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    Truly more deserving

    by stockboy1 Nov 23, 2015 2:03 AM
    stockboy1 stockboy1 Nov 23, 2015 7:13 AM Flag

    That's a good question Park,
    It truly depends on a few variables. Assuming Elite waits for the right time to sell out in a buyout situation. I remember Naz saying that he is no hurry to get a bad deal and that he is willing to wait for the right deal. With that in mind it sounds like we will bring a couple of opioids to market ourselves. Remember Naz is the biggest shareholder here. He doesn't want to do anything that would hurt us bc it'll just come back to him.
    Personally, It was smart to bring back generics. It gives money to use instead of diluting share holders for $$$. However, with our first opioid we will generate enough cash flow and revenue to be able to move right into Nasdaq. So we are still looking at least a year if we wish to do this without a R/S. It sounds like a long time, but your money will have already appreciated greatly waiting a little longer for the added benefit is a peace of cake. If you do this you'll thank yourself later for waiting.
    again, there is still a chance a bigger company trying to compete with people like Pfizer might want to acquire eltp. So at this moment there is still a lot of dust in the air to make an accurate prediction. but one thing is certain. we will get there.

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  • stockboy1 by stockboy1 Nov 23, 2015 2:03 AM Flag

    I would like to take the time to congratulate many here whom are long holders, and or new to this board/investment. Nothing will replace your own DD, However I hope when reading this will help soothe your decision on whether to invest in Elite. Currently, in Elite's recent quarter they have the following...
    cash: $9 million
    current liabilities: $4.5 million
    quarterly revenues: $2.6 million
    quarter net loss: $1.9 million
    Now those #'s are impressive if you've been here as long as I have. Why its impressive, because QoQ and YoY, Elite has increase exponentially by adding value via generics. Which by the way is good for us shareholders if Naz wants to organically transition in the future to Nasdaq. With generics in mind, yes it is possible for us to attain listing assuming we continue to add more generics and eventually Our opioid products. That there would truly unlock massive gains for ALL of us. Elite was trading for far more money several years ago. Difference between now and then? We are making more money then they were then and finally trying to make ART happen. They didnt even try back then like Nazrat has been doing now.
    EVERYONE on Elites team is a seasoned veteran in this area, and on top of that used to be employed by much bigger pharmas. How and why do you think many have stepped down to come to lil ol' Elite? Because the potential here can double any amount of money they were making there. I believe they want to run this themselves for awhile, or until they get a reasonable offer. Here's why. Adding generics will eventually allow us to meet the min req. amount for nasdaq. Once we get there we'll see more interest. Elite hasn't done a company evaluation yet. Doing that will increase the value of Elite based on where it is today, to what it could be with ART (which is tremendous compared to what we see now). No executive takes a salary its all in shares. Why wouldn't they take some money for salary? bc they can make more with shares then they did with $. Gl

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  • Well it brings me great joy to see how much attention Elite has been getting both from those who believe and those that are critics, I enjoy having people talk about Elite being worthless. If we had a magic golf club that always got a hole in one every single time life would be dull and boring so thank you for those that stand up and say whats on their minds. It makes things interesting.
    As for Elite's financial stand point a lot of the debt issues you see are because Elite paid their own studies which includes, but no limited to R/D and other expenses related to expanding the facility. With their ever expanding generics we will continue to see positive cash flow via generics. Eventually, Eli products will bring in the big cash making the generics look like pennies in comparison. I'm not sure how many if any one here has ever owned, worked for, a bigger business/corporation, but to be worth more in a buyout situation we need to increase sales. So essentially the generics are consider building blocks to set the platform for ART. eventually, we will generate more via sales and buyout will be roughly x7 (usual multiplier for bio).
    I don't like R/S as much as the next guy, however, going back to sales of generics and eventually ART with money like that coming in we will much more options for up listing. I believe that the longer we wait to up list the better it is for all of us. Remember what Nazrat Hakim said, "Everybody should know that, because I am the number one stockholder in the company. And if I do anything as that hurts anybody I’ll be hurting myself the most. So I definitely would like to get us to NASDAQ". Don't expect this to happen in the near future we got work ahead of us, but we will get there. Fundamentals needs to be established first before we start to run. All in all I am very pleased to see that Elite is doing very well. This is is my arena as well so I know what has to happen to get all of this in motion. I am happy in my investment here. GLTA!

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  • Like I have been saying this past year. Everything is going according to plan. Elite is rising because the past studies all reveal one thing and that thing is success. With FDA already waiting for pills with anti-abuse capabilities believe me when I say that Elite has the answer they're looking for. Its been awhile some of us being here for many years, but that time has now come. This month Elite will update us what exactly has been done thus far and what we are now trying to accomplish.
    Unlike other pharma's developing tech we are also selling and generating profits (minus the expense of R/D costs) with revenue continuing to increase as each new generic releases we will continue to see price appreciation. That's all good, but we all know that ART is the bread and butter of this company, however if we dominate the opiod sector ourselves, assuming we want to do this on our own we will see PPS be attractive whether we are bought out or running the show.
    We all have the awesome team at Elite to thank for doing such a great job of taking their time and doing things right with ART. Im amazed that people only care that Elite trades on the OTC. Sure its not the best place for stocks, but many good companies trade here too. What I see is if they have potential and the people to back that up and run the show. Elite has done just that. Now everyone sees the potential Elite has and understands that they have what it takes to get the job done. Good work everyone and to my fellow longs enjoy the ride , because we will all look back at this investment and remember the pain we went through having to wait and be there for the ups and the downs. good luck to everyone and I hope we/you all become filthy rich!

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  • stockboy1 stockboy1 Oct 23, 2015 9:24 PM Flag

    I believe you are right on track, but I also believe that Nasrat knows this and is using this to his advantage. In an area where pharma's constantly need new tech to keep market share Elite is an attractive canidate to any pharma wishing to hold onto its piece of the pie. With that said, I think he will hold off long enough to increase eltp's bottom line and maybe do something for share reduction to add sort of a multiplier if an accusation were to occur (which it will). There is a time and place for everything and Elites team knows what it is doing. One of the best investments Ive made in awhile. Not only did I benefited off the rise a little over a year ago, but now with as much as I am holding I can retire and let my money just work for me. I hope others find themselves in the same boat as I. Enjoy the ride

  • stockboy1 by stockboy1 Sep 22, 2015 3:03 AM Flag

    The stock price is pretty much neutral, and with the company being silent that's not bad. Because once an update releases it will push the stock higher. Dates are getting closer to the fruition of our first ART product. I hear some people complain about Elite's decision on partnering with Epic for the first product. Well, Elite owes it Epic for saving it from bankruptcy. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here today. This deal will be lucrative for both sides. Maybe not as much for us as we'd like, but profitable none the less. With plug-and-play tech once we generate more money from our first drug we can fund /find a better suitable partner(which means bigger $$$).
    As for a financial stand point Elite is doing absolutely great. Sure, there are some big developmental cost, but milestone money and cash from generic sales(eventually ART sales, too) will eventually dwindle down any costs we inquired. So far every quarter (yearly as well) we have experienced major growth from revenues. yes, some may be from met milestone payments, but our generics are continuing to boost Elite's financials to places it hasn't seen before its collapse. We will eventually surpass that with the additives of yet to be released generics (and ART).
    Industry-wise Elite is preforming far superior than most although losing money on an operational base. Elite's net profit margin is the strongest amongst its peers by 452% compared to industry at -71.9. Operating margin sits average with the industry. However, where things become interesting is seeing Elite's growth rate. Elite has completely changed its course. EPS growth, and revenue growth are 235% and 473% compared to peers with -146% and 18.25 respectfully (in that order). Return on asset/investment are 183% and 229% compared to industry 6.10% and 7.90%.
    Things are shaping up! We and Elite has a lot siting on the line here. There is nothing more encouraging than a CEO accepting only stock as payment. Everyone enjoy the ride! GLTA...

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