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stillinshock 385 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 28, 2014 2:39 PM Member since: Oct 25, 2002
  • stillinshock by stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 9:28 AM Flag

    Look at that market cap dropping. A smart pharma could start taking a position and get this for chump change. All compliments of the BOD.

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    Why Kim HAS to care about stock price!!

    by rothgary42 Aug 12, 2014 9:06 AM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 9:15 AM Flag

    If he doesn't need the money until P3 why would he sell the shares now. He has a long time to go and more catalysts next year. Nothing to generate much this year according to the CC.

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    Don't blame the bashers

    by stksocc Aug 12, 2014 8:45 AM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 9:12 AM Flag

    Absolutely correct. Loaded the guns of the shorts yesterday. Still have my shares, but will look to off load some today. He hasn't said anything since P2 and the fall has been constant. Yesterday he almost guaranteed continued down pressure on the stock for the next 6 months. Not every investor came on board with a five to ten year time frame. Some took him at his word, grow organically, enough cash till20 something, and it all changed in a matter of a month or so. That is why I think the legal folks are probing. There isn't anything currently going on that isn't self inflicted.

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    Still steadfast 3 analyst rates as a "buy"

    by garysnoop1 Aug 12, 2014 8:55 AM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 9:03 AM Flag

    Poor job of communicating. Basically silence since P2 results and then delay, delay. Not well orchestrated at all. He certainly knew what to say last year to generate new investors here on the retail side. This year it is completely different. There will be no dwarfing this year from what I see. Everything he has said and indicated is open to debate now. Could he not of realized the consequences of the shelf, RS, and what he suspected P2 results would be? Great scientist.............

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    This out on yesterday..

    by garysnoop1 Aug 12, 2014 8:21 AM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 8:47 AM Flag

    Too bad it follows that CC that will take all the wind out of 3112. This news is great but will be buried. The focus is on the delays.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 8:42 AM Flag

    Divide that by4 and we're at 2.25 and falling with no catalysts until next year. Not good and pressure on the pps for at least 6 months.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 12:01 AM Flag

    Wouldn't be $9.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 12, 2014 12:00 AM Flag

    Like to think that cpa, but today was an easy play for a market savy guy with a Wharton education. He built expectations at the conference three weeks ago saying more data would be coming. All he had to do was reaffirm the P2 results with some new data supporting P2 and we would be looking at $9 this evening. This is too easy for gosh sakes, how savy can he be. And I find it hard to believe he isn't sitting on more data that he could of used. Not asking for a lot of new stuff he isn't ready to disclose mind you, just a peek is all we needed.

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    2014 will "dwarf" 2013

    by fancrapular Aug 11, 2014 10:22 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 11:49 PM Flag

    Hate trying to pick the bottom, but going to try any way. This was too easy for him and he missed it. All he had to do was reveal more info. He said we would be getting more data later three weeks ago, all he had to do was reaffirm the P2 with some new numbers and we wouldn't of seen such a selloff. Build expectations and you better not disappoint. Too easy this time for him, makes me wonder.

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    The Ebola issue-

    by kula Aug 11, 2014 10:18 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 11:08 PM Flag

    Big pharma wil get the money if anybody does. We had to make headlines and we didn't. Lost opportunity. Had we had Sixty five or seventy percent on P2 we would be getting the attention we deserve. You can see by the reaction to the news by the pps,, straight down for the past three weeks and today didn't help at all. I know all about, nothing has changed, and it hasn't as far as the science is concerned, but if has as far as the investors are concerned. headlines are what we need and success will get them, but until we get a catalyst, it isn't going to be pretty around here. The news we got today was not inspiring.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 10:56 PM Flag

    Everybody sure has a high value here. Thinking a buyout would be more believable if results were a bit better and todays CC complimented those results. I think value comes with success and it will here in time. I am not as long as I was Friday, sold some at the open. Might sell some more tomorrow. Stock has been weak since P2 results and after this CC will continue to be weak. Another shelf will knock it down a lot more. What does he do, issue more now or wait? Waiting runs the risk of watching it drop and not getting the best price action. Issue now and drive the pps much lower and risk a tremendous hit to the market cap and new institutional investors which will put additional pressure on the pps. I think big pharma will not be in a hurry to get in bed with INO right away watching things unfold over the past few weeks. I may be way off the mark reading the value you folks put on our shares. Sure would like to see you guys all right on the mark though.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 10:41 PM Flag

    I don't care what you did with another company and how well you made out. This is not apple and today the game changed for a lot of investors who listened to a CEO speak volumes about a vaccine in trial that was changing medicine and was being used to cure pre cancer which he considered low hanging fruit. His words, not mine. Those results barely met the end point we felt were successful. Now we can argue all day about how great the results were, but keep in mind that the reaction to that news these three weeks has almost been 100% down. He has followed that up today with a quarterly report that indicates to the world that this Dwarfing year, his words, not mine, will be full of delays that will change investors timelines and most likely will continue to pressure the pps for the rest of the year. People that invested here on Dr. Kim's guidance over the past year, or since the first of this year, have to wonder if he knows this financing side of the business as well as he knows the science side of the house and perhaps take steps to lessen or protect their investment here. Hope this becomes another apple type of investment for everyone, but I can see a lot of good folks taking their money until things become clearer on both the science side and the management credibility side as I think today cost him some.

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    Read the transcript and listened to the Q&A

    by catchinem_all Aug 11, 2014 7:46 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 10:12 PM Flag

    It's almost a certainty at this point. The CC left no doubt about it in my mind.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    I'm with you Wisker, he's the m an who brought all these lofty expectations of a dwarfing 2014, so he should be the man to step up and explain. Not the same guy I listened to last year and losing some credibility in the bargain.

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    INO at 11.50 by month end

    by anth706 Aug 11, 2014 6:43 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 6:49 PM Flag

    Folks have been predicting upside since March and not one of them have been close. Good luck.

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    And his comments about dwarfing. What was that all about?

  • stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 4:40 PM Flag

    Didn't hear any mention of fast tracking. You would of thought it would of come up in the Q&A.

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    Tomorrow will be a better day

    by shareholderhelp Aug 11, 2014 4:19 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    I feel they are going it alone because the P2 kinda took the bloom off the rose so to speak and took anxious prospects with it. I still think there is interest for sure, but not at the price Dr. Kim wants. If he has more numbers to support the P2, he should of made some of them public today, and he didn't, why? We are open to all kinds of speculation with the delays and shorts will capitalize for sure. Makes holding this for another year or so hard for a lot of longs who will not sleep easy tonight. Dr. Kim seems to play into shorts hands every opportunity he gets. This delay also brings up the possibility of even more dilution which has killed us since our expenses will continue to rise as we bring more and more vaccines to testing phases. I have to doubt the runway they set out in the CC as I seem to have heard the same thing several months ago only to be hit with a shelf. Every company needs cash to operate, you just never know here what he is going to do and change horses on you. More questions than answers for me today.

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    Phase 3 endpoints

    by cgdotcom Aug 11, 2014 3:44 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    Sold some at the open and had an appointment so I didn't sell all I wanted. I have several accounts. It was down .02 and I sold 15%. I do believe I will be selling more if you really care to know.

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    Phase 3 endpoints

    by cgdotcom Aug 11, 2014 3:44 PM
    stillinshock stillinshock Aug 11, 2014 4:17 PM Flag

    The problem is that they aren't even talking to the FDA until sometime next year so there is nothing to propel this until at least first quarter 2015, and that is a Peer Review. I don't see any catalyst for a partnership at this point and question why so long for a P3. My gut tells me that they need all they can get to achieve FDA approval for a P3 due to the results they are looking at. They sure didn't reveal what they know about the results to us today other than the bland P2 a few weeks ago. The market is telling us what to expect and it is usually correct. He didn't even sound right to me today.

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