details, etc and of course our opinions on the product after a couple weeks use... Good luck all shareholders.

    Don't hate..... ACCUMULATE!

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    stack - Ref. KKR

    by smittensday Apr 27, 2015 3:42 PM
    stack9777 stack9777 Apr 27, 2015 5:11 PM Flag

    Right on, it's a good safe play I believe.... Great Divy and I got lucky and bought back in august of '12 around $13.50.... Institutions love the stock and I hear it mentioned on CNBC sometimes. I don't even follow it too close and I'm getting annoyed with this trading range it's been stuck in for the last year or so.... $20-$21 would be a good entry area IMO for you if you decide to invest... I may even buy some then too, but my loose funds are low right now.... I have a chunk to load at a penny here, sitting ready to deploy if need be..... When EAPH pops whether tomorrow or 6 months from now, 50% of my profits will probably find its way to KKR. :-)

    KKR is a great short term/trading stock also, buy 1000 shares on just about any chart support level in a 3 month chart or bigger and dump the shares a dollar or $1.50 higher. Rather predictable IMO... Good luck

  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 25, 2015 4:13 PM Flag

    Great find smitts.... I posted about a week ago Public relations emailed me twice. One question I asked was about becoming fully reporting and they replied That The company audits are already being conducted now.... They also told me there is a MMPR and MMJ update PR coming out by early this upcoming week " at the latest "... Their words exactly. We will soon see.

    I appreciate your DD. I've been busy for a few weeks now to dig around too much with work but love this stock for 2015.... Thx

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  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 25, 2015 4:00 PM Flag

    Thx smitts, I own the SLV but no gold currently.... I have a lot of my Portfolio in KKR the last few years.... I luv it!

  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 24, 2015 6:48 PM Flag

    Are there big buys @ .013 and then small dumps to do it all over again? I'm at work all day and can't watch the action.... Are people buying or just dumping? I know a lot about this company but just don't know the pulse of the action daily of late.... Thx

  • And all the revs about to start showing up in the next 3 months..... All the finalized deals.... Partnered with a California and Colorado LICENSED growers..... 2.5m shares traded a day only? strange, strange indeed! No worries here for 2015 for me. I know i'll be up big by Christmas time on my Investment here.

    Go Easton, good weekend all.

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  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 24, 2015 6:01 PM Flag

    Thanks smitts... 4 weeks or so, no biggie to wait for me.... Everyone wants back in or another big block around a penny, Including me. Count me in for another 400k or so, the pulse of the stock at the time will dictate my deployment strategy.

    Good luck all

  • stack9777 stack9777 Apr 23, 2015 7:30 PM Flag

    Steal shares as cheap as You can!!

  • Mine is simple.... I like this stock now under .02 and love it closer to a penny based on only the current status of things.... My mindset is simple, it's 2015 and patience. We all see the moves being made and we know they need a few months to vamp it all up till the big revs start showing up.... My strategy is this, I'm betting the PPs by Christmas is at lest 250% higher than it is now. Anything extra is a bonus and I see if all goes well, potential to be closer to a dime a share is here based on simple math.

    All my opinion, buy hold sell.... I don't care either way..... just know I will be a buyer on weekly bottoms and dips until she rips.... Lets see what happens.... It's just a promising pinky I think HIGHY of, Now Puff Puff Pass.... I'll stop in from time to time. But this board is dead now and I look like a pumper so, Peace and good luck to all..... I'm on the record.

    Isell Shares

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