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still_my_dime 36 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 21, 2015 5:20 PM Member since: Dec 26, 2007
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  • still_my_dime by still_my_dime Apr 21, 2015 5:20 PM Flag

    Calls every morning. If Verizon can't deal with this, we are going to dump Verizon. We are not shareholders. Why would anyone want to own stock in a company whose management allows its customers to be spammed on a daily basis?

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    Sirloin Burger was AWFUL

    by still_my_dime Apr 17, 2015 7:17 PM
    still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 20, 2015 3:15 PM Flag

    And for $36.00, you can get a burger for $36.00 at the 21 Club in NY and have great rest rooms!

    So what?

    We are talking about McDonalds new SIRLOIN BURGER, nothing else.

    Mine was awful.

    Was it a problem with the burger? Or the recipe? Or did the local McDonalds just cook it wrong?

    Thank you.

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 17, 2015 7:17 PM Flag

    Spam - sorry, not on the Mcd menu.

  • still_my_dime by still_my_dime Apr 17, 2015 7:17 PM Flag

    As a long time shareholder, I wanted to try the new sirloin burger. It was really awful. Overcooked; dry; grey; burnt on the edges. The package says "juicy". No way. I thought it had been left standing too long and sent it back. They made me a "fresh" one. Still overcooked, dry and grey. The overriding taste was salt.

    If McD is counting on the sirloin burger to turn the company around, shareholders have a real problem.

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    StockMarketVideo owns YHOO stock boards

    by pokernut342 Apr 16, 2015 10:41 PM
    still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 17, 2015 9:33 AM Flag

    I don't think Yahoo actually sold them the rights although, in order to up the "eyeball" count, middle managers are prepared to look the other way. Basically, enabling these posts makes Yahoo a third rate company.

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 17, 2015 9:29 AM Flag

    Ever wonder why Yahoo sells at an industry low p/e. The answer is because their employees have so little pride in their company that they enable these bottom feeders.

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 16, 2015 7:27 PM Flag

    People on this board ask why Yahoo has such a low value after removing BABA. SMV is the answer.
    Any company whose employees facilitate a spammer who steals from paying advertisers is third rate at best and clearly deserves an industry low p/e.

    When SMV and his spam posts and all similar posts disappear, that will be a step in Yahoo improving its value. Until then, Yahoo is third rate.

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    by yp_andy_westfield_848 Apr 11, 2015 2:15 PM
    still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 12, 2015 6:17 PM Flag

    Have you noticed that the bottom-feeder from StockMarketVideo gives critics multiple thumbs down using his many id's that Yahoo's lame employees allow him to apply for.

  • still_my_dime by still_my_dime Apr 12, 2015 4:44 PM Flag

    Those posting about stock prices and fast track clearly do not understand how insidious a disease Kidney Cancer really is. It starts as a slow growing tumor on or in a kidney. There are no blood or other test and frequently no symptoms. If the patient is “lucky”, a CT scan for something else will lead to a diagnose before the cancer has metastasized to fast growing, fatal tumors in the lungs, liver, bone or brain (where it is still kidney cancer and treated as such).
    The ONLY CURE for RCC is extensive, painful, major surgery – removal of all or part of a kidney; then, if possible, removal of the metastases wherever they are. Radiation doesn’t work on RCC and there is no adjunctive therapy (chemo or treatment to prevent reoccurrence after surgery).
    Once surgery is no longer an option, life expectancy is statistically under 3 years and consists of sequential medication coupled with a steadily declining quality of life until the cancer takes over a vulnerable part of the body and kills the patient, or the patient dies from failure of the remaining kidney or liver likely caused by the medication taken to treat the cancer.
    The first non-surgery treatment is probably Sutent (Sunitinib), a medicine with sometimes debilitating side effects that, for a months or perhaps a year+ will slow or reverse tumor growth as evidenced in periodic CT scans. Eventually, Sutent stops working and the patient is shifted to a second line (like Cabo may be). By then, the patent may have multiple tumors and is severely weakened from the first therapy.
    I’m guessing that Cabo may be taken for several months up to a year by most patients before it too fails and the patient, if still alive and strong enough to tolerate it, is switched to something else for an even shorter period.
    Notwithstanding what I hoped when I bought the stock, this NOT a cure; this is one more interim medieval horror designed to slow kidney cancer that the doctors know will quickly be fatal.
    The best use for Cabo is that it keeps patients alive until a medication comes along with lasting results at which time Cabo and EXEL will be just another footnote in the history of cancer treatment.
    Even though I own the stock, I hope that is soon.

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    by yp_andy_westfield_848 Apr 11, 2015 2:15 PM
    still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 11, 2015 8:45 PM Flag

    Much of it from StockMarketVideo. Wouldn't happen without the complicity of Yahoo employees/managers.

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    Side Effects!

    by still_my_dime Apr 9, 2015 10:16 AM
    still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 9, 2015 11:43 AM Flag

    As both an owner of this stock AND someone with a reasonable probability of being a customer in the foreseeable future (which is why I bought it a few years ago), I find the responses to my first post to be flippant to the point of being uncaring.

    This appears to be a 2nd line drug, only taken after the first fails either because of intolerable side effects or because it doesn't work or most likely, stops working after a period of time (frequently months). By then, , the patient is likely to have RCC in one or more locations (lungs, liver) and be in an extremely weakened condition.

    In addition to length of life, there is something many of us have considered called quality of life during one's remaining time. Please keep that in mind. Should it come to that, I know I will.

  • A quick search shows 46,000 posts from SMV alone (including responses). That's 46,000 "eyeballs" that Yahoo can claim to its advertisers. It is helpful that Yahoo's advertisers are too lame to realize that SMV et al are not only getting free space when they are paying, but are actually diverting away potential customers.

    Yahoo is a third rate company with indifferent or incompetent management which is why it has "negative" value and an industry low P/E.

    Time to thoroughly clean house.

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Apr 4, 2015 7:08 PM Flag


    Every one of your posts gets deleted from these boards; all of your ID's get cancelled.

    Is that positive enough?

  • still_my_dime by still_my_dime Mar 31, 2015 8:25 PM Flag

    New Thread - Let's talk about the SMV website that Yahoo management clearly endorses because they provide it free advertising space on these message boards. $60/month. $500/year. Other sites have 1* and 5* reviews - the former from users; the latter most likely from SMV. Thoughts?

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Mar 31, 2015 12:53 PM Flag

    Absolutely disagree! If anybody has an interest in getting rid of the bottom-feeders stealing from Yahoo and the incompetent management who enables them, it would be people like Dan Loeb. The increase in value of his stock from eliminating its third rate company status (even making it 2nd grade) would be worth far more than $1 million.

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Mar 30, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    It would probably take a low level technician 5 minutes to call up every posting for ""SMV on these boards; 5 additional minutes to delete all of them; 5 minutes to locate every account that posted told people to go to "SMV"; 5 minutes to compose and send a warning letter; and 5 minutes to delete those accounts. So in 1/2 hour (with 5 minutes for coffee), this problem would disappear!

    What's missing? Instructions from one of the useless "suits" responsible for these boards to get it done!

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Mar 30, 2015 11:11 AM Flag

    Sorry, but bottom-feeders like these have been posting here for years. It was worse when Yahoo allowed direct URL's to be posted.

    Web site integrity just isn't on the radar with these people. Too bad, because it is the little things that build to make a great company and Yahoo doesn't come close to being a great company which is why its P/E, image and reputation suffer.

  • still_my_dime by still_my_dime Mar 30, 2015 10:52 AM Flag

    a retail store where the manager allows competitors to stock merchandise on its shelves and then put in thsir own cash register to get paid for sales?

    Ask the manager why and he/she says: because it builds traffic numbers and that is what my boss wants to see!

    Guess what is happening on these boards.

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    by dr_ooopha Mar 29, 2015 8:18 AM
    still_my_dime still_my_dime Mar 29, 2015 9:34 AM Flag

    Wrong question. Obviously, they CAN do something about it. Simple technology. The question is: Why WON'T they do something about it.

  • still_my_dime still_my_dime Mar 28, 2015 10:17 AM Flag

    Sorry, but the p/e reflects the quality of the management. Given the way these boards are managed (free advertising space to spammers), the low p/e is more than justified. A core business that allows unpaid spammers to compete against paying advertisers deserves the discount the market is giving it.

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