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    by staggman99 14 hours ago
    staggman99 staggman99 10 hours ago Flag

    SFL (yield about 10.7%) has been a core holding of mine for many years and I am well pleased with it...every time it gets cheaper I add some and when it gets pricey I sell some (however, it is always a core holding)....SFL is up a 119% over the last 10 years in Total Returns and with 'Compounded Total Returns' those invested funds would now be about up 'at least' 179% over the last 10 years or about 17.9% 'annualized 10 years to date'...

    More, with a ROE of 69.9% and a p/e of 1.6, $2.66 a share cash, a book value of $19.81 and the current on-going revenue stream, I don't see any way the world that SDRL could go bankrupt in the near or far future (but all that still don't make it a good investment)...! Stagg...!

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    by sarge198502 16 hours ago
    staggman99 staggman99 12 hours ago Flag

    sarge...GLOG (yield about 2.4%) is rated a 100% buy on the 'long term' technical indicator that I use and a 64% buy over-all... the p/e is 42 (very high) and the EPS this year are down -40.7% (could be because of future investments for growth, ???)...the ROA is 1.5%, the ROI is 4.6% and the ROE is 5.1$ (all very poor)...the target price is $26.07 and the sales in the past year are up 107% (both good)...

    My opinion, is that GLOG is on the fast track for forward growth, but it may be smart 'to wait a while' on taking a position in it, ???...! I know you may think that I am nuts, lol, but SDRL will probably have stronger capital gains (Total Returns without any added yields) than GLOG over the next 12 months (compare the current color and forward outlook between SDRL and GLOG)...! Stagg...!

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    OT; PSEC

    by marklibera 15 hours ago
    staggman99 staggman99 14 hours ago Flag

    Board members...I have to agree that PSEC (yield about 12%) has been 'stuck in a rut' for a long time...the only reason that I still hold it is because of the pure play spin-off that they were to have (where are they at, ???)....Total Returns for PSEC for the last three years is only 10.9% and for the last two years is down -3.8%...! I think there are better places to place our money that have higher yields and offer better Total Returns..i.e LMLP (yield about 17.5% and pays monthly) is on a strong roll...! Stagg...!

  • Board members...I know that SDRL eliminated its dividend and I also know that some investors lost profit and principal on SDRL (including myself)...however, the color on SDRL is getting a lot better...SDRL is now rated a 88% buy on the technical indicators that I, SDRL has just been upgrade with a $24.00 target price...

    More, SDRL has a ROA of 26.1%, a ROI of 9.6% and ROE of 69.9% (which is outstanding)...I don't own SDRL at this time, but it looks like SDRL is on the fast track for forward growth (with our previous dividend money)...! That all being said, I think I will add more NMM (yield now about 14.1%) on the current share price pull-back (and maybe more KCAP (yield about 14%) as I continue to chase after the 'yield revenue stream'...! Stagg...!

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    UAN looking hot

    by sarge198502 16 hours ago
    staggman99 staggman99 15 hours ago Flag

    sarge...excellent posted message, detailed research and 'good for all of us'...that said, the short , medium and long term technical indicators that I use (12 different)...all rate UAN (yield about10.6%) a buy and total average of 100% buy (which is a bit rare)...I would also like to add that UAN has outstanding color as the ROA is 13.2%, the ROI is15.4% and the ROE is 18.2% (all strong)...gross margin is 42.8%, operating margin is 27.7% and the profit margin is 25.5%...! Please keep up the fine research...! Stagg...!

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    NMM Misses on earning and revenue

    by sarge198502 19 hours ago
    staggman99 staggman99 16 hours ago Flag

    sarge...I still feel that the over-all color of NMM is pretty good and the forward guidance is strong...I don't mind collecting the high yields while I am waiting for better 'driven share price' in the future...! Stagg...!

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    NMM earnings

    by bobdbeck 20 hours ago
    staggman99 staggman99 16 hours ago Flag

    Board members...I think that the 'forward guidance on NMM was pretty good' and that the sell-off is not reflecting the current status of the company going forward (I don't see any red flags)...! Stagg...!

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    by staggman99 May 3, 2015 12:28 PM
    staggman99 staggman99 17 hours ago Flag

    syzygyzys...use the the one titled 'Stock Return Calculator' for Total Returns with yields added back (read the information above the calculator)....! Good luck with your research...! Stagg...!

  • Board members...if anybody is interested, I use three different Total Return calculators...'Buyupside' is the best and most user friendly and lets us program in the dates that we want to use (Buyupside has a lot of outstanding and different investment calculators)...'DividendInvestor' is another Total Return calculator that is also free and user friendly and can help investors back track past yields (plus, it give dates on future yields)...'Morningstar' is another one, but is not as user friendly has the previous two, but is always up to date...

    Myself, I also have a disk program (called Financial Tools) that I use to help me calculate 'Compounded Total Returns' (its not perfect, as I 'add back 'he difference between' the Total Returns and the Compounded Returns 'to the Total Returns')...we all try to do good research, but it is also important to remember that that just because we read a News Feed 'does not mean' that it is always correct...! Good luck to all...! Stagg...!

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    OT: interesting morning thus far

    by dividendhunter Apr 30, 2015 11:24 AM
    staggman99 staggman99 May 1, 2015 3:22 PM Flag

    board members...'bob is correct again' on the MLP's, MLPL (yield about 11.1%) and LMLP (yield about 17.7%) have both been making a decent run upward in share price...! Stagg...!

  • staggman99 staggman99 May 1, 2015 8:39 AM Flag

    sarge...its true, all ETRACKS re-balance on the 30th of the month and MLPL re-balanced higher by nine cents after the close yesterday; i.e BDCL re-balanced down one cent (the yield will also increase by the same amount of shares that were purchased by/on MLPL)...! Have a great day...! Stagg...!

  • staggman99 staggman99 May 1, 2015 8:19 AM Flag looks to me like MLPL (yield about 11%) re-balanced higher by .09 cents a share after the close yesterday on 04/30/15...! Stagg...!

  • Board members...ETRACKS (2X ETN's) that are double leveraged have to increase their holdings in certain stocks as those stocks increase in value...and because of this, the 'yields on that ETRACK also increase' as their holdings increase...! I was surprised when I read that...they re-balance on the 30th of the month and if their holdings have done well, then the dividend increases on the re-balance (I am also sure it could go the other way on a price drop on their holdings)...! Stagg...!

  • Board members...investors that like high yields may want to take a look at....

    WMC (yield about 17.9%)...WMC is rated a 48% buy on the short, medium and long term indicators that I use...EPS this year are 324.4%, ROA is 2%, ROE is 15.9%, ROI is 2.2%, gross margin is 77.5%, operating margin is 71%, and profit margin is is $14.91, pivot is $14.86 and resistance is $15.11...the RSI is 56.6 (a Hold)....

    BDCL (yield about 18.3%) is a basket of BDC's and is double leveraged (2x) with twice the profit or loss with the same amount of invested funds...BDCL is now up 10.6% YTD in Total Returns and pays its yield quarterly...BDCL is rated a 16% sell on the short, medium and long term indicators that I use...

    LMLP (yield about 17.7% and pays variable yield monthly)...LMLP is a double leverage (2X) basket of ex-energy MLP's and has twice the profit of loss with the same amount of invested funds...LMLP is now up 15.8% YTD in Total Returns and is rated a 88% buy on the short, medium and long term technical indicators that I use...

    Investors that favor high yields may want to take a look at some of these as I am 'in the money' on all of them in Total Returns...! That said, a wildcard to look at is CEFL (yield about 15.6%) and it is rated 64% buy on the technical indicators that I use (at least 12 different and sometimes more)...! Just something else to think else to think about...! Stagg...!

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    OT: AI

    by palestone Apr 28, 2015 8:01 PM
    staggman99 staggman99 Apr 28, 2015 10:12 PM Flag

    palestone...AI (yield about 15.8%, if they can keep paying it) posted a huge loss of $1.84 a share as earning of $1.20 a share were expected...also the color looks very bad i.e. ROA .20%, ROE is .90%, ROI is .90% (all less than 1%), EPS this year -90%, EPS past 5 year -56%, 'EPS next year is 10.3%', EPS Q/Q -160%, p/e is 76 (very, very high), 'the forward p/e looks better at 4.7' (???)...charts an everything else looks pretty bad...! My opinion is, that I would not mess with it (I did own it in the past and sold it after some bad forward guidance)...! Stagg...!

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    by sarge198502 Apr 28, 2015 3:52 PM
    staggman99 staggman99 Apr 28, 2015 7:22 PM Flag

    sarge...I wonder if that sector is getting a bit crowed (???)...! Stagg...!

  • Board members...SFL is also on the uptick...I sold some of my SFL holdings and will re-direct those funds into more NRZ and maybe some KCAP (SFL is still a core holding as I sold some for portfolio balance)... that said, it looks like the investment street likes the recent news on SFL....! I also added more LMLP (a variable 2X yield of about 17.7% and pays monthly)...! Stagg...!

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    20 interesting stock picks

    by sarge198502 Apr 27, 2015 7:57 AM
    staggman99 staggman99 Apr 28, 2015 11:22 AM Flag

    update...I just sold some more SFL for a nice profit, on the surge (SFL is still a core holding) and I will now add more NRZ and KCAP...! My investment life is wonderful (at this time)...! Stagg...!

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    20 interesting stock picks

    by sarge198502 Apr 27, 2015 7:57 AM
    staggman99 staggman99 Apr 28, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    sarge..while MLPL is one of my key stocks, LMLP is about the opposite of MLPL in that it is ex-energy (2X), however, both are bull market plays...I am adding more shares to my current LMPL holdings today (I cannot help myself because of the high yield, lol)...

    LMPL (yield about 17.7% and pays monthly) is a key holding (but still not core)...the yields are variable and will probably be lower next month...note: all of the ETN's re-balance at the end of the month...! I also plan to add more KCAP (dollar cost average more shares) and I will also add more NRZ in the future when I have available funds...! Stagg...!

  • Board members...Boone Pickens was just on CNBC and he says oil will be $70 a barrel by the end of this year and between $80 and $100 a barrel in 18 months...I don't know if he is right or wrong, but I do know that he knows 'a lot more' about the oil markets than most of us...! Just something else to think about...! Stagg...!

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