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  • it would at least have a fighting chance to maintain it's intrinsic value in the market. It is very destructive and unsettling having it plung in the face of those holding it, distilling fear it will be rendered near worthless while over blown Fed induced stocks go parabolic. Gold was, and still is, highly desirable and sought after because it represents both rare & noble qualities, it's difficultly to find sufficient minable qualities, it's costs to obtain, it's history and status of wealth, it's stability and insurance, it's unmatched aesthetic beauty are some of it's strongest and enduring attributes. So why then doesn't a vialble Government, Companies, or combination of both see use it as backing and pay or recieve interest on this noble material as if it were real money but far better than fiat currency due to it's undisputed accuracy, backing and accountablity?

  • steverosse48 steverosse48 Jul 16, 2015 10:31 PM Flag

    I sure wish I had some of them to cover the loses I've suffered.

  • The $580 Calls were something like $3 - $4 within the past 2 weeks... They will now be worth $100+/- tomorrow.... That's a 2500% gain in a couple of weeks... Amazing, WoW.

  • Unfortunately I've owned some Spherix Inc. (SPEX ) prior to it becoming a patent rights co., all through the reverse splits and all of the horror and unfortunately averaged down increasing the Investment as the losses kept piling on.So I have effectively shot myself in the head. Actually Mr. Anthony Hayes is somewhat responsible for these damages, as Mr. Hayes has tortured nearly every long nontrader who has not shorted for several years now. Yes, he maybe an attorney, but there is no doubt in his effectiveness at the art of destroying the shareholders value.... is he really such a P.O.S., or what? I need to know the truth? He has not delivered on one thing as of yet. Just horrible communications with shareholder's up until recently, and a flat out ineffective performance as the stock has gone from $26 dollars to just $0.24 in a few years. The reason people bought the stock in the first place was that Mr. Hayes would be somewhat effective... but he seems to have just let it go to pot thus far... and now that he has severely weakened this equity that we paid high prices by his non-performance, and by his siphoning-off Shareholder funds for His Own Salary and His Own Benefits, etc. Today he announces through a SEC filing that he massively dilutes common shareholder at a measily 25 cents/ share.... #$%$. is he thinking? #$%$ is he doing?... just look at what these shares have done is enough to make one sick. He has not only punched us shareholders under the belt, he's now kicked us under the bus...and we're now effectively sitting ducks bent over taking it up the wazoo. But of course it's not over until the fat lady sings right? .... but heck, he sure has really caused some major pain and damages. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Hayes has something up his sleeve... and I sure hope it is not more of the same, or even worse. Please, at least supply and apply some anticeptic ointment will ya, geez. May G-d help and heal us the meek, and the vulnerable.

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  • Is he a sophisticated con artist, or a good honest patent attorney?

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    Buy on big down open on Monday - not now

    by ifuplaywthebulls Jun 19, 2015 7:42 PM
    steverosse48 steverosse48 Jun 19, 2015 10:41 PM Flag

    Listening to JC'sr ranting might make you a few points if you take action and catch it just right. Those numbers are history... probably cut in half time and time again.... Worse yet, believing there's no strong competitor either in the space right now or coming soon is plain foolish. Guessing it might run up for awhile but sooner or later when others make themselves known ( Better and Much Less Expensive) they will be facing some strong headwinds and the price will tank.

  • steverosse48 steverosse48 Jun 19, 2015 8:22 PM Flag

    Cramer is intelligent but he's a manipulator, a momo jumping Hypster and even more disgusting a Criminal. Those numbers he expouses are often temporary blips.... his Televised show always has callers giving praise about 'all he does for the home-gamer' and gleeful 'testimonials' on how he's made them so much mad money and they are just so grateful. To date I never heard of someone calling in P.O. #$%$ and complaining about the loser they bought because he hyped it up so freaken much... He is definitely a connected shyster who no doubt has alot more than his 'charitable trust' which is a cover for the real money he's making for himself and others by hyping, and inside double-dealing... basically looking to rob the so called everyday joe investor who he says he's looking out after as the real sucker. Someday someone might eventually shut him up forever.

  • steverosse48 steverosse48 Jun 19, 2015 7:18 PM Flag

    one day he will encounter some really big trouble, that he won't be able to wriggle out of.... he's just too big a loud mouth. I'm sort of suprised that he's still on the air. He and his cronies have an agenda no matter and the stations and the show itself should be sued up to the hilt, however he's probably fully indemified.

  • Seems to me that the bigs will want a Big Piece of this market.... other than a buyout this may get destroyed if the protection is weak. Sony and many others in the space sure need something big to bite on in order to get Fit.

  • That equation has stood the test of time. Does anyone here really believe this 'potentially possible' Sale will change the course of history?

  • Underlying everything here is Manipulation and Corruption. the upgrade from JPM is just that... deceit, manipulation and corruption, is that not a Prerequisite to the Insider Job @ LinkedIN.

  • Now the upcoming one is ONLY 1/200 Reverse Split.
    I would be more than happy to see them in a coffin. If someone were to spit on them it wouldn't bother me. These Thieves are the lowest rung of scumbgs imaginable.

  • Could These Thieves Pull Before Someone Puts Them Down for Good?

  • steverosse48 steverosse48 Jun 2, 2015 3:54 PM Flag

    The PCLN CEO spoke at GS Conference today.

  • steverosse48 by steverosse48 May 27, 2015 3:56 PM Flag

    After such weilding control and using manipulation and deciet which gave them sufficient time to effectively milk the company dry time after time... they've Stolen Every Stinkin Shareholder Dollar... They've NEVER DELIVERED ANYTHING of sufficient value what-so-ever.... so at this point in time they Need ALL BE EXECUTED by A FIRING SQUAD IMMEDIATELY!

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    nuts are behind this company...

    by steverosse48 May 26, 2015 5:34 PM
    steverosse48 steverosse48 May 26, 2015 5:49 PM Flag

    A reverse split... then a humongous Off-The-Charts 3-4 times current outstanding share $150 MM offering, then they decide to cut the $150 MM offering in HALF this morning to $80 MM, then after the market closed for the day they decide to drop the entire offering altogether... and one wonders why this all is going on.... it's simple manipulation, criminal intent and criminal behavior.... what a total crock of BS to do to their investors.

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  • to do what they've done.

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  • steverosse48 steverosse48 May 21, 2015 2:08 AM Flag

    Actually upon re-reading the press release I now realized that I mistook several important details which make this deal considerably BETTER for Resverlogix....

    " Under the license between Resverlogix and Hepalink, should RVX-208 reach certain annual sales milestones ranging from 500 million renminbi ("RMB") to RMB 10 billion , Resverlogix is eligible to receive sales-based milestone payments from Hepalink, each ranging from US$5 million to US$90 million . In addition, Hepalink shall pay royalties based on net sales. Total sales based milestones and royalty payments are estimated in excess of US$400 million . The license shall expire on a region-by-region basis on the later of the 15th anniversary of the first commercial sale in such region or the expiry date of the last-to-expire of any licensed patent.

    Hepalink will be responsible for all clinical and development costs in the Territories, including a patient population that will be included in Resverlogix's planned Phase 3 BETonMACE trial. "

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  • steverosse48 steverosse48 May 20, 2015 9:59 PM Flag

    Tthis deal was not very well recieved as shares have clearly plummeted ever since the press release, and my call to the company has since gone unanswered. So it now seems they've sold us out by pricing this deal way too low... and by offering/selling RVX-208 product at 10% above it's manufacturing costs is simply ridiculous. Along with that the small amount for milestone and royalty payments doesn't jive for such a supposed super product such that RVX-208 was made out to be. By assuming it all goes well there's a total of only $400M Cdn Max. from the entire deal... and that's over a 15 year period. That again is not so amazing for the little Joe Common, Shareholder who bought shares and now holds-on while the manipulation around this deal and other unknown events, etc. we're not made privey to continues. The price of this stock has been cut by 1/3 in about one month.. This is why in my book Resverlogix Executives incl. Don McCaffrey are guilty as charged for diminishing our prospects as shareholders as they have begun to sell us out from under the table. The perception and potential which RVX-208 can deliver has really not diminished, in fact it has rather intensified after the near death recovery from such disappointment two years back. However going with a Chinese entity one must always consider counting their fingers & toes going in, because it's so chock full of liars & thieves.... who at home are made out to be Hero's because by hook or #$%$ they took the money. These chinese criminals ply their wares and serve destruction felt by many individuals/groups in the Americas as well as in other Countries. These Characters lack a moral compass as they mercilessly hurt and slaughter most anyone who buys into their self-serving Bs and outright lies.

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